The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 02

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I went to the doctor and got the required prescription of “dick hardener” and administered it just after Penny left the house that next Wednesday. About noon, I strolled (more like ran) over to Alan and Carol’s house. I had no idea about what I was going to find. I rang the doorbell and after a few moments, the door swung wide open.

There was Carol, completely naked.

“It’s about time you got here, sweetie!” She chortled, “We desperately need your cock.”

I could believe what I was seeing and hearing. Jim had Penny on her back on the sofa ramming his big dick in and out of her cunt like no tomorrow. He was holding her legs by her ankles and he was growling,

“How do like this big cock, bitch? I’m gonna ram you until you scream.”

Penny was just screaming, “Fuck, fuck, fuck” every time he thrust deep into her cunt.

Alan was on some cushions on the floor pounding Renee from behind. She was bouncing around enjoying herself.

“Fuck that pussy! Gimme that dick! Harder! Harder! Slap those balls against my twot”

The sounds of slapping flesh were almost deadening. Rick was over in a chair with a 40 or so year old woman sucking on his cock. She had a great body with large firm breasts with large dark areolae. She had a great ass with one of those “Fuck Me” tattoos on her lower back. I figured Jim must have brought her to the festivities.

Carol said, “We’ve got to get you out of those clothes and have you start fucking me.”

She had me naked in a nano second and my cock was so hard it hurt. Carol wrapped her mouth around it and moving in and out of her mouth/

“MMmmmmmmmm, delicious!”

She took me by the hand and paraded me by Penny who was now being fucked into oblivion from behind by Jim.

“Look who else we invited to our Fuck Fest, Penny,” Carol laughed.

Penny saw me and gasped. However, at virtually the same time, Jim hit a good spot in her cunt with his cock and she couldn’t stop fucking him. She actually started groaning loader.

Carol sat me down in a chair and started to give a world class blow job. She moved up and down on my cock, nibbled and licked my balls and would rim me. I couldn’t let her get away with that so I got up and made her sit in the chair. I put her legs over the arm chairs. We were sucking hard on each other’s tongues and I was squeezing and fondling her tits.

I moved my mouth down to her pussy and started slurping on her clit and flicking at it with my tongue. Then I began to tongue fuck her. kartal escort She was really getting hot and I feel the sexual tension in her body rising at an explosive rate. I took my tongue out and rimmed her anus and then started sucking hard on her clit while I finger fucked her into a huge orgasm. She squirted a flood out of her pussy and all over me, the floor and the furniture.

As she was heaving from the orgasm, I rammed my cock past her sopping pussy lips and started pumping furiously. I was pumping so hard and fast, Carol started having a wave of orgasms. With the added stimulation of watching Penny getting fucked, I had a massive load of cum that had to go somewhere.

“Carol, I’m gonna FLOOD your cunt with my cum,”

“Quit talking and just do it, Hose it, hose my pussy. I want every drop.”

“UUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!,” As my cock shot white hot ropes of cum into her cunt.

She twitched with every cock spasm. After we spent ourselves and embraced and French kissed. Carol again paraded me past Penny who looked aghast at what she had just witnessed.

Carol said, “What’s the matter, honey?” standing there proudly covered in sweat and my cum draining from her pussy.

Penny replied, “You just fucked my husband.”

“Interesting comment from a woman who is laying there with two loads of another man’s cum in her pussy. Don’t be a hypocrite Penny. We can have fun too!”

Carol extended her neck towards Penny as we walked past and whispered, “He’s a great fuck, by the way, I hope you take advantage of his cock in private.” That was a real dig.

Penny was stunned but what could she say. Just about that time Jim came over with some wine for Penny and one of those special baked goods. At first, Penny wasn’t interested but soon she began to drink some wine and nibble at the snacks.

Carol, meanwhile, took me over to introduce me to the newest member of the group. Her name was Tina and she had been dating Jim for a while. She seemed really sweet. At this point, I had forgotten about Penny and she, apparently, had decided she wanted more cum.

Tina and I sat down and talked while we drank some wine. Just some small talk but my inhibitions had flown out the window. I told her in all sincerity about how pretty I thought she was. She smiled demurely. Completely out of character, I picked up her hair brush and started gently stroking her long straight brown hair.

“I hope you don’t mind. It’s just so irresistible.”

“Oh, kurtköy escort that’s nice. I love having a man brushing my hair.”

I brushed her hair for a good while and then I decided to nibble on her neck. She loved it. She tilted her head so I could have full access and I took advantage. I stood up and took her hand to stand up as well. We were face to face with me having a full erection. I took her in my arms and kissed her. We both eagerly probed our mouths with our tongues. I began to gently stroke and kiss her nipples. She moaned softly and lifted her head in pleasure. I took her hand and we found the floor cushions.

We laid down together and made love. I loved her body with my tongue and lips. I took great delight in stroking her soft downy body hair and tender skin. We were both in ecstasy and without a word we were locked instantly together with my hard cock inside her wet hot pussy. Her legs were wrapped tightly around me. Our mouths were locked together and I was sliding my dick slowly in and out from the tip to the balls. This was just the perfect fuck. I picked up the pace and intensity at just the right time. She was softly moaning with each pump. Her face was grimaced in ecstasy and her mouth was wide open as she silently came.

My orgasm was noisier but this time, I think, my lover really craved my white hot seed. I shot every drop I had into her pussy. After we came, we just held, softly stroked and kissed each other.

Alan and Rick had taken Penny to another room while Tina and I were fucking. That was probably a good idea given Penny’s jealousy and double standards. She was now high enough that Rick and Alan were playing with all sorts of things including her asshole. Alan had a big dildo in her pussy and Rick had begun putting a small well-lubed vibrator in and out of her ass.

“OOOH, OOOH, gently, gently” She groaned.

After a while, Rick changed to a larger and larger device. Alan was now stimulating her clit with a vibrator while Carol was gorging herself on Penny’s tits.

Jim and I set our sights on Renee who was now ripe for the taking. Renee had a magnificent ass for being thin and it turned out that she was an anal sex veteran. We were in a separate room and we had Renee spread out on her back with her head off the bed, chin up. Jim approached her from the top of her head and began fucking her mouth. I had her legs spread and was tongue fucking her and rimming her ass. She was going nuts. She was heaving maltepe escort and out of breath. I jumped on the bed on my back. Jim and I then moved Renee on top of me, cowboy style. I put my cock in her pussy and started pumping in and out to get deep inside. We were fucking and she really started to get into it. Jim climbed up on the bed with shitload of lube dripping from his dick. He positioned himself behind Renee’s ass. She had no idea about what was going to happen. Jim in one seamless move positioned her ass perfectly and pushed his big cock right in.

Renee was pumping my cock in her pussy when she just stopped dead and her eyes almost popped out of her head. It was her first DP (and mine). Pretty soon, Rick and I were alternating our cocks. All three of us could feel the throbbing of the dicks. Renee was screaming incoherent expletives at the top of her lungs. She was convulsing with multiple orgasms. Since Jim and I had chemically enhanced dicks, we kept pumping until she could take no more and collapsed on the bed.

We were all lying in bed together laughing and carrying on. We were having a great time. Tina came in after 40 winks and joined in the party. Carol came running in the room.

“Jack, come now!”


“Now Jack”

I got up and followed her. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Alan and Rick were DP’ing Penny.

And she was loving it.

“Deeper, Baby. I want to feel your balls against my ass.” Penny Hissed.

Carol whispered, “Alan is going to pull out of her ass. When he does, you get up there and fuck the shit out her pooper.”

I was rock hard with this proposition.

Alan pulled out and Penny whimpered, “I want that cock back in my ass NOW!! Fuck me in my ass!!”

I jumped up on the bed and positioned myself with my well lubed dick at her asshole. Then I took the dive. I was fucking my wife in the ass.

“OOOOOOH, OOOOOOH, That’s better baby, don’t take your dick out without my permission, Fuck me Fuck me.”

I don’t know if it was the frustration of having to jump through the machinations to get to this point with my wife, anger or lust but I started fucking my wife’s ass hard, really hard. Amazingly, she was really into it. Rick was pumping her pussy hard. She literally had an orgasmic explosion. I was swelling up with cum and shortly after her explosion, I blew my load in her ass.

She collapsed face down, sucking and gasping for air. Carol bent over and whispered,

“How was that for a first time, Honey?”

“It was FANTASTIC!!” Penny breathlessly exclaimed.

“Your husband certainly thought so, he’s the one that came in your ass.”

Penny swung around in confusion and alarm, She saw me standing there with my softening cock dripping cum. I just waved, “Hi there. Remember Me?”

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