The “Perks” of Authority

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It started innocently enough. Gina just needed some help with her English Lit. Paper, so she went to see Father Mike who was the head of the English Department at St. Clarence’s. When she had first transferred to the all girls private school, she had been very nervous. She was eighteen, and a year older than most of the girls in her class. In addition, she did not know anybody at this school, and she was nervous about making new friends. But even though the uniforms sucked, and she did not see her parents much, she had adjusted well to life on the campus. She had many friends, and genuinely enjoyed the classes with the priests and nuns. In addition, because the student body was so small, she got a lot of one on one attention when she needed it.

This is what brought her to see Father Mike on that cloudy, spring day. She wore her plaid skirt, white knee sock, and black and white saddle oxfords as always, but her white shirt was missing a button near the top and she hadn’t had time to repair it this morning. She hoped Father Mike would not notice that her now ample cleavage was showing a bit too much. Priests didn’t notice those things did they? She pulled her shirt closed with one hand, but knew her breasts would not allow it to stay that way when she removed her hand.

The breezy spring day mussed Gina’s long blonde hair, and she tried to comb it with her fingers as she entered the English Department’s building. At 5’7″ tall, and 130 lbs, Gina didn’t stand out physically from most of the other girls at school, except for her hair. It hung to her waist and very fine. So blonde as to be almost white. She knew it was her best feature, and it certainly was her favorite. Her body was well developed, with C up breasts and a wonderfully heart shaped ass, but Gina was unaware of the way men looked at her. She had been in all girl schools since grade school, and had very little interaction with boys. She heard her friends talk about sex, and blowjobs, and masturbating, but she hadn’t really experimented at all, except for some tentative attempts at masturbation. She really didn’t know what the big deal was.

She knocked on the door to Father Mike’s office, and heard his deep baritone tell her to “enter”. She had talked to Father Mike many times, and his voice always thrilled her in a way she didn’t know how to describe. He was about 40, with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was always clean shaven and smelled wonderfully of some type of leather scented soap. Gina had also noticed how large and strong Father Mike’s hands were, she had even attempted to imagine him touching her breasts while trying to masturbate in the shower, but she always had to stop because she felt guilty about thinking such thoughts about a priest.

Father Mike was dressed as always, in black slacks, and a black dress shirt. He only wore the collar when addressing the students en masse, and it somehow made him seem more “human” when he wasn’t wearing it.

“Please Gina, sit down” he said, his deep voice rolling through her like a wave. As she sat, she noticed he waited a second or two before sitting himself, his eyes trained on her exposed flesh where the button had fallen off her blouse. Was it her imagination, or did he have a hint of a smile?

“What brings you to see me today Gina? I trust everything is okay at home?”

“Yes Father, the problem is with my English Lit. class.” Gina began, ” I’m having some problems understanding the reading materials”

“How so?” said Father Mike.

“Well, Chaucer, and Shakespeare were great writers I suppose, but I don’t know what half the stuff means when I read it. And the more I read it, the more confused I become.” Gina pendik escort explained.

Father Mike chuckled and said, “Well, you certainly aren’t the first to struggle with the classics. Why don’t you slide your chair around here and let’s look at some of it together and see if we can’t decipher it a little better”

Gina moved her chair around the desk and slid it next to Father Mike’s. When she sat down again, she noticed that another button had popped open on her blouse, but she didn’t want to try and button it for fear she would bring attention to it. She didn’t want Father Mike to think she had done it on purpose, and truthfully, she liked the way he was looking at her. It made her tingly in her most private areas. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t want it to stop either.

As they began going over the text, they moved closer together. Father Mike put his arm on the back of Gina’s chair, and they were so close their knees were touching. The intoxicating smell of his leather scent and the warmth of his big, lean body were making Gina swoon a little. Each time he read out loud, the deep rumble of his voice made her shiver inside.

As he reached across her lap to turn the page, his big, meaty hand brushed the exposed flesh of her breast. This made Gina close her eyes and sigh a little. This reaction seemed to catch Father Mike’ attention. Gina opened her eyes and saw him staring right into hers. The look on his face was something she had never seen before. He was flushed and he looked a little angry.

“Gina”, Father Mike said, “did you come in here with the intent of seducing me? Maybe to get me to change your grade? I saw the way you were displaying your breasts when you came in, and thought that you might be playing a game. I had hoped not, but now…”

“No Father, I swear, I just lost a button and had no time to repair it this morning.” Gina knew she was babbling, but she was so embarrassed she didn’t know what to say. “Please Father, I just wanted your help on my assignment.”

“Then explain your reaction when I accidentally touched you, which wouldn’t have happened if you had not been half undressed by the way.” Father Mike snapped.

Gina knew better than to lie to a priest, so even though it embarrassed her to no end, she told him about how she had thought about his hands touching her.

“And how did thinking those thoughts make you feel?” Father Mike asked. He was calmer now, and his voice had a different tone.

“I don’t know” Gina said, “good I guess. Kind of excited too”

“Stand up Gina” Father Mike said.

Gina stood and Father Mike reached around her and pushed her chair back. As he did this, his hands brushed her thigh, and it seemed they lingered a few seconds longer than necessary. Gina swooned again. She felt a warm wetness in her panties. Father Mike told her to stand with her arms at her sides.

To Gina’s surprise he reached up and put his hand on her full breasts. His eyes widened as he felt her erect nipples through the fabric of her blouse.

“Well, well” Father Mike said. “Now I see. Okay Gina, since you obviously aren’t happy wearing your uniform, take it off. NOW”

Gina was a little afraid, and very embarrassed, but she would never disobey the priest, so she pulled the tails of her shirt out, and unbuttoned the rest of her buttons. She removed the shirt, and then stuck her thumbs in the waist band of her plaid skirt, and slid it down to her ankles.

Standing in front of the priest in only her bra and panties, her skirt around her white stockinged ankles, Gina was surprised to feel her embarrassment slip away and a new feeling of excitement rise up in her.

Father maltepe escort Mike raised one of his strong hands and slid it up her inner thigh. When his fingers touched the soft cloth of her cotton panties, he felt the wet, stickiness there. He rubbed his finger against her a few times, then he did the oddest thing. He put his finger to his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes closed, he looked like he was smelling the finest bouquet of roses in the world.

His eyes snapped open and he looked right into her eyes as he placed his hand back on her moist crotch.

“Gina, you are a bad girl. A slut. You know that don’t you? Good girls don’t get all excited and wet. They don’t think about sex all the time. You are very naughty Gina. But there is something you can do when these thoughts come to you. It is called masturbation and although the church says it is a sin, it is much better than giving in to your desires and having sex with boys”

Gina was stunned, she had never even thought about having sex with a boy. Not a boy. But right now she was wondering about sex with a man. This man. This priest. Ohhh she was bad.

“Gina, take off your bra and your panties.” Father Mike instructed.

She did this and he guided her up onto his desk where she sat facing him. Father Mike stood in front of her now. He described how she could touch herself and masturbate thus getting rid of the bad thoughts. Gina was getting more and more excited as she listened to his deep voice describe the whole thing. Without thought, her hand slid between her legs and she began touching herself in exactly the way Father Mike was describing. Her other hand slid up and began cupping her full breasts one at a time and pinching her nipples. Her head back, her eyes closed, Gina rocked back and forth on the desk.

“Oh Gina, you are a nasty little slut aren’t you? You are enjoying this a whole lot more than you should. You are a nasty little cunt who just wants a man’s cock aren’t you?”

Gina couldn’t believe it when she heard herself say, “yes, yes, Father Mike. I am a slut, and I do want a cock inside me. I want YOUR cock inside me Father Mike.”

Her eyes popped open and Gina expected Father Mike to be outraged. Instead, she saw he was now standing before her with his black slacks pulled down, and his big, thick, cock in his hand.

“This is what happens when you nasty, little, cock teasing whores tempt a man. And I will now have to masturbate as well! I hope you are happy.” Father Mike said.

Gina was more than happy, she was incredibly turned on by the scene before her. She had never seen a real cock before, but she was sure they couldn’t all be as big and swollen as the one in Father Mike’s hand. All she knew is she wanted, no she needed that cock inside her. She reached out a hand and touched Father Mike’s cock. It felt hot and heavy. She wrapped her hand around it and began to pull towards her dripping pussy.

“Please, please Father Mike, please..”

“No Gina, it is wrong. But let me..” he stuck first one, then two of his thick fingers inside her tight slit. He did this without warning and the sensation made Gina buck against his hand with excitement.

“I’m just going to use some of your pussy butter to make my cock slick so I can masturbate easier.” He said. But Gina grabbed his wrist and forced his hand harder against her aching cunt.

“Dammit girl!, you are really a slutty little, cock craving whore!” Father Mike exclaimed. This only seemed to make Gina more excited. He pulled his fingers out and began to rub his engorged cock head around her dripping slit, coating it with her copious juices. Then he moved back and began stroking kartal escort his thick shaft once again.

By now, Gina was laying wantonly back on the desk and desperately fucking her wet pussy with the fingers of one hand while pinching and squeezing her nipples with the other. Her moans were low and throaty, and she squirmed across the desk trying desperately to touch Father Mike’s big pole with her dripping twat.

Finally Father Mike said, “Gina, stop it. Stop your wiggling this instant you dirty little cunt.”

Gina instantly froze. Father Mike loomed over her and as he put one hand on the desk he leaned over her and said. “Do not move. I am going to touch you again to get more juice on my cock. You musn’t move. We cannot take a chance on this going any further.”

Gina nodded, but as soon as she felt the swollen head of Father Mike’s cock touch her moist slit, her body writhed in ecstasy. As soon as she moved Father Mike’s cock head slid inside her virgin slit. Gina bucked and moaned with pure lust.

“Oh, now you’ve done it, you little whore. Look what you have done. You want it? Fine!”

And with that Father Mike drove all of his considerable length and girth deep inside the young eighteen year old. Gina howled with abandon. She had never imagined anything like this in her wildest dreams. Father Mike plowed into her again and again. Deeper, harder, grunting all the while and calling Gina a slut, a dirty whore, and anything else he could think of. On top of the physical nirvana that Gina was experiencing, the sound of his deep voice calling her all those filthy names turned Gina on even more.

All of a sudden, Father Mike stopped. He pulled his throbbing member out of her clenching vaginal walls and grabbed her by the hips. He flipped her over as easy as if she had been a doll, so that she was on her belly. As soon as she came to rest on the desktop again, she felt Father Mike’s huge cock ram back into her now hungry cunt. As he plowed into her again and again he began saying “I know all about what you little cunts like. You cock teasing whore.”

Then he began to finger her tight virgin ass as he fucked her for all she was worth. Pretty soon he had to fingers in her butt and Gina was in heaven. She had never imagined it could be like this. She came over and over, and just as she thought she would pass out from the pleasure, Father Mike pulled out and using her long blonde hair, he pulled her around until her face was right in front of his cock. With one hand he stroked himself, and with the other, he guided her mouth to the big purple head of his rod. Gina hungrily swallowed as much of his cock as she could, and Father Mike reached over her and stuck two fingers roughly in her asshole again, sending Gina into another fit or orgasms. As soon as she begin to come, she felt Father Mike’s cock swell in her mouth, and then stream after stream of hot, sweet cum began shooting into her throat. Gina almost choked, and though she couldn’t swallow it all, she took Father Mike’s load in her mouth and let it dribble out the sides as he continued to fuck her face.

When he was spent, Father Mike stepped back, pulled up his trousers and walked to the door of the office.

He turned to her then, where she lay prostrate on the desk. “Gina, two things you must understand. First, this never happened. It can’t happen. Do you understand?”

Reluctantly Gina nodded. She knew what he said was true, but he had unleashed a hunger in her that might not be so easily controlled.

“Secondly,” the priest said, “your tutoring sessions will be held in my apartment from now on”

He smiled lasciviously when he said this and then he left. Gina began gathering her clothes before the full implication of Father Mike’s words hit her. When it did, she felt her knees weaken and her hand slid between her legs once again to feel the beautiful soreness that she now craved, and would experience again.

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