While John is Away Ch. 08

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There has been a very long break between this ending and my previous parts of the story. Some of life’s biggest issues got in the way that kept us busy for the last few years but all is well again and I needed to finish this.

As a refresher, my husband had been in Kuala Lumpur on a business trip for nearly 6 weeks and I missed him terribly but before he left, he gave me a “kitchen pass”. Well, he gave it to me, be he also gave it to his friends, Avery, James, Chris and Mike, his poker buddies, that he shared me with me after I lost a bet on a football game. If you haven’t read the other parts of this story, it might make more sense if you go back and read them.


Last night John called and told me he was finally coming home from his business trip to Kuala Lumpur. He has been gone almost 6 weeks, twice as long as originally planned and there are only 5 more days before he starts home, so a full 24 hours of travel means he will be home in 6 days. I couldn’t sleep a wink thinking about it and finally at 6:00 am, I got out of bed and had a cup of coffee, 2 actually and I was buzzing all morning.

Since I’m not working, pretty much every day is like Saturday but today actually is Saturday and our home backs up to a golf course so there was a constant stream of golfers going by my back fence all morning. I could see the sun reflecting off their carts through the bushes along the fence. The golf course is always busy on Saturday morning.

The first golfers out are the 65+ year olds that get the early, early tee times, at first light. They meet at the club, have their coffee and finish their round by 9:30, then head for the clubhouse to play some cards and complain about the bunkers on number four and how they don’t drain well or whatever ruined their game that particular morning.

I usually miss this crowd because I sleep a little too late but this morning, I was at the back fence only wearing one of John’s button down shirts and flip flops with my cup of coffee when two of the older club members I only know casually, drove by looking for a ball. With the top 4 buttons undone, the shirt was open almost to my belly button and when they pulled up next to the fence in their electric cart, I didn’t hear them coming. I’m pretty sure they got an eye-full of my boobs. After that, I took my coffee back up closer to the house where I wouldn’t cause a scene.

I did manage to get some yard work done and get a little sun on my legs before noon when I went back in the house to take a shower. Lisa, my best friend from next door, that I planned on talking into having margaritas with that afternoon, called just as I was getting in the shower and explained that she had just gotten a call from her mother who fell and was in the hospital, again. She was going to be gone for the next couple of days and asked if I would keep an eye on her husband while she was gone.

“You know me, anything to help out a friend by keeping an eye on her husband and his huge cock,” I said in my best support a friend voice. She laughed because she knew I knew her husband’s cock very well. Not only has her husband Avery been fucking my brains out ever since my husband gave his permission at the poker games for his buddies to have sex with me, but she also took me along on their 10th wedding anniversary trip as a gift for her hung hubby. Then of course Lisa and I have started a whole new kind of relationship too. The kind where she can’t keep her hands, or her mouth, off my boobs and I have turned into a full-fledged bi-sexual, Texas hot wife.

After my shower, I was in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs looking through a closet when I heard voices outside. I looked out the window and saw Avery and James walking up our front walk. I turned and ran down the stairs, or rather, bounced down the stairs. After my shower I had just put on what my husband calls my booty shorts, little pink cotton drawstring shorts that barely cover my round butt, and an old white tank top that is one washing away from completely falling apart. That tank top is tight across my boobs and leaves nothing to the imagination. You can pretty much see right through it and it does nothing to keep my big boobs from bouncing all over the place as I bop down the stairs.

The guys are about to ring the doorbell when I pull the door open, startling Avery. He jumped back and almost knocked James backwards. Once they recovered they both looked at me and smiled. Okay, they both looked at my boobs and smiled. I looked down and saw that Thing-One and Thing-Two were poking through the thin material like AA batteries.

I let them get a good look and asked, “What’s up guys? None of your friends are allowed to come out and play?”

James laughed and said, “Funny you should bring up being allowed to play.”

I looked at him, puzzled by what he said. “What’s going on?”

Avery jumped in and explained that my loving husband had sent a note to his poker buddies, James, Chris, Mike and Avery last bayan arkadaş night letting them know he was coming home and today was the last day that he needed them to “take care of me”. Or as Avery put it, “You know, the last day to kind of, well the last day to visit and….” before I interrupted him and asked, “Fuck me?”

He turned bright red but shook his head yes without looking me in the eyes. Kind of silly for a man that has fucked me every which way possible to be that shy about it, but that is one of the things I liked about the big stud; in addition to his big cock.

It was my turn now to pretend to be shy. “Oh, I see, well then come on in I guess.” The guys stepped into the house and before I closed the door, I saw Chris pull up to the curb in front of the house and come jogging up the path to the door.

“I guess you got John’s message too,” as he came up to the front door.

Once we were all inside, I turned to them and asked, “Should I expect Mike to show up as well?”

Both James and Avery shrugged their shoulders but Chris piped up and said to me, “I don’t think so, he sent back a message to John a few minutes ago saying that he was out of town and sorry he missed last call.”

“Last call? That’s kind of rude. What am I, the drink special of the day?”

Although I was a little bit hurt by what he said, I was also a little disappointed that Mike wasn’t coming.

James blurted out, “Look Tab, Avery and I called Chris after we got the message from John and we decided we wanted to do something special for you. How about you let us take you out to dinner tonight and then go for a cruise on the lake. Remember that guy we played golf with a while ago, Avery’s customer? Well he sure remembers you and he has a big-ass boat and offered it to Avery for the weekend. We can take it out on the lake and have a party. What do you think?”

I had to admit, that sounded kind of fun. Going out to dinner with three great looking guys and then go out on the lake in a really nice boat; what could be bad about that? I know the guys expect to have sex with me but frankly, I expect to have sex with them.

“Okay, let’s do it! What time are you picking me up and what should I wear?” I wasn’t asking for a costume like they had me wear when I was the hostess for my husband’s poker game, I just wanted to know what kind of place we were going to for dinner.

James, not being shy said that he liked what I was wearing which got him ‘the look’ from me. He just smirked and the other guys did too. I didn’t have to look down to know that my nipples had probably already torn through the flimsy material of my top and were poking out like bullets, so I gave him that one. Avery said they were taking me to a great place but it’s casual so I didn’t have to get too dressed up. He said, we’ll probably all be wearing jeans or shorts, so whatever you feel like wearing….. or not.

I asked the guys if they wanted a beer and Avery said yes but James said he had some work to do before tonight and Chris said he was already going to be late for his tee time. The guys said they would pick me up about 7:00pm. I turned and walked toward the kitchen to get a couple of beers and gave my ass a little extra wiggle knowing the guys would be looking since half my ass cheeks were showing in my little shorts. After they watched me bend over to get the beer out of the fridge, James and Chris reluctantly turned back toward the door and left.

I was already thinking about what might happen later that night and was starting to feel a little tingle between my legs. That and the fact that I was left alone with Avery for the afternoon, knowing his wife was out of town and he was all alone. I thought it might be fun to have some company.

I suggested we go out back, on the patio. I told Avery that I wanted to get a little sun before it got too late so he followed me out back where I sat down on one of the lounge chairs that was already situated just right to catch some rays. I put my beer down and looked at Avery who was seated in the other lounge chair just a few feet away and asked, “Are you OK if I take my top off so I can get a little bit of sun on my boobs?”

Avery just looked at me like that was a dumb question; which it was. “Of course it’s OK with me. You can take your shorts off too if you want,” he said with a big smile. I just pulled my top over my head and then pulled my shorts down and off, leaving me completely naked.

I looked over at Avery and he was just staring at me. It was hardly the first time he had seen me naked but from the look on his face, it would be hard to tell it wasn’t his first time. I waved my hand in front of his face to get his attention and said, “Okay, your turn. Get those shorts off and let me see that big cock of yours.”

I’m really not normally that forward nor do I typically use that kind of language but Avery can be so shy sometimes, it’s fun to push him out of his comfort zone. I also know that he can bayan partner definitely get out of his comfort zone and become a confident, dirty-talking, dominant male too.

I wasn’t looking for that Avery alter-ego today. I just wanted to tease the shy guy from next door and make some good use of that big dick of his. That thing is huge and it amazes me every time I see it. The funny thing is that I don’t ever associate Avery’s cock with the term making love. My husband’s cock is a nice size but nowhere near as big as Avery’s, but I can definitely make love to that wonderful cock. Avery’s is just for pure fucking, if that makes sense.

I slid off my chair and onto the edge of his and reached for the button on his shorts. I could already see a very large bulge forming. I pulled down his zipper and told him to lift his butt while I pulled his shorts down. The swollen head of his big cock was tucked under the waist band of his boxers and when it finally came free, it flipped up and then down against his belly with a smack. I automatically reached for it and stroked it lightly. After a few quick strokes, I looked Avery in the eyes and told him to take his shirt off. He did as I asked quickly and then we were both naked.

I got up and grabbed the sunscreen. My boobs are no stranger to the sun but I didn’t want to get a sunburn and not be able to touch them either. I also knew that Avery’s big cock was not used to the sun and didn’t want that big hunk of man-meat getting burned either. I straddled his legs on my knees and pulled Avery’s hand up where I could squirt the cool lotion into his palm. Once he figured out what I was planning he got a big goofy grin on his face.

“You don’t want my boobies to burn do you?” I asked.

“Of course not.”

“So make sure you rub that lotion in good.” I just sat there in his lap straddling his legs while he rubbed the sun screen onto my boobs, making sure to get every little bit covered and he rubbed it in really, really well. His big dick was laying almost flat against his tummy, occasionally bouncing up and then flopping back down.

Once he finished my boobs, I told him I didn’t want my pussy to get burned either. “I don’t have any hair down there to protect it,” I pouted.

Avery didn’t waste any time putting more of the sun screen in his hands and then with one hand he reached down between us, between my legs and gently rubbed his cream filled palm against my mound. With the other, he went back to rubbing more sun screen onto my boobs.

Avery’s fingers are long and thick and he was dragging them along my slit which was now slippery with both sun screen and my juices. Every time his knuckle crossed my clit I shivered with excitement. I could feel myself starting to build toward a nice creamy orgasm but decided to stop and move Avery’s hands. He had a disappointed look on his face until he saw me pouring sun screen into my hands.

I reached down between us and very gently applied the sun screen all along the length of that big cock, down around his balls and then all the way back up and over the tip. Avery’s eyes were closed as I continued to stroke his solid shaft and caress his big balls. He didn’t open his eyes until I stopped.

Avery gave me the big puppy dog eyes as if to ask why I stopped but I just got up and turned around and straddled his legs again, this time facing away from him. Up on all fours, I know my round ass was right in his face.

“Now do my butt. I don’t want to get burned there either.” Although, there was little chance of that since my butt got plenty of sunshine since most of the time I laid out, I was either naked or wore a thong. Avery didn’t hesitate and poured a big glob of sun screen on my cheeks and started rubbing it in. He wasn’t as gently on my butt as he was on my boobs, grabbing handfuls of my butt cheeks and squeezing them. I felt him pour more directly on my crack and then felt his fingers slide down the length of my crack, over my tight little hole, all the way to my pussy. I pushed down a little and his fingers moved back up my crack, then lingered on my butt hole. I could feel him pushing the sun screen around the tight wrinkles and when he pushed the tip of his finger in my butt, I jumped a little and turned by head to look back at him and gave him a “look”.

He didn’t pay any attention and continued to push his finger into my butt up to the first knuckle. I started to pull away but he grabbed my hip and held me there as he pushed further into me. Avery’s fingers are like his cock; long and thick. When he got up to the second knuckle he backed off and I felt him pour more sun screen right on my puckered hole before he once again pushed in, forcing more of the make-shift lube into my tight hole. I knew his finger was all the way in when I felt his hand against my butt. He slowly and carefully started finger-fucking my ass. It felt really good. He was going slow and careful and I could feel myself relaxing against his thick digit and I started bdsm escort to push back against him.

That’s when Avery stopped and pulled his finger out. I looked back over my shoulder and saw him picking up the sun screen again and then felt more being poured onto my now willing sphincter. This time, I felt two fingers pushing into me and I started to turn around and tell him no, when both fingers slid into me easily and I got this wonderful full feeling. He slowly twisted his fingers inside me and then used the same motion, pulling them out. It was an awesome feeling and I lowered my head to his knees, opening me up even more.

After another minute, Avery worked two fingers on his other hand into my very wet pussy and started a rhythm pushing into my pussy while pulling out of my ass, alternating, filling one hole, then the other. His thick fingers filled me completely and I was quickly building to a nice crescendo. Another minute and Avery must have felt my pussy and ass contracting hard against his fingers, now with both hands fully lodged in my holes as I started to cum and cum.

My orgasm lasted a full minute before I felt Avery’s fingers slid out of me. I collapsed into his lap, his big hard cock slid right into the crack of my ass and as my orgasm began to wane, I started sliding my ass cheeks up and down along his hard shaft. His thick cock was pushed against his flat belly and my ass cheeks were wrapped around the thickness of his cock. I took my time and squeezed my cheeks around him as best I could as I slid up and down his slick pole.

I could tell he was just about to explode when I stopped and pulled away from him. I looked over my shoulder and he had a look like I just took his puppy away from him.

“I think you should wait. I want you to be good and horny tonight.”

Avery’s eyes narrowed and he reached up and grabbed my hips and pulled me back against him forcefully. “Don’t you worry about me. I will still be plenty horny tonight so you need to get back on my cock and fuck me.” And, with that he smacked my ass.

Oh boy, here comes alter-ego Avery. His massive hands grabbed my hips and he held me tight against his cock. Then he lifted my ass off his legs and after a few seconds of maneuvering, he lined his big cock up against my pussy and dropped me. “Uuuunnnnnggggghhhh!” His cock went about ¾ of the way in before it slowed and then eased in the rest of the way as gravity pulled me down on him. It hurt like a mother for a second but quickly turned to that completely stuffed feeling. That initial thrust from Avery’s huge cock always makes me think of that John Mellencamp song, Hurts So Good. It wasn’t that I wasn’t wet enough, I was a sopping mess but the sheer volume is what slowed his cock from completely impaling me in one quick shot.

Then he lifted me again and dropped me. This time I was completely filled with his long, thick cock. I looked over my shoulder at Avery and he smacked my ass again, the other cheek this time.

“Now fuck me Tabby and don’t stop until I tell you.”

“Okay, okay.” I was trying to catch my breath. That big cock fills me up like nothing else and Avery was as hard as I had ever felt him. I adjusted my legs to get a little more leverage and I started to slide up and down that long shaft until I felt the swollen head just begin to part my pussy lips on the way out before dropping down on him again. After maybe 3 or 4 minutes, I was slamming my pussy down on him and there were all kinds of embarrassing noises as air and my juices were pushed out of my cunt every time I slammed down on him. I didn’t care and Avery sure didn’t seem to mind.

Every once in a while he would smack my ass again if he thought I wasn’t working hard enough. I had at least three orgasms while I rode him and I could tell he was finally getting close. I thought he was going to fill me up with his creamy cum but just when I thought he was going to burst, he smacked my ass hard and told me to get up.

I pulled myself off of him and started to turn around on the lounge chair when he said, “Get off the chair and get on your knees.” His voice was very commanding and I hopped off the chair and got on my knees. Avery stood up straddling the chair and then swung his foot over until he was standing in front of me. I was stretched up on my knees, as far as I could, but with Avery at 6′ 4″, that put his cock just above eye level.

Avery grabbed his cock and pushed it against my lips. “Suck it,” was all he said. I opened my mouth and Avery pushed his stiff cock down and I took it in my mouth and began sucking. I started to raise my hands up to grab the 5 or 6 inches that were not in my mouth yet but Avery pushed them aside and used his own hand to pump his cock. My mouth was just covering the first 4 or 5 inches.

It was only a few seconds before Avery pulled out of my mouth and his cock started shooting his cum onto my face and hair. The first shot hit my forehead and went up into my hair. Avery adjusted his aim and the second, third and fourth streams hit my lips neck and chest. I had his hot cum dripping down my face, running down my neck and onto my boobs. Avery was rubbing the last few dribbles from the end of his dick against my lips and I opened my mouth to take the last few drops on my tongue.

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