The Third Wheel Pt. 02

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This is the continuation of my first story, which you can read here

Hope you enjoy!


Chapter 3

As he stood in the bedroom still awestruck, Cassie and Alison wasted no time finishing what they started. Both girls caressed each other and let their tongues roam freely.

“I think you need to show me what that mouth can do Cass,” said Alison slyly as she started to lie on her back.

Cassie lowered herself and positioned her face directly in front of Alison’s stomach, delicately kissing around her naval every chance she could get.

“I’ve never even done this before,” Cassie hesitantly replied. She had always imagined what it would be like to taste another woman. In fact, it was one of her biggest fantasies that she would masturbate to. However, now that she was about to do it for real, she felt bashful and somewhat nervous about the whole ordeal.

“You will be great at it doll, just go with it and let it come naturally to you.”

With Alison’s reassurance, she inched closer and closer downward as she continued kissing her. The further down she went the more Alison’s body reacted to her touch. Cassie let her hands wander as she ran her them up and down Alison’s thighs until they reached the center where they meet. She gently kissed her thighs and slowly moved toward her wet fingers.

“Hmmm…that feels amazing,” cooed Alison as Cassie’s fingers delved inside of her.

Cassie ataköy escort slowly picked up the pace of her fingers as she started to French kiss Alison’s eager slit, alternating between gentle strokes and sucking on her tiny clit.

“Ohhhh my God!! Don’t stop!!” moaned Alison as she grabbed Cassie’s hair.

Alison couldn’t help but stare deeply into her eyes. There was something about seeing a woman’s mouth between her legs that sent chills down her body. Jason took in the sight and reveled in it. Here he was, living every guy’s dream with these two gorgeous girls. His dick was still hard from being pleasured earlier, and it became even harder as Alison cried out in pleasure.

He positioned himself behind Cassie as she continued to work on sending Alison into ecstasy. He buried his head into her cunt and tasted all of her as she tasted Alison. The touch of Jason’s tongue drove Cassie wild, and she knew she had to have him inside of her.

“Fuck me baby…fuck me while I eat and taste Alison.”

He didn’t have to be told twice as he hurriedly entered her from behind. The sight before him almost caused him to release his seed right then and there.

“Ahhh!! Oh yeah, harder baby…deeper…”cried Cassie while Alison moaned in pleasure.

Alison slowly got up and repositioned Cassie so that she was the one laying down now. Jason thought it was a brilliant idea as he locked eyes with Cassie. ataşehir escort He loved seeing her face writhed with pleasure. Alison took this chance to put herself on top of Cassie’s face, giving her access to continue using her talented mouth.

“Come here Jay,” said Alison as she grabbed his head and used her tongue to part his lips. She kissed him deeply, and the trio experienced a whole new level of pleasure. Everything felt so right that no one wanted this moment to ever end.

Chapter 4

Just as Jason felt him swelling up to release his seed deep inside Cassie, she moved off of him and stopped the oncoming orgasm.

“Don’t cum just yet baby, or you’d be a very bad host.”

Cassie glanced at Alison and guided her head towards her own cunt, leaving Alison wide open from behind.

“I want to see you take her from behind as she tastes my juices,” said Cassie with conviction.

Alison seemed to enjoy being given direction and complied almost instantly. She stopped only for a moment to look back at Jason with her sultry seducing eyes. Jason placed his hands on her plump ass and started to enter her slowly.

“Hmpphhh!!” groaned Alison into Cassie’s cunt.

The new sensation of another woman sent shivers up Jason’s spine. Alison felt different from Cassie. There was no better or worse, simply different. They were the best fucks he had ever had in his life. He picked up the speed avcılar escort and started drilling into Alison with full force.

“Oh my God!! Uhhhhhhh!” cried Alison. She had forgotten how good Jason was in bed. Compounded with the fact that his future wife was here watching them fuck sent her over the edge. Cassie’s sweet nectar mixed with Jason’s hardness gave her the most intense orgasm of her life.

While Jason was filling Alison to the hilt with his cock, Cassie focused on Jason the entire time. She studied his every facial expression and took great pleasure in knowing that he was experiencing such gratification. She could feel his strokes through Alison. Every time he thrust into her, it was like a little part of him was thrusting into her through Alison’s tongue.

“Yes baby! Fuck her, give it to her!” Cassie moaned as Alison’s tongue ravaged her.

“Aghhh…I’m about to explode,” warned Jason as he was nearing his limit. Alison pulled herself from Jason and got on her knees with Cassie by her side.

“Cum on our faces baby. Hurry, we can’t wait to taste you,” responded Cassie as her and Alison both opened their mouths wide.

Seeing both of their faces together cheek to cheek like that was all the imagery he need. He shot load after load of white hot cum and coated their faces with it. The translucent white substance covered their noses and mouths.

“Hmm…yummy,” said the two girls as they licked the liquid from their lips and savored the taste.

“I gotta say, if this is what being a third wheel is like then I’m all for it!”

Jason still couldn’t believe how lucky he was, but he knew it was going to be a beautiful friendship and the trio would have many more times ahead of them. After all, two heads are always better than one, right?

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