Twin Hefemales Ch. 01

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After emptying her breasts with a double pump, and putting the bottles into the fridge, Laura anointed her nipples and areolas and massaged them; then she went to bed and began rehearsing erotic fantasies — or better, reminiscing sex life with her late husband Mark.

In the last months of his life, it became spicier. He had always loved breast milk, and when she had twins (James and John), he insisted to drink their leftovers — and he drank so much that her breasts amazingly grew in size and production.

Her husband always rewarded her with a couple of orgasms — by oral stimulation or penetration — after sucking her milk. But she always regretted Mark’s having just one mouth, not two, so she couldn’t stimulate her as effectively as her twins did.

Asking her twins to suckle her after being weaned was out of question; but a couple months before dying, Mark had found a coworker, Mike, who was much alike him, and as Laura met him at a workers’ dinner, she was somewhat attracted by him.

Dating him stealthily didn’t become her, but her husband made a proposal she couldn’t refuse: taking him as a co-partner.

Mark and Mike could suckle Laura’s breasts simultaneously, and then practice double penetration: Mark penetrated Laura’s vagina, Mike Laura’s rectum.

It took a week of training with anal toys before Laura’s butt could receive Mike’s member without harm, but it was worthwhile, and Laura even added a quirk: she learnt that Mike, being quite unlucky with women, had a whole collection of Fleshlights.

So she bought a couple garters, and used them to keep the Fleshlights in place above her thighs, so when her two men sucked her breasts and her milk, the Fleshlights drove them to pleasure. Mark and illegal bahis Mike didn’t stop sucking her milk and titillating her labia and clit — they simply kept doing that until their refractory period ended, they could have another erection, and eventually penetrate Laura.

Mark and Mike made a compact: they could sexually approach Laura separately only if one of them wasn’t at home, but Laura’s vulva was Mark’s preserve, and her butt Mike’s. About her breasts, they could both suck them, provided that it won’t hurt Laura.

The ménage-a-trois gave Laura two months of bliss, until Mark’s and Mike’s boss sent them to India, and they were killed in the Mumbai terror attack. Laura couldn’t join them, so she had rented a breast pump to keep her breasts producing milk — and as soon as she learnt the bad news, she purchased it.

Her sons helped her weather the loss, but they lived with their wives, and couldn’t obviously erotically console her, so she could only masturbate to alleviate her loneliness. She was too shy to attend singles’ bar, and none of her friends could introduce her to suitable partners.

Facebook didn’t help her in that, but, by looking up the nooks and crannies of the social network, she found an escort agency that could give her some gigolos.

She contacted it, and the manager, a woman in her forties named Edna, made her disclose her best hidden sexual fantasies, and promised to have them fulfilled.

Two days later Laura received a voucher for a night at the hotel “Alf layla walayla” (One thousand and one nights), in which she would have met her partners.

At the set time, two women knocked at the door, and Laura opened it. As soon as she saw them, she paled in fear and shame, but the women illegal bahis siteleri smiled, showed a voucher like her own, and told her, “Dear cousin Laura, we’re here to please you.”

“To please me?”

“Let’s get in, and you’ll know everything.”

Laura let the women in, where they removed their coats, shirts and skirts, thus remaining in their underwear and stockings.

“Isabel, Kismet, is it a joke? I asked Edna a couple of men …”

“… not too well endowed, and so knowledgeable about a female body that they will be able to doubly penetrate you with pleasure, not harm.”

“You’re not men.”

“Look closer,” Isabel said, while laying on the bed, raising the legs, and removing her own panties. Laura watched, was amazed at what she saw; and she saw the same thing between Kathrin’s legs, as she emulated her cousin.

“Can you explain me what has happened? I remember playing with you naked as babies, and I didn’t see that.”

“We’ve had our clitoris lenghthened,” Isabel answered, and Kismet added, “It can now be used as a penis, although it is quite thin.”

“And you usually keep it into …” Laura tried to add, and Isabel completed the sentence, “… our vagina”.

“We once tried to sodomize ourselves with it, but it was too uncomfortable. Our quasi-penises are naked, so the best way to spare them irritation is …”

“… to keep them into their sheath. But … what do your husbands think about it?”

“Haven’t you been told?”

“No. I haven’t been in contact with your families for quite a long time.”

“We’ve been divorced,” Isabel explained.

“We now live together, and we have an honest job,” Kismet added, “But we can’t simply make ends meet with it.”

“Who canlı bahis siteleri paid for the surgery?”

“Our moonlight job. Now we meet less clients, but they’re only women willing to pay a lot for us.”

“How much money do you want?”

“You’re our cousin, in mourning, and a regular contributor to La Leche League. A couple hundred dollars will suffice — they’re the agency commission and the hotel room, we can’t help paying it.”

“Ok. Let’s begin, then,” Laura said, “with my breasts, which are getting engorged.”

As Isabel and Kismet opened Laura’s shirt and bra, Laura delicately took the lengthened clitorides of her cousins from their vaginae, and made them sit on her thighs; as the cousins began sucking her nipples, Laura’s fingers delicately caressed their clitorises and rubbed them against her thighs.

Unlike the late Mark and Mike, they came nearly instantaneously, and Laura kept giving them orgasms until they managed to empty her breasts.

It was now time for penetration; Laura noticed that the cousins’ clitorides were as long as a normal male penis, but quite thin, so she got more pleasure from the rear than from the front. She dared complain about it, but Isabel told her, “We can remedy it, if you wait until Kismet washes her private parts”.

The remedy was double vaginal penetration: Laura sat on Kismet’s clit/penis first, and then laid on her breasts, so Isabel could enter her vagina from the rear. Isabel and Kismet were well coordinated, so Laura felt as if a monster had entered her body.

So she was satisfied at last, and told her cousins, “Why don’t you move to my apartment? We could please each other, and you would stop selling your own bodies.”

“We have to finish paying for our surgeries. It will take a six-month worth of whoring, Laura. Once we’re done, we’ll accept your proposal.”

“Ok. So I’ll ready a couple rooms for you in six months. And one with a triple bed for our pleasure!”

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