Truth and Dare

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Well where do I start? I was married for 18 years to Lisa, who sheltered her sexuality. Although we had a few FMF threesomes, she held back, and let me tell you that it was frustrating once you have sampled the group thing.

Then I met Brea. Mmmmm, she was and still is delightful, sexy and uninhibited! By this stage I was 42 and she was 28. She as 5’8″, size 10 and had breasts to die for. Add to that a sexual appetite that would wear out any man.

“Sex, the more I get it the more I want it” Brea would say.

She had these magnificent breasts that she loved to have played with the harder the better. She loves when you grab them in both hands and squeeze the hell out of them, pinching the nipples which stand up like toy soldiers. But her favorite is sucking cock, she loves the feel of a hard cock in her mouth, savoring it to the last drop.

We worked together but we didn’t really click for some time. It all happened one Friday night after drinks. Five of us caught a cab home afterward, and we chatted in the back of the taxi which was an eight-seater. We were alone in the back, touching and teasing each other. The cab dropped Brea off and I left with the rest of the group. That night Brea had one of the hottest of dreams. It was of me and her; hot candle wax dripped all over our bodies and the sex was sensational. She couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and SMS me the details.

I went to her place the next night, we sat and talked for ages. I was playing with her cunt as we sat talking and laughing. It was time to go and that’s all we had done all night, talking and me playing with her cunt, so before I left she laid me down and gave me one of the best blow jobs I’d had for a long time. She was lying on her lounge with my cock in her mouth and a look of lust in her eyes, licking my shaft from base to tip. Playing with my balls she slid a finger into my arse which must have hit a sweet spot that I had only ever had hit once before. “AARRRGGHHHHHH” I lost control and emptied my load down her throat, she swallowed the lot licking the head as if it was an ice cream.

Well that was it for us. I left my wife of some eighteen boring sexual years, and my life with Brea started with some new experiences for me. She said from the start “Anything you and your wife did together, we will do bigger and better”. Well that started a chain of events. I for years had a craving for group sex. I was only ever allowed to have oral sex with the other woman in the threesomes I had with Lisa. Now let me tell you, I was no super stud but Ema, (my ex-wife’s friend) could get my cock hard with a head job after sex, quicker and better than I have ever experienced. She would suck my cock with Lisa’s and my juices all over it, and my oh my, she would swallow that cock all the way down her throat , I’d blow all the way down and she’d take the lot. She was and still is the best cock-sucker I have ever had.

That started the encounter to follow. You see Brea was good. Damn good, but couldn’t hold a candle to Ema. After some months of being together, Brea and I had a few drinks one night. The subject quickly turned to sex. Then to a game of truth or dare. After some small dress up dares and some mild truths Brea asked,

“Gary, of all the women you’ve been with, who gave the best head-job?”

How do you answer that to the lady you love and who does give great head? Do I lie and say “You”, or do I tell the truth?

“Brea, illegal bahis you are good, but I must admit, the best ever was Ema”

“Tell me why,” Brea asked “What did she do that I don’t?”

I explained that it wasn’t something she did wrong, but it was just what Ema did well. Still, how do explain something like that? I couldn’t, that’s for sure. So the game went on for a while and finally I lost a dare.

Now I had once discussed the possibility of another couple, or another male or female, joining us for sex but Brea said she wasn’t really ready for it just yet, but be patient “ I’m enjoying the sex with just the 2 of us at the moment and that’s enough for me, but I did promise you BIGGER and Better”. So when the dare came out, I was shocked out of my pants. “The dare Gary, if you decide to take it, is this.” I was sitting there horny as hell with a raging hard on, and wanting nothing more than to grab Brea, bend her over and fuck her like hell.

“You get Ema over here to show how good she is, and you my love, get NO sex until she does.”

Fuck me! Now there is a clangor for me. It’s 1:30am on Sunday morning and I get NO sex unless I ring my ex-wife’s best friend to ask her to suck me off with my new girlfriend!

I snuggled up to Brea to relieve the tension and get a fuck. I played with her juicy cunt and started pinching her nipples. This was an instant turn on for her. She put her head on my shoulders moaning with pleasure. My hand moved down to her now wet and juicy cunt lips. Her hairless lips were glistening with her juices. My fingers pinched her clit and she jumped with pleasure with a light smack on her cunt. I slowly slid one then two fingers into her moist hole, rubbing her G spot pinching her nipples she exploded to a body shaking orgasm. I stood and dropped my cock straight into her mouth. She smiled at me with a glint in her eyes “that was sensational babe, but you have a call to make first”

“A dare is a dare hon.” She was adamant.

So I got the mobile and rang Ema, who I had not spoken to for 3 years. After some small talk, I asked the hard question. “Em, you know Lisa and I have split. Well I was playing a game with Brea my new girlfriend and the subject of head jobs came up.” Em laughed like crazy. She was a good humored lady with a sick sense of humor to match.

“What’s that got to do with a phone call at 1.30am?” I then proceeded to tell her of the conversation and the dare. To start with she was shocked, but intrigued.

“I’ll chat with Steve (her lover) and call you back.” I got off the phone and told Brea what happened. Within 3 minutes the phone rang and Ema was very determined.

“OK. I’ll show her how to suck cock, but Steve comes with me, and he can fuck her. If she wants a dare then here’s one for her. Is she game?”

Ema was never one to be outdone and asked to speak with Brea herself. “Hello Brea. You sure put Gary in an embarrassing situation, so a dare is a dare. How about it?” Brea agreed.

“Well we are on our way, so my dare to you is that YOU get another couple there so we have another lady to compare with!”

Brea was never one to back down either so she agreed to the challenge. So the scene was set. Two headstrong women in a suck-off competition and Brea had to get another couple at two in the morning to play the game. What started out as a joke now got very serious.

“Hon, it was a joke so call it off and let’s go to bed, for illegal bahis siteleri God’s sake” I pleaded.

“NO WAY” Brea blurted, “I won’t be out-done”. She grabbed her mobile and walked into the bedroom.

Well that set the scene, thirty minutes went by and there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood Ema and Steve. Ema was 5’6″ and about 72kgs but most of that was her breast. She was a good looking woman. Steve was 6’1″, dark and handsome with his best attribute yet to be seen. Brea came out and introduced herself and made drinks. I followed her into the kitchen and asked as I played with her beautiful ass,

“What have you started here hon? Who have you got coming over?”

“Leave it to me babe!” she said sternly and walked into the lounge where Ema and Steve had made themselves at home. They were there to prove a point. They were both undressed, sitting on the lounge, Ema with her 34c breasts standing upright and Steve with his 7″ flaccid cock lying between his legs. Brea passed the drinks, not taking her eyes off Steve’s cock.

“Well let’s get started,” Brea bellowed.

“Now a dare is a dare so where’s the other couple Brea?” Ema answered back. Brea started to explain that they were coming when there was another knock on the door. I went to open it and was met with Brooke and Bill at the doorway. Brooke was Brea’s friend who I’d dreamt about fucking ever since we first met. Bill was a sparkie; solid, young and good looking and I knew he would love to have fucked Brea before I came on the scene.

My mind was racing. What’s going to happen here tonight? We all sat around talking about the dare and Brea made me tell everyone how good Ema was at sucking cock. Brooke piped up and said, “Well Ema, show us?”

With that she walked over, dropped my pants and proceeded to suck my cock. Mmmm. The memories came back. She was on her knees, licking my balls and stroking my cock to its full extreme.

“Remember this Gary?” With that she took my whole cock down her throat as I reached down and started playing with her fantastic tits and nipples. I fell back on the lounge. All of a sudden, Brea and Brooke were at my side, watching Ema swallow my cock. I was in heaven. The woman I love was watching another woman take my cock while Brooke was on my right with my fingers in her juicy cunt. And then there were two men sitting by watching like it’s a footy match. I had to stop it there before I blew all down her throat.

“STOP NOW!” THIS IS CRAZY” They all looked at me in shock.

“What’s up?” I got up and went to the bedroom.


When I finally walked back to the lounge, they were all sitting there naked and what a sight it was. All three women looked sensational. Steve was now fully erect and standing 9″ long and Bill’s cock was 8″ and thick as a beer bottle. The women were goddesses, all horny as hell.

“Come here ladies” I turned them round and placed a number from one to three on their backs. Ema had a shaved cunt, as did Brooke who also had a clit ring. I grabbed Brea’s hand which I moved over the other ladies’ bodies with mine.

“Now, this is a suck-off, so the lights are going out. The ladies have numbers on their backs and they’ll move from cock to cock. Then we’ll see who the best is!”

I took my position next to the other men after turning the lights off and waited. You couldn’t tell one mouth from another canlı bahis siteleri but the sensation was great. My cock was wet, going from mouth to mouth. My balls were licked, sucked and pinched when all of a sudden one mouth was so different. I then knew it was Brooke with her pierced tongue. I put my hands on her head and pulled it into my groin. She sucked and slurped my cock like it was the last on earth. I couldn’t hold back any longer. That ball on her tongue running up and down my shaft and I blew all I had down her throat. I had to break the rules. So I pushed her down and started licking her juicy cunt. I knew it was Brooke for sure because of the piercing in her clit. My tongue was going at 100mph on her clit. I squeezed her nipples and she came all over my face. Just as that happened Ema turned the lights on. They all sat back and watched me eat Brooke to another orgasm. Well no one could pick the best at sucking cock, so what next? The men had a turn at licking pussy.

The girls lay on the rug as us men tasted the sweet juices of each of their wet holes. I had Em’s clit in my teeth as my tongue was dancing all over, her hips grinding into my mouth. Caressing her butt cheeks I slid one finger slowly into her anus. She jumped a bit to start with but the sensation sent her over the edge, covering my face with her sweet nectar. Em pulled me up and kissed me like I was the last thing on earth she’d eat. As we sat there my hand on her mounds of flesh watching Bill, Brea, Steve and Brooke.

The sight was pure sex; Steve had Brooke’s clit ring in his teeth and stretched it to its limits, with 2 fingers in her sopping cunt she was screaming out, “Harder, harder fuck you, Bill that feels sensational oooooogggggggggghhhhhhhh fffuuccckkkkkk”. Her whole body shook with orgasm after orgasm. Steve was slammed onto his back and his whole cock disappeared down Brooke’s throat she was giving him as rough a time as he gave her. She actually bit into his cock and that was enough for Steve, with both hands in her mass of hair his cock was slammed down her throat as he exploded gallons of juice down her now gagging throat.

As we all lay there smoking a joint and discussing the events that had just taken place, and resting ourselves.

“Brea, what made you start this dare thing? Mind you we’re not complaining” Ema asked

“Well we all know Gary, he has this fancy for group sex, I told him from the start that I wasn’t ready and I’d let him know when I was, so what a better way to do exactly that” She answered.

The night was a blast. We all fucked and sucked our way through the night. But the finale was yet to come. Brooke was bi and Brea was curious but not yet game to try. We had played light bondage and seeing Brea was so horny I thought I’d give it a try, I crawled over to her and cuddled up to her. Her hair smelt of sex and come.

“You and me in the bedroom, hon.” I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. I laid her down and got out our toy box. While licking her body and pinching and biting her nipples, she was going insane. I slowly tied her hands and feet and moved to her cunt. I got a warm wash cloth and cleaned her body, starting at her raw nipples and down to her sopping pussy, wiping inside and out. I’d keyed Brooke up about Brea, so while I was kneeling on the floor licking Brea’s pussy, I felt the warmth of a mouth over my cock. Slowly, in and out my cock went as my tongue licked Brea’s swollen clit. All of a sudden I was ripped off my position and flung into a chair and tied to the arms and legs. Bill and Steve stood by me as Ema and Brooke moved onto the bed with Brea.

But that’s another story, look out for truth and dare 2

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