The Massage Club

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Sam Cooper had enjoyed every minute of his final summer before his senior year in high school. It was mostly hanging out on the beach all day and partying all night with friends. The party went into high gear when his parents left for a three week European vacation, leaving him at home with his twin sister Katy.

But both Sam and his sister were in for a rude awakening when they both started summer soccer practice. Sam was the star on the men’s team and Katy was a pretty strong player for the women. Both teams started practice a few weeks before school started back up. Their coaches had a short time to whip the teams into shape, and they were not wasting time.

Both practices were held at 9 am sharp, before it got too hot, but the mornings were humid and sticky. They would finish practice at 11 am, and then both kids would stagger home and lay on the couch in the ac and recover. Occasionally they would muster up enough energy to crawl into the shower, but mostly they just sat on the couch, watched tv, and ached all over. By the third day of brutal practices, both were having a hard time lifting their legs to walk. They were laying on the couch sharing their misery.

“This is murder,” said Sam. “My legs hurt so bad from running it feels like someone is jabbing darts into me.”

Katy nodded. “I can’t ever remember being this sore, my whole body hurts. I’m not sure how I can keep this up.”

“I remember last year it was bad at first, but eventually it started getting better, but this year it seems a lot worse,” Sam replied.

“Agreed, much worse,” said Katy. “One of the girls on the team said she went and got a massage, and that helped quite a bit. I’m thinking about giving it a try.”

Neither had ever gotten a massage, but it sounded pretty good. They decided to give it a shot and set up a pair of appointments the next day right after practice.

Turns out that the massages exceeded their expectations in nearly every regard. They both felt better, were able to move around better, and were even looking forward to practice the next day. The only downside was that each massage cost $100, and neither one of them had that kind of money.

“I almost wish we hadn’t gotten a massage now, it’s going to kill me to know what I’m missing out on,” said Katy.

“Me too, but there’s no way I can come up with a $100 again for a massage, I’m broke,” said Sam. “How about if I give you $10 and you give me a massage,” he added jokingly.

“Yeah right,” she snorted. “Dream on bro, there’s no way I’m giving you a massage.”

“How bout $20 then?” he laughed. “Or better yet, we’ll trade, I’ll give you a massage, and then you give me one.”

Katy looked at him seriously for a minute, like she was either considering it or trying to figure out if he was serious. Sam had been kidding, but her reaction got him to thinking about it. He thought about it that afternoon, that night, and the next morning after a particularly brutal practice. He was laying on the couch in pain, staring at a blank tv, when Katy dragged in and fell face down on the couch, without even taking her cleats off.

“Good practice?” he asked.

“Ugh,” she answered.

They sat there in silence for a while until Sam spoke up.

“You know sis, I’ve been thinking about the whole massage trade thing. I felt so much better after getting that massage the other day, but right now I’m not sure I’ll be able to get out of bed in the morning. I don’t see anything wrong with us trading massages, I work your sore muscles out and you work mine out, nothing weird there.”

Katy didn’t respond for a few minutes, and Sam was thinking she was either pissed off or asleep. Sam and Katy had the kind of relationship that they openly talked about anything. Being twins they had a special connection, but the best part of their relationship was the casualness of it. There was no subject that was taboo, no conversation they were uncomfortable having with one another.

“There’s something weird about having your brother give you a massage, but I’m seriously considering it,” she said finally.

“Ok, maybe a little weird, but it’s not like we’re having sex,” he said. “There’s nothing sexual about massage.”

“Right, except that one person is rubbing the naked body of another person,” she said.

“Well you can leave your clothes on if you want,” he said. “We’ll call it Massage Club.

“I’ll think about it,” she said.

The next day after practice, Sam was once again laying on the couch, eyes closed when Katy got home. She limped up to him on the couch.

“So do you want to go first, or second?” she said.

“All right then!” he yelled. “I’ll do you first!”

“Ok, but first I need to establish the rules about Massage Club,” she said. “Rule One is, we don’t tell anyone about Massage Club. Rule Two is, we don’t tell ANYONE about Massage Club. I don’t want it to get out that I’m swapping massages with my brother.”

“Agreed,” he said.

There was a pause as the concept of a massage trade went from theory to reality.

“I, uh, guess we can do it here,” kartal escort said Sam, pointing to the couch.

“Right, that should work” said Katy. She awkwardly began to remove her cleats and socks, and for a moment it looked like she might go further, but then she opted to leave her shirt and shorts on and laid face down on the couch.

Sam got on his knees beside the couch, and suddenly realized he didn’t know the first thing about giving a massage. He looked at the body in front of him and then at his hands, then tried to remember some of the techniques and areas that the masseuse used on him. He decided to start with the basic shoulder rub. He put both of his hands on her shoulders and began to squeeze and rub them.

To say it was awkward at first would be an understatement. Katy couldn’t relax and Sam wasn’t sure where and how to rub. But it didn’t take too long before Katy was murmuring her appreciation and Sam was gaining some confidence. He worked his way down Katy’s back, spending a lot of time working the areas that he knew were probably hurting her, because they were hurting him. He pushed his fingers down hard into her lower back, working his thumbs in tight circles, and he could feel her muscles gradually relax.

Next he moved down to her legs, where he knew she was hurting the worst. He started out gentle, mostly light rubs and caresses on one thigh, then the other, then moving down to the calf muscles, which he squeezed and rubbed. Finally, he got down to her feet, and he quickly discovered what Katy’s favorite part of the massage was going to be. The first time he squeezed and rubbed her feet, she squirmed and sighed and practically screamed with pleasure.

When he finished, Katy couldn’t stop raving about it.

“That was fantastic,” she said. “I was tense at first, but after I started to relax it was awesome. Very good job bro, I think you have a future as a massage therapist.”

Sam was happy that she enjoyed it, but his mind had moved on to the second half of the massage trade. He took his shirt off and got into position, face down on the couch.

He felt Katy’s warm hands move into position on his shoulders and back. At first he sensed that she was a little uncertain about what she was doing, but gradually he felt her working into a rhythm. It was weird at first, but it also felt great.

“Let me know if I’m pushing too hard,” she said. “The guy who gave me a massage the other day was a little too hard at times, your pressure was perfect.”

“You’re doing fine sis, just keep up the good work,” he said.

It wasn’t long before Sam was groaning with pleasure, part for the humor effect but part because it felt both good and bad to have his sore muscles worked. He had to admit that Katy had excellent, strong hands as she worked from his upper back to his lower back.

When she got to his tender, sore legs, he had to back her off a few times. His hamstrings were aching, and as she worked her fingers down the muscle he got to experience an odd combination of pleasure and pain. Then she worked down to his calves, and then onto his feet, and he quickly realized why she had enjoyed the foot massage so much. It was epic.

It was over too soon, and after they were done they sat and chattered on about how awesome the respective massages were, what they liked best, and how great of an idea it was. Katy felt the need to clarify one item and institute a new rule to Massage Club.

“Rule Three, no touching of private parts,” she said sternly.

“Of course,” Sam replied.

They also agreed that the couch was not too comfortable for the person giving the massage, so after scouting out different options they decided that future massages would take place on their parent’s bed. It was big enough so that the person giving the massage had room on either side to kneel while giving the massage. They both agreed to set up another massage for the same time tomorrow after practice.

The next day it was raining, just not bad enough to cancel practice, so Sam and his sister trudged off to practice and played in the rain and mud. When he got home, covered in mud, Katy had already taken a hot shower and was waiting for him in a robe.

“I’m not touching that dirty body,” she said, throwing him a towel. “Hit the showers, bro.”

Sam took a quick hot shower, threw on some shorts and then went looking for Katy, who he found ready and waiting, face down on their parent’s bed.

“Hurry up,” she grinned, “I’ve been waiting for this all day!”

Sam laughed and quickly obliged. Katy had opted for a sports bra and panties today, which was a bit of a surprise to Sam, but in all honesty it was no more revealing than wearing a bathing suit. Still, she was showing a lot more flesh, and he couldn’t help but admire the smooth, sleek, athletic curves of his sister. She also smelled deliciously clean coming out of the shower, and her tan skin felt smooth and supple under his fingers. He also liked the feeling of the soft bed a lot more than working from his knees on the couch, it was much more comfortable.

He maltepe escort bayan followed the same routine as the day before, though he did end up going a little lower on her back and a little higher on her thighs. He stopped short just at the curve of her ass, but he idly wondered what she might do if he moved his hands higher. After all, the rule was no touching of the private parts, but would the ass qualify as private parts? He opted to play it safe. Once again, her favorite part was the foot massage. She jokingly made sounds that suggested that she was having a full on orgasm as he rubbed her feet.

“Okay, all finished,” he said. “It sounded like it was good for you too.”

She rolled over on the bed. “Hey, would you work the front of my legs this time, they are really sore,” she said.

“Um, yes sure,” he said, looking down at her beautifully toned legs. This was going to be a treat, even if it was his sister, he thought.

“I’ll do your’s if you’ll do mine,” she grinned.

“Deal,” he said, and his mind went off on a tangent thinking about both of those events.

Sam squeezed and rubbed Katy’s thighs, going as high on her leg as he could without coming into contact with her panties, but his fingers still managed to occasionally brush up against her panties. He could tell that Katy was really enjoying him massaging her thighs, her head was moving slightly from side to side and her mouth would drift open on occasion. He worked all the way up and down one leg, then clumsily climbed over her on the bed and followed the same routine on the other leg.

When he was finished, Katy once again gave him an enthusiastically positive review, adding that she had a feeling that he was really going to like it when she massaged the front of his legs too. Actually Sam had been thinking about how good that was going to feel the entire time he was doing it.

He took his place on the bed and felt his body relax as Katy’s hands worked their magic. It may have just been that he was more relaxed today after going through it once, but it seemed like the massage was even better than the first one. He also noted that she went a little lower on his back, even lower than he had on her. Her hands worked right down to the top of his ass, and he really liked the way that felt. She also went even higher on his thighs. Her fingers worked their way up under his shorts and he loved the way she brushed up against the curve of his ass. He found himself wishing that she would just go ahead and give him a full on ass rub, but he wasn’t bold enough to ask.

But the best part of the massage was definitely when it came time to roll over. He leaned back and closed his eyes as he felt her warm hands on the front of his legs. She started with his feet and worked her way up, first one leg then the other. As she neared the top of his thighs he couldn’t help but feel tingly, even though it was his sister. Her hands were moving up achingly close to his groin, and the curse of being a teenager quickly took shape. He started getting aroused, and nothing he could do or think about would stop it. He opened his eyes and looked down. There was no denying the bulge in his shorts, but it seemed like his sister’s attention was focused on his legs, so he hoped she didn’t notice.

Eventually a combination of thinking about algebra and biting down on the inside of his cheek ended up reducing the swelling down to a reasonably unnoticeable level, just in time for the conclusion of the massage. He decided that she may have noticed, but if she did, she didn’t seem to be making a big deal out of it, so he wasn’t going to either.

Just like after the first massage, they both raved about how good it was and gave each other great reviews. They both agreed that it definitely felt better to get the massage after having a hot shower, and it was definitely better for both of them to do it on the soft bed, so they agreed to do the next one the same way.

“Rule Four for Massage Club, all massage sessions must be preceded by a shower,” Sam said. “And Rule Five, all massages must take place on this awesome bed.”

“Second the motion,” stated Katy, trying to sound official.

“The motion carries!”

They were sprawled out on the bed, Sam in his shorts and Katy in sports bra and panties, relaxing and making jokes about what people would say if they found out they were giving each other massages.

“No matter what, this has got to stay a big time secret,” said Katy. “Like Dad’s porn stash.”

“Wait, what?” asked Sam. “Dad’s got a porn stash?”

“How could you not know, it’s in the back of their closet,” she said.

“Well I don’t spend a whole lot of time in the back of their closet,” he answered.

“I guess I’m more of a snoop than you,” Katy said, climbing off the bed and walking over to the closet. She came back with a couple of glossy magazines and tossed one to Sam.

“Check it out,” she said. “The ‘rents got some pretty wild stuff.”

Sam’s eyes went wide open from just the cover of the magazine, it featured a girl with her hand wrapped escort pendik around a guy’s hard cock.

“Good gosh,” Sam gasped.

Katy laughed as she climbed back on the bed and starting flipping through a different magazine. “Yeah, that’s what I said.”

Sam quickly became mesmerized looking at the magazine. It was high quality, the girls were hot, and it was quite explicit. His heart was beating fast and his breath was quick and shallow. He flipped a page and got to a picture of a girl who looked a lot like Katy, poised above a guy’s hard cock with her mouth open, licking her lips as she was obviously about to take him into her warm mouth. Suddenly he realized that a tent had developed in the front of his shorts, and about that same time he realized that he was in bed with his half naked sister looking at porn magazines, and that he was aroused, and that was really weird. He looked over at Katy, who was thankfully too engrossed in a magazine herself to notice him. He rolled out of the bed, facing away from her, and headed toward the bedroom door.

“I gotta go,” he mumbled, sounding pretty unconvincing.

“Don’t forget to put that magazine back,” Katy laughed. “When you’re done with it…”

Sam slinked off to his room, closed the door and spent some more quality time with the magazine. Eventually he found himself jerking off to the picture of the girl who looked like Katy, and when he closed his eyes and felt the coming orgasm, it was Katy’s face who was poised above his cock, ready to suck him dry. After his orgasm subsided, he reminded himself that he shouldn’t be thinking about his sister that way.

The next day, Sam woke up feeling great, much less sore, and he attributed that to the two massages. He felt strong during practice, and as soon as it was over, he was anxious to get back home for another massage session with Katy. Occasionally he would get distracted by a fantasy about the massage becoming more intimate, but then he would remind himself that it was his sister he was fantasizing about.

He got home first and took a quick shower. He wasn’t sure when Katy was getting home, so he wrapped a towel around himself and climbed faced down on his parent’s bed. At some point he must’ve dozed off, because he woke up to the feeling of oil begin drizzled on his back.

“Hey, sleepy head, I found some massage oil in the back of the closet, I thought we’d give it a try,” she said.

Sam felt the oil warming up his skin and it made her hands feel even better gliding across his body. She worked his shoulders for awhile, then she surprised him with a request.

“Would you mind if I sat on your back,” she said. “It would make it easier to use both hands.”

“Absolutely, whatever makes it easier,” he said.

Katy swung a leg over and straddled his back, which allowed her to use both hands and lean hard into it. It made it a lot easier for her to use both hands at the same time, but it was also a lot more intimate. Sam could feel her warm crotch sliding across his back. As she worked her way down his upper and lower back, she slid down until she was resting on the backs of his legs. Sam could definitely tell a difference, she was able to use her weight to push down harder.

When she finished his back she flipped around so she was once again sitting on his back, but now she was facing his feet. She used both hands to go all the way up and down one leg and then all the way up and down the other. It was amazing, Sam couldn’t help but groan. The towel was hanging pretty loose on him, and her hands would come all the way up and brush up against his ass.

Sam started thinking about how good it would feel to have his ass rubbed, and then it became all he could think about. Eventually he got the courage to ask.

“Hey sis, what would I have to pay extra to have you massage my ass?” he asked. He framed the question so that if she got offended by it, he could just say he was joking. He kind of expected her to slap him on the ass and tell him to rub his own ass.

Instead, she didn’t say anything. She climbed off of his back, and he assumed that she had been so offended she didn’t want to respond at all. He was about to apologize and roll over when he felt her climb back on top of him, this time on the backs of his knees. Then she carefully manipulated the towel so that one ass cheek was exposed, and she went to work rubbing his ass.

To say that having his ass rubbed felt amazing would be an understatement. She pushed down hard, rubbing his ass in little circles, and driving his hips down into the bed. The motion of his hips grinding into the mattress and her hands on his ass quickly led him to become rock hard, and he became harder still when he felt her fingers deftly moving the towel around to allow her access to the other cheek. It felt like her hands brushed up against his balls, and he almost became dizzy with arousal.

She was about halfway through the right ass cheek when Sam began to realize that he was going to have a tent pole sticking out of the towel when he rolled over. Try as he might, he could not distract himself to lower his arousal. When the time came to roll over, he did his best to bunch up the towel some in the front so it wasn’t so obvious. He also kept his eyes closed and just pretended like he didn’t notice that there was a giant erection filling up the towel.

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