The Sorority House Ch. 03

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NOTE: Someone plagiarized Parts 1-3 and posted them under the title “Screwing the Sorority” on Literotica. These illegal postings have since removed. I am specifically re-posting this series now so that you will be able to enjoy Part 4-6 and the side-story even if you’ve already read “Screwing the Sorority.”

Part 3: Togetherness


I was dreaming. I think. There were images flashing through my head but I couldn’t find the strength to form them into anything coherent or into a set order. Just… snapshot pictures. And sounds. And sensations. I heard an erotic moan, definitely female. I felt distinct pleasure. Raw, powerful, hungry pleasure. I saw darkness and yet not; like the red haze of light shining in through closed eyelids. I remembered lying on my side, a beautiful woman pillowing her head on my left arm, my right encircling her nude body. I felt comfortable satisfaction. And the sounds returned, small yelps. But I was starting to put the sensations together.

Soul mate.

Two simple words. And when put together, two simple feelings. One of contentment. One of fear. I felt my arms pushing out, encountering resistance. I smelled the sweet scents of freshly shampooed hair. A female gasp. My hands encountered hot flesh. And then the pleasure returned. A wet, tight, gorgeous pleasure. I saw Lisa. I saw her golden eyes. She was smiling at me and backlit by a brilliant white light.

The images and sounds were coming faster now. Still out of sequence, jarring. Nothing flowed. But a familiar subject, lustful pleasure. Raw sexual sounds and emotions. Adrenaline running through my brain.

“Yes! Yes!”

Not my voice. Definitely feminine. Definitely in heat of passion. Water. Lots of water. A bathtub filling to the brim. A steam engine bulging from too much pressure.

“Oh, fuck me! Harder!”

Still not my voice. My legs hurt. A dull ache from too much activity. More water. A pipeline, an underground water main with gallons upon gallons rushing through it. The definite picture of a pair of gorgeous tits. Full melons heaving and topped with juicily erect nipples.

“Fill me! Coat my insides! Fill me!”

A gigantic waterfall. The roaring power. The wind swirling. A tidal wave crashing to the surf ready to obliterate all that came before it.

And I was awake.

My eyes were still closed, but I knew my consciousness had returned. And all it could focus on was the fact that I was cumming. My balls were tight and my shaft was embedded in a wet snatch. After a moment, my ears picked out the definite sounds of a female orgasm ripping through the air. My hands were clamped down on a pair of pliant asscheeks. My hips were unmoving, flat against a bed. All of my strength was embedded in my arms, holding her body tightly against me as I fired my load up into her willing body. I could feel that same strength pouring out of me with each shot.

At last I was drained, and my arms relaxed, and the room was silent. And I opened my eyes. And with the biggest smile on her face, there was the beautiful face of Trinh.

I blinked several times, mass confusion contorting my face. My hands were still on her ass, my dick buried in her cunt. Sweat ran in rivulets down both our faces, partially smearing her blue eyeshadow. We were in Lisa’s room, on Lisa’s bed. And apparently we had just finished some very aerobic shagging. I managed to mutter, “How did you–?”

The door popped open. I heard Lisa’s sweet voice before I saw her. “Hey honey, are you up yet? I got us some breakf–“

She stopped dead in her tracks. Lisa’s hair was loose and flowing down her back. She had a pained expression on her face. She wore simple morning clothes, a baggy T-shirt and sweatshorts. She held in her hands a drink-caddy with two Starbucks Grande’s and a bagel bag. “What’s going on here?” Her voice was quiet, wavering.

“Oh, Lisa, you’re back!” Trinh tossed her hair and dismounted me. My soft cock popped out of her with a noticeable slurp. If Trinh noticed that anything was wrong with Lisa, she certainly didn’t say anything. Trinh grabbed a bathrobe that was hanging off the desk chair, slipping into it. “He was so good up my friggin’ ass last night, I had to try him in my cunt this morning!” If possible, she smiled even wider. “And he’s just as good up in there!”

Trinh leaned forwards on her way out and pecked Lisa on the lips. “See you both tonight.” And she was off down the hallway.

With the door still slightly ajar, Lisa looked straight at me. A small pout tugged at the corners of her lips, her golden eyes were dull and watery. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say. She turned to the door suddenly, and then she was gone.


I sat in a booth by myself at Starbucks. I’d popped the lid off my Mochiatto and was idly stirring it. My mind was replaying all of the events of the past two days. It all began Friday night. Classes were done. Finals were up. Graduation was only a few days away. Tim, my buddy, and I just went to grab a beer with another friend. A couple atalar escort bayan wrong (or right?) turns and I found myself screwing the hell out of two hot sorority chicks. Saturday night, we were invited to join four of them in a big six-way orgy. The guys rotated among the girls, and it was all in good fun. A great way to unwind after a hectic school week. None of us were particularly attached to anyone else, so it wasn’t cheating to sleep with one of the other girls.

But Lisa was special. I knew it from the first night. And even in the middle of Saturday’s sexfest, the two of us slipped away to be by ourselves. We weren’t “together,” but we had a connection. And now on Sunday morning she had run from me. The more I thought about it, I figured that the problem wasn’t that I’d slept with Trinh. From the way Trinh reacted, she probably thought it was no big deal either. The problem was that she’d found us alone together, in private, and not in the middle of an orgy shared between sisters. The fact that we were in Lisa’s bed probably didn’t help matters.

“Hey there, stud.”

I looked up from my coffee, and there were the blue-accented eyes sliding into the booth with me. She turned away for a moment, said goodbye to another KDPhier I didn’t know too well, then turned back to me. I easily admitted, Trinh was beautifully put together. Her hair was up, artfully twisted with what appeared to be a lacquered chopstick through the middle instead of a clip. Long bangs framed her face and accented her jawline. A black choker wonderfully showed off her neck and drew attention downwards to where her exposed cleavage formed an erection-friendly little valley. A short, satiny black jacket over soft tube top that matched the color of her eye shadow and the ubiquitous black microskirt completed the ensemble. In an effort not to stare at her tits for too long, I looked away and noticed at least three guys behind her almost drooling as they ogled her form.

She slid over in the seat until her butt bumped against my hip, then plopped her coffee cup down next to mine.

“You were great this morning. It’s amazing how well you can screw when you’re not even conscious. It makes me wonder what we can do when I have you fully awake!”

She was leaning in at me with a look of pure lust on her face. I watched as her hand reached out and definitely grabbed my coffee cup. She lifted it to her mouth, taking a slow sip. When she put the cup down, a little macchiato trickled out the corner of her mouth. Her tongue darted out to catch it, then oh-so- sexily trailed across her lower lip.

My head was swimming. All I could do was grunt.

“After last night, I was thinking of keeping you for myself.” She leaned in ever closer. “Besides, I’ve been wanting to feel your cock rammed all the way up my ass all morning.”

At this point I think I stopped breathing. My eyes were wide as a vision of her pouty buttcheeks spread in my hands and my rod disappearing slowly up her backdoor penetrated into my mind. Trinh reached over again, taking a sip of my coffee. Then, taking advantage of my inert state, she grabbed my head in her hands, and tilted it back. Halfway lifting herself from the bench seat, her eyes closed and her lips descended to mine. Every sense in my body was attuned to experiencing her tongue parting my lips, then the surprising flow of macchiato as she fed the sweet liquid into my mouth.

I gagged for only a second, a droplet falling out the corner of my mouth before I swallowed the rest. When she released the kiss, she ducked her head to lick up my jawline, catching the droplet and then tonguing my ear.

My eyes fluttered open and I saw the same three guys watching us, enraptured. One was now actually drooling as I realized that Trinh’s ass, encased skintight in the microskirt, was now pointed directly at them. My eyes tracked leftwards past the back of Trinh’s head as I heard her begin to mutter nasty thoughts into my ear. And that’s when I saw her.

With the same look as this morning in her room, Lisa pushed open the door and fled from the café. My jaw dropped.

I felt a hand grab my fully erect cock through my pants. With an obvious pump on it, the last thing Trinh whispered in my ear was, “See you tonight.” Then she gathered up her purse and was gone.


I was walking down the sidewalk in the darkness, not quite sure exactly where I was. I’d lost track of the time and the illumination from street lamps cast ominous shadows all around me. As I walked aimlessly I tried to sort out my situation. I really cared for Lisa. Granted, I barely knew the girl and the majority of our interactions had revolved around group sex. But I still felt a connection there. On the other hand, we were not dating, had no declarations of being “together,” and the physical side of our relationships had been far from monogamous. And while I didn’t feel any special connection with Trinh, she and the other girls represented the wild sex every ataşehir escort bayan guy dreams of. I hardly wanted to give up the opportunity to make booty calls on four (if not more) hot women for the near future. I found that I was convincing myself that Lisa didn’t want me monogamously for herself alone, she just wanted to be my preferred among the four of them. She only took exception to finding me one-on-one with Trinh.

At this point I felt a hard tug on my shoulder. I was spun around and then abruptly stopped as Tim shook me. “Dude, where have you been? Daphne told me we were supposed to be there at ten! We’re already late and I wanna get some tonight!” My head was still swimming and I allowed him to pull me to his car, which was now idling by the curb. He opened the door and shoved me inside, and I was in a daze the whole way to Greek Row.

Without thinking too hard, I got out of the car and followed him across the lawn to the same sliding door we’d accidentally entered last Friday. It seemed like weeks ago. He rapped on the glass twice, then slid it open. Tim’s body lurched backwards into me and I braced him for a moment as he staggered to regain his balance. Aika had apparently launched herself through the open door wearing a little blue Japanese schoolgirl outfit, and once Tim dropped her onto Daphne’s bed and buried his face in her cunt, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath the short skirt.

I entered the room after, and slid the door closed then pulled the blinds back into place. A soft hand took my cheek and turned it, and soft lips captured my own. My head still wasn’t working right as my body simply reacted, kissing back as the fire began to rage in my loins. In the middle of this, not a single coherent thought entered my mind.

When the kiss ended, I opened my eyes to see a smiling Daphne before me. Her bobbed hair nicely framed her face, and I let my eyes drift to her bountiful bosom as well as looking around the rest of the room. Trinh was the only other one present; Lisa was nowhere to be seen. “We drew straws,” Daphne was explaining. “Lisa called to say she would be late. Aika won, so she got whoever came in the door first. I got second, so you’re all mine.” She turned back and smirked at Trinh. “Trinh lost, so she’s gotta watch for the first round.”

Just enjoy it, I told myself. We’re just a group of people with no specific attachments to each other. Tim and Daphne were almost an item, but there he goes after Aika and Daphne’s here with me. With my mind on autopilot, my hands slipped to Daphne’s pink blouse. Her large and round boobs were denting it out rather nicely, and when I opened just two buttons, the firmness of her tits popped open the rest and her blouse came undone.

I reached behind her and unsnapped the bra, letting it slip off her shoulders and revealing probably the best bust on campus. Whatever doctor had created those deserved a Nobel Prize. I was quick to bury my head in those firm globes, tasting a sweet nipple. With her hands on my hips, Daphne led me to the floor, my feet facing back at the soft armchair by the front door where Trinh reclined, still in the same black outfit I’d seen her in this afternoon, her feet propped up on a large footrest.

Still topless, Daphne quickly shucked my clothes off, tossing them all into a corner. I could tell from the wetness glinting in the light that she was already wet and ready to go. She slipped off the rest of her clothes, leaving her as naked as I, then turned around and straddled me. This left her butt pressing down in my lap, my achingly hard cock trapped lengthwise underneath her crotch, her back to me. I sat up and wrapped my arms around to take firm grip on her fabulous tits (I can never say enough about how great those are) as my head descended to nibble at the back of her neck. With her knees planted on either side of me, she elevated her hips slightly and took a hold of my erect member. Then, backing up and positioning me in my fully upright and locked position, she embedded my rod in the fiery furnace of her pussy. With Daphne facing backwards, the end of my shaft nudged against her G-spot.

Trinh watched us strip and begin to fuck through heavy-lidded eyes. Still in the armchair, I watched Trinh pull the chopstick out and shake her hair out, as it fell in waves about her shoulders. She leaned forwards and slipped off the jacket, then with that lifting motion all women instinctively know, pulled the tube top up and over her head, showing off her bra-less breasts. She kicked off the shoes, slipped the skirt and panties down her legs and off, and plunged her fingers deep into her own cunt. The black satin choker stayed around her neck.

I had my cock buried up Daphne’s inferno of a pussy, her internal muscles squeezing and caressing me to ever-increasing heights of ecstasy. In my palms I had wonderfully firm, large, and round breasts. In my eyes I watched Trinh stripping and revealing every inch of skin on her beautifully avcılar escort toned body as well as beginning to masturbate her self. I was in heaven. For a few minutes, Lisa never entered my head.

Not too far from me, I craned my neck to see Tim flat on his back across Daphne’s pink bedspread. Aika’s hands were tied with strips of cloth at one end. The other ends of cloth stretched to the tops of the posts at the head of Daphne’s four-poster bed. The shirt of her uniform was pushed up and above her gyrating breasts, which were pulled by gravity downwards towards his face as the makeshift bonds forced her to lean forwards. She still wore the skirt as he thrust upwards and into her pussy with the bounce of the bed. Small and cute little moans escaped Aika’s mouth mixed with high-pitched yelps as she rode him, her arms spread upwards and outwards.

As Daphne and I watched Trinh spread her pussy lips wide, Daphne rode me like an animal, turned on by the sexy show before us. “Dammit, Trinh. Get over her and lie down,” Daphne finally snapped. Trinh dismounted the chair and sat on the footrest, scooting it and her hips over within reach. She lay back and supported herself with her arms, which wonderfully thrust her bosom into the air at me. A sly grin spread across her face as Daphne, still wrapped around my cock, leaned forwards to Trinh and reached her tongue out to taste her friend.

When Daphne’s head really started going into Trinh’s cunt, Trinh let out a sigh of pleasure, saying “Daphne is really just sooooo good at this.”

The piercing shriek that always signaled an Aika orgasm filled the room. Her hips were slamming down onto Tim’s shaft as his tongue reached out to Aika’s swaying breasts. After a moment, she stopped, sagging downwards. The only thing still holding her up were the ties stretching out her arms.

Tim reached out and undid the knots, and Aika dropped, near exhaustion, onto him. But Tim was nowhere near done yet. He flipped her over, pointing her head at the foot of the bed and lifting her ankles, tying them into the cloth strips still hanging from the posts. Then, with Aika flat on her back, he lifted her ass in his hands; and his rock hard member plunged deep into her.

Daphne truly was a talent as Trinh came quickly, a shuddering orgasm that rippled through her entire body. Paused for a moment, she collapsed backwards into the armchair once again. Once Daphne no longer had to focus on Trinh, I was determined to get her off. My hands pressed into her hips, leaving imprints as I drove her back onto my rod over and again. She regained control in her legs as she lifted herself off me until my arms slammed her back down again. A few more thrusts as my shaft pressed against her G-spot and Daphne was moaning out her release. I felt the wash of her juices flooding her cunt, for a moment cooling off that inferno. I myself was very close, but there was something I wanted to try first.

When Daphne came down from her little high, I lifted her off me and directed her to lie on her back. When I straddled her chest, Daphne’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “You men all think the same thing,” she said in a fake mocking tone. Her hands then pushed her voluptuous breasts up to encase my engorged rod nestled in her cleavage.

I began to make short thrusting motions as Daphne tit fucked me. Most girls don’t have the tits to pull this off, and the feeling of her warm flesh encasing me was rapidly drawing me over the edge. Trinh seemed to anticipate this and now that she’d recovered, Trinh joined Daphne on the floor placing her face next to Daphne’s. With only a few more strokes I was spurting, coating first Daphne’s face then Trinh’s in my spunk, the last few shots pooling into a puddle in the middle of Daphne’s breasts.

Worn out for the moment, I toppled off of her, catching my breath against the wall. Trinh had gotten up to move and was now licking every droplet of my cum off of Daphne, taking special care to lick clean Daphne’s heaving tits.

Meanwhile, Tim was also apparently reaching boiling point. Aika had shrieked one more time as I was screwing Daphne’s tits, and cried out again as another wave swept through her. Her arms were across her face in a poor attempt to muffle the sound. Tim must have been pretty good. In the midst of this latest orgasm, with Aika’s legs still tied spread eagle to the posts, he crested and was pumping the petite Japanese girl full of his semen. He emptied out, then released her legs and lay back against the headrest on the bed to recover himself.

Daphne, now freshly tongued off, squealed. “I love the taste of Tim’s jizz!” She bounded up and attacked Aika’s worn body. Her tongue went to her used cunt where Daphne began to slurp up the mingled love juices.

I lay back against the wall gasping for breath as I watched this scene before me. Trinh came over and ducked her head, capturing my flaccid cock in her mouth and tonguing it back to life. She licked and licked like it was her favorite lollipop. Her tongue was an imp dancing across the head. Her head kept bobbing up and down the shaft as her cool hands caressed my hard balls and squeezed the base of my member. With her eyes boring into mine, she sucked powerfully and brought my erection back to full length. At this point, she relaxed her muscles and deep throated me the whole way down as the eroticism of this sent me into pleasure orbit.

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