Two by Two

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‘Sure!’ – ‘Yes please!’

Heather and Kate spoke at the same time. They didn’t really need another drink; they’d both had plenty at the nightclub. It had been several shots ago that what would happen tonight had become inevitable. Perhaps Kate was still a little nervous.

‘You get them,’ said Karl to Andy. It was fair enough. Karl had paired up with Heather, and she was raring to go. Andy would have to take it a little slower with Kate – and another drink would help.

He went to the kitchen. It wasn’t a big flat: two bedrooms – one for each of them – a living room and the kitchen. He made four rum and cokes, trying to slow himself down and not spill them. But he was eager for what was ahead. He could feel his dick firm in his pants.

By the time he got back Karl and Heather were already at it. They were snogging, but Karl had managed to undo several buttons of Heather’s jeans and his hand was in there, reaching. Kate was sitting on the sofa, watching intently, her eyes on Heather’s crotch and Karl’s creeping fingers.

Kate wasn’t quite as pretty as her friend, or at least not so obviously pretty. Heather had short bottle blonde hair and a smooth pale complexion. She had big tits which she liked to show off under a tight t-shirt. Kate was a little shorter, with not much of a chest that could be seen. But she’d dressed to impress. She’d done her long dark hair in pigtails and was wearing a short tartan skirt. Very short.

Andy put two of the drinks on the table and then sat next to Kate on the sofa. Kate eyes remained fixed on the other two. Karl had undone all the buttons now, revealing her red knickers, with Karl’s hand inside them. At least one finger was inside her.

‘Kate?’ said Andy.

She turned and smiled. He held out her drink. She took it and then had a sip. She seemed nervous, but Andy knew that now was the moment. He put down his and drink and then took hers from her, only second after he’d given it to her. She didn’t complain. He kissed her lightly on the lips, but she did nothing, neither to resist or accept him. He shifted his position so he was above her and pushed her back onto the sofa. He kissed her again, forcing his tongue between her lips. She responded.

Her mouth tasted of vodka. Her tongue moved around his teeth and played with his own tongue. He felt himself get even harder. He gave it about twenty seconds, then he looked up across the room. Heathers jeans were around her ankles now, along with her knickers. Karl slid his fingers up and down inside her smooth, waxed slit. She was trying to kick her jeans away, so she could open her legs wider.

Andy knelt down in front of Kate. He reached for her little tartan skirt and hitched it up. Underneath was the skimpiest thong he’d ever seen, but he didn’t waste time staring at it. In seconds it was on the floor.

‘Beautiful!’ he muttered. He wasn’t lying. It was smooth along the lips, with a neat, dark triangle just above. The slit was still tight – he couldn’t see any moisture. He knew her should rush things. He moved back up her body, preparing to kiss her again, but she pushed him away.

‘No,’ she said. ‘Go for it.’

He moved back down and she opened her legs wide, holding them with her hands behind her knees. Her lips parted a little, but she was still dry. Andy held his face close, letting his hot breath tickle her. She sighed. The he stuck out his tongue, lapping all the way up the slit to her trimmed pubes. He repeated the action a few times, glancing up as he did and seeing her smiling down at him, her green eyes sparkling. Next time her pushed harder, forcing his tongue between her lips, at last getting a taste of her. He reached up and used his fingers to open her a little wider, gazing at the intricate folds of flesh. Her clit was still covered by its little hood, and her hole was tight, but it was all glistening with her wetness. He ran his tongue around her inner lips and then worked his way up to her little button.

Across the room, things were the other way round. Karl’s jeans and boxers were around his thighs and he lay back, relaxed in the armchair, his dick as hard as it could be as Heather lips wondered up and down it. She was on her knees, her bare bottom giving a wonderful view of her cunt and arsehole, should either of the other two care to look. She took one hand off Karl’s cock and slipped it between her legs to tease herself.

Karl was big. She pushed her mouth as far down on him as she could, but couldn’t take it all. She lifted off and stuck out her tongue, running it all round the rim of his helmet and then flicking it over the slit in the end. A little drop of pre-cum emerged, which she cleaned away. Karl’s hands ran though her hair, guiding her back onto him. She yielded and his dick slid again into her mouth. She pushed her tongue against it and began to move up and down. His hips began to arch in response as he began to fuck her face. She held her head still and let him do the work. It made her feel used – and she liked that.

Kate was dripping canlı bahis wet now – and so was Andy’s face. His nose was pushing up against her clit while his tongue pushed deep inside her. Her nails ran through his hair, pushing his face harder against her. His hands gripped her buttocks, pulling them wide apart. Occasionally he moved down and ran his tongue around her stretched arsehole, smiling at the little squeal it brought from her. She was close to coming. He wondered if he should hold off, but even as he pulled slightly away she forced him downwards again. The wonderful smell of her cunt filled his nostrils. He moved his tongue back up to her clit and ran it rapidly back and forth.

‘Fancy some of that?’ asked Karl, nodding towards the beautiful sight of Kate on the sofa as she approached orgasm.

Heather looked and nodded eagerly. She crawled across the floor and then pulled herself up onto the sofa, sitting alongside Kate, mimicking her position with her legs held up, revealing her bald pussy, already wet and pouting.

Karl knelt in front of her, his dick still stiff and protruding from his body. He used the fingers of one hand to spread her lips and then slid two for the other hand straight into her. She was still tight and gasped at the action, but then smiled at him. He began to twist his fingers one way and then the other. His lips closed over her clit and he started to gently suck.

Next to them, Kate’s moans became louder. Heather turned to watch, fascinated. She’d seen girls come in movies before, but that could be fake. This was real. The expression on Kate’s face was one of ecstasy. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, her tongue pressed up against the roof of her mouth. Her hands were pressed against the cushions, helping her to thrust her cunt into Andy’s face.

Karl’s fingers and lips continued to work on Heather’s own cunt, but she was nowhere as close as Kate yet. She never realized what a horny girl her friend was. She’d assumed earlier that Kate would just go home and leave her alone with Karl – or perhaps with both men. But Heather was much happier to share this with her.

Instinctively she put her hand over Kate’s and squeezed it. She felt Kate squeeze back as she turned her head to smile at her friend. At almost the same moment her mouth opened wide and she let out a loud, joyous moan – almost a scream. She wrapped her legs around Andy’s head, but it didn’t put him of. His tongue continued its work on her clit and her orgasm became stronger, lasting ten, twenty, thirty seconds. Heather felt her own pussy become suddenly wetter – not just as a result of what Karl was doing, but simply as she shared the pleasure that Kate was having.

Eventually the moment passed and Kate relaxed, panting, She gently pushed Andy away. His smearing face grinned up at her. She pushed her hands down on the seat to move herself upright and as she did her hand slipped down the back between the cushions. She clasped something and she pulled it out. It caught between the cushions so she pulled harder. Eventually it came free.

Heather giggled. ‘Those yours or Andy’s?’ she asked.

Karl looked up. It was a pair of handcuffs – solid steel but wrapped in soft, pink fur to make them more comfortable. Heather took then from Kate’s hand and started to examine them.

‘Never seen them before,’ Karl lied. ‘Must have been there before we moved in.’

He worked his fingers inside her, rubbing his thumb against her clit, hoping to get her attention again. She seemed more interested in the cuffs. She slipped one of them around her wrist and closed it tight.

‘They’re comfy,’ she said.

Karl smiled. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad turn of events. ‘Why don’t you put them on the other wrist too then? Or maybe we should go to my room, and you can fasten them to the bed.’

She grinned, then reached out and grabbed Kate’s hand. Kate was still too exhausted from coming to resist, even if she’d realised what was happening. It had taken only a moment, but now the two girls were cuffed together.

‘Oops!’ giggled Heather.

Karl slid his fingers out of her and stood up, annoyed. ‘What are we going to do now then?’ he asked.

‘Now we’ll go to your room,’ she said.

She stood up, holding Kate’s hand to save dragging her with the cuffs, and walked across the room. Kate followed willingly, still not recovered enough to be sure what was going on.

‘Which one is it?’ asked Heather. Karl pointed and the two girls went in.

By the time Karl and Andy had followed, the girls were lying side by side, crossways on the bed. They were now as naked as the could be. Their two t-shirts hung from their arms by a single sleeve. The cuffs meant they couldn’t take them off completely. Heather’s red bra was there too. Kate’s was black and strapless, so had been easier to get off. It lay on the floor.

Lying there side by side, the contrasts were obvious. Kate looked innocent – vulnerable. Heather looked like a bitch on heat. Her big tits maintained their shape, bahis siteleri but splayed a little on either side as she lay on her back. Kate’s bumps were scarcely noticeable, except for her firm nipples, harder even that Heather’s – and those were hard.

Heather’s legs were splayed, revealing her wet, smooth, gaping cunt. Kate held hers together, so that only that neat dark triangle of hair showed. There was scarcely a hint of how wet her pussy must be, or of the fact that she’d just cum. But her legs wouldn’t be together for long.

The boys stripped quickly and stood there, both stiff, Karl larger, but not my much. Andy stroked himself and pulled back his foreskin. Kate smiled as his helmet was revealed. Heather smiled too, even though she knew it was Karl she would soon be feeling inside her.

The two men approached. Andy took hold of Kate’s ankles and spread her legs, revealing the pink, wet flesh of her cunt and proving just how horny she was. Karl took Heather’s legs in a similar and then both men pulled the girls towards them, so that there bums were level with the edge of the bed. The cuffs meant that whatever they did, they would have to do together.

‘After you,’ said Andy.

‘No, after you,’ Karl replied.

Andy shrugged. He looked into Kate’s beautiful eyes and then reach forward, finding her wet hole with his fingers and holding it open. He stepped forward and slid his cock into her, but not far. Her stood there, feeling the warmth of her wet flesh around him.

He looked to the side and watched as Karl did exactly the same. Soon his dick was inside Heather – again, not all the way.

The two men thrust together and each girl emitted a sound: Kate a squeal, Heather a deep moan. The men began to fuck, keeping in time with each other as if this was the most natural thing in the world. Kate’s feet were up against Andy’s shoulders, while Heather wrapped her legs around Karl’s waste, pulling against him and forcing him harder into her on each thrust.

They carried on for several minutes, each couple almost oblivious to the presence of the other, their eyes locked as the men shoved their hard members deep into the girls’ cunts, enjoying the sensation of their helmets being caressed by smooth lubricate skin as it slid by. The girls were mostly silent, but their breath was heavy, a little expelled each time they were stretched wider, occasional emitting a little grunt as their vocal cords engaged. Karl and Andy maintained a steady rhythm, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down, but seeming better in control, better able to the moment when the girls’ cunts would be filled with hot, wet semen than if they had been working alone.

But eventually Andy paused for a rest, and Karl copied him. They both stood and stared down at the focus of their efforts, the two wet pussies, dark holes wide open, lips engorged, eager for more.

‘Doggy!’ said Heather. She looked over at Kate, who grinned and nodded.

Both girls tried to turn over, but laughed as their arms stretched tight, still bound by the handcuffs, preventing them from moving. They lay back again and then Heather began to crawl across her friend, letting her large, hanging breasts brush across Kate tiny mounds. She paused for a moment and their eyes locked. Heather felt the hair of Kate’s trimmed bush tickle against her own smooth skin. She pushed closer as her body slid past and their labia touched, each pulling the other’s lips open slightly before folding back into place as Heather moved on. She was on all fours now, but Kate had to slide across the bed and the turn over. They both crawled back a little, backing towards their lovers, and put their feet on the floor, so there cunts were at just the right height.

Andy quickly entered Kate again. His dick slid in easily now that she as so relaxed. Karl, however, had other ideas. Heather’s but cheeks wiggled in front of him, and he knew he couldn’t resist. He knelt down and grabbed her bum, pulling her cheeks apart. It was a beautiful sight – her cunt hole wide and ready, her arsehole above it, stretched by his fingers. He ran his tongue along the groove and then twisted it around over her arsehole, pushing against it, as if coaxing it to open. He did the same to her cunt, but there found not resistance. He moved back and forth between the two, listening to the different sounds of Heather’s moaning that each action caused.

Andy had grabbed Kate’s pigtails and was pulling them hard as he fucked he. He’d wanted to do that since the moment her first saw her in the nightclub, and she’d worn her hair like that in precisely the hope that some guy would make good use of them. Her head was pulled up, like a horse being controlled by reins. She felt her neck stretched a little more at exactly the same moment as she felt his hips slap against her bum and his cock push deep inside her.

As luck would have it, there was a mirror on the wall on the far side of the bed, and so Kate and Andy we able to look into each other’s eyes as they fucked. Kate had a broad grin on bahis şirketleri her revealing just how much she enjoyed being screwed from behind and having her hair pulled by a guy she’d met only hours before. The very thought made Andy even harder.

Karl was on his feet again now, and was fucking Heather’s pussy once again. As before the two men’s movements locked it a joint rhythm. Andy unconsciously replicated Karl’s stance, letting go of Kate’s hair and holding her hips, pulling her on to him as he thrust into her. Each of them was wondering how long they could last, whether they could keep up with the other man’s pace. They began to speed up, almost in a race.

Kate broke her eyes away from Andy’s in the mirror and looked over to Heather, who she sensed had been watching her for a while. Heather grinned and leaned her face over towards Kate’s. Kate understood, and responded to the kiss, closing her eyes as she did. Heather copied her. Their lips met and their tongues began to play together. They’d kissed before – they were close enough friends to have experimented – but never while both their cunts were being pounded by rigid, plump dicks. It made it one of the hottest kisses ever, and neither girl wanted to break away from it.

Andy noticed first and gave Karl a nudge before nodding towards what their partners were doing. Karl grinned, though both men felt a little peeved that they were not the sole object of the girls’ attention. Karl gestured with his head. For a moment Andy didn’t understand, then he nodded and grinned. He felt his cock swell even more. It was a great idea.

They moved quickly, scarcely even missing a stroke. Karl pulled out and stepped across while Andy went behind him to position himself in front of Heather. Their dicks slid into their new homes smoothly and they continued to fuck at the exact same pace. Karl almost came at the very idea of it, but kept himself in check. He concentrated on what he was doing, trying to sense the subtle differences between Heather and Kate’s pussies, though in truth he little cared.

The girls must have noticed something, because they broke from their kiss and looked into the mirror.

Heather simply grinned. She’d been expecting something like that, or at least hoping for it. Kate was more shocked.

‘Fuck it, no!’ she shouted.

Andy wondered if Karl was going to stop, but Karl paid no attention to what Kate had said. He knew she hadn’t meant it. Kate didn’t make any further complaints. After the initial surprise, she could only enjoy what was happening to her. She imagined Heather’s sticky juice coating Karl’s dick and now mingling with her own wetness inside her. She imagined her own cream being pushed inside her friend by Andy.

Heather was surprised by just how good a fuck Andy was proving to be. He was smaller than Karl, but he knew how to use it – and what else to do. He had one hand on her back, guiding her, but with his thumb pointing downwards, pressing against her arsehole, gently burying itself a little further with each thrust. He used his other hand to occasionally slap her bum. With her free hand she reached between her legs, sometimes fondling his bollocks, but mostly playing with her own clit. She hadn’t cum yet, and she knew she was close.

Kate buried her face in the mattress, allowing her to push her arse higher into the air and forcing Karl to penetrate her more deeply. It meant that she couldn’t see him in the mirror. It wasn’t that she didn’t like to watch his face, but she hoped that if she didn’t look the boys might take the opportunity to change places again – and again and again.

It was obvious how close Heather was and Andy decided it was time to finish her. He increase his pace, knowing he would be able to keep it up for long and pushed his thumb deeper up her arse, massaging her from the inside. It quickly worked. She pushed against him and then her back arched and she was for a moment still, even though Andy continued to pound her. Then she shouted.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’

‘Wahay!’ shouted Karl and gave his friend a pat on the shoulder. Andy felt a dampness around his balls as Heather got even wetter in the moment of her orgasm. She collapsed forward onto the bed and Andy continued to fuck her limp body, but she was too tender. She pushed him away.

‘No,’ she said. ‘I want to watch you finish Kate. Both of you.’

Andy pulled out of her. He’d been close, but he was happy to prolong the fun. Karl withdrew too and Heather pulled at Kate’s manacled wrist, forcing her onto her back again. Heather straddled her, her wet pussy rubbing against her friends flat chest. Then she leant forward to get a better look at what the guys were going to do to Kate’s pussy, and at the same time waving her own pussy in her friends face, hoping that Kate would take advantage.

Karl went back in first, going as fast as he could now, as if he wanted to cum and didn’t care about the girl’s satisfaction. But he was smarter than that. After about half a minute he pulled out and Andy took over, fucking Kate’s poor little cunt just as hard and just as fast. Heather could feel Kate’s hot breathe on her pussy lips as she moaned, but still she didn’t nothing to taste the beautiful wet quim that hovered in front of her face.

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