The Morrisons Ch. 24

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I want to thank Fat_Dad for editing this chapter of “The Morrisons.” Fat_Dad contributed the section of this chapter where (Mike) Dr. Marshall (Marsh) Mitchel and (Judy) Rebecca (Becca) Andrews pick up Dan, Kim, Beth, Ted and Marion for their two hour lunch via a helicopter ride. Fat_Dad knows more about the assets of Turner Company than I do. I believe you will find he gave us a wonderful abbreviated overview during the lunch break.

With express permission and assistance from Fat_Dad, we have incorporated some of the story characters from “A New Life for Dr. Mitchel” into “The Morrisons.” and vice versa. I have a complete character list on the last page of this chapter.

We’ve had unbelievable positive response to the integration of story characters and aligning our story lines, although each story remains a separate entity. We’ve interlinked some situations since we found out Marsh and Dan are neighbors.

Again, a profound thank you goes out to Fat_Dad for all the hard work he’s invested in editing and assisting me. I know Fat_Dad is only a phone call away.

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**Author’s Note: The Morrisons is a continuing story where each chapter builds on previous chapters. If this is your first encounter with The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you read the previous chapters prior to reading this one. Please enjoy!

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**Before you read this chapter, be advised that it contains very graphic depictions of raw sex and/or love-making between two or more consenting people. IF such depictions upset you or make you lose sleep, PLEASE don’t read any further. You may not enjoy reading a particular portion of the story; that doesn’t mean other readers will dislike that same portion. It’s a different-strokes-for-different-folks kind of story.

For the sophisticated intellectuals who read incest/taboo stories on Literotica expecting to find professional authors with perfect everything, including but not limited to, punctuation, spelling, dialog, characters with only sophisticated actions, etc., please pass this chapter by, you won’t find that here! We do our best to correct all typos and spelling errors but some may still slip past us.

I appreciate hearing from readers, and I want to thank all those who took time to send me a public or private message. However, please don’t leave a derogatory comment, if you willingly overlook THIS WARNING.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the record: All characters engaging in sexual activities are of legal age!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I woke up the next morning to a gentle motion of the bed with a cool breeze blowing across my body but I had a wonderfully warm sensation in my groin area. Something was very different and it took me a few seconds to realize I wasn’t in my own bed and the gentle motion was being caused by Terri’s movements. I blinked the sleep out of my eyes before I could look down my body where what I saw was Terri’s hot mouth wrapped around my morning wood. Her head moved rhythmically up and down as she slowly devoured my cock.

She paused for a moment and looked up at me with her mouth still full of my cock. She used her teeth to bite down gently on my cock head before she lifted her head up saying, “Good morning daddy, I thought we should start the day off right since you’ll be leaving tonight and I won’t see you for a few days.”

I looked at her big blue eyes and suddenly felt guilty about not taking her with me, to Hawaii. Without another word Terri opened her lips and devoured my cock once again. I whispered, “Straddle my face; I want to lick your delicious pussy, especially your clit. I want to give you the best orgasm you’ve ever had.”

“No daddy, I want you to make love to me. I want both of us to enjoy this early morning rendezvous. I want you to be on top of me and slide your beautiful cock slowly into my pussy. You don’t have to worry; I’m so wet from thinking about making love to you, I’m ready. I love you daddy and I want to have your baby.”

I moved into position and Terri raised her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. I moved slowly forward and Terri moaned in pleasure. Her bright blue eyes looked up at me as she said, “I love you dad. I can’t explain to you how much, but just know I love you.”

I smiled and said, “I love you too sweetheart.”

I made slow passionate love to Terri until both of us experienced mutual euphoric orgasms which lasted forever, or so it seemed. I pulled out of her tight pussy and moved to Terri’s right side and collapsed on the bed. In the twilight of our sexual gratification both of us took some time to catch our breath and wait for the tingling to subside.

Terri giggled and said, “I have to get up soon and go down and turn off the alarm. Mike will be here to pick up Joanna. I wonder if I can get him to stay for some coffee.”

Terri started to scoot towards the edge of the bed and I rolled to the kartal escort bayan opposite edge and stood up. I followed Terri into her bathroom and while she was peeing and douching, I turned on the shower and then I peed. Terri joined me in the shower and we washed each other’s body thoroughly.

When we finished we dried each other and I paid special attention to that crack between her legs. I made sure I dried that completely. Terri stopped at her mirror and brushed her hair and then turned to me and said, “Your turn. You don’t have a brush in my bathroom so I’ll brush your hair for you, now lean down here.”

Terri and I walked out of her room and we heard some noises so we walked towards my room to investigate. When we got to the doorway we stopped and watched the lovely view. We saw Ted between Kim’s legs, holding them up in the air, pumping into her pussy. On the right side of the bed Marion and Beth were locked in a sixty nine position, both of them moaning with pleasure.

Kim was encouraging Ted to fuck her hard as she enjoyed endless shockwaves of pleasure. The slapping of Ted’s groin against Kim’s ass was loud and I was surprised it didn’t wake up everyone in the house. Soon, Kim and Ted enjoyed euphoric orgasms before they collapsed on the bed.

When the show was almost over I turned us around and we started down the hall. As we walked down the stairs I told Terri, “Go ahead and start making the coffee and I’ll shut off the alarm.”

When I walked into the kitchen that wonderful scent of brewing coffee filled my nostrils. I walked over and opened the vertical blinds and unlocked the sliding door. I slid the glass door sideways and that wonderful morning aroma mixed swiftly with the brewing coffee and I was in heaven. Terri poured two cups of coffee and we had just sat down at the breakfast counter when Joanna rounded the corner and came into the kitchen. We exchanged morning pleasantries and Terri asked, “Would you like a cup of coffee before you go for your run?”

“Actually, I’d rather have some orange juice. I’ll get it, please stay seated.” Joanna replied.

“Joanna, I want to throw something at you and see what you think. I’m in need of a security person starting this evening thru sometime on Monday; do you know where I can find one?”

Joanna turned and stared at me before she said, “You have four security people living here in your home, what more are you looking for Dan?”

“The right person I need, should be a female, have short brown hair with beautiful green eyes. She should also have “B” size titties with brown areola topped off by pencil eraser sized nipples. I think she should be in shape with ripped abs and muscular thighs, and her pussy …”

Joanna interrupted me by saying, “Alright Dan, I get the picture! What do you want me to do for you?”

“As I said, I need a security person who is willing to travel at short notice and protect me and the people who accompany me. The person needs to be highly trained …”

Once again I was interrupted by Joanna, as she laughed, “You’re leaving for Hawaii tonight so is this person you’re searching for, going to be on that plane with you?”

“Unless she’s going to walk to Hawaii, I’d think it would be much better if she was on the plane with me.” I said smugly.

The gate phone rang and Terri picked it up asking, “How may I help you?” That was quickly followed by, “Ok Mike, please pull through the gate and wait for it to close. Please come to the front door, Joanna is not quite ready to go.”

Joanna looked at Terri before saying, “I’m ready to go, and I’m not wearing anything other than my running shoes.”

“I’m not talking about not ready to go in what you’re wearing, I think dad wants an answer before you rush off. Do you want to walk to the front door with me?” Terri replied.

“Stay here, I’ll let Mike in.” Joanna giggled.

A couple minutes later Mike walked into the kitchen and immediately Terri asked, “Mike would you like some coffee, orange juice or…”

“Water would be fine.” Mike said.

Terri got up and pulled a bottle of water out of the refrigerator for Mike and handed it to him. Terri leaned forward and pressed her nude body against Mike and hugged him. Before she stepped back she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and he did the same to her.

When she was seated again she said, “Ok dad, as you were saying.”

I looked at Mike then at Joanna before I said, “Well, do I have that female I’m searching for right here in the kitchen?”

“Are you saying you want me to go to Hawaii with you? Who am I going to protect besides you?” Joanna queried.

“I decided I can’t travel with only one of my daughters, so I’m taking all three of them. I want you to go with me since Shelly and Mary went with me the last time. Will you go or do I have to start my search all over again?” I stated in a clear concise voice.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Terri escort maltepe smiling from ear to ear but she was doing an excellent job containing her excitement. All of us waited for Joanna to say something but suddenly I saw she was holding her breath. I said, “BREATHE Joanna, I’m serious.”

She set her orange juice down on the counter and her arm flew out from her body and around my neck as she squealed in delight. Joanna hugged and kissed me all the while saying, “Yes … Yes … YES! Thank you Dan! Of course I’ll go and make sure the girls stay safe. OH GOD! It keeps happening ever since I came here the first time.”

“What keeps happening?” I asked.

“I keep being overwhelmed by events and offers and …” Joanna joyfully squealed.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, you work for and deserve what you get. Nothing is being handed to you.” I assured her.

I hugged Joanna and pulled her naked body closer to me. We remained in our embrace for a couple of minutes until Mike asked me, “Where are you going in Hawaii?”

“We have reservations for beach cottages on the island of Oahu. I was recently promoted to Chairman of the Board/CEO of my company when our former Chairman of the Board was diagnosed with cancer. He worked all his life and has never done one spontaneous thing. This trip isn’t really a spur-of-the-moment type trip but, it is for him. Unless it was business related, all other trips for him had to be planned months in advance. We’ve put this together in less than a week. His doctors have diagnosed him with stage four pancreatic cancer. The doctors at the cancer center only gave him six month to live, at best. He’s been to Hawaii before but always stayed in a five star hotel or a resort that catered to the rich. I want to take him to a place he’s never been before and let him do something fun with his family. We have reservations for luxury cottages on a private beach area.”

“I didn’t want to take him to a hotel because there would always be plenty of people around. I wanted something private where it would only be us, our group. I asked Beth to find a resort that had luxury cabins on a private beach. She found what I was looking for on the island of Oahu. We are going to make this into a fun trip and discuss business only while we’re flying. Tom and I will discuss company business while Beth, Brenda and Kelly will discuss secretarial business, on the way there. Once we arrive, we can enjoy our three day stay and the business end will be over.” I told Mike.

Mike listened to me while he sipped his water. When I finished he said, “I’m sorry to hear that you old boss has cancer but I like your idea to take him on the trip. I’m sure it will give him and his family something to cherish forever. Let me know if you need anything.”

Joanna hooked her arm into Mike’s arm saying, “I’m ready for that run now. Oh boy … today is starting off wonderfully. I find out I’m going to Hawaii and then I get to have this handsome male specimen in the woods all by myself.”

“Well, not exactly,” Mike said, “I have to stop and get Wolf and Judy before we hit the trail.”

“I can share” Joanna said as a big broad smile spread across her face.

“I’ll walk you to the door and lock it when you leave.” I said.

When I returned to the kitchen I was met by another squealing female but this one launched her body at me. I had to catch her to keep her from hurting herself. Terri clung to me and asked me, “Are you really going to take Hanna and me to Hawaii with you?”

“Yes sweetheart, I decided that whatever it costs me for the extra cottage is going to be well worth it. I enjoyed watching the two of you in Germany and I’m going to give you another chance at some freedom. You’ll be able to do whatever you want. Even when we travel, I want both of you to be safe so all I ask is that you make sure Joanna is with you at all times. We are going to be on a private beach so if you want to tan or swim nude, you can.”

“What about the others?” Terri asked, “What will they say if they see us nude?””

“I’m going to meet with Tom while we’re flying and I’m going to tell him about our nudist lifestyle. I’ll throw out the invitation for him and his family to join us.” I said with a smile.

While Terri was still in my arms with her legs wrapped around me, Kim, Beth, Ted and Marion walked into the kitchen. Marion asked, “Umm, are we disturbing anything?”

I turned slowly with Terri still in my arms before saying, “Nope, we’re just celebrating. I’ve decided to take Terri and Hanna to Hawaii with me. I think Terri is very happy.”

“Oh yes, Terri is very, very happy. Terri is so happy she’s wrapped her body around this wonderful man and she’s not sure if she’s gonna let him go.” Terri responded.

I looked into her blue eyes saying, “Do you have any idea how many people are going to see your cute lil butt and my cock during the day, if you aren’t going to release me?”

“Oops, I guess pendik escort I’d better let you get dressed. I might end up bumped and bruised when I try to fight off all the women who’ll want a piece of you.” Terri giggled.

Terri slowly released her grip on me and slid down my body. When her feet hit the floor she leaned in and kissed me before she turned and asked, “How many of you want some coffee?”

All four of the newcomers wanted coffee so Terri said, “Have a seat in the dining room and I’ll bring it right in for you.”

“I’ll help you,” volunteered Marion, “Should I get out some snacks while you work on the coffee?”

“Yes, thank you,” Terri replied, “There are some on the left side of the pantry. I think on the second shelf.”

Within a few minutes everyone had steaming hot coffee in front of them and a plate of cinnamon coffee cakes were in the center of the table. I looked at Kim and said, “We are going to Hawaii as a family, a whole family.”

“Yes dear,” Kim replied, “I know.”

“You know what?” I inquired.

“I know we are going to Hawaii as a whole family.” Kim said with a big smirk spread across her face.

“Oh yeah smarty pants, what exactly do you know?” I countered.

Kim sipped her coffee to wash down her cinnamon coffee cake before she looked at me and said, “Our family includes, you, me, Beth, Jenna, Terri and Hanna. And then, there are all of our friends who are nearly members of our family. But for this trip, I think you are going to limit it to the six of us. How am I doing Mr. Executive? Oh, by the way, I’m not wearing pants or anything else, as you can clearly see, smarty or otherwise.”

“How do you know so much?” I asked.

“Sweetheart, I’ve been married to you for how long now? I can read you like a book. Do you want me to tell you when you made up your mind to take Terri and Hanna with us?” Kim challenged.

“Ok smart-ass I’m in, tell me when I made up my mind to take Terri and Hanna.” I challenged Kim back.

“This is gettin’ good; I can’t wait to see who wins this one.” Ted added quickly.

“Shut up Ted and learn something, will ya?” Marion said as she slapped Ted’s arm playfully.

“Dan, There are parts of me that are quite a bit smarter than my ass. They may not be any prettier, but I know you love them all. Now then, I’m going to guess, a thought passed through your brain, about taking them, yesterday. However it was this morning when you firmed up your plan and decided to take both girls with us. How am I doing … Sweetheart?”

I stared at Kim because she had me pegged again. Although I hated to admit it, she was right again. Beth broke the silence by saying, “WOW, Kim is he that predictable? When I was working on the reservations he never said anything about taking Terri and Hanna.”

Kim looked directly into my eyes as she said, “To quote Paul Harvey, “And now, the rest, of the story.””

“Beth, you have to understand, in the back of that twisted little brain of his, there’s a computer that’s always working at high capacity. Important information is processed immediately for rapid use. However, sometimes other information takes a little while to make it out of the computer into the active brain cells to be processed for use when he least expects it. There are plenty of filters in that brain so Dan has the ability to say the right things at the perfect time.”

“Holy shit buddy,” Ted exclaimed, “She has you nailed down like a fact sheet.”

My eyes never left Kim’s while my smile spread across my face and I marveled at the intelligence of the woman to my right. Finally I said, “You’re right, my dear, as always, … even about the parts.”

The spell was broken when Shelly and Mary walked into the room and said in unison, “Good morning.”

Everyone around the table returned their greeting and Terri started to get up to get coffee for them. Mary said, “Stay where you are Terri, we’ll make a carafe of coffee and we’ll be right back.

Our early morning conversation continued by me saying, “Oh Ted, I’ve hired Joanna to go on this trip with us. You know, as security for Terri and Hanna.”

Ted looked at me and in a monotone voice said, “I knew that was coming. I was going to make that guess a couple of minutes ago, when Kim finished speaking, but that would have sounded too much like we were married. I didn’t want Marion to think we’re having an affair and piss her off.”

Everyone was still laughing when Hanna walked into the room. All of us took turns greeting her on her way through the dining room on her way to the kitchen. Just as Hanna came back into the dining room, Jenna, Kevin and Sue came into the dining room. Kevin was in the middle of the two girls and after greeting everyone Jenna told Sue and Kevin to find a seat and she would get some cups for them.

We moved our chairs around so everyone could fit at the table and when Kevin brought some chairs up to the table there was a wide space beside Kim. He set three chairs in place before he asked, “Young lady, may I sit next to you?”

Kim’s head snapped around as she asked, “Who were you talking to?”

“I was talking to the gorgeous mother of my most beautiful girlfriend.” Kevin replied.

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