With Someone You Know Pt. 03

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This time it’s a fabulous MMF 3some with Merve and Helga.


A note from Anna.

This is the third part of a trilogy about my visit to San Francisco. Whilst I think that it stands in good stead as an erotic story in its own right, reading the other two parts is advised as they give background to this 3some.

I feel that I should let you know that it contains descriptions of male bisexual activity.


“Helga’s back,” Merve told me on the phone just before lunch on the Tuesday after we had spent the weekend together. “She wondered whether you would like to come to dinner tomorrow or Thursday.”

“Yes that would be great, but I can’t do Thursday.”

“So there will be no worrying about drinking and driving it might be best to stay the night and we travel home and back in together.”


“There’s few things we need to chat about.”

“Are there, what are they?”

“Time for a quickie after work?”

“I take it you mean a drink and not going to my hotel.”

“I did but the other sounds good too.”

“Well let’s have the drink at the Marriott and see what happens shall we?”

Unfortunately I got caught up in a meeting and could not get to the Marriott until near six, which made it too late for anything other than a quick drink. I walked into the bar and couldn’t see Merve at first but then I saw him waving from the far corner of the room. I went over and sat down and we exchanged a few pleasantries as work colleagues and friends, not as lovers.

“Just need to get our stories straight,” he told me when I asked what it was we needed to chat about.

“How do you mean?” I asked looking at him and realising that he was my lover and not simply a work colleague. He was my first real date, the man who had taken my anal virginity over the weekend, and not just once, but then you can only lose it once can’t you?

“Hel knows I mess around with guys as I have in a few threesomes with her.”

“Yes you said.”

“The thing is, though James,” he said leaning forward and speaking quietly. “She doesn’t know that I mess around with guys.”

“What like we did over the weekend?”


“Has she no idea?”

“No, not that I know of and she has never asked.”

“I see, well I think I do, but then I was not planning on saying that we had sex over the weekend.”

“No of course not,” he smiled. “And perhaps best not to mention the weekend at all.”

“Okay,” I said hesitantly.

“I haven’t mentioned that you came.”

Smiling I raised my eyebrows. “Or that I came several times.”

He grinned. “That either, in fact I told her that I played golf both days.”

I smiled back and asked. “What about her?”

“How do you mean?”

“Does she play around?”

“You never really know do you, but I don’t think so other than when we swing with others.”

“But then she does I take it?”

“Yes I have seen her with other guys several times.”


“I suppose my dumb husband didn’t suggest you bring your swim shorts did he?” Helga said after we had met, pecked each other on the cheek, hugged and she had squashed her ample boobs against me, which was rather nice and somewhat encouraging.

She was wearing a long, thin sun dress and from the way her boobs moved under it she looked as though she was not wearing a bra.

Merve poured some wine and then wandered off to the barbecue. Helga and I sat sipping our wine on the very sofa where at the weekend her husband and I had masturbated each other. The skirt of the sun dress had long slits up either side and one of her long tanned legs was poking through. She was wearing strappy sandals with heels and as we were both sitting slightly side on to each other her foot was pointing at my leg and almost touching it.

We talked about the project I was working on that had brought me from London to San Francisco where the head office of the company that Merve and I worked for was located. I explained a little about the progress with that and said that I was enjoying my time here very much.

“You should have brought your lovely wife,” Helga commented.

“She’s far too busy with her business.”

“That going well is it?”

“Extremely well she has won lots of business in Italy and Germany so she’s hardly ever at home.”

Smiling Helga said. “So while the cat’s away and all that then?”

“Chance would be a fine thing,” I smiled back and saw her raise her eyebrows.

“Really James?”

“You know how it is.”

“What away from home, overseas, in San Francisco what could be better?” She went on rather coquettishly.

“Not a lot.”

“I am sure we could find a way couldn’t we Merve?” she said as he came and sat in a chair opposite us.

“What’s that Hel?

“A way to help James.”

“Help him what?”

Laughing and leaning forward as Merve moved the wine bottle towards her she said softly. “Misbehave,” as she looked at me.

“Depends how he wants to misbehave doesn’t it,” Merve said freshening my eryaman escort glass. “What you after James?”

It was then that Helga asked whether Merve had suggested I bring my swim shorts.

“No I forgot,” Merve replied.

Helga stood up and walked over towards the pool. Merve and I stood up and watched her. She looked back over her shoulder at us and said.

“And I suppose you also forgot to tell him how secluded it is and not overlooked.”

“Yes I did Hel.”

“Although with some of the reflections I see from up in the hills I am not sure we are not being spied on with telescopes.”

Recalling all the things that Merve and I had got up to by the pool over the weekend that shocked me.

“But most importantly Merve did you mention that it’s a clothes optional pool?”

“No Hel, no I didn’t”

“See what I have to put up with,” Helga said looking at me, raising her eyebrows and fiddling with the front of her sun dress as she turned towards us.

I laughed at first, but then went serious as she undid the tie and the dress fell down her body into a pool round her feet. She was completely naked and yes she did have great tits. She turned away from us showing her pert bum, walked towards the pool and stood on the side and called out.

“And guys I hate swimming alone,” just before performing a perfect dive into the water.

“What the fuck’s going on Merve?” I asked as I watched him removing his polo shirt.

“Fuck knows but I think she’s up for it.”

“Up for what?”

“A threesome I guess,” he went on removing his shorts and underpants. “Come on don’t be a party pooper, get your kit off.”

Merve slid his shorts off and I undressed and we walked towards the pool.

“Shit this is eerie.”

“What thinking back to the weekend?”

“Yes,” I muttered hoping fervently that thinking about what we had done did not give me a hard on. ‘How the hell does she know that I would be okay with Merve around?’

It was such a strange set of feelings walking across the artificial grass of the patio towards where this gorgeous woman was swimming up and down the pool with a slow and elegant breast stroke. I could not help hoping that Merve was correct and that she was up for a threesome with him and me. At the same time the images of her husband and me kissing, caressing and fucking over the weekend kept flashing through my mind. It was really bizarre and I felt my cock starting to tingle.

As we reached the edge of the pool she swam over and stood beneath us holding. The water was the usual four feet or so deep and came to just above her waist but beneath her lovely tits; her nipples looked to be rock hard, but then I guessed the water was a little chilly!

“Hello boys,” she said looking up and at Merve then me alternately. “What a lovely sight James.”

“Thanks Helga,” I replied. “It’s not that bad looking down either.”

“Thank you kind sir. “

“You are very welcome ma’am,” I replied sliding in to the water to one side of her as Merve did the same on the other side.

Now that I was naked and in the water I didn’t really know what to do. All that had gone on in the last fifteen minutes or so suggested that she was available, but then having had some experience with American women I knew that they can be difficult to read and part of me wondered whether she was just being open and friendly. Also I recalled Merve telling the pizza take out place that he was a nudist and would not be wearing anything when the pizzas were delivered; that made me wonder whether that was what this was about, naturism?

I swam around for a while as the others did their thing and then we grouped together at one end of the pool with Helga between us. We chatted more about my project and she said.

“It’s so nice that you are running the project and Merve is responsible for its implementation in HO isn’t it?”

“Yes it helps a lot to have a friendly face to work with.”

“And they can’t be much friendlier than my husbands can they,” she responded placing her hand on his cheek and giving him a peck in his lips. Merve slid his arm round her and rested his hand on her bum.

“Kind of you to say so Hels,” he said kissing her back.

I felt a little embarrassed at the display of affection between the pair of them and wondered what might happen next. Helga solved it.

Turning towards me so that her naked breasts were only inches from my chest she said.

“Now, now Merve remember we have a guest.”

“More Helga that you should remember isn’t it?”

Looking me straight in the eye and holding my gaze she smiled and replied. “Would you like me to remember that James?”

I had no idea what she meant or if she was playing some sort of game.

“I don’t know Helga.”

“Well we did talk about while the cat being away didn’t we?”

“Yes,” I gulped. “We did.”

“And what does the mouse do then?”

“Play I guess,” I said quietly as I realised that indeed something was on and this beautiful esat escort and extraordinarily confident woman was leading the way, just I thought, as her husband had on Saturday and it was looking increasingly likely that it was not naturism!

Helga reached out and took hold of my hand. I could see that Merve’s hand was still fondling her buttocks as she said equally quietly.

“And does the mouse want to play James?”

I was getting hard and wondered whether she could see as I mumbled. “Yes he does.”

“Then while your cat is away James, this pussy is here so James let’s play,” she whispered as she lifted my hand and place it on her breast.

She closed the gap between us and pressed her other tits against me as I slid my arm round her waist to inevitably I guess find Merve’s hand. He squeezed it and we exchanged meaningful glances. He smiled and nodded encouragingly as Helga kissed me and put her other arm round my waist. It was a nice kiss. Tender, enquiring and full of excellent technique it illustrated that she was very experienced and I wondered just what she got up to behind Merve’s back or, perhaps he knew, just as she might know about him and maybe, even him and I. ‘Who the fuck knows or cares,’ I thought giving myself into the kiss and enjoying pressing my growing erection against her flat stomach.

“And is our British mouse okay if the American mouse is around as the American pussy plays with the British mouse?”

I didn’t get what she meant at first then it clicked. “Yes he’s okay,” I gulped realising that she was talking about Merve and me playing.

She broke the kiss, but we stayed in an embrace still with Merve holding his wife’s bum. She looked up at me smiling and said.

“I have been dying to get my hands on you since we met in New York you sexy beast.”

I smiled. “Well Helga now’s your chance,” as I pushed my now full erection against her.

As we kissed again I thought what a weird situation this was. Here was I naked in a pool with a husband and wife kissing the wife as the husband looked on and caressed her. On top of that I had spent the weekend with him having sex and with him taking my anal virginity.

“Well James I am pleased to have the chance, but not here.”

“Where then?”


“Why’s that Hels?” Merve asked. “We have done it loads of times out here,” he went on looking at me with a meaningful glance and raising his eyebrows as she turned and rested both hands on the side in preparation for getting out.

She lifted herself up onto the side of the pool giving me a wonderful view of her bum and pussy lips, turned and sat on it her feet nearly touching Merve and me as she replied.

“Well as much as I love having sex in front of others I like to know who they are.”

“What do you mean?”

“Recently as I have sunbathed out here there are lots more flashes of light as the sun glints on glass and I reckon they are telescopes.”

“Well you can’t blame them ogling you, especially if you are naked as you usually are out here.” Merve smiled.

“I don’t darling and good luck to them, but I don’t want to see compromising shots of me or you or even worse my sexy beast here,” she said nodding at me. “In the Mountainview News or on a website. Might not be too good for our careers.”

“Jesus, I hadn’t thought of that.”

“No my dear, you hadn’t, but then there are loads of things you don’t think about aren’t there,” she said as Merve went to climb out. “And one might be not getting out if you have hard on.”

The potential enormity of what she said began to sink in as what Merve and I had done went through my mind. Fortunately, that didn’t affect my softening cock.

“Being naked is perfectly reasonable in our yard and pool, but having sex or you guys wandering around with hardons might raise eyebrows.”

“Well my petal,” Merve said jokingly. “Why don’t you go inside so you remove the hardon inducer?”

Walking away from us it looked to me as if Helga was emphasising the sway and wiggle of her hips and it hit me that she was doing that for me. In fact since I had arrived she had been extremely friendly and very come on. Those thoughts didn’t help the erection reduction very much!

“Fuck I never knew about the telescopes James.”

“If there are any, it might be something else.”

“Don’t think it can be, there’s nothing up there,” he said as we both looked up into the hills. “Apart from a few cabins that is.”

“Ah well let’s keep our fingers crossed.”

“I am sorry James,” he said as we both climbed out.

I looked at him and saw that he was still semi erect as I was. Fortunately we had our backs to where the telescopes might be as we walked towards the house. Helga handed us both a towel and she had wrapped one round her. She looked fantastic with her boobs pushing the towel out and her shoulder-length, auburn hair slightly damp at the ends. Her shoulders and arms as well as most of her legs, for the towel ended mid-thigh, were bare and ankara escort her tanned skin seemed to glow. I could hardly stop looking at her and as I dried myself I could feel my balls and cock starting to tingle. My dick jerked a couple of times and she saw that.

“Pleased to see me are you James?”

“I have been all the time Hells,” I said as she seemed to glide across the artificial turf of the covered area just outside the house that was hidden from the view of the possible telescopes.

“Look are you two going to be playing like this all the time or shall we eat first.”

Beaming me a big smile Helga said. “Eat first and second Merve, but it depends on who is eating who and what doesn’t it?”

“Now, now Hels, you’ll frighten James off.”

Putting an arm round me she looked up at me and said huskily as she ran the fingers on her other hand round my waist and down a little to where my cock was laying almost horizontal to the ground.

“Not frightened of Helga are you James?”

“No, not at all,” I replied leaning forward and kissing her. “But maybe we eat the steaks first shall we?”

“Trying to avoid me are you?” Helga said her fingertips gliding across my cock. “Mmmm he’s growing up isn’t he?”

Merve and I wrapped towels round ourselves before leaving the sheltered area to walk across to the barbecue area. More wine and beers were brought out and Helga returned from the kitchen with a large bowl of salad. Merve cooked the steaks and we had a delicious though somewhat bizarre meal on the patio under an umbrella by the pool. Several times as we ate Helga’s towel came loose and slipped away from her a little. Incongruously, having seen her naked and stared at her anus and vagina as she climbed from the pool and having pressed my erection against her bare stomach, the glimpse of most of her breast and once part of her areola was unusually stimulating. So when Merve asked if we should go inside I was nicely aroused and ready for whatever Helga wanted.

“Come on chaps,” she said standing up adding as she turned her back to us and ambled away. “Leave the clearing up until later.”

Like two sheep Merve and I followed. Just as Helga got inside the house she let the towel fall away from her and we had the glorious sight of her bare back and arse. Naked she kept walking until she got to the stairs that lead down to ththe basement recreation room where Merve and I had played naked pool the previous Saturday. I remembered that there was a bedroom off the rec room and she headed for that rather than their marital bedroom on the first floor. She stopped by the bed.

“Come here both of you.”

We walked close to her and I watched almost transfixed as using both hands at once she unravelled the folds of both towels and pushed them off. We were now all naked and both Merve and I were erect.

“Mmmm what a lovely sight,” she said closing the gap between us and taking our cocks in her hands. “Two for the price on one, she went on sinking to her knees. “You boys do what you will while I am busy down here.

She kissed and licked both dicks at once as Merve and I both ran our fingers through her hair. I raised my eyebrows enquiringly at Merve, but he shook his head as if saying he had no idea.

Then Helga was sucking our dicks in turn and stroking and rubbing our balls. She really was going for it. We were both groaning and sighing with pleasure as she as expertly as I have ever been fellated gave us both a blow job.

“Fuck babe,” Merve groaned reaching out and running his hand across my chest. Helga must have sensed something for she looked up and saw that her husband was cupping my breast and pinching my nipple. As far as a woman can when she is pretty much simultaneously sucking two cocks at once she smiled in understanding. I did the same to him. The four-way sensations of having my dick sucked by Helga, having it pressed against Merve’s, having him pinch my nipple and me pinching his was incredible.

“Kiss him,” I heard in a muffled voice.

I didn’t know to who that was directed, but knew that it came from Helga. ‘Fuck she is up for it big time,’ I thought to myself wondering at the reason why a wife would want to see her husband and another guy kissing. But I didn’t dwell on the reasons for Merve leaned towards me and we kissed. And it was a strong, licking, sucking and tongueing kiss. Helga stood up and pressed herself against both of us and still holding our cocks joined in the kiss. I was being kissed and was kissing a man and his wife as she ground her body against me and him. I slid my arm round her and grabbed her arse. It was lovely and at the same time Merve grabbed mine so that he was caressing my buttocks and his wife was stroking my cock. Bliss, absolute bliss.

We went on like this for some time rubbing our bodies together and stroking and caressing each other until Helga pulled us both onto the bed. Laying between us we both kissed her, squeezed her breasts, pinched her nipples and rubbed her between her legs and around her clit. At the same time she was rubbing our cocks and I was beginning to worry that I might cum and that would seriously spoil the party, well for me at least. But I was saved that embarrassment by her instead groaning.

“Oh yes James, yes Merve that is fucking beautiful.”

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