The Lucky Man Ch. 02

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The requested prequel to ‘The lucky man’.

All characters are over eighteen.


“You’re really all right with this, you’re really telling me that I should take a lover, or fuck buddy?”

My wife of over thirty years just smiled at me as we sat with our glasses of wine. My wife is some years younger than myself so it had come as a surprise to both of us when she had suddenly entered the menopause at an age that is generally thought rather young.

After her menopause she had been subtly different. She was a little lighter in her general outlook on life, and on sex, but her actual sexual requirements were drastically reduced. She talked about it, read about it, watched adult internet sites with me, but no longer seemed to enjoy the physical acts the way she had when younger. It had been about a year, and knowing that I was definitely not ‘getting enough’ she had made the unexpected suggestion that I should find my sexual relief elsewhere.

“Of course I’m alright about it, I wouldn’t have suggested it otherwise would I?”

No, I supposed that she wouldn’t. Still it came as a bit of a shock that she had actually suggested it, she had ‘lightened up’ about many things recently but I really hadn’t expected that.

“So how do you propose we go about finding this ‘fuck buddy’ then, I don’t know anyone that would be willing, or do I just go out and kerb crawl?”

We agreed that I definitely didn’t go kerb crawling and then she surprised me again.

“Actually I have someone in mind, I’ve been talking to Janet and she seems quite willing to help you out.”

Janet, my wife’s younger half sister, younger than my wife by fourteen years and nearly twenty years younger than myself. I had to admit that Janet wouldn’t have been the last person I would have thought of in a sexual way, after all, she was pretty, quite outgoing and very bubbly at times, she was also extremely petite, even smaller than my wife. I knew she was not particularly happy in her marriage and was almost certainly staying with her husband for the sake of their children, still it came as a surprise, she’d always seemed a bit stand-offish with me.

A week later one evening when I got home from work I found Janet in our living room with my wife. The conversation was pretty general until Janet suddenly announced that she couldn’t stay all night and as Liz had asked her to sleep with me perhaps we two should go to the bedroom!

That wasn’t exactly the way I had envisaged my first tryst with my sister in law starting, and it really didn’t get any better as we went to the bedroom and she stripped off and got into the bed. I stripped and got in with her and we basically had intercourse. It was hard, that is, it was difficult for me, Janet just opened her legs, looked up at the ceiling and waited to be fucked.

I did fuck her, but frankly that first time I really don’t know how. I could barely manage an erection, there was simply no chemistry between us, it was like I imagine fucking one of those inflatable sex dolls you see advertised would be. No feeling, no fun, no point.

It did get a bit better the next couple of times Janet came over But to be honest it wasn’t great, it was vanilla sex with a capital ‘V’. If this was the way her sex life was conducted at home there was no wonder her marriage was stale.

It was the fourth or fifth time she visited that we came out of the bedroom to find my daughter Lynsey in the living room with her mother. Janet made a very hurried and I thought embarrassed exit and I wondered what if anything my wife had told our daughter. It turned out she had told her everything! At first I didn’t know where to put my face, this wasn’t the sort of thing I’d ever imagined having to discuss with my oldest daughter but I soon discovered that my embarrassment was misplaced.

My daughter is very much an ‘alpha’, she takes charge of situations and accepts no procrastination. After asking the obvious questions about the why’s and wherefore’s she then asked me why I’d gone to Janet who lives sixty miles away when she (herself) lived only two miles away and was just as willing?

If I’d been surprised by Janet I was a hundred times more surprised by Lynsey, the surprise obviously showed on my face, as it certainly did on my wifes!

“Oh come on you two, you want to keep it in the family don’t you, it’s just sex, a shag, and I could use a good one of those myself now and again! Dad, get yourself to the doctors and tell him you’re having ED (erectile dysfunction) problems and he’ll give you some viagra, take one at six o’clock on Wednesday evening and I’ll see you at seven. Mum, you go see one of the others for a couple of hours.”

So it was arranged, just like that.

My eldest daughter, Lynsey. Five feet eight inches tall, the original leggy blue eyed blonde. Curvey in a skinny sort of way, thirty four inch D cupped busom, she was most men’s fantasy girlfriend. At the age of twenty-four she had married an older man and become a trophy escort bostancı bride. She had accepted his children by a former wife and become firm friends with them, even though she was only just older than them. She played her part well. As a very senior executive in a global company he spent a lot of time attending functions, she was the perfect escort on those occasions, and he knew it. He was very nearly my age, but unlike myself his libido had deserted him years ago it seemed. I hadn’t realised she was in need of other company, and had certainly never envisaged myself as being that company.

The following few days passed in a blur, I visited my GP and as predicted came away with a prescription for viagra. Naturally my wife and I had to try it and we were both impressed with the results. Liz commented that she thought Lynsey would also be impressed, which sparked off the conversation that I really had been chewing over ever since Lyn had left. Could I really go through with this? Having sex with my wife’s sister was one thing, but with our daughter was entirely different. I admit I was torn, but Liz pointed out that I’d be a fool to turn her down.

“She’s young, she’s beautiful and she’s most men’s fantasy fuck. She also wants to do it, and keep it in the family, you both benefit so I don’t understand your hesitation!”

She was right of course, but still I had my doubts and worries.

When Wednesday came and I arrived home from work we had an early dinner and Liz announced that she was going out to babysit for one of our other daughters, giving me a kiss she reminded me to take my viagra and departed.

After she was gone I took my pill and headed into the shower. A long hot shower would I hoped get me in a more positive frame of mind for what was to come. I was in there for what seemed like only minutes when I heard Lyn shout that she had arrived.

Gathering my courage I dried off and donning my bathrobe headed into the living room.

Lynsey was laid rather than sat on the sofa, she had her skirt pulled up above her waist and was not wearing panties. One of her legs was up on the sofa, the other down, her foot on the floor where you would expect it be, they were wide open, leaving nothing to the imagination. She was facing my favourite chair and as I sat in it she began masturbating.

I couldn’t pull my eyes away as my lovely daughter openly rubbed her pussy for me to see. She was obviously quite wet and I could see the moisture escaping between her fingers.

“Come on dad, come and look closer.”

I could hardly turn down that invitation, she was only ten feet or so away so I simply knelt on the floor and shuffled over to her. Up close to her I imagined I could smell her sex, and she now used her other hand to open her labia so that I could see her wet passage as the fingers of her other hand teased her opening and rubbed on her clit. I could barely believe this was happening and I think it came as a relief when she suddenly suggested that as I was seeing her it was only right that she saw me.

I sat back on my chair and throwing one leg up over the chair arm I opened my bathrobe. Unsurprisingly my cock was at it’s most hard attention, I was bigger and harder than I could ever remember being, a fact that I was very grateful for as my daughter caught her first glimpse of her father’s cock.

“Mmm, come on dad, give it some exercise!”

I slowly began to masturbate, the situation was surreal, father and daughter masturbating openly in front of each other. I would like to say that our eyes were locked on each other’s, but mine certainly were not. My eyes were locked on my daughter’s open vagina as she rubbed and penetrated herself with her fingers. Our eyes finally met when Lyn came down off of the sofa and crossed over to me. Still on her knees she replaced my hand with hers and started jacking me off. Our eyes met just as she raised herself up and then without any preamble engulfed my cock with her mouth. The feeling was incredible as my daughter used her mouth and tongue in ways I had only read about in erotic novels, my wife gave blow jobs, but nothing compared to what my daughter was doing.

I was on the very verge of coming when she pulled away and went back to the sofa. Positioning herself as previously with her legs wide open she beckoned me over

“Your turn now dad, come and eat me!”

I took the couple of steps across the room on my knees, all the way looking into my daughter’s face, her encouraging smile urging me on. The first taste of her sweet nectar drove me wild and I licked and drank from her eagerly. Licking my daughter’s wet vagina was an indescribable pleasure and judging by the low moans she was giving she found it as pleasurable as I did. I slowly licked my way around her swollen labia, tasting her moisture as I did so. When I flicked her protruding clitoris with my tongue it elicited a loud moan and when I lapped at her open and soaking vagina she virtually screamed. When she grabbed ümraniye escort my hair in both hands and ground herself hard into my face her sex was suddenly a lot wetter as she orgasmed into my face.

I came up for air, we looked at each other and Lyn shuffled up a little higher and lifted her legs again. I needed no suggestion or instruction as I raised myself and positioned my now throbbing cock at her entrance. I relaxed my body and my steel hard penis sank easily and deeply into my daughter’s welcoming vagina. It was tight, much tighter than either my wife’s or sister in law’s, tight but slick, and I slid all the way in until I felt myself hit her cervix.

With encouraging mewls from her I began the most pleasurable task of fucking my daughter. With her positioned as she was we weren’t in the most ideal situation but nevertheless we managed. I drove my manhood in and out to her moaned encouragement, it was a dream come true, even though I had never actually dreamed of doing this.

I was fucking my daughter, I was fucking my daughter and she was begging for more! As I hammered down into her she thrust her hips up to meet me and the slap slap of our meetings were loud in my ears. My daughter’s tight vagina was the perfect fit for me and I felt the suction as I withdrew and then pushed back down. I think the term is pneumatic, we were definitely pneumatic! If this was the one and only time I got to fuck my daughter then I would be satisfied that I’d had the fuck of my life!

My balls were slapping her ass as she managed to get her legs up even higher as her hands came around my back and her fingers began to dig into my ass. I could feel her fingernails digging deep into me, the slight pain felt pleasurable and drove me to harder, deeper thrusts.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck me, I want your cum in my cunt!”

Lyn hadn’t called me daddy since she was a child and that was all it took to take me over the top and I exploded into her.

“Don’t stop don’t stop, that’s right, that’s perfect!”

I could see the waves of pleasure washing through her body and my body responded likewise as I pumped my seed into her our bodies slamming together.

The dam had burst however and I had to slow down as my cock slowly deflated. That didn’t stop Lyn writhing around beneath me however as her vaginal muscles seemed to milk me of what little I had left.

With a definite ‘plop’ I pulled out and sat on the floor at her feet. As we both got our breath back I was asked if I was ‘alright’? Answering in the affirmative I just managed to say “Wow!”

“So, do I pass the audition?”

My daughter Lyn had most definitely passed the audition, and I told her so.

I was exhausted, the sex hadn’t lasted that long but had been so intense it had washed me out. Lyn laughed and told me that I would have to get back in shape, and she knew the perfect way to help me.

“I’ll just have to visit a lot more often in the future!”

The following week passed in a haze. After Lyn had left that evening and my wife returned I think I was in some sort of shock. How do you explain to your wife of so many years that having sex with your daughter was the most incredible thing you’ve ever done? Fortunately for me she hadn’t actually asked that question, or for any details, she’d simply asked if everything was alright.

Going over the events of that evening time and time again I came to the conclusion that we had not made love, nor had we really just had sex, we’d rutted, there was no other word that seemed to fit. We’d rutted like wild animals, and I had enjoyed every second of it. My thoughts now were centred on whether what we had done was going to be a ‘one off ‘, I certainly hoped not.

I got my answer the following week when Lyn rang me at work and asked if I would like to have dinner with her that evening. I met her after work and we went to a local restaurant, she’d already talked to her mum and explained that we were meeting so it was just the two of us. Mid-week the place was almost deserted so we had a very quiet table in a corner and over the meal we talked, or rather Lyn asked questions and I did my best to answer as honesty and simply as I could.

It wasn’t easy, the questions were not the sort that daughters generally ask their fathers.

“What type of lingerie really turns you on?” Was probably the least explicit question.

“Did you enjoy watching me masturbate as much as I enjoyed watching you do it” Was one of the most embarrassing ones, along with “What do you think about mutual water sports?” Ok, that one had to be explained to me, and she did so, in graphic detail!

By the time we went our separate ways we both knew a lot about our sexual fantasies, our likes and dislikes, and our expectations of our new relationship. I had been surprised to learn that Lyn’s biggest turn on the previous week and a long held fantasy had been to see me jacking off! And I’d had to admit that that particular turn on was mutual, watching my daughter kartal escort bayan masturbating had done things to me, very pleasurable things.

Two other somewhat surprising and important things that I learned about my daughter that evening was that she considered herself as being bisexual, she had a female ‘friend’, although she wouldn’t tell me who it was, and there was no way she considered what we had done together as being in any way wrong, or a once only experience! Lyndsey’s philosophy was very simple

“Whatever two consenting adults do behind closed doors, no matter what their life relationship may be, is nobody’s business but their own!”

I could go along with that, although I did add that ‘as long as nobody outside the doors was hurt by it.’

That had been a point of contention, Lynsey saying that what her husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him and my replying that if he found out it would hurt him, and that I wasn’t prepared to place her mother in that position, I was always going to be honest about our relationship to my wife, her mother. We agreed that we would always tell her mother when we were intending to meet, one of us would check with her beforehand.

Our second tryst was only a few days later, on Sunday at her place. Lyn’s home is a very large house, bigger than the home that I had raised four children in, I had always thought of it as being a ‘show home’, a model of luxury and fine furniture. Gerald, my daughter’s husband was away for the weekend, overseas, he would be returning on the following Tuesday.

On arrival I found my daughter dressed only in a house coat, she was obviously naked beneath it and making no attempt to hide that fact. When she suggested that I might like a shower in her huge on-suite I thought she might join me, but she didn’t. On walking out of the shower and into her bedroom I found out why.

I loved the sight before me; laid naked on the bed was my beautiful daughter, her knees drawn up and open wide as she used a slightly curved vibrating dildo on herself. She was not in any way holding back as she slid the dildo in and out of her vagina, going all the way in and mewling in pleasure as she asked if I liked what I was seeing? Obviously I did like it, and as I dropped the towel from my waist and approached the bed my viagra enhanced penis made that fact very clear.

With my steel hard cock leading the way I approached and then climbed up onto the bed, positioning myself by Lynsey’s head. Lynsey didn’t need to speak as she first smiled and then licked her lips, looking at her father’s hard manhood and opening her mouth. The invitation was clear so I shuffled closer and slid my cock into her waiting mouth.

Kneeling there on the bed with my cock in her mouth as my daughter fucked herself with that dildo was like a fantasy coming to life right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t help myself as I felt myself starting to come. I told Lynsey, and when she pulled off my cock she opened her mouth even wider and pleaded with me to give her my cum. That was it, that incredibly erotic request was enough to set me off, I exploded into her mouth, a long white sticky string pulsed into her mouth. Seeing that just made me come even harder, my wife had never taken my cum into her mouth, never, I think the very thought of it had always repulsed her. My gorgeous daughter was different, not only did she want me to come in her mouth, she swallowed! As she swallowed she obviously hit her own climax at the same time as she tossed and squirmed around the bed, making it difficult for me to keep my aim at her mouth.

As we both relaxed a minute the few splashes of cum that had not gone in her mouth were wiped up by her fingers and licked up. It was so erotic, so taboo, I felt myself getting erect all over again.

“Lick me dad, lick my cunt!”

I couldn’t refuse a request like that so I soon found myself licking my daughter’s clit as she continued to use the dildo. A little shuffling around and I was deep down her throat as well.

I explored my daughter’s sex, licking my way around her labia and teasing her clitoris with both my lips and tongue. At first she kept hold of the vibrating dildo herself but soon relinquished control to me and I eased it in and out of her very wet vagina. I needed more, putting the dildo to one side I buried my face in her sex, pushing my tongue into her and lapping up her wetness like a cat with a bowl of cream. At the other end of her body amazing things were happening. I could actually feel my penis going down my daughter’s throat, not just to the back of her mouth but actually down her throat!

I soon realised that I couldn’t keep this up for long, I’d be coming again in no time and when I did I wanted it to be deep inside her vagina, not her mouth. Lyn must have realised the same because pushing my hips away she cried out

“Fuck me dad, fuck me now.”

We quickly rearranged ourselves, not as I expected with Lyn on her back, but with her kneeling on the bed, head down, and me kneeling behind her. The height was perfect for me to penetrate her, and gripping her hips I slid easily into her. I don’t know how long we remained in that position with me sliding easily and smoothly in and out, Lynsey all the time egging me on to keep going

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