The Perils of Matt and Melissa

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Double Penetration

(A story about incest among other taboos)

Chapter 1
1717 Hickory Lane

Matt was in love with the prettiest girl in school, Melissa Hodges. What she lacked in popularity she made up for with innate beauty. He didn’t care that she came from the wrong end of town or what type of clothes she wore. He was hooked, she was too, and together, they knew they would be together forever. There was only one obstacle…

“Matthew! Get in here this minute. I don’t want you seen with that trollop.” Matt’s mom slurred in between drags on her cigarette. She had been divorced for some time now and the alimony was enough to pay the mortgage and her leisurely days. It showed, her hair was a mess, and at three o’clock in the afternoon she still only wore a bathrobe and slippers. Matt was ashamed, embarrassed, and scared. He could hear the alcohol on her voice and he knew that meant bad things for him.

Melissa leant forward and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, smiled at Mrs. Albinue, and continued walking down Hickory Lane. “Bye, bye Baby. Don’t let her get to you.” One day she would have Matt all to herself. She could put up with her comments until then. Matt raced across the street not looking back.

She sighed wondering what abuse he would have to endure this time. The last time she had lost her temper he came to school with deep red scratches across his face. They had to make up a story that they had gotten into a fight and things got a little out of hand. Lies Melissa thought, not this time. She would be there for him, but she wouldn’t let others believe that she caused any of his injuries. How could ataşehir escort bayan her love for him be so true if she hurt him so easily.

“You’re in deep shit mister.” Janice said cuffing Matt’s head as he passed. Matt stood in the foyer of their two story Victorian home. His ear had turned crimson where she had struck him. He could smell the sour odor of beer on her breath. In two quick steps she slammed the door and smacked him again. “You’re going to be just like your father, and leave me for some slut. Aren’t I enough for you?” Each word was accentuated with a strike. By the time she had finished flailing, a heavy pendulous tit had slipped from her robe. Her dark brown, areola was taught and wrinkled, serving as a platter for her gumdrop sized nipple.

“You’re going to leaving just like he did.” She said as she began to sob. “Then I’ll be all alone. Who will take care of your mother?

“I won’t leave you mom.” Matt stepped forward into her arms.

“You’re good to your mommy.” She said smiling stroking her son’s head. “I get worried sometimes, that’s all.” She began to smile. Maybe it was because she knew she had manipulated her son as she expected, maybe it was the dose of power she felt coursing through her body, or maybe it was the heat growing in her pussy. She could feel euphoric waves with every thought. Slowly she lowered her sons head to her exposed breast. “Make mommy feel good.”

Matt, overwhelmed with guilt, did his mothers bidding. His mouth found her nipple. His tongue circled and licked. His teeth scraped and pulled. She lowered his hands to escort kadıöy her ass. She could feel her orgasm beginning in her toes, slowly creeping up her legs.

She began to direct him to the couch while he continued to worship her sensitive nipples. When the backs of his legs reached the edge of the couch she pushed backwards. He was biting when he fell and the sudden pain was enough to send her into a craze. She could feel her fluid began to moisten the inside of her thighs. “You were bad and mommy is going to have to punish you.” She said straddling his lap.

Her robe had come open to expose her hairy crotch and tits. She leaned within range of her son’s hungry mouth. In the process she grinded her pussy against his growing prick. They began a rhythm that Matt’s mom conducted. He would grasp her nipple with his teeth, only for her to retreat, giving her an opportunity to slide forward and dry fuck his cock. “Do you like what mommy’s doing? Should I stop? Does it feel good?” Every time his mother grinded her pussy against his pants she left a trail a cream. She had placed his hands on her hips and he was doing everything in his power to drag her over cock and balls.

“Yes. God, yes. Please don’t stop” Matt could barely catch his breath.

“And you’ll make me feel just as good?”

“Yes. I promise.”

“Let’s see what you have for me then.” She said, reaching between her legs feeling the stiffness of her son’s cock. She had trouble wrapping her hand around it. The thought of his big cock was driving her crazy. When she had a good hold, she directed her gyrations to the head maltepe escort of his cock, pushing until she could feel it , pants and all, against her opening.

She stopped to slide her hands under his waist band. The heat and roughness of her hands almost made him come. His dick sprang out of his pants. She slowly stroked the length of his dick. “Oooh baby, you’re going to make mommy feel soooo good.” Her other hand freed his balls and began kneading them.

She kissed his mouth hungrily, aiming his cock for her love hole. Then without warning, she bit his lip, and impaled herself on his shaft. Low moans escaped her mouth.

“Fuck your mommy, Matt. Fuck me.” She rose and fell like a machine, knowing precisely where to stop before his cock escaped her. She would relax her ass at the bottom of her stride, only to clench it as she rose, pulling and squeezing his balls. “Squeeze my nipples Matty. That’s it, harder.” Matt’s eyes rolled in his head. His balls were about to explode. “Don’t you dare cum you fuck.” She began to grind his dick like a maniac hoping to beat his climax with her own. Matt began to buck, meeting his mother’ strides, slamming his cock into her.

“I’m gonna cum mom. I can’t help it.”

“Not yet, I’m almost there.” She gritted her teeth and fucked him with every ounce of anger she had. She dug her nails into his chest. Matt moaned, and she could feel her pussy fill with his boiling cum. Before he could even finish she slid off of him. “You bastard! How could you do that to me? You’re just like your father. I hate you.” And she stormed out of the room leaving matt in shock on the couch.

“Mom, I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t be mad. I love you mom.” He called, but there was no answer, only the sound of a beer can cracking open in the kitchen.

Continued in:
The Walk Home
Chapter 2 of
The Perils of Matt and Melissa

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