Three’s Company, Four’s Wild Pt. 02

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When Kenzie left, Lisa and I looked at each other in amazement. We didn’t say a word to each other, we didn’t need to, there was nothing to say. After about 90 seconds of staring, looking at each other naked, we let the desire take over.

We kissed like our lives depended on it. We shuffled back to the couch, melting into one another, and made love for what felt like hours. Satisfied and exhausted, we laid on the couch, her on top of me, resting her head on my chest, as the silence broke.

“Did you ever think we would be here?” Lisa asked.

“Here is a broad subject babe, what exactly do you mean by here?” I asked.

“Here is a place in our marriage that we are so confident in one another that we don’t even need to talk about the fact that we just fucked someone else. Where we just know what the other is thinking, no words needed.”

“Yeah, babe we’ve been here for a while now. It’s just never presented itself like this.”

“Mmm…maybe. What’s really amazing to me is I watched you fuck another woman, and I liked it. To make it worse, I’m like a kid before Christmas, I can’t wait to watch you pop her butt cherry as she called it!”

We laughed for a little bit about that. Finally, knowing we had to be somewhat responsible adults, we showered and got dressed to go pick up the kids.

“Done with my paper, be headed your way shortly and I come bearing gifts!” Lisa read a text message from Kenzie. We were headed back home with the kids, our Saturday night plans apparently already made.

“Oh, gifts huh?” I asked quietly.

“No idea. She can’t buy booze, who knows what’s up her sleeve,” Lisa said.

“Or up her ass!” I joked.

About an hour later, Kenzie shows up, doesn’t even knock, just walks on in like she owns the place.

“Oh, hey!” Lisa said.

“Can you go get the rest of the bags out of my trunk please?” Kenzie asks me.

“Uh, sure,” as I get up.

Several Walmart bags fill the trunk, apparently she grocery shopped. A little strange, but ok. I set the bags on the table, there were a few that I couldn’t fit in one trip so I got the rest and shut the trunk.

I came back in to see Lisa and Kenzie putting away groceries. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she didn’t just assume we would feed her while she was here, but this had to be $100 worth of food.

“So, somebody wanna fill me in?” I asked confused.

“Oh just some snacks for the kids, snacks for us, and I bought stuff to make dinner with. What? I can pay for my own, I don’t want to be a burden, chill out!” Kenzie said.

“Ok, but seriously, that’s a lot of food!”

“Trust me, after tonight, we’re gonna need it, we needs sustenance!” Kenzie said.

She kept putting stuff away, and I noticed Lisa at the counter seasoning something, I went to check it out. Steaks. Oh man, how I love a good ribeye!

“Mmm fancy huh?” I said.

“Yeah, I thought I would wine and dine this little lady right here!” Kenzie said, pinching Lisa on the ass.

“Hey! Hands off, I don’t fuck on the first date, I’m a lady!” Lisa scoffs.

“Oh really? So last night and this morning were…?” Kenzie asked.

“Lust. Pure unadulterated lust. I was fucking horny, and you were like heroon, couldn’t get enough!” Lisa said.

Kenzie froze. Her face went white, shoulders dropped, shock on her face.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Heroin? Please, tell me y’all aren’t,” she said.

“Oh fuck no, not a chance. Come on, really? See those kids in there? Yeah, I’m not letting the state take them away because I get high!” Lisa said, hurt in her voice.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed,” Kenzie apologized.

“No, you shouldn’t have. That’s kinda fucked up Kenzie!” Lisa said, now I could tell she was pissed.

Kenzie put the food on the counter, walked over to Lisa and hugged her.

“I’m sorry babe, I was a bitch. Wanna make up?” Kenzie asked, licking Lisa’s ear.

“Mmm yes I do, but remember, kids. Nothing dirty in front of them,” Lisa reminded.

“Oh, yeah, got it. Sorry, I forgot they were even here!” Kenzie said.

Kenzie went into the living room with the kids and started playing with them. She wasn’t mom material, no way, but she wasn’t bad with them either. They liked her and started playing back with her pretty quickly.

“That never happens!” Lisa said. “They won’t even play with their cousins that quick!”

“Huh. That is strange. I mean, she’s kinda their age, at least mentally anyway!” I joked.

“You know I can hear you right?” Kenzie piped up.

“Yep. Wasn’t hiding anything!” I said.

We kept putting stuff up, getting ready to make dinner, while Kenzie played with the kids. Lisa stood there watching, a satisfied look and half smile on her face.

“Babe, you ok?”

“Yeah, just watching. She’s really good with them. Usually I am terrified for someone I just met to be with my kids, but there’s something about her. Statement of the year there huh?” She joked.

“Wow, you’re serious huh? Like yeah, she’s great, but I am just a little more apprehensive ankara escort I guess,” I said.

“No, not like that, like I may have just found a really good friend and not known it. Ah, who knows? Here, let’s get these babies cooking!” Lisa said, grabbing the steaks and taking them out to the grill.

We all went outside, it was such a nice day, why stay inside? Kenzie played with the kids some more, pushing them on the swings, sliding down the slide, throwing the ball with them.

“Oohhhhh snap! You got a pool?” Kenzie asked, like a kid, I’m telling you shes a 10 year old in a 20 year old body.

“Umm, a kiddie pool yeah. Not a big one though. What you see is what you get!” I said.

“Where is your wifey?”

“She went to start the potatoes and grab us another round,” I said.

“Does she like me?”

“What do you think?”

“No, seriously, does she like me? I mean, she’s sexy as fuck, I love fucking her, but I don’t have many friends. I feel like I might’ve just met my best friend,” Kenzie said, seriously and almost emotionally.

“Wow, that’s interesting, she said the same thing when you were playing with the kids in the living room.”

“She did?!” Kenzie said in that kid voice again.

“Yeah, she did. She was just watching y’all, a smirk on her face, it was a peaceful look, I know that look.”

“Oh, I hope so. I really like her. There’s just something about her, I just can’t put my finger on it, but I am just naturally drawn to her.”

“Statement of the year!”

“What is?” Lisa asked, returning with cold beer.

“You know what!” I said.

“Really? She said it too?”

“Said what? All I said there’s something about you, and I can’t put my finger on it, that I’m just naturally drawn to you.”

“Uh, wow. Ok, now it’s weird. I literally said the same thing no more than 30 minutes ago!” Lisa said.

“You didn’t tell me you had a pool dear!” Kenzie popped off.

“Uh, the kids pool? Yeah, what about it?” Lisa asked, now confused.

“Oh, just wait until later, you’ll see!” Kenzie said devilishly.

We ate, what a steak that was, really tender and juicy. Just what the doctor ordered. Kenzie and Lisa were cleaning up, loading the dishwasher, I sat there enjoying my beer, quite a change from the normal.

“Don’t get used to this!” Lisa said.

“Just enjoying the view!” I said.

Lisa was wearing a loose fitting shirt, when she bent over I could see the tops of her tits. Mesmerizing, like watching a fire burn, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it.

She pulled her shirt down a little more, really showing me her tits, still covered with a bra of course. The kitchen is around the corner from the kitchen, out of view of the living room. Kenzie caught on and helped me out.

When Lisa stood back up, Kenzie pulled Lisa’s shirt and bra up, letting her tits flop out, startling Lisa, a little girl shriek coming from her mouth.

Lisa slapped Kenzie’s hands away, pulling her shirt back down and covering herself. “Stop that!”

“Aww, it was about to get good too!” I complained.

“You can wait mister!” Lisa smarted off.

Kenzie laughed, stepped back to the laundry room, quite a ways back, and lifted her own shirt to flash me too. She wasn’t wearing a bra, which wasn’t a big deal, she didn’t have that much to cover.

Lisa, not to be shown up, walked over to stand by Kenzie and pulled her shorts down as she bent over, showing me her ass and pussy.

My eyes danced between the two. I was getting a strip show, and I wasn’t complaining at all. Lisa stood up and pulled her shorts back up.

“Are they still playing in there?” Lisa whispered.

I glanced over, both kids’ eyes glued to the show they were watching, the chances of them getting up to walk into the kitchen were below zero.

“Yep, they won’t be moving for a while!” I laughed.

Lisa smiled as my attention returned to the ladies in the kitchen.

Lisa bent down and took Kenzie’s nipple in her mouth, biting and flicking it with her tongue. Kenzie inhaled sharply, closing her eyes, clearly enjoying the teasing she was getting.

Lisa kept up her game, pushing Kenzie against the wall, pinning her there. She pushed her hand down Kenzie’s shorts, toying her clit with her fingers as she enjoyed her dessert, tits.

Kenzie, not moaning, being quiet as directed, started moving her hips to grind on Lisa’s hand, getting into this. They were comfortable, I was lookout for them, as they were getting intense now.

Kenzie was quietly mouthing her oooh’s and aaah’s, she was getting close. Lisa shifted her hand, putting it farther under Kenzie, as her legs spread more, shoving her fingers into Kenzie’s pussy.

She was aggressively fingering Kenzie, I could hear the sloshing of her wetness as Lisa pounded her cunt.

Kenzie straightened up, still as a board, as her body shook. She was getting off, her new friend pushing her over the edge, falling into the throes of pleasure. She slowly relaxed, Lisa slowing down as well, matching her intensity until it escort ankara was over.

Lisa stood up, took her hand out of Kenzie’s now wet shorts, stepped forward and kissed her deep. Kenzie’s eyes were as big as saucers, she was in shock as what just happened, going from loading the dishwasher to getting fucked.

“Holy shit! You are a sneaky one!” Kenzie said, her voice cracking from her labored breathing.

“Glad to know I still got it too!” Lisa bragged, licking Kenzie’s juices off her hand.

She licked her fingers and hand clean, smacking and swallowing Kenzie’s taste down. Kenzie kissed her again, desperate to taste herself on Lisa’s mouth. She did, moaning in pleasure as she kissed Lisa.

“My turn!” Kenzie said as she went to her knees.

“No, wait, not now!” Lisa said, backing away and going back to finish the dishes.

Kenzie growled, not happy with Lisa pulling away. When Lisa bent over to load the dishwasher again, Kenzie was on her knees and jerked Lisa’s shorts and panties down in a flash. As soon as Lisa’s pussy was exposed, Kenzie buried her face in it.

Lisa looked at me with her eyes wide open, mouth wide open, gasping and squinting her eyebrows together, grabbing the counter to keep her balance.

I glanced at the kids, still well out of view, and returned my stare to Lisa, shaking my head yes they were still good. Lisa let go of the counter, bent down more, and rested her hands on the floor, really opening herself up to Kenzie.

What a sight I had no more than 10 feet in front of me. My wife, shorts now at her ankles, bent over with her hands on the floor, our new friend eating her pussy. My cock was so fucking hard I felt like it would burst at any second.

Good thing I was wearing cargo shorts, they kept my hard on pointing down, not obvious to anyone looking. I crossed my legs anyway as a security measure.

Kenzie was wild, shaking her head like she was possessed, tongue in and out over and over, every once in a while glancing her tongue over Lisa’s back door.

Lisa was so close, she had a look of lust and agony on her face, she just couldn’t get over the ledge. Kenzie sensed she was struggling to get off and did something about it.

She plunged her fingers into Lisa’s cunt, rubbing her g spot as she licked her ass, and Lisa fell off the cliff.

She lowered her head and groaned softly but violently, her body stiffened, as she released her fluids with some force on Kenzie’s face. She was squirting, and a lot too. The floor was all wet, Kenzie’s neck and shirt were wet, her determination unwavering, continuing her assault on Lisa’s g spot and licking her flower.

Lisa came like it was her first time, alot and hard. When she lifted her head to look at me, her face was beet red, almost purple, from her straining and forcing herself to keep quiet. She inhaled sharply, her breath heavy and fast, as she slowly came down from her mountaintop of ecstasy.

Kenzie withdrew her fingers, lifted her head and stood behind Lisa. She slapped her on her bare ass cheek, sending Lisa standing straight up, a full frontal view for me of her still dripping pussy.

Fuck it was so hot. Watching them play with each other to orgasm, Lisa’s face, Kenzie’s shirt covered in Lisa’s lady juice, I was now lightly rubbing the top of my cock and wasn’t aware I was.

Lisa reached down, slid her shorts back up, and turned around to see Kenzie. When she saw her shirt, wet enough to show Kenzie’s tits through the fabric, Lisa laughed out loud. She went to the laundry room to get a towel so she could dry up the floor she squirted on.

Kenzie and Lisa used their feet to move the towel around, drying the floor. They both were still huffing, but laughing at what just happened. Their bare feet met in the middle, touching each other, and they held them there for a minute, slowly looking up at each other.

They made eye contact, desire filling their eyes, as they leaned in and kissed each other again, very passionately this time.

Lisa turned Kenzie toward her and pushed her back into the counter, pinning her as she pushed her body into Kenzie’s. Their mounds met, both of them feeling each other’s touch, and began moving their hips, grinding against each other.

Kenzie put her right leg between Lisa’s, left let outside, and they began riding each other’s legs. They grabbed each other’s asses, gripping them as a handle, thrusting their pussies on each other’s legs. Faster, harder, they rode.

I could hear them whispering, unable to make out what they were saying. I was able to make out Kenzie whispering to Lisa that she was going to cum again, Lisa whispering me too, now steadily fucking each other’s legs.

Kenzie buried her head into Lisa’s shoulder, turning her mouth to her neck and kissing it. Her orgasm now in motion, she bucked against Lisa, dry humping her leg. Lisa began releasing hers when Kenzie kissed her neck, both of them softly grunting and blowing their breath as they rode their waves of pleasure.

They came down, still basically sitting on each other’s ankara escort bayan legs, shaking from exhaustion. Lisa stood, Kenzie followed suit, both saying at the same time “I need a break!” That set off a round of laughter as they pushed their hair out of their faces, pulling their pony tails back again.

“Wow that was quite a show!” I said from my chair.

“I bet it is. Hey why don’t you come help me finish loading the dishwasher babe?” Lisa joked, knowing I couldn’t stand up without renting even these shorts. I just glared at her.

“Something wrong? Can’t get up?” Kenzie asked sarcastically, causing my glare to turn to her, unchanged.

“Aww poor baby, he has a stiffy and can’t stand up!” Kenzie pouted.

“I bet he’s dying for a release right about now!” Lisa also pouted.

“Yall are just mean!” I said back, joining the pouting charade.

“Oh, don’t you worry baby, you’re gonna get your turn!” Lisa said, walking toward me slowly with her fuck me eyes locked on me.

She walked to me, bent down, and kissed me quickly. “You’re definitely gonna get your turn, I need your cock in me as soon as possible!” She whispered to me.

“Ok enough of that!” Kenzie said, odd man out. “You’re gonna get plenty of action big boy, remember, you have a job to do tonight!”

“Oh, do I?” I smarted off over Lisa’s shoulder.

Kenzie walked over to the table and leaned her head over Lisa’s shoulder, smiling ear to ear.

“Yeah, remember, butt cherry?” She whispered, licking Lisa’s ear love quickly, then pecking my forehead.

“Ok, y’all gotta stop torturing me,” I said, leaning back to gather myself. I look at Lisa, pretty serious, as she gets the hint and pokes her bottom lip out. “Ok, ok, let’s leave Mr. Grumpypants alone Kenzie.”

My problem subsided, I got up and helped finish cleaning up, then went outside for a smoke and some quiet, the TV was super loud with Spongebob playing.

Darkness fell on our day, signaling the beginning of our nightly routine. Give the kids a bath, pajamas, vitamins, brush your teeth, then read a story that they fall asleep halfway through. Tonight, not so much. Kenzie being there only made their “I’m not sleepy and can we stay up” worse.

After countless trips, they finally went to sleep. I covered them up, turned out the lights, and closed their doors. Tiptoeing back to the living room, though I don’t know why since we have concrete floors, I find Kenzie and Lisa at the table talking and drinking again.

“Bout fuckin time!” Lisa said, slurring. I didn’t realize it took that long for me to get the kids down, but she was already drunk.

“Oh I thought you went to bed!” Kenzie said, sharp, not drunk.

I thought to myself, this is backward. Kenzie is about to be impaled for the first time, not Lisa, shouldn’t she be drunk to have the nerve to go through with it, or was this all a charade to play with my emotions.

“Well, take a seat, you don’t gotta just stand there. Here let me grab you a brew so you can join us,” Lisa said. As she stood up, she grabbed the chair and the wall to steady herself, apparently not realizing the condition she was in. “Oh wow, that shits strong!”

“What shit?” I asked.

“Oh, I have a jar of some stuff Kevin’s dad gave me, it’s moonshine or something like that. I don’t know, I can’t drink it, it burns too much for me,” Kenzie said.

Now I see the jar, a quart Mason jar, half empty now.

“Damn did you drink half the quart?” I asked Lisa, shocked.

“Pffff, no. I had a couple good chugs though, fuck it burns!”

I had to taste it. I wasn’t a liquor guy, I drank too fast, I would be drunk in 10 minutes if I drank liquor all the time. Beer was my drink of choice, I could drink those fast and still last into the night.

“Good god! This shit is ethanol!” I said after a swig, contracting my mouth in a gross fashion.

“My balls are on fire now!” I said after it hit bottom. “Yep I’m sticking with beer.”

“Pussy!” Lisa said.

“Yes, I am what I eat!” I smarted off.

“Then come eat!” She said, her feet on the table, legs spread, pulling the leg of her shorts aside to show me her cunt.

“Mmmm, tempting! But let’s wait a little bit, make sure we don’t have an audience if you know what I mean.” I said, licking my lips.

“Hrmmmm…ok,” she whined.

I grabbed a beer for me, the bottle of vodka and a couple small glasses for the girls. I sat them on the table and poured them drinks, pulling out a chair and sitting.

“Why did you pour 2? I ain’t drinking that!” Lisa said. “I want a beer!”

“It’s ok, I’ll drink them both. I’ll grab her a beer, you just got sat down,” Kenzie said.

“Oh thanks love!” I smarted off.

“Hey, that’s my name fucker!” Lisa said, smacking my shoulder.

“Yeah, don’t call me that. You can call me side piece if you want!” Kenzie said.

“Yeah, side piece. Hey grab me a beer husband’s side piece!” Lisa said as she busted out in hysterical laughter.

“Ok, yeah, that was funny, can’t even deny that one,” I said, taking a drink.

“Here is your beer my side piece’s wife!” Kenzie laughed.

I was in the twilight zone. My wife was referring to her new apparent bff as my side piece, and her new bff referring to my wife as her side piece’s wife. What?

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