You, My Sexy Stewardess

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Written by a man, for a woman

My second story. Written for someone who had given a prompt.

The prompt:

Basically, I’m stuck on a long ass flight. Fortunately, it’s a private flight, with a private stewardess, you, who has a sexy Australian accent and a sexy stewardess outfit.

She gave me the following description of herself, which I used for the story, and won’t edit for this site at this time.

Her: {I’m a short girl at 5’1, with long blonde hair. I have pretty pale skin and freckles. I’m an hourglass shape, pretty busty at a 34DDD, and a tiny waist. I have strong legs, and a tight body. Kinks: cumplay. cosplay}

I took this and went to work. Was pleased with it and decided to share with all of you. Please comment with what’s good, what’s bad, and all that. Looking for constructive criticism. Might do more in the future if I’m properly inspired…


I’ve had a long, stressful two weeks. Lots of work for some very important project. The kind of important where jobs are on the line if things don’t go very well. I’m fairly high in the company, but I still have a boss riding my ass to get things done. My subordinates are fairly incompetent, so I’ve been doing a lot of the work myself since I can’t trust them to do it properly.

This being said, I’ve had ZERO down time with the exceptions of eating and the few hours a night of sleep I can afford myself. Everyone around me for the past few days can see I’m tired and very stressed out, in need of relaxation, but my boss doesn’t give a shit and rides me to get it all done, the earlier, the better. I just got done a few days of a business trip at our Australian branch to oversee some things and am now on my way back to the states to finish the project at our corporate office. I board the company’s private jet and tell the pilot to take off ASAP.

I immediately sit down and open my laptop, feeling urged to get as much work done as possible on the long flight. I’m so preoccupied that I don’t even really notice the stewardess. She’s off doing whatever her duties are, but that’s as much as I take notice of. About a half hour into the flight, I’ve run into a snag in my work, a problem that needs to be solved, but I’m to stressed and wound up to think properly. I lean back into my seat, eyes closed, hands in my hair, pulling in frustration, sigh heavily, and mumble loudly, “I REALLY need to relax…”.

I’m startled by the sound of glass on wood. I open my eyes to see a drink on the table next to my laptop, still in a pale, slender hand. I look at who it belongs to and instantly forget my work. There, standing in front of me, is the stewardess, you.

You’re dressed in a tight, black stewardess outfit that wouldn’t possibly make it to the regular commercial flights. A one piece dress with short sleeves and frills at the bottom of the skirt section, which only goes down until about high thigh. There’s a gold trim about two inches above the top of the bottom of your dress, as well as along the lapel and two bands on each arms. There’s a useless but aesthetic thin belt around your tiny waist, complete with gold belt loops. There are gold buttons down the front of your dress that go from the opening where your ample cleavage almost spills out down to the belt. Your strong, shapely legs are covered by sexy black fishnet stockings. And to top it all off, you’re wearing sexy high heels. All in all, it compliments your natural beauty well.

Your long blonde hair falls sweetly on your shoulders. Your tits are huge, made to look even bigger given your small frame. In that dress, the exposed cleavage is enough to make my mouth water. Your sexy, strong, shapely legs look absolutely killer in those fishnet stockings. A beautiful smile is on your face, accented by your freckles. It’s enough to make me feel a little bit more at ease, a tough thing to do given my level of stress. In a sweet Australian accent, you say to me, “You look like you could really use this, Love.”

Your voice captivates me. I long to hear more. I respond, “Do you mean the drink or you?”

You giggle at my question, a lovely sound. You respond, “Which ever you prefer. It’s my job to make sure your flight is as relaxing and pleasurable as possible.”

I smile, a first in a month. I quickly down the drink. “Why don’t you refill that, and make something for yourself, then help me relax with a little massage?”

You respond, “It’d be my pleasure, Sir!” You walk away toward the back of the plane to grab the bottle of alcohol, and as you do, I can’t help but watch you go, admiring how your ass looks in that dress. You glace back, catching my eyes and giving me a sexy smile. You come back, refill my glass, then take a swig right from the bottle. You place the bottle on the table and then move behind my chair.

You start to slowly massage my broad shoulders, tight from stress. I pick up the glass and start to slowly sip at it, sinking abidinpaşa escort back into the chair, closer to you. I close my eyes and enjoy the treatment. You alternate between my shoulders and the back of my neck. I sigh as I feel myself become more relaxed, forgetting all about my project from hell. As of this moment, as far as I’m concerned, it’s just you and me and the plane, nothing else exists in this world, not even the pilot behind his locked door.

Eventually, you move your hands to my hair, running them through it, massaging my scalp, lightly grazing your fingernails, and I’m in heaven. “God, that feels so good. You’re a fucking angel, you know that?”

You giggle and continue. I take another sip from my glass, then you bend down and whisper breathily into my ear, “You just let me know of anything else I can do for you, baby, I’m here for you.”

I enjoy this treatment for a bit longer, but the more I feel your hands on me, the more I want to put my hands on you.

I take another sip from my glass, then say, “You’ve been working very hard, I think it’s time you take a break and relax. Sit on the couch over there, and I’ll massage you a bit.”

You walk over to the couch and sit down. I immediately get up and sit beside you. You turn your back to me, moving your hair to one side, making sure it’s out of the way of your back and shoulders, and looks sexy as hell from behind. I’m amazed a beautiful woman like you is going to let me touch her, but I don’t dare take the time to question it. I crack my knuckles and loosen my hands, then get to work.

I slowly yet firmly begin to massage your shoulders. A low moan instantly escapes your mouth. I continue my treatment, wanting you to enjoy yourself as much as a beautiful woman like you deserves. My thumbs rub slow circles over your shoulders, upper back, shoulder blades, and the sides of your neck. You sigh and sink back into me a little bit.

After a bit, my massage turns into running my hands smoothly over you, over your shoulders, your neck, down your arms, up your sides, across your back. You sigh a bit heavier and sink back into my chest. Not having access to your back anymore, I feel I should take my treatment to your front. I wrap my arms around you and start to run my hands over the front of your body: over your arms, across your tummy, up your sides, across your chest, up to your neck…

When I reach your neck, I give your throat a slight squeeze. You gasp at my actions, but don’t resist. If anything, you push back harder against my chest. Taking this as a good sign, I run my hand down, across your collar bone, over your chest, around the outside of your massive tits. You moan again, your eyes closed, wanting all of your focus to be on your sense of touch. My hands continue to tease around your tits, not quite touching them. I put my mouth closer to your ear, and whisper, “Do you like this massage, my dear?”

You respond with a heavy exhale. Your breathing is getting heavier now. I blow hotly into your ear and my hands touch your breasts for the first time. You react like you’ve been hit by lightning. You gasp sharply, push back hard into my chest, your head rising up a bit. I begin to softly massage your breasts through your dress. They feel so soft. After a minute of this I begin to kiss lightly at your neck, down a bit to your shoulder, then slowly up, to your ear, where I lightly trace my tongue along the curves of your ear. You release a heated moan.

My fingers find your erected nipples and begin to rub circles around them. I’m enjoying myself immensely teasing and massaging you, hearing and feeling your reactions, knowing that I have the power to give you great pleasure. Apparently, I’m moving a bit to slow for you and you get impatient, as you reach up and start to undo the buttons of your dress. When they are all undone, you rip it open, exposing your huge tits to the air (apparently, you’re not wearing a bra), then reach back and start running one of your hands through my hair, grabbing at it when my hands find your bare tits.

I move my mouth back down to your neck, this time adding my tongue to the treatment, as I knead your breasts, massaging, squeezing, pinching at your nipples.

“Oh god, baby, I love the things you do to me,” you say, in your sexy accent, “Your hands feel amazing, your mouth is divine, you’re making me so wet!”

I respond, “Well, we have a long flight, I’ll take my time making you feel good. Stand up for me, Baby.”

I stand up and start to unbutton my shirt. You stand up and drop the top part of your dress off your shoulders, so that it still looks like you’re wearing a sexy mini skirt. I throw my shirt across the room and turn my attention back to the goddess in front of me.

I walk up to you, take your face in my hands, and kiss your mouth for the first time. Electricity runs through my body. Our kiss starts soft and sweet, then turns hungrier and hungrier. Eventually, akay escort we are both eagerly devouring each others mouths, tongues exploring, soft lips embracing, hands roaming. I break the kiss and kiss my way down your chin, down your throat, down your chest, reaching your tits.

I take turns kissing and licking your breasts, going back and forth. Eventually, I take one of your nipples into my mouth, having my free hand massage and tease your other breast. I lick circles around your nipples, bite them lightly, doing my best to lick every inch of your sweet tit. After a few minutes, I switch, and repeat my treatment on your other breast.

As my mouth and one hand occupy your breast, my free hand is exploring your body, rubbing and squeezing over your arms, across your back, lightly grazing my fingernails across your lovely, pale skin, soft and smooth as silk. After a little while, my free hand makes it down to your ass. I begin to squeeze it, enjoying the feeling of it in my hand, feeling you squirm against my touch, pushing yourself against me. My hand moves under your dress and reaches your bare ass. Apparently, you didn’t wear panties, either.

My cock is rock hard at the point, and pressing against your stomach, straining against my pants. You reach down and begin to undo my belt. Once it’s undone, you undo my pants button, and push my pants and boxers to the floor. You instantly wrap your hand around my engorged cock. The sudden sensation causes me to tighten up, biting down hard on one of your nipples. You begin to slowly jerk me, my cock feeling big and hard in your grasp.

“Oh baby,” you whimper, ” you’re so hard for me. I need it.”

You jerk me a bit harder, lust burning in your eyes. I break my mouth away from your delicious tits and start to kiss and lick my way down, across your tummy, taking time to lick circles around your belly button, lick into it a bit, before continuing down. I reach the top of your skirt, but don’t pull it off. Instead, I move down to your legs, and begin to kiss, lick, and grope your sexy, strong legs through your sexy fishnets.

Your legs shake a little, and you put your hands on my head to steady yourself. I lick my way back up, under your skirt, and breath in your scent. You are absolutely intoxicating. You smell so heavenly, I can only hope you taste as good. I kiss my way up your inner though, and blow hotly on your soaking pussy lips. Your breathing is very heavy now. Your heart is racing. You’re eyes are closed and you’re lost in the moment.

Suddenly, you feel the hot, wet sensation of my tongue on your slit, lightly licking it from the bottom to the top and across your clit. You almost collapse, but I hold you up. I begin to lick at your outer pussy lips, teasing you, enjoying your taste. I bring my mouth to your clit and begin to suck on it, flicking my tongue across it. You’re moaning loudly, your voice oozing in sexiness, making me even harder.

After a few minutes of sucking on your clit, I lick my way back down to your pussy, and shove my tongue inside, licking in circles, sucking up your tasty juices. I coat your pussy walls with my saliva, and you grip my hair hard and thrust my face into your pussy. You’re basically standing over me, riding my face, lost in pleasure as I eat you out under your skirt. You look down at me and our eyes meet.

I can feel your body start to give out, so I shove you back onto the couch. I pull your legs onto my shoulders and continue devouring you, my thumb rubbing against your clit. You let out a scream and almost pull my hair out as your first (but not last) orgasm of the flight rocks through your body. I eagerly sucking up all the juice you give me, continuing to lick and suck at your pussy even after your orgasm subsides and you sink into the couch to catch your breath.

I continue licking your pussy, as you recover. Suddenly, you push me off. You stand up, pull me up, then forcefully shove me down onto the couch. You take off your shoes, then kneel before me, taking my cock into your hands.

You run your hands up and down my shaft, then take one hand and start to slowly massage my balls. Now it’s my turn to moan. I look down at you, drinking in the sight before me. A beautiful, sexy woman in a tight mini skirt is pleasuring me, wanting to return the favor of the pleasure I gave her just a minute ago. It’s to good to be true.

You lean down, and lick me from my balls up my shaft to the head of my cock, then plunge your mouth on me, taking my full length all the way to my base. You gag a bit, apparently being a bit to hungry for my cock then you were actually ready for, then move back up my shaft. Slowly, you bob your head up and down me, massaging my balls as you do. You moan around my cock, making me swell in your mouth, getting even bigger. I’m in ecstasy. My hands run through your hair, pulling at it lightly, gripping hand fulls tightly.

You pull off and lick up and down me, kissing my ankara escort cock, licking all around it, worshiping it. You take me in your mouth again, twirling your tongue around my cock head, moaning as you do. You taste my precum, swallowing it, enjoying my taste.

After a few minutes that felt like heavenly hours, you pull off, and wrap your huge tits around my cock, rubbing them up and down my shaft.

“Do you like feeling my sexy tits on your cock, Baby?” you coo at me.

“Fuck yes, hunny, that feels amazing, please don’t stop.”

You smile that sexy smile at me and work your tits a bit faster up and down my cock, looking down at it, enjoying the sight of my cock disappearing and then emerging from your soft tits.

After a few minutes, you can’t take anymore and stop. I look into your eyes as you stand up and straddle me, hovering your pussy just above my cock, and kiss me deeply, passionately. You lower yourself down to my cock, but stop just short of penetration, my cock head just barely rubbing inside of your slick pussy lips. My god, you’re so wet.

You rub my cock back and forth against your slick pussy lips, teasing me, staring into my eyes and smiling a mischievous smile. I moan, and buck my hips up, trying to get inside, but you match my movements, teasing us both further.

“You know,” you say seductively, “this isn’t part of our usual complementary service. It’s only on very rare, very special, very sexy occasions that the flight crew partakes in these kinds of activities.”

I respond, “Well, so far, I am very satisfied with your level of service. I’ll be sure to give you a good customer compliment to your boss.” I place my hands on your hips and squeeze them tightly. “Since this isn’t part of your usual duties, what do I have to do to to have you continue with these above and beyond services?” I ask.

“Beg me,” you whisper.

I almost come right then and there at your words. I KNOW you want this as bad as I do, I can feel your pussy juices dripping down my cock, but I am loving this little game you’re playing.

I kiss you passionately, then whisper, “Please, Baby, you’re so sexy, so hot. Please, my Goddess, fuck my hard cock, I need to feel your pussy wrapped around it, I need to feel your juices all over it. I’m all yours, to do with as you please. Please, please, please, fuck me!”

I move a hand up to your hair and begin to massage your scalp. You feign opposition. “I don’t know,” you smile coyly, “I could get into trouble for this… you’d have to make it worth it… do you think you could do that? I probably should just get dressed and see if the pilot needs anything… do some cleaning… check on the-“

Suddenly, I grip your hip and a handful of hair and force you all the way down on my cock hard, a loud slapping sound ringing out as your pussy lips meet my pelvis. You gasp sharply at the sudden force, the sudden pleasure making you light headed. You grip hard at my shoulders, fingernails digging into me. After a few seconds of the world coming back into focus, you let out a long, throaty moan.

“FFFFFFFuuuuck! Oh my god you feel so good!” you say.

You run your hands through my hair and kiss me again, passionately, continuing to do so as you start to fuck my cock. Up and down you bounce, your tits, pressed hard against my chest. We pick up a quick pace, both very eager and lost in lust. We’re moaning into each others mouths, my cock filling up your tight, wet pussy, stretching it, reaching up far inside, at times kissing your cervix. Your pussy clenches around me tightly and I have to fight hard not to cum. This feels way to good for me to blow just yet.

For you, though, it’s not a problem, and you cum hard around my cock, basically screaming into my mouth. You slow your pace as your orgasm subsides. I stand up, your legs wrapping around my waist, and I begin to fuck up into you standing up, using my arms to bounce you on my hard cock. You break our kiss and bury your face into my neck and shoulder, moaning loudly.

Your arms are wrapped around my neck, your fingernails digging into my shoulders. I’m not as strong as I want to be, so I can’t hold you for long, so I take a few steps forward, shove my laptop, the glass, and the bottle of alcohol to the far side of the table, and sit you on it.

My hands move down to cup and squeeze your ass as I fuck into you, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room along with our moans of pleasure. I lean you back a bit, and you steady yourself by placing your hands on the table. I lift up your skirt to get a better view of your pussy devouring my cock as I fuck you hard.

After a few minutes, you gasp out, “Lay me down on the ground and fuck me into the floor!” I pick you back up and lay you on the floor between the couch and the table. I shove my cock back into your dripping pussy, which is clenching me again, another orgasm building inside you, and I don’t think I can hold mine off this time.

I lean over you, looking into your eyes as we fuck, your tits bouncing in rhythm with our movements. You have one leg over my shoulder as I pound down into you, going faster. We’re both breathing heavily, barreling toward a simultaneous climax.

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