The Vacation Ch. 6

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Chapter 6: A Night At The Swinger’s Club

This is a continuation of The Vacation, chapters 1-5 are recommended, but not necessary, reading. While the theme is primarily about lesbian sex, chapter 3 is listed under loving wives, and chapter 5 under group sex. All chapters are accessible by clicking on ‘Wild Jay’ under the title.

* * * * *

The crowd at the hotel pool was beginning to thin in the late afternoon. It was still very warm but many had had enough sun for the day. Vanessa was reading in her lounger, her friends Ann and Brandy having left to shop at the nearby fashion island, and Lisa, her bisexual lover, off visiting Melanie and her boyfriend. The four women had met in the Caribbean, where Ann and Brandy were vacationing with their husbands. After an erotic afternoon with Ann, Vanessa and Lisa had had to leave the island immediately due to a death in Lisa’s family. Vanessa made it a personal project to organize and invite their two new friends to join them in a trip to Las Vegas for a short vacation.

The women had all grown closer and learned much of each other as they spent time together. Lisa enjoyed the freedom of the open relationship she had with Vanessa. She seduced Melanie, who she met on board the flight to Vegas, and later accepted an invitation to join Melanie and her boyfriend Pete in a threesome. Vanessa herself, had seduced, and been seduced, by Brandy whose innocence was now no longer in doubt. Brandy having been introduced to Sapphic pleasure by her friend, Ann, had clearly become a more aggressive and dominant participant with her female partners. This had resulted in changes in her relationship with Ann, which they had rediscovered and redefined during the short holiday.

Vanessa smiled as she looked across the pool, her sunglasses disguising her gaze. She appeared to be reading however, had barely read two full pages in the last hour. What was distracting her was the playfulness of two young women lying just across the pool. They had attended to one another all afternoon, lovingly massaging each other’s bodies in sun tan lotion, and generally touching and rubbing against each other at every opportunity. Occasionally they would glance over in Vanessa’s direction as if inviting her attention, but Vanessa provided no indication of her interest.

Two young men had made an approach, bought drinks, and whiled away some time in conversation with the young women, but eventually moved on. All had witnessed the fun earlier when Brandy had skillfully changed at poolside with only a towel around her. Nonchalantly, she had tossed her wet bikini bottoms at Vanessa who stretched them open in front of her and suddenly, made a playful licking motion with her tongue. She had then casually slipped them into her straw bag under the chair. Vanessa knew that the multitude of eyes watching would now be very confused as to her orientation. And as she herself had watched the women across from her, Vanessa realized that all the eyes on Brandy were not necessarily male.

As a result it was not a great surprise to Vanessa when she noticed the two young women were actually walking toward her. Vanessa checked them out carefully. One was short, just over 5′ tall, with shoulder length light brown hair. Her soft curves highlighted a nicely proportioned figure. While not overly well endowed, her breasts giggled and swayed seductively as she walked. The other was at least a half a foot taller, golden blonde hair, a long thin symmetrical face, she appeared to be into fitness or body sculpting. Virtually all her muscles were well defined yet attractive, preserving a distinctly feminine look. Her conservatively cut lime green bikini was amply filled by her breasts and delightfully round ass. Vanessa could not help but notice her long legs and her powerful thigh muscles that rippled as she moved. Both of them smiled at her as they approached.

“Hi, I’m Lori,” said the taller one in a distinctly deep voice, “and this is my friend, Jen. We couldn’t help but notice you were here on your own.”

“Well hi, I’m Vanessa, why don’t you join me for a few minutes.” Vanessa took both of their hands and held on just slightly longer than required, looking each of them straight in the eye. “So, what brings you two to talk to an old lady like me?” Vanessa laughed as she asked. Jen went crimson when she heard her, but Lori remained cool.

“We noticed you here with your friends earlier…and were wondering whether you could help us?”

“Help you…I will if I can, what is it?” Vanessa responded, she was getting curious as to where this was leading.

“Jen and I are, uh, together for the first time…I mean for the vacation. And we are interested in private clubs where we can go and meet…other women,” Lori’s voice was practically a whisper.

“Or men,” Jen added hastily.

Vanessa smiled to herself, it brought back a few memories of her own initial sexual insecurities, but she decided to have a little fun anyway. “Oh, a private club to meet other men or women…I see, and what makes you think I maltepe escort would know something like that?”

“I told you this was a dumb idea,” Jen said to Lori who, for the moment, ignored her.

“Well…for one thing, we know you like women…you watched us all afternoon,” Lori asserted. “And, we saw the little performance with your beautiful friend.” Lori bent over and reached in to Vanessa’s straw bag producing Brandy’s bikini bottoms.

Vanessa paused a moment for effect. “I guess…I’m busted then,” she said as she started laughing. Lori and Jen soon joined her, relieving the tension. “Yes, I can help you, in fact, you can join me and my friends tonight if you wish. It is our last night here and we are going to my favorite club. It is a swinger’s club so there’s a better chance you will meet a couple, although there is usually a number of single men and women there.”

After talking with Vanessa for a short while Lori and Jen accepted the invitation and agreed to meet them in the hotel lobby around 11 p.m.. Vanessa had arranged transport and admission to the club and knew it would be easy to include another two. The two women seemed quite excited as they left to go upstairs. Vanessa shook her head as she noticed Lori slide her arm casually down Jen’s back, and pat her gently on the ass. ‘I guess some things are universal,’ she sighed as she gathered her belongings by the pool.

~ Eleven o’clock is an early hour in Las Vegas. Then again, time doesn’t really matter when on vacation and in a city that never closes down. One of the only clues a gambler has to the time occurs when the casino hostesses start offering “cocktails or coffee”, which means it is usually 5 a.m..

As this was their last night in Las Vegas Vanessa had promised a surprise. While she and Lisa had frequented private clubs before Ann and Brandy were new to the experience. Vanessa had always felt strongly about having open relationships and had encouraged Lisa to explore men as well as women. The clubs she preferred catered to both. Single men, single women, married couples, all welcome in an ‘on premise’ swinger’s club that allowed them to socialize and sexually express themselves. Lori and Jen were waiting for them in the foyer of the lobby. After quick introductions the six women boarded a limousine and were on their way to the club.

The outside of the club was unassuming, in a commercial area about fifteen minutes from their hotel. Vanessa arranged for the driver to stay, and be available to take any of the women back to the hotel whenever they desired. Once through the front door the casual atmosphere of the club was evident. One of the attendants greeted them and suggested a tour of the facility. After a brief wait a short, lithe young Latino woman with curly black hair, flashing brown eyes, and stunning body joined them. “Hi, I’m Tina, and I’ll be providing a brief tour of our club,” she introduced herself to each of the women. “Let’s get started…as you can see we have a bar area, dance floor, and a game area with a pool table. Dress is optional anywhere in the club, whatever you are comfortable with…or without.” She smiled at them, and then led the way from the bar. Part way down a long hall a glass door on the left revealed a large spa area with hot tub. “This is our spa area and is the only area of the club where we do not allow sex. There are men’s and women’s lockers in the back for your clothes and valuables.”

Tina paused as the women looked into the spa area, two couples were casually chatting in the hot tub. The first couple consisted of a slender, plain but attractive woman with a short chubby overweight man, the other couple a tall, ruggedly handsome man with a short, plump woman, whose large breasts were her most redeeming feature. All appeared to be in the early to mid forties age group. “This is primarily a swinger’s club, although we allow singles of both sexes. Many couples end an evening together here, take a relaxing hot tub, then go to our private couples area for open swinging,” Tina advised.

Tina moved on down the long hallway. The women soon noticed another large room to their left. They were looking through a large opening, roughly the shape and size of a large picture window, covered only in a beaded vertical. Other patrons were standing there peering into the seductively lit room. A large black padded area with assorted bright colored cushions, neatly arranged in one corner, covered most of the floor area. The surrounding walls were mirrored allowing views from all angles. Bordering the padded area were a few small chairs and side tables.

There was an older couple, probably in their early fifties, in the room. She was a full figured, attractive, blonde woman wearing expensive black lingerie and a bright red jacket. The man wore nothing but a dark colored designer shirt. The women watched a few minutes as the couple moved together thoroughly pleasuring each other, bodies entwined in a variety of positions. “This is our group sex or orgy mecidiyeköy escort room. As you can see some of our members truly are exhibitionists. They love to be watched.” Tina whispered and smiled as she noted the women’s facial expressions in response to the sensuous display before them.

“This is the beginning of the voyeur area,” Tina informed as she moved on further into another large room with several soft sofas and comfortable chairs. There was a small crowd of people toward the back of the room looking through a large window, a greenish light emanating from within. “We have two private rooms here where couples can go and be watched. The glass is a one way mirror.” As the women moved closer they noticed the activity in the room. A very big, tall, and fully aroused man was lying on his back on a black padded surface. His wife, a very pretty brown haired beauty with an amazing tan, knelt between his spread legs. Their eyes were locked in a passionate stare as she caressed his balls and ran her tongue up and down the hard shaft of his cock. The women watched as she placed his large member into her mouth and worked toward its base. He reached for her head and pushed her softly downward. Her throat bulged as she took his full length. His face reflected the immense pleasure she was giving him. They continued for a few minutes longer then suddenly, as he spoke to her, she stopped and withdrew from him. They kissed passionately, then slowly began to get dressed.

“While some of our members start here, enjoying being watched, they typically finish in the private couples area,” Tina noted. Tina pointed toward a wrought iron door toward the corner of the voyeur area. “The private area is for couples only, singles may enter by invitation only.” Tina unlocked the door and swung it open. As the women passed through it was impossible not to notice the activity in the very first cubicle. It was the two couples they had observed in the hot tub area. The slim attractive woman was lying on her back, her moans giving proof of the pleasure she was receiving. The tall man’s face was buried in her pussy, his tongue flicking madly at her swollen clit, his fingers driving deep into her hot, wet cunt. The plump woman knelt to her left, leaning over kissing her while pinching and rolling her engorged nipples between her fingers. The chubby man, her husband, whispered encouragement to her as he watched them bring her off. A moment later they drove her to a series of violent, incredible orgasms, her body convulsing involuntarily. Her piteous moans defining the passion engulfing her.

The women felt their own arousal as they heard her. It was an intensely erotic moment where another human being communicates vocally their intense pleasure and it affects all around them. Vanessa smiled and said. “Ladies, that is what open swinging is all about…at least the sexual part. Women, though sometimes reluctant at first, often find they love the wild adventure of it. Giving in to the strange yet arousing touch of others often magnifies the intensity of their orgasms. And there’s no guilt because they feel the comfort of having their partner present, a partner willing to share her with others so she may experience great pleasure. It is a gift of love and trust that only one’s partner can give another.”

Tina guided them back to the bar area. “Well ladies, that is about it for the tour. As always, any successful night at the club really depends on you. Any questions?”

“Do you get to play with the guests?” Lori laughed as she asked but she was actually quite attracted to Tina, and had made a point of being close to her throughout their tour.

“Well…I’m available after two. If you’re still interested…we’ll see.” Tina answered coyly. Lori stared at her and their eyes locked momentarily. Tina was left with no doubts as to Lori’s intentions. “I can tell you are all going to enjoy the club…but I have to go…for now.” Tina smiled, waved, then disappeared into the crowd at the front door. The club was getting busier by the minute.

The women stayed by the bar and chatted for awhile. They agreed to break up as a group to more effectively mingle with the crowd. Ann and Brandy, and Lori and Jen as couples, while Vanessa and Lisa agreed to go separately. It took only a few minutes for them to disperse into the crowded facility.


Ann and Brandy headed for the dance floor. “I want everyone to see you dancing with me, you are mine tonight,” Brandy whispered as they began to dance together.

“But I thought we were here to…” Ann answered, looking surprised.

“I know, but I only want you…we’ll stay for a little while to be sociable, then go back to the hotel.” Ann’s jet black hair and full figure, delightfully accentuated by the dress they had bought that afternoon, had drawn considerable attention. Brandy looked pleased as she noticed the number of patrons, male and female, watching them closely. “There will be another time for us to do this…I just need to be with you,” pendik escort she said softly to Ann.

“I love you Brandy…” Ann found the courage to say. Brandy nodded and kissed her as they danced.


Lisa knew her way around the club and her favorite area was by the pool table. She knew that many young wives or companions of older men came to the club for some action. The men always looked bored, seemingly anxious to get it over with. However, their women were usually ready to party and Lisa found them an easy conquest and fun to be with. For some reason the women liked to hang around the pool table although they rarely played.

‘Maybe they just like the idea of watching someone with a big stick,’ Lisa thought, laughing to herself as she surveyed the immediate area. To her left she saw a young woman standing alone. She was in her mid-twenties, a cute face with pouting lips, and a nice rack on a sexy but slightly heavy body. Dressed in a tight fitting pink knit sweater, showing more than ample cleavage, she looked like a slut as was most likely her intent.

Lisa walked directly to her and smiled. The young woman smiled back. “Mind if I join you?” Lisa asked.

“Please do…” the young woman introduced herself as Alexandra, from Detroit.

“Well Alex, what are you here for?” Lisa inquired seductively after a few minutes of light conversation.

“A convention…oh, you mean…here,” Alex stammered slightly, then laughed.

Lisa laughed as well. “Yes, here girl,” she shook her head in mock disgust. “Anything that will get me away from my cigar smoking, fat old man with too much money for his own good,” Alex suddenly replied. “At least for awhile,” she added quickly.

“Okay then, tell him what you like and I will meet you by the ladies locker room in five minutes,” Lisa instructed. Alex nodded her concurrence. “And Alex, don’t be late…I don’t like to be kept waiting.”


“Vanessa, how good to see you again darling.” The voice was deep and raspy for a woman’s.

“Starr, it’s good to be here again. The club is busier than ever.” Vanessa responded approaching the woman and hugging her warmly.

“Patrons like you keep us going…Lisa with you?”

“Yes, but on her own tonight.”

“Feel like a real drink? Let’s go up to my office.” Vanessa had no chance to respond as Starr quickly took her by the hand and led her through the crowd. Being asked to have a drink with Starr in her office was like an invitation from royalty, you dare not refuse…and she was an old friend.


Lori and Jen had stayed by the bar. No sooner had the others left Jen turned to Lori. “You plan to fuck Tina later don’t you?” She said accusingly, her voice cracking with emotion.

“Yes, well probably…so what?” Lori asked, somewhat annoyed.

“No problem…just need to know where I stand,” Jen whined.

“Jen, we talked about this. You agreed you were okay with us being with other partners. I’m not leaving you…we’ll go home together.” Lori was stressed. She was the one who had suggested they explore other partners, or couples, and thought she had Jen comfortable with the idea.

“It just happened…so quickly,” Jen pouted, “I’m jealous.” Lori put her arms around her and softly kissed her, lingering at her lips she opened her mouth, forcing Jen to do the same. They kissed passionately, Lori’s strong arms caressed Jen’s smooth back gently pressing their bodies together. Jen sighed at the touch, she loved it when Lori embraced her that way, it made her feel safe, secure, and most importantly, desired.

“There’s nothing to be jealous of…let’s just have a good time…please,” Lori implored. Jen nodded slowly. “Let’s dance, you’ll feel better.” Lori led her to the dance floor.


Alex showed up as scheduled and Lisa smiled as she approached. Alex reminded her of her past, working her way through relationships mainly for financial considerations. That would soon grow old. But in the meantime Lisa was betting that Alex hadn’t had a decent orgasm in weeks, and there was no greater turn on than being the one to change that. A little teasing was in order first though.

“I have an hour…” Alex stated flatly. Lori smiled and kissed her, slipping her hand inside the pink sweater gently rubbing over the top of her full breasts. Alex squirmed at her touch.

“Only an hour?”

“Well, he’ll wait if I’m longer, but it’ll cost me…later.”

“No time to waste then…let’s dance.” Lisa led the way to the crowded floor. A number of single men were looking on, watching the action as it heated up, waiting for that sign, that opportunity to join in. Lisa noticed one young man in particular. Dark hair and handsome features, he wore a black shirt and pants. She made eye contact, he drew his head back slightly in acknowledgement, and she nodded slightly. He began moving through the crowd toward them.

Lisa began dancing on her own, beside Alex, as opposed to with her. Alex followed suit, her body moving to the rhythm of the music. The man approached from behind Alex, his eyes in contact with Lisa. It was as if they were communicating telepathically. He knew instinctively what she wanted him to do, and was more than willing. Starting to dance behind Alex he casually bumped her, getting her attention. Alex turned around and smiled, unaware that the meeting was anything but accidental.

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