The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 14

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Marcie’s Life After Graduation

Marcie was still recovering from the previous night’s celebration. Her pussy was deliciously sore and aftershocks from her many orgasms—if one could call them that—continued popping up at the most inopportune times, like when her parents were taking her to eat lunch that day.

She would be graduating with honors; notwithstanding, she had not found a job as yet and sat down at her computer to continue her search for employment as a musician/pianist the moment her parents left for home.

To date the ten jobs applied for had been dead ends, but as Laura always said, “There are a zillion jobs out there, and one of them has your name on it.”

She began searching a different city, still in Florida, but on the opposite side of the State that she’d been scouring. Crawfordville and Panama City each had several clubs that held promise, and she sent each an email containing her resume in hope of hitting pay dirt.

Moments later, Laura burst into the room shouting, “I got it! I got it!”

“What, you landed a job?” Marcie said surprised and pleased.

“Yeah, bitch!” she replied using her favorite nickname for her lover and roommate of four years. “And it’s with the Orlando Orchestra too!”

The Orlando Orchestra had been the first and only employer Laura had applied too.

“That’s incredible,” Marcie said.

“Isn’t it? It seems my letter reached them the day their second trombone had a stroke.”

“You’re second trombone?” Marcie gasped; stunned at that news even more than the fact that she’d landed a great job.

“Well, maybe not. I’m guessing I’ll be third or fourth if they have a fourth. But it’s a great orchestra, my uncle–I called him to check them out–he knows about such stuff, you know?

“Anyway, what with Disney in the same city there’s a ton of money available for the Arts. So the orchestra doesn’t live hand to mouth as so many do these days. Oh shit, here I am running my mouth off, and not asking how you’ve made out. So what’s happening there, baby?”

“I just emailed a club in Panama City. It’s too soon to know what they have … if anything. But I’m so happy for you!”

That said, they hugged and danced around the room until they feel laughing on the bed.

Then Laura was between Marcie’s legs, eating her out.


Panama City didn’t materialize, but eventually, Marcie connected on a job in Gainesville at a kind of recording studio. Her job was to fix previously recorded piano material by other musicians not able to correct mistakes, or tracks that just required repair. Initially Marcie thought there would be very little opportunity for her to actually play on anyone’s track, but the opposite was true. Then her problem was to copy the artist’s style and make her additions seamless to the overall material.

Marcie was smart enough to humble herself in the presence of the major recording artists she came into contact with and even jammed with them when they fooled around before getting down to any actual recoding. Many of them wouldn’t have cared if she sat in with them during the recording, but contractual restraints prohibited it and they were careful to follow their manager’s instructions in that area.

Being around such a variety of professional pianists, Marcie learned a great deal about her profession fairly quickly. She also learned more than she thought possible about arranging material and just how successful song writers worked.

And so when a musician she knew called to ask if she was interested in joining his group in Tampa, she accepted. They had a contract at a large club for one year. Marcie figured, what’s the worst that can happen? I try it for a year; if it doesn’t go any further I’ll be 24 with the rest of my life to play it safe.

She called Laura, with whom she kept in touch, and told her of her decision. Laura was thrilled for her, encouraging her to go to Tampa. “Maybe you’ll meet Mr. Right in Tampa Town,” she laughed. “Oh yeah that’s all I need,” Marcie replied, but she was thinking, Yeah, what if?


So Marcie ventured out that Friday night with a bunch of friends from the studio, Ann and Vickie the girls, and Nick, Luke, and Chad the guys. The music was blaring and the crowd drunk enough to be raucous and Marcie was laughing as she made her way back to the bar to get a drink.

Nick, Chad and Luke were gathered at the bar.

“Hey, Marcie,” Nick shouted to be heard. “Can you help settle a bet between us guys?”

“That’s kind of my mission in life, Nick,” she smiled and waited.

He returned the smile and said, “You know that REM song, Losing my Religion?”

“You refer to their top-ten Grammy award-winning hit that was the theme of my prom? Yes. Yes, I am.”

“Okay–okay, so in the chorus, is he saying: That’s me in the corner? Or, let’s pee in the corner?”

“Really, Nick … is that the question?”

Just then Chad and Luke start singing: “Let’s pee in the corner!”

Ignoring them, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri or at least trying to ignore the duo, she faced Nick and asked, “Why would he say “Let’s pee in the corner?”

“I don’t know,” Nick replied. “Why would he say, That’s me in the corner? Obviously that’s him in the corner.”

Laughing, Nick turned to Luke and said, “The lady has rendered judgment. Pay up, Dude.”

“No way, man!” Luke sputtered.

Marcie laughed along when Nick braced Luke and said, “Man up dude, you heard my answer. Pay the guy.”

Luke, with obvious reluctance handed Nick an undetermined amount of money, which Nick promptly pocketed.

“Let me buy you a drink,” Nick offered as he waved to draw the bartender over.

“How gallant of you,” she replied, and to the bartender, “A Mojito, please.”

“Make that two, my friend,” he said to the bartender. Then facing Marcie Nick added, “I bet my friends here I could go a whole day eating and drinking only things that end in ‘tos.’ You know Burritos, Doritos, Cheetos, mojitos …”

Marcie laughed. “I did that once. But with foods that ended with ‘oni.’ Like, ‘Rice-a-roni, bologna, spumoni, calzone. But, there wasn’t a bet involved. My sorority was just full of bulimics.”

He laughed. “I never realized how funny you can be, Marcie.”

“Thank you, better late than never.”

“And pretty.”

“Wow, is that you or the Mojitos talking?”

They exchanged a meaningful look, and while the music and conversations blared around them the room appeared to grow silent to Marcie. She cleared her throat and asked, “So what do you do when you’re not winning bets in bars, or sit in with these characters in search of a musical career?”

“I guess I’m a chef first and a drummer second.”

“So if the band I’m joining in Tampa finds itself needing a drummer can I have them call you?”

“Only if there’s also a chef’s job open at a reputable restaurant in Tampa. I’m a chef first, drummer third or fourth.”

“Oh, and what’s second?”

“Second is vacant at present. I like to have options available, don’t you?”

“Very impressive, Nick, very impressive,” she said and raised her glass to toast him.

“Shall we dance, Marcie?”

“As long as you don’t try to pee in the corner, sure.”

And laughing they stepped out onto the postage stamp sized dance floor already packed with frenzied dancers. Nick, confident on the floor, threw several decent dance moves at her only to have Marcie laugh and show off some of own, such as the Running Man and the Roger Rabbit, which Nick mimicked perfectly, telling Marcie his baby-sitter taught him it.

Convulsed with laughter, Marcie punched him playfully on the arm just as a large drunk spilled his drink all over her blouse. Making matters worse, the inebriated dancer complained, saying loudly, “Watch it, lady.”

“You spilled a drink on her, asshole. You totally ruined her top!”

The drunk countered with: “You wanna get into it with me? Cause I’ll get into it.”

Marcie pulled Nick away from the confrontation. It was obvious to everyone that her blouse was soaked. Nick smiled down at her and whispered so that only she could hear him. “You look like Jacqueline Bisset in “The Deep.”

“You know that movie?”

“Of course I do. It’s got my three favorite things: treasure hunters, underwater explosions and Jacqueline Bisset, the inventor of the wet t-shirt.”

Marcie forgot her embarrassment and started laughing.

“Um, I’m sorry about that stupid asshole, Marcie.”

“That’s okay. I didn’t want you to get into a fight over a spilled drink, even if he was an asshole.”

“Um, I live nearby. We could pop over and you could borrow one of my shirts if you’d like.”

“Oh … I don’t know … My friends are …”

Looking across the bar, Marcie spotted her girlfriend Vickie dancing furiously with a slender Chinese male, while Ann sat on the opposite side of the bar draining an Appletini before reaching for a freshly made one. A handsome Black guy was smiling at her. Marcie knew Ann had a thing for handsome black dudes and shrugged her shoulders.

Marcie picked up her purse and said, “You know what? That sounds great, Nick.”

“Wonderful, let’s go!”

Then as they passed the large drunk who spilled his drink on Marcie, Nick purposely knocked the fresh drink from his hand spilling it all over his shirt and slacks.

“Maybe we should start running now,” Marcie said.

“Not on your life, sweetie; it was just an accident.”

To her surprise, the bouncer held the door for them and gave her a very friendly smile as he said; “You guys have a nice evening now.”


Marcie had a pretty clear idea in her mind of how the evening was going to go. That was how she liked it–no surprises, no drastic changes to the original plan. The only deviation was that Nick hadn’t figured in her original equation. But that no longer mattered.

It was only 8.30pm, still light outside. The air was sultry güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with the summer heat. Marcie didn’t resist as Nick whistled down a taxi and muttered something to the driver.

He turned to her in the back seat. There was only a faint smile, and then a look of pure lust that left Marcie breathless. “You are incredibly beautiful,” Nick said before cupping her face with both hands. She didn’t resist as he pulled her towards him and kissed her on the lips. He looked into her eyes, a look that was pure sex and she found herself moaning into his mouth when he kissed her again.

What was she doing? Five minutes ago she was in a bar with coworkers and friends, now she was in a taxi with a guy she knew–but only from working with him a little, going who knows where for sex.

Yet she couldn’t resist–and he knew it. He kissed her again, sucking on her lower lip for what seemed an eternity to Marcie, then sent his tongue into her open mouth. She returned the kiss, running her hands up the side of his body and found his torso wonderfully firm. Moments later she realized she had pulled up his tight short-sleeved shirt so that she could feel the warm flesh underneath.

Nick gently put his hand on her left breast. Even through the bra and top, he could feel how hard the nipple was. Marcie moaned again. He smiled and pulled away, checking to see where they were. “We’re nearly there,” he said, running his right hand down her stomach and on to her hip. Marcie instinctively opened her legs a little wider and he stroked the inside of her thigh. Marcie couldn’t believe how aroused she was. She was just about holding it together but she was utterly desperate to be naked, to have this gorgeous man ravish her, and yes – to have him fuck her hot pussy.

The cab driver smirked to himself as he saw this young couple in his rear view mirror. “Around here any good?” he asked. “Perfect,” said Nick, throwing a ten dollar bill to the front of the cab. “Keep the change.”

He grabbed Marcie’s hand and led her to the front door. It was a pretty Victorian terrace, although it could have been an old shed for all Marcie cared. Evidently he only lived on the ground floor as his bedroom was the first room on the right as they entered.

Nick closed the door behind them and pinned her against it, holding both her hands above her head with his left hand. “I’ve never met anyone like you,” he whispered, running his right hand from her throat, over her breast and down to her thigh. “Do you want me to make love to you?”

Marcie tried to gather her thoughts. I don’t know anything about this man. I don’t know where I am. But she didn’t want to resist. Both her mind and body were in the grip of pure lust. All she could think about was fucking this handsome stud, or letting him fuck her any way he wanted.

“Yes,” she said. “God yes.”

Nick couldn’t believe how easy she was. His good looks had got many women into bed, but he usually had to work for it. He wanted to work for it. But this was something different and he too found himself alive with lust. He lifted her top over her head and involuntarily licked his lips at the sight of her stunning upper body.

He kissed in between her breasts, running his forefingers over her bra-covered nipples. “Rip it, please,” Marcie begged, desperate to feel his warm tongue on her breasts.

Nick looked up at her.

“Just do it, rip it off,” she reiterated.

He carefully grabbed her bra in the middle with both hands and in one swift motion, ripped it in two, exposing her wonderful firm breasts for the first time.

Stunned at the force in which he’d responded, Marcie moaned, “Now suck them!”

Hardly recognizing her voice.

Nick obliged, swirling his tongue over her rock hard left nipple several times before taking it in his mouth and sucking. Pleasure shot through Marcie again and again. He reached up and began caressing the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Then, while still sucking her nipple, he moved his hands behind her, unzipped her skirt then pulled it down around her calves where it eventually fell to the floor.

It was then the glorious scent of her pussy assaulted him and his cock twitched and precum stained the front of his slacks.

He knelt in front of her, unbuttoning his shirt while nuzzling her thong covered pussy with his nose and tongue. Marcie was surprised to discover she was close to orgasm already and couldn’t help but thrust her pelvis up at his face.

He smiled, kissed her mound then rose to his feet and towered over her.

Seeing his naked upper body for the first time, Marcie sucked In her breath then ran her hands over the rippling muscles of his abdomen.

She forced herself into a sitting position and leaned in to him so that she could suck and lick at his nipples.

Nick was moaning with pleasure as he unzipped his trousers and lowered them.

Marcie laughed gleefully on seeing his monstrous erection spring forth. She reached for it, güvenilir bahis şirketleri intent on putting him in her mouth, but he denied her this pleasure, for he wanted to be the controlling partner of their coupling.

Nick shuffled her over to the bed where she lay down on her back, with just her white thong and shoes on. He grabbed her thong in both hands and ripped it violently, the flimsy elastic was no match for his powerful arms. He threw it behind him and took a moment to admire the view. Marcie was writhing on the bed, her arms above her head and legs wide open, revealing her dripping cunt to him.

He began to kiss her inner thigh; it was how he usually proceeded in such matters.

“No!” she shouted. “No, I need you in me … NOW!”

Although he wanted to be in control, he wanted to fuck her just as much as she wanted him too and so he conceded to her wishes and sent his thick, throbbing prick into the vertical smile between her legs.

She let out a sigh of relief and pleasure, and then seemed to panic.

“Christ, are you using a rubber?”

“No … why?”

“Why? I’m about as fertile as a woman can get. I don’t want a baby right now, Nick. Get a fucking rubber, please!”

“I don’t have any,” he said meeting her desperate stare. “If you want me to fuck you it will have to be bareback.”

Marcie felt the panic rise up inside her. She might have been totally overcome with lust for this man, but she wasn’t stupid. “I can’t,” she protested weakly, “I want too, but I can’t.”.

“Marcie, I haven’t had sex without a condom for seven years. I promise you I’m safe. I always take precautions. But right now I don’t have any condoms.”

To further emphasize his case, Nick pushed forward slightly against her closed legs and Marcie felt the head of his rigid cock at the entrance to her slippery pussy. It felt like Heaven knocking at her door.

He moved his mouth to her ear. “I know you want it. You want it now. Shall I give it to you … NOW?”

Marcie felt her resolve weakening. She never had sex without a condom at this time of the month, never. Her legs remained closed but she instinctively relaxed her thighs and felt the very tip of his cock slither past her lips.

“We can’t,” she breathed. “We can’t.”

Nick kissed her passionately, and she returned it, gnawing at his lower lip and sucking on his tongue—all the while the heat within her coming to a boiling point.

Breaking the kiss, he returned to her ear and whispered, “Imagine my bare cock inside your pussy. Just imagine how glorious it will feel pushing into you, again and again. Imagine me cumming deep inside you,” his very words driving her wild with need.

“Oh God…” Marcie whispered back, feeling like she might explode with undiluted lust. Her most primal instincts were taking over. The thought of this beautiful alpha male shooting his seed deep inside her was too much. She opened her legs wide and in an instant he was back inside her. They both moaned loudly at the exquisite feeling.

“Oh, my God Marcie, you’re so wet. You feel incredible,” Nick growled. He held himself deep inside her, not moving.

She closed her eyes, reveling in this sensation of Nick’s gorgeous cock inside her before pleading: “Fuck me. Just fuck me, please.”

She was literally begging him impregnate her.

Nick wanted to tease her, to make her scream for him to fuck her, but he couldn’t hold back. There really was something about this girl. He wanted to be fully in control but he felt he had to give in to her demands. He pulled right out and ploughed straight back in, hard, until he was balls deep. Marcie screamed with pleasure. His cock filled her completely and she instinctively squeezed against it.

Nick reveled in the exquisite feelings her cunt was generating on his manhood. He had lied to her about the condoms. He had an unopened package in his dresser. He sought to control her and denying her request was just another way of achieving it.

Marcie couldn’t have cared less who had control. She was in the midst of that old, yet familiar tingle—and it was bringing her ever closer to that sought after climax.

Nick started to tease her a little, gently thrusting just the tip of his cock inside her, then pulling out and ramming it deep inside, causing her to arch her back in elation.

An almost violent orgasm followed.

“Oh, God, oh God … Don’t stop! Please don’t stop now!” She panted after it began to subside.

He didn’t stop. He pounded her soaking wet cunt as hard as he could; reveling in the feeling of being bareback inside this beautiful tight pussy. She responded by thrashing wildly, experiencing another intense orgasm.

Nick put his arms under her legs, forcing them open even wider, pressing her into the bed even more, pushing his pistoning dick even deeper into her. Nick knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Oh, God Marcie, I’m gonna cum,” he announced, continuing to thrust deep inside her. Marcie’s own orgasm was still raging. “I’m gonna cum deep inside you,” he warned.

The thought of this stud filling her fertile womb set her wild. “Do it, cum inside me, please. Do it!”

It was too much for Nick. He gave one more thrust then held himself balls-deep inside her unprotected pussy and Marcie kegel-squeezed him as he began to pump her full of semen.

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