Use Me Up!

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Asa Akira

Emilia was married at twenty-six years old. She had only been with two men. One a boyfriend from the past and the other her husband. she had always felt the need to be a freak and yet had never had the courage to do it. One morning the slender brunette with her big brown eyes, rolled over to face her husband in bed. Jake; a handsome thirty year old man that was well built, tan, with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, kissed his wife.

“I want to try something different.” she said randomly.

“Uh, okay? Like what?” He inquired with a cocked brow. Jake had no idea what to expect.

“I want to have an orgie.” She stated confidently. However, she had no idea how her bi-sexual husband would react. She nearly held her breath as she waited for a response.

Jake looked shock. “If you’re serious, then I would love to. I mean, what guy wouldn’t?”

They both laughed and Emilia rolled on top of him. She kissed him over and over all over his lips and nape. Jake smiled, excited for this brilliant idea for his wife as well as amazed that she wanted such a thing. He had known she had a desire to try new things sexually and be a freak, but he hadn’t expected that. He thought they were random drunk confessions. Nothing that would really happen. Oh he was happily wrong.


Emilia had gone online a week earlier and found a bi-sexual male couple who wanted to do the same thing. They agreed to meet at Emilia and Jake’s large condo in New York. The other couple, twenty-six year old Roy and Rick, had a friend who occasionally slept with them. She was young at twenty-one years old but very beautiful. She had large breasts and a small frame. She was tan, opposite of Rick and Roy.

Jake tapped his foot, waiting for everyone to arrive as Emilia cleaned. When the door bell rang she smiled brilliantly and ran to the door. There stood the tall and skinny Roy with his black hair and green eyes, and the masculuar brown hair brown eyes Rick, as well as their friend Jenna.

“Welcome! Welcome!” She exclaimed.

Everyone came inside and they sat around ataköy türbanlı escort at the couch and chairs. They sipped wine, ate cheese and crackers and talked. So far it was a lot of fun, but Emilia needed more. She was eager and it showed.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” She inquired, after they discussed positions. Jake’s cock was already hard in his pants and he instantly nodded his head and stood. Jenna giggled and stood next. As she followed Emilia into the room, she undressed herself. By the time everyone got in there, she was completely nude and smiling. Emilia admired the girl’s stunning body. She undressed next. Emilia’s breasts were decent sized, her nipples hard and her pussy tight.

The men undressed next and the girls had to admire the size of the cocks. Jake was a good, thick, seven inches. Roy had to be eight and thick! But Rick was the biggest. He was at least nine inches.

“Lay down, baby.” Jake coaxed and signaled to the bed.

Emilia climbed onto the bed, breathing gently but nervous and excited.

“Wait. I think you should lay down first Jake. She’ll lay on top of you, her back to your chest.” Roy insisted.

The couple didn’t argue. Jake laid down and Emilia laid on top. Jenna handed them a bottle of lube. “You’ll need this.”

Emilia gulped. She had never done anal but she had to try it. While Jake squirted it on his finger, the men rubbed their cocks and watched. Emilia tensed when Jake slid a lubed finger over Emilia’s virgin back door. He slowly slid the finger in and out, lubing her up. She tightly closed her eyes. It was uncomfortable but felt good too. It was a strange feeling.

Jenna was getting wet as she watched. Roy and Rick were hard as rocks.

“You ready?” Rick asked with a grin.

“Y-yeah.” Emilia stuttered. Jake grabbed his cock and pushed Emilia up with his free hand. Her asshole was right above the head of his seven inch dick. Emilia inhaled deeply as Jake slowly brought her down. She opened her mouth wide and gasped as she felt the rock hard cock slide up inside of her back hole. Then ataköy ucuz escort she began to moan a bit. His cock stretched her ass hole open wide. The pain was more than she had expected but she wouldn’t back out now.

“Mmm, baby.” Jake gasped. He moved his hips up and down gently. His cock was instantly tensing up inside of her once virgin back door. Her ass squeezed around his dick. Next Roy got up to the bed. Emilia’s legs and Jake’s were hanging off. Her pussy was in plain view. Her lips were bright pink and clit already swollen. Roy held his thick hard cock outside her cunt. He rubbed the clit playfully, teasing her. This made Emilia close her eyes and moan. She was already forgetting about the pain in her ass hole. When Roy slid his dick inside of her tight pussy he had to push hard. She was tighter than he had expected. Emilia screamed in pain and pleasure. She could feel both cocks inside of her. Roy went slow just like Jake. They thrusted in unison.

Jenna was the next to play. She climbed on top of Emilia and put her pussy directly in Em’s face. At first she was shocked and unsure of what to do, but as Jenna pressed her wet pussy lips against Emilia’s lips, Emilia got to work. Her tongue lapped over Jenna’s swollen clit. Her tongue pushed inside of her. Emilia moaned and gasped while she ate Jenna out. She felt tears in her eyes from the pain of the cock sliding in and out of her ass, but she wouldn’t let it stop. The pain was mixed with pleasure and Jenna’s pussy on her lips tasted so sweet. Jenna leaned over and began to lick both Emilia’s clit, and Roy’s cock as it slid in and out of Emilia’s now soaked pussy.

Rick couldn’t take any more. He had to play too! He grabbed the lube off the bed and put some on his cock then he rubbed it on Roy’s asshole. Roy closed and eyes and prepared for the massive nine incher to slide up inside of him. Rick took no time to play. He pressed the head of his cock against Roy’s asshole and rammed it inside. Roy groaned in both pain and pleasure as he felt Rick’s dick inside of him. When Rick thrusted it caused Roy to thrust deeper ataköy üniversiteli escort and harder into Emilia. She screamed in pain and pleasure more.

Rick was not one to take things slow. He was thrusting his cock deep up inside of Roy’s asshole, holding the man by his hips to make his ass back up into his cock. Roy was groaning. His own cock kept sliding deep and hard inside of the ever so tight and now drenched Emilia. She felt the tears rolling down her face but she wouldn’t stop here. She enjoyed the dick stretching her asshole wide. Jake laid there and let everyone elses motions push her asshole up and down on his dick.

“Oh, god baby. I’m…” Jake groaned. “I’m about to cum!”

Roy smiled at this. “Faster….Ri…Rick!”

Rick did just that. He thrusted hard and fast inside of Roy’s asshole. Roy’s cock went faster inside of Emilia’s pussy. Emilia had to stop eating Jenna’s cunt because she was too busy screaming and crying now. Jenna did not stop licking Em’s clit.

“Fuuuuck!” Jake groaned as his load shot up inside of Emilia’s asshole. He laid there panting with his dick inside as the others kept going. Jenna shoved her pussy into Emilia’s lips again. Em knew she had to finish the girl off. She licked and bit and sucked. Jenna began to twitch. Her legs tensed and she was next to cum. Her cum oozed from her pussy and into Emilia’s mouth. Em choked it down.

Giggling, Jenna hoped off and sat in a chair in the room. She played with her pussy and hard nipples as she watched the foursome. Roy’s cock kept sliding in and out of Emilia as Rick’s cock slid in and out of Roy’s ass.

Finally, Emilia’s legs tensed up. Her body twitched and she screamed loud. She felt the orgasm over take her body. She shook and squeezed her legs around Roy’s.

“That’s it… yeah…oh yeah.. cum!” Rick moaned. He thrusted even faster. As fast and hard as he could possibly manage. It made Roy tense in pain just as he came. Roy yanked his cock from Emilia’s pussy and came all over her perfect flat stomach. He leaned over Em as Rick kept thrusting. He was close. Roy’s eyes closed in pain as the nine inch cock intruded his asshole. Finally Rick too came. He shot his load into Roy’s ass. As he pulled his dick out slowly the cum dropped to the floor.

Rick and Roy leaned back on the wall, panting. Em slowly slid off of Jake and collapsed on the bed.

“What are you guys doing tomorrow night?” Roy asked with a devilish smirk.

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