The Trio Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of a story which broke nicely into four chapters. Two of the chapters could possibly stand alone, but the four fit together better as a single tale. I’ve changed the characters’ names and deliberately left out certain specific details in order to conceal the participants’ identities. The reason will certainly become obvious.


Bill, Kim, and I had been sent by our college to an academic conference. Although each of us had been a faithful spouse (Bill to Sue, Kim to Rick, and me to Terri), the three of us had playfully ended up in bed together. Kim had surprised all three of us when her continuous orgasms only ended when Bill and I collapsed into exhaustion.

The three of us had unexpectedly experienced the most intense sexual passions we had ever imagined, and in spite of attempting to end our affair, we resumed our three-way sex the following evening. We had experimented and explored our sexuality for most of the next two days, finally joining the mile-high club. We had vowed to conceal what we had done from our spouses.


. .

. . HOME AGAIN: New knowledge, new guilt, new lies

In addition to a revival of my sexual passions, I also gained a profound understanding about the power of sexual temptation – and raw lust. I’m no longer judgmental about people who get caught in affairs. Given the right circumstances, any of us could stray. I only did it that one time, but who knows? As I’ll relate, I almost fucked Kim again after we returned from the conference. But I now carefully and deliberately avoid situations that could become too tempting. And I also better understand my own limitations about resisting sex when it’s offered, so I’m careful – very careful.

. .

. . It took several months, but Terri and I managed to spice up our sex lives by including everything I had done with Kim – other than including another man in our bed. I had always known that Terri was more experienced than I, and this was readily confirmed the first time we tried anal sex. “You once told me this was disgusting! But go easy. It’s been a while, and I’ll need a little time to stretch it open,” she said.

. .

. . Oral sex, which had previously been an incidental part of our sexual repertoire, became our most frequent activity. Not only did we use our lips and tongues to prepare each other for intercourse, but for the first time we engaged in juicy oral activities after we had copulated. Our sex now always lasted for more than an hour, rather than the few minutes it had before I had strayed. It was common for us to make love for most of the night – as we had done on our honeymoon. We made love three or four times a week. It was terrific!

However Terri wasn’t being completely honest with me, either. Although she denied it, I sensed that she was really disappointed when – in spite of additional oral sex – I collapsed and fell asleep after three times, or occasionally after only two times. Her level of arousal and her desire to continue was greater than at any previous time in our marriage. Her lust was reminiscent of Kim’s when Bill and I had been fucking her almost continuously. Often when I was worn out, Terri seemed to be just getting warmed up.

I even had hazy, illusory memories of Terri fingering herself to several orgasms while I slept after collapsing when I couldn’t continue, but she adamantly denied doing so. I persuaded myself that I had been dreaming, confusing Terri’s and Kim’s sexual desires. After all Terri had never experienced the continual, sustained orgasms that Bill and I had produced in Kim. Surely I had dreamed that she had repeatedly masturbated after making love to me. Surely.

I didn’t confess my infidelity to Terri. Instead, in considerable detail I told her about the sex movie that Bill and I had watched, omitting that the important fact that Kim had joined us to watch the movie on the second night. I used what I had seen in the movie to explain my sudden interest in sexual activities which I had previously thought were perverted and disgusting. But women are incredibly intuitive, I felt guilty about cheating with Kim, and so I wondered if Terri suspected what Bill, Kim, and I had done on that trip.

Several times I almost broke down and confessed everything to Terri, but I managed to remain true to my promise to Bill and Kim, even though I had broken my marriage vows to Terri. The intensity of our new sex lives assuaged my conscience.

. .

. . Excuses are easy to rationalize. After all, I may have cheated, but it had been almost an accident! And look how much pleasure Terri was receiving as a result! Everything was okay, right? Our marriage was stronger as a result of my affair, right? Certainly the sex was better than ever before! Right? Everything was great, right? Why spoil it by confessing, right? Right?

Well, almost. Not long after we returned from the convention, I attended a year- end party hosted by my Dean. I shared a few innocent words with Kim, and I felt myself getting hard as I glanced erenköy escort into her abundant cleavage. When she smiled at me and I looked into her sparkling eyes, I completely lost control. In seconds I felt my penis explode into full erection inside my pants. She glanced at my bulging crotch, and she her lips parted as her face turned red and her breathing became raspy. I was surprised by the intensity of my reaction to her. I had become irrationally aroused in only a matter of seconds.

I was completely consumed with an overwhelming desire to fuck her again. The look in her eyes told me she was as excited as was I. I had taken her arm and had begun to lead her back to one of the bedrooms when she pulled away, sadly shook her head, and turned to join another group of people. Several seconds later I found out how she had managed to control her lust when I had been totally preoccupied by my own.

I was lustfully staring at Kim’s behind as she moved away from me, vividly remembering how it looked when she was naked with streaks of cum on her legs, and I almost screamed when Terri unexpectedly took hold of my arm. “What did Kim say, honey?” She asked in an icy tone. She discreetly squeezed my erection through my pants. “You’re hot to trot, and I can tell that you got her juices flowing. Is there something you’re not telling me?”

I told Terri I had responded to the sight of Kim’s abundant cleavage and tight skirt, and Terri muttered something unintelligible and moved away from me. My erection slowly faded, and I was confident I had dodged another bullet. But it had been a close one. I had really wanted to fuck Kim again. And I had almost done so with Terri close enough to have caught me. Dumb! How dumb can a guy get? I’d been thinking with my balls.

Moments later one of the young bachelor members of the faculty asked Terri to dance, and she gave him a huge smile as she accepted. She gave me an angry glance, then moved away with him. Although I was still experiencing lust for Kim, I was also proud of how good Terri looked. Each week she worked out several times at the gym, and she was carrying almost no extra fat. Her 34B breasts were still perky and firm, and her shapely behind was obviously tight and firm under her skirt. I watched them dance, and as I had done once before, I managed to transfer my lust from Kim back to Terri. I hoped we would make love until dawn.

. .

. . I watched another young faculty member cut in, and I knew Terri would be occupied for several minutes as they competed for her attention. I felt a bolt of jealousy when I saw how closely she molded her body to her new partner. She danced like that with me in order to turn me on. She was angry about Kim turning me on, and she was making a point. One of his hands began to rub her behind. I turned around so I couldn’t see them anymore. It gave me a few moments to think about my problem with Kim without my jealousy interfering.

Of course I understood the actual problem. My lust was only part of it. When three people have a secret, it’s only a matter of time until somebody lets something slip. But optimists still hope, even if it doesn’t always help. And I had been lucky so far. If I could completely avoid Kim, perhaps I would no longer react to her with such animal intensity. Perhaps.

PULLING ON A THREAD: The secrets begin to unravel

Everything was fine for two more months. But I knew things were starting to go sour when I heard that Sue had thrown Bill out. They were separated for a month before she took him back. In the meantime divorce rumors were a constant topic around the office coffee pot. The campus buzzed with stories about Sue finding out that Bill had participated in a multi-day orgy while she stayed home with their children. The details in the rumors were remarkably close to the truth. Although no names were mentioned, another man was supposed to have been present and participating. Terri asked me what I knew, and I lied and told her I didn’t believe the stories.

Perhaps six or seven weeks later Terri and I were at a party that Rick and Kim also attended. I was slowly and carefully making my way through the crowd toward Kim in order to test my level of lust, when I noticed that Terri was heading in the same direction. I stopped just in time, and I overheard Terri ask Kim, “Do you think the rumors are true? That Bill – you know, the guy you and Bob went to the conference with – shared some slut with another guy?” I was standing a few feet behind Terri, and I couldn’t see her face. But the shocked look on Kim’s face was easily read. Terri was asking Kim if she really was the slut in question.

Kim glanced at me, paled, and shook her head. She mumbled something about it not being her business, and then she hurried away. I was close enough to hear Terri mutter under her breath, “That’s not an answer!” I quickly turned and joined another group of people before Terri could see the expression on my face. I studiously avoided Kim for the rest of the evening. About an hour later Terri said she had a headache etiler escort and we left the party early.

A few minutes later as we got ready for bed, Terri confronted me. “Bob, I keep hearing stories about Kim, Bill, and you. If you lied to me about it before, tell me. NOW! You came back from that trip all full of new and fun ideas about sex, and I can’t help wondering about it. If you had sex with Kim, tell me – right now! – and we’ll work through it. But don’t lie to me! If you lie about it and I find out, you won’t believe how I’ll get even. You really won’t believe it!”

Looking back I can’t understand how stupid I was. I already knew that the story had gotten out, but I stubbornly clung to the false hope that Terri would never be certain that Kim, Bill, and I had enjoyed group sex. I looked Terri right in the eyes and lied. “Terri, I can’t help responding to Kim physically, but I’ve never had sex with her. Or with anyone else since we got married. I told you I got my ideas from watching an adult movie. That’s all. That’s the truth.”

Terri’s eyes tightened into a squint, and she gently shook her head. “I really hope you’re not dumb enough to think you can lie your way out of this, Bob. Your eyes look funny – just like when you’re trying to deceive me. Last chance to come clean. Well?” I smiled and chose the worst of all possible options. I told Terri I loved her.

. .

. . Terri wasn’t fooled, and her eyes remained hard. When I tried to kiss her, she turned away. “I’m really not in the mood. Go take a cold shower if you’re so turned on.” I thought I heard her mumble something about Kim, but I wisely didn’t ask her to repeat it. Terri wouldn’t let me kiss her for several days.

Terri gradually calmed down, and within a week or so things were almost back to normal, sexually. I thought the matter was settled, albeit deceitfully by me. Then everything came apart when Rick filed for divorce, accurately claiming that Bill and I had both had sex with Kim. I tried to explain everything to Terri, but she refused to listen. She called me a lying, cheating bastard, and she made me sleep in the guest room. Alone.

I knew I had to come clean with her, but she refused to discuss it. “I don’t know what to believe, Bob, but I know you cheated on me. And you lied! And I gave you a chance to explain!” She jabbed a finger toward the middle of her body. “I can feel it here. Inside. And it hurts!” I held her and she sobbed against my shoulder. That was as intimate as she allowed me to get with her.

Three days later Sue filed for divorce from Bill. Terri immediately stopped talking to me altogether, and she refused to let me touch or hold her. I was in a state of near panic as I waited for her to file for divorce and take our children. My world was falling apart – all because of my uncontrolled lust. I still didn’t think that lying about it to Terri was that big a deal, although she obviously did. And the extramarital sex had improved our marriage, hadn’t it? It had certainly brought sexual passion back into our bedroom. Wasn’t that a good thing?


Sue had filed for divorce on Monday. When I came home late on the following Friday afternoon, I was surprised to find a babysitter entertaining our kids. There was a terse note from Terri on the refrigerator: “Gone out. Pay sitter. Get fast food. Don’t wait up.”

I paid the babysitter, and after she left, I drove the kids to their favorite fast-food restaurant. I made up a story to explain why their mother wasn’t with us. I was mildly concerned, but not really worried. I hoped and assumed she was out somewhere cooling off.

. .

. . I didn’t find the second note from Terri until after I tucked the kids in, took a shower, and climbed into my bed in the guest room. It was on my pillow, and all it said was, “I warned you.”

This note was taped to a thick manilla envelope. I opened it and found a copy of the half-inch-thick divorce complaint that Sue had filed. I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking as I looked at it. On the front page Terri had written, “Sue gave me a copy this morning.” I flipped through the pages of legal mumbo-jumbo, and then I found a lengthy, detailed description of the extended sex party that Bill, Kim, and I had enjoyed. I felt my stomach tighten into a knot, and I ran into the bathroom. I didn’t throw up, but it took me several minutes to calm down. I hadn’t been worried before, but now I was terrified.

Terri knew everything! Bill had been the weak link, and he had obviously told Sue precisely what we had done. I ignored my churning stomach and sat down and carefully read the entire document. Terri had used a felt-tip pen to write caustic comments on nearly every page. Next to one incident I had forgotten – or suppressed? – she had noted, “This must have been fun.” We had formed a chain with Bill sucking my dork while I tongue-fucked Kim as she fellated him, then after we all climaxed, we reversed the chain. Terri’s comment was next to a description of my sucking on Bill’s organ while Kim florya escort sucked on mine as he ate her. Terri had added, “I didn’t know you were bi.” That conference was the only time in my life that I had engaged in direct sexual stimulation with another man.

Terri’s final written comment came immediately after an accounting of how Bill and I had joined the mile-high club with Kim in the plane’s bathroom on our return trip. “I tried to get you to do this w/ me on our honeymoon but you refused! YOU S.O.B! I’ll be back after I’ve started getting my revenge.”

I lay on the bed, but I couldn’t sleep. My stomach hurt as I wondered what she was doing – and with whom. I could picture her in a motel room fucking one of the younger members of the faculty. Several had flirted with her at the party, and a couple were real hunks. My worst fear was that she was fucking two of them, one after the other, just like that second night at the convention when Bill and I had taken turns fucking Terri. Sue had certainly spelled everything out in laborious detail in her complaint, so Terri would know exactly what to do and how to do it. But could she really deliberately do something as depraved as that? My wife and the mother of my children? I didn’t really believe so, but I was still extremely worried.

. .

. . I lay in my bed, fearing the worst but hoping Terri was just out getting drunk with one of her girlfriends. I didn’t close my eyes. I stared out the window at the dark night and waited. Terri had been gone a long time. Perhaps she hadn’t been able to locate any of the young studs. I didn’t want to even consider that she might have been having sex with one of more of those young guys for several hours! Surely the worst I had to fear was that she had fucked one of my colleagues, and that she was delaying her return home in order to make me miserable.

. .

. . Well, if that was the idea, I was truly miserable, so it was working. I couldn’t stop imagining the last guy whom I’d seen dancing with her, now actively fucking her. I could visualize her climaxing over and over again as he kept pumping his huge dork in and out of her. Unlike me, he stayed hard even when he filled her with his cum. He continued fucking her as she screamed with excitement. Even as I wallowed in guilt, I somehow couldn’t assemble an image of two men fucking her at once. The vision of one young stud repeatedly screwing my wife hurt enough. The night slowly dragged on.

Finally, when the bedside clock said it was 4:37 in the morning, I heard the sound of Terri’s car pulling into the driveway. She had been out of the house on her quest for vengeance for almost nine hours. What had she done to even the score with me? Had she really fucked somebody? Or had she merely gone out and left me alone to wallow in my guilt? I realized I was afraid to find out. I heard her enter the house, and I pulled the sheet and blanket up to my neck. I didn’t think she would look in on me, but if she did, I didn’t want to let her find out how worried I had been.

I was lying on my side, facing away from Terri, and she surprised me when she came into the guest bedroom. I couldn’t imagine why she hadn’t gone into the master bathroom, and I felt my stomach tighten again. This couldn’t be good! I pretended to be asleep as I heard her get undressed. That puzzled me even more, and then I had a sudden optimistic thought that she had decided to forgive me. She was going to climb into bed with me and we would make love! I turned over and reached for her.

In the dim light I could vaguely see Terri’s naked form as she climbed onto the bed with me. I reached out to pull her against me – and then I froze. I suddenly smelled an overwhelming stench of cum – and lots of it – intermingled with male sweat and stale pussy juice. Possessive, jealous age erupted inside me. As I sat up to confront her, she flicked on the bedside light. “Hi, Honey. I’m home,” she said in a low voice.

What I saw was beyond my worst fears. Terri was covered with cum. It coated her thighs and it was matted into her pubic hair. She reached between her legs and pulled her protruding, bruised, red, and swollen pussy lips apart. More cum slowly oozed and dripped out of her onto the bed. I was so shocked I couldn’t move, let alone speak. There was so much dark makeup smeared around her eyes she looked like she had two black eyes. I had to look at her twice to be certain she was really Terri.

Terri stepped back off the bed, turned around so her back was toward me, and bent over so that her behind was directly in front of my face. As she pulled her cheeks apart, I could see her raw and bruised anus leaking cum down her legs. Then she turned on the overhead light and flopped down on the bed beside me. She lay on her back so that I could look at her entire body in the bright light.

Terri was covered with red suck marks, and her swollen nipples were purple and bruised. I could see streaks of dried cum from her knees to her neck. Her lipstick was completely gone, and her lips were so bruised and puffy she couldn’t hold her mouth closed. Her face was shiny with streaks of dried cum, and I could see several globs of moist cum in her hair, varying in color from cream, to white, to yellowish – obviously from different men. Something else was wrong with her hair, but I was too shocked to figure out what it was. I still couldn’t manage to speak.

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