Well… Ch. 18 Pt. 02

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Dinner was fabulous.

The girls had done a great job in the boat’s small galley and we all sat on the fly bridge in the late evening absolutely full and enjoying pleasant conversation and a quiet drink.

The day had been hectic for me, in a sexual way, at least!

The pleasure of making love to Mary in the morning and then the sheer lust of the afternoon, emptying my juices all over Tanya’s huge chest as she came so hard from watching Brian and Ann.

We had decided to dress for dinner and looked very casual in our cotton shirts and slacks but the girls looked stunning! All had on differing blouses, knotted at the waist, above sarongs tied neatly at the hip and displaying varying degrees of smooth thigh.

None of these thighs were going un-appreciated as us boys lazily ran our fingers up and down them seated around the u-shaped sofa at the back of the fly-bridge.

Mary stretched languorously, and taking Brian’s hand, asked him “I feel like getting some air on the bow. Would you care to join me?”

“To hear is to obey,” chuckled Brian enthusiastically. Removing his hand from Mary’s leg he rose and helping her up they moved quietly off for’ard, followed by Ann muttering something about getting some more wine.

Tanya, by now, was getting quite ‘warmed’ by James’s attentions and so I went forward and sat on the helmsman’s seat and gazed out over the lake.

The evening was perfect. Warm with a slight breeze, a wonderful glow as the sun started to settle and not a soul but us for miles around.

Brian and Mary were sitting on the bench on the foredeck of the boat looking at the sunset too. Brian’s hand resuming its investigations of Mary’s lovely thigh as she leant against his arm.

“It won’t be long,” I mused as they sat close together. Sure enough Brian slid onto the deck a couple of minutes later and settled himself between those luscious legs.

Tanya, by now, was getting quite verbal about James’s ministrations. As I turned to see what they were up to James was still spending time on her thigh but Tanya had unknotted her blouse and was pressing his head to her exposed chest as he suckled at her enthusiastically.

I turned back towards the bow to see Brian’s head being held gently by Mary as he licked and sucked at her while she directed him quietly as to exactly what she wanted.

I couldn’t hear what was being said, as I was a fair way off but then I didn’t really need to anyway!

“They’re all having a great time.” A voice whispered in my ear. “Do you want to join them?”

I hadn’t heard Ann come up onto the fly-bridge so she startled me a little and sensing this she immediately bakırköy escort continued, “Perhaps not at the moment eh! You’ve been a busy boy today, maybe you just ought to watch a little for now!”

She was so wonderfully close behind me; I could feel her breasts pressing into my back. Her hands slid round my waist then continued up my chest to open the buttons on my shirt.

Pulling it open she ran her fingers across my chest, lingering on my rising nipples as her attentions and the light breeze woke them from slumber.

“Some part of you is not tired then!” she joked. ” Let’s see if anything else is!”

It only took her seconds to have my slacks and underpants removed and then pushed aside as her hands found my cock.

Stroking me with one hand, as she gently caressed my balls with the other, soon had me fully erect as I continued to look out over the bow.

Mary looked to be enjoying every minute. She was knelt on the foredeck supporting herself with her hands on the pulpit rail as Brian slowly pushed in and out of her from behind.

“My God, that man is big!” I thought as I watched them. “How the hell is she taking all of that?”

Brian was pleasuring Mary slowly. Drawing out all the way and then pushing gently back in until he could go no further; he played with her firm tits as they swayed under her.

Mary was not taking a passive part in this however, flicking her fingers over Brian’s balls every time they came near her throbbing pussy, she was moaning and instructing him exactly how she wanted that giant prick to satisfy her urges.

“Mary seems to be enjoying herself,” Ann whispered to me. “I hope Brian isn’t hurting her at all, I feel a little sore after the fucking he gave me this afternoon!”

I wanted to turn and take her in my arms but she wouldn’t let me, ‘No, stay there and watch them at play’ she breathed.

Her hands withdrew from me for a second or two as she deftly removed her blouse and sarong and then returned to continue her pleasuring of my aching dick.

Her nipples were like little bullets sticking into my back and she ground her crutch into my bum, backwards and forwards, pushing my raging cock in and out of her hand.

She slowly turned me after a couple of minutes of this, so that I could see what James and Tanya were doing.

Tanya was lying back on the sofa holding her tits together with James shoving his purple-headed prick in and out of her cleavage. As he pushed forwards with his hands on his backside, Tanya licked his tip causing him to throw back his head in ecstasy.

My cock was in heaven. Ann’s mouth had bakırköy eve gelen escort descended on it as I watched and now as she sucked harder on me and continued her stroking, I knew that I would be able to come again.

“Be careful,” I warned. “I am going to cum again, so don’t go too quick.”

“Oh, I am glad,” she replied. “I was hoping you weren’t going to leave me out today! I really need your prick inside me.”

So she stood up and moved to the rear of the fly-bridge just as Tanya rose from the sofa and stretched out on the table.

“Just relax for a few minutes while I help these two,” she murmured to me and then taking James by his cock she moved him between Tanya’s outspread thighs.

He pulled Tanya to him, so her back and bum were on the table, and hooking her legs over his arms pointed himself at her dripping pussy.

Ann’s grip on her husband had not faltered and she guided his rampant penis to Tanya’s entrance and then told him “Fill her up James, fuck her good and make her squirm.”

As James pushed into Tanya’s yielding flesh, Ann let go of him and took one of Tanya’s magnificent teats in her mouth. Sucking on the nipple soon had her friend straining on the table and imploring Ann to “Suck harder, bitch! Suck harder!” as one of Ann’s hands snaked down and started to play with Tanya’s clit.

Ann was in full ‘tease’ mood by now. She left Tanya’s succulent breast and with a smouldering look on her face advanced towards me, undulating her hips and caressing her tits as she did so.

She walked past me, turned the helmsman’s seat round so it was facing the back of the boat, and threw her legs over the arms of the seat exposing her pulsating opening to me.

“Fuck me now,” she commanded. “Here like this, so you can watch your wife with Brian as you do it.”

I grasped my dick and, stepping forward, I slapped her pussy a couple of times with it before forcing myself into her welcoming body in one easy movement.

“Look at them,” she hissed, when I tried to kiss her. “Look how much they are enjoying each other. Look how Mary loves Brian’s huge cock.”

I groaned as I looked up and saw how true what Ann said was.

Mary had now moved onto the bench I had taken her on in the morning and Brian was ploughing into her with a vengeance. She rose to meet his every thrust, which were very much quicker now than when I had last looked at them, and Mary was clutching and pulling on Brian’s buttocks trying to draw as much of him as possible into her. Her head was thrown back and wild noises of lust and encouragement were coming out of her mouth bakırköy grup yapan escort as Brian continued his onslaught.

“You can look but don’t forget me,” said Ann as I continued my thrusting. “But I want to know when Brian cums, I want you to tell me exactly what happens.”

The woman must be psychic, because within a few moments of saying it Mary shrieked,”Harder Brian, I must cum!”

And as he did so she seemed to convulse and screamed “Oh!! Yeeeesss!!”

Brian continued on for a few more strokes until Mary’s thrashing body became too much for him and he stood up.

“He’s on his feet now, Ann, his legs on either side of Mary.” I croaked as I watched mesmerised by what was happening. “He’s stroking that giant piece of meat and pointing it directly at Mary’s tits,” I continued, still keeping up my penetration of Ann’s squelching body. “I think he is nearly there, he can’t keep this up for much longer.”

And he didn’t. “A huge stream of cum has flooded from him and landed right between Mary’s tits,” I groaned to Ann, “and another, and another and yet more. She’s rubbing it into her nipples now, oh and there’s another spurt, right on her chin!”

That was it; I couldn’t watch any more as Ann had now decided the time was right for her.

Her legs seemed to be thrown even wider and her nails racked my back, as she demanded “Fuck my brains out, darling, give me all your juices.”

I came hard, forcing myself as deep into her as I could, not worrying whether I was hurting her or not as an animal howl tore itself from my throat and I pounded her soft flesh for all I was worth triggering off Ann’s climax as I did so.

“Your turn now,” I said to Ann, turning the seat without leaving her clutching pussy. “James hasn’t finished quite yet!”

Ann turned her head and as she did so James withdrew from Tanya and standing next to her head pushed his cock towards her mouth. She swallowed his length without hesitation and within a few seconds had brought him to the edge, “Cum in my mouth James, cum now,” she gurgled, and with her mouth now forming an almost perfect circle accepted the first of several streams of pearl white cum.

She never lost a drop. “Don’t stop James, don’t stop,” she whimpered, squeezing his balls gently. “Fill me up, fill me up.”

“Thank you,” whispered Ann, pulling me down so she could kiss me deeply. “You were wonderful. I doubt James has given Tanya as much as you have given me though!”

I thanked her for her compliment and moved back, my now limp cock making almost a plopping sound as I left her. “Come on,” she said taking my hand. “Let’s clean up and have a drink.”

The shower we took was the usual ‘exploring’ thing, but we had both had enough and from the sounds coming from the other heads on the boat, so had the others.

Collecting back around the table a little later we all decided that the day had been a terrific one but that we ought to do some serious boating tomorrow!


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