The Long Weekend Ch. 28

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In the dark parking lot.

“Why wait until you get home. The three of can help you right here. Can’t we boys? Jr. why don’t you bring the truck around to parking lot at the back of the bowling alley. Your front seat would work pretty well for what I have in mind. We’ll wait a few minutes and go out the back door and meet you there. Park it in the far corner.” Kathy planned out with an impish smile.

Unseen by the four, the proprietor also had a devilish smile at the suggestion. The exterior security camera had just been repaired and he slipped a new disc into the recorder. This might be good test of its HD color quality, he thought.

Jr. went off to get the truck while the two older ladies and the young boy, strolled down past the families to where, in lanes 47 and 48, a men’s VFW league was in play. A few pacemakers went into high gear and if a blood pressure monitor had been hooked up to one old fella, it would have been off the dial. The bowling stopped as they watched the three strollers and wished they were young again.

“Why don’t we watch a bit while we wait?” Kathy suggested as she turned from her profile to stand full frontal facing the lanes. Danny stood between the beautiful older women as if he were the prize. The women clapped and hooted when any bowler made a strike. Danny soon reached behind the women and a put one hand, under each of their short skirts, to grab their asses and cup their rounded cheeks. Kathy and Annie leaned forward to grip the open hand rail which allowed their unsupported tits to roll forward, dangerously close to spilling out of their tops.

“Enough, enough.” Kathy orchestrated as she stood up. “Jr.’s probably back there now.”

“Bye, guys!!”

Bowling stopped again as they watched the threesome walk the short distance to the exit.

Stepping outside, the trio, waited in the darkness and surveyed the mostly empty lot. Lit by only a couple of overhead lamps, the far corner nearest the building was vacant and private. “Perfect, just like I had hoped.” Kathy said out loud to herself as she flagged down Jr.’s big truck and waved him to park it over there.

“Come on you two slow pokes. Let’s get this party started.” Kathy encouraged as she trotted into the semi-darkness.

As Kathy opened the passenger door the cab’s interior lit up as she motioned for Jr. to turn off the engine and stay in his seat. Opening the passenger door as wide as possible she waited for Annie to arrive.

“Climb in, honey.” she encouraged. “Let me help you.” she continued as she held out her hand to balance her as Annie climbed on the running board. As Annie, reached out to grab the door, Kathy shifted her hands to the back of Annie’s thighs and felt the muscles tense as she began to pivot into the cab and onto the leather seat.

Not nearly as tall as Jr., Kathy never-the-less gasped as she looked up and saw, right at mouth level, the two smooth tapering thighs and shaved dark red labia featured between the splayed legs. “That’s it honey, raise you bum a bit.” Kathy ordered as she pushed up the hem of the short stretchy skirt to full expose Annie naked from her ankles to her belly button. When she dropped her bum back to the leather seat and let her legs hang over the edge, Annie’s red gash quivered with excitement as Danny stepped up beside his mother to gape at the breathtaking sight.

Inside the bowling alley, the operator was appreciating the extra money he had spent on the system, as he was able to able to use the joystick to adjust the angle and zoom in close enough to see Annie’s nether lips begin to part in anticipation. Looking over his shoulder, he noticed he was alone at the counter and made a slow adjustment to his small but firming cock. He doubled checked the recorder to make sure it was functioning. “Yes” he said to himself, “worth every penny.”

Jr. looked at the back of his mom and saw Kathy’s hand pushing his mother’s left thigh up and toward the dash. Seizing the moment, he placed his hands on the mother’s bare shoulders, “Lie back.”

Annie submitted to her son and felt the smooth leather on her shoulder blades as her head came to rest on the middle of the seat. She looked up and back and saw her son staring at the obscene sight in front of him. She saw his large right hand extend out and pull up her top, bunching it up under her arm pits, and exposing her breasts. She followed his eyes down her almost naked body and saw that Kathy and Danny were standing at eye level with her exposed sex. She held her breath as she saw them move forward jostling for first dibs on her aching cunt.

“How do you start?’ Kathy asked with interest.

“Usually with my tits.” came the quick, honest reply.

“Jr., that’s your job!” Kathy instructed Jr. who was sitting there admiring his mother on display.

With the direction, Jr. reached up to gather his mother’s spread out tits into his escort bostancı large hands. He scooped up the large soft globes and began to massage them gently. Holding them above her torso, he began to gently thumb the nipples. They began to distend and swell in response to his actions and the personal fantasy in her brain that was being realized. Jr. continued to hold her breasts with three outside fingers in each hand as he began to squeeze and roll her hardening nipples. Then, as if getting tooth paste out of a tube, he stretched them out slowly but firmly until they were taut and elongated.

He felt badly that he and Kathy had sexually teased her all night to the point that she needed to cum so urgently. Her need was so overwhelming that they were now in his truck. He loved his mother, never wanted to hurt her and this made him focus all his energy on her pressing need.

He had never seen her like this. He had never experienced her like this. He had never seen her with another woman and never expected to. He and Jake, as swim jocks on campus, had a few MMF encounters with fans and groupies. In fact it was only last night that they had doubled teamed their taxi driver. What was happening in front of him was almost overwhelming in its debauchery. His beautiful mother was lying almost naked on the seat of this truck while a new woman friend hers was about to go down on her. He had seen FMF pictures in pornos he had never participated in one, least of all with his mother.

Annie was lost in the moment and placed her hands on top of her son’s to press his fingers and fine tune the pleasure she was receiving. She made small circles with her palms over the end of her teats to further stimulate her growing arousal. She reached back and grabbed each of his strong arms to hold herself from being pulled off the seat by Kathy.

Mesmerized by watching Jr. play with Mrs. Sullivan’s tits, further excited Danny. His cock had long ago become rigid and he now began to stroke Annie’s inner thigh. While his mother pushed Annie’s left leg, he pushed her right leg wider apart to make room for the two of them. The mother and son descended on the older woman’s bald glistening vulva. Pushing their faces together allowed their tongues to lick the lips on either side of Annie’s pubic area. Annie’s widely stretched thighs pulled her labia apart and allowed her juices to begin to spill out of her. Danny bent down to capture the stream as it ran down the furrow to her ass, while his mother stepped up on the running board to get a better purchase with her lips on Annie’s clit.

The bowling alley proprietor turned off the monitor while he rushed through serving a customer. “Damn.” he said breaking away as soon as the family had left. “At least it’ll be on DVD but live is so hot. If only I had sound.” he said remorsefully as the hi-res ten inch screen came to life.

If he had sound he would have recorded Annie wailing, “Yes, yes, lick me, eat me, make me cum.” as one foot was on the dash and the other up against the rear window.

She had submitted, she had let go and Kathy’s bi-sexual nature and practiced technique was exquisite. She was lost in total debauchery and didn’t care that she was in a public place. The sister’s and the girls at school had not been as good as Kathy. She seemed to know exactly what Annie needed and

Danny was an intuitive lover. She felt Kathy clinging to her hips as her tongue worked the hood of her clit away to expose her tender precious jewel. She tilted her pelvis to allow better access to Kathy’s mouth which had the added benefit of making her ass more available to Danny. She felt his tongue as it slid down the wet furrow over her perineum. For more direct access to her nether region, Danny crouched, as his tongue began slow swirls over her rosebud. He rimmed her slowly and deliberately as he felt her begin to dry hump is mother’s mouth and his tongue.

He eased up and saw the gaping opportunity to finger this gorgeous creature he had fallen for. He slipped two slim fingers into her vagina. He rocked them back and forth. He turned his had over so he fingers could work the area inside of the clit his mother was nibbling on. He spread his fingers and pressed them against the soft wet sides. He felt her juices increase in flow and watched as it ran down his hand to his wrist before spilling on the gravel of the parking lot. He pulled his fingers out and moved his face into Mrs. Sullivan’s crotch. He smelt the ardor, the arousal that had earlier soaked her thong. He drank in the pungent aroma and its liquid source. He pushed his nose into her as he sought again to rim her ass.

The tip of Danny’s tongue felt the first real spasm of her anal rose. He worked the tip slowly around the edge, probing gently at the opening. His nose was raking her labia as he stabbed his tongue at its target.

Annie with glazed eyes had been ümraniye escort looking back at her son. She felt the strong grip he had on her breast but her view was clouded by the fog of excitement. .He felt her breasts, she felt soft hands on her thighs, she felt the warmth and sensuousness of the leather on her naked buttocks. Then she felt a hand pushing her leg away from the glove box. She looked down to see Kathy rummaging through the box and take out a silver package that she handed down to Danny.

“Put this on. Quickly” Kathy said, as she passed back the last condom to her son.

“OMG” Danny thought as he whipped his steel rod of a cock out. “I’m going to get to fuck Mrs. Sullivan.”

Tearing open the package, without taking his tongue away from Mrs. Sullivan’s ass, was awkward but youthful exuberance and determination proved to be the solution. He slipped on the rubber and grabbed his mother’s hips to signal he was ready.

“Hurry, fuck me.” Kathy told her son. While her feet rested on the running boards, she held Annie’s hips for balance. It was almost like being in a sling as her ass and yearning pussy waited for the pounding that was to come.

Expecting her to step out of the way to allow him to bury himself in this intoxicating goddesses’ pussy, Danny felt somewhat disappointed as he felt his mother hover her buttocks against him. Realizing he was not going to put his cock inside the woman he had been fantasizing about all day and night he roughly grabbed his ersatz mother’s hips pulled the tight latex up exposing two toned and tanned buttocks. He reached under her and pulled her cheeks apart and stepped in. He raised himself up onto his toes and in one violent thrust he buried himself as deep as he could. Danny grabbed his mother’s naked hips and pulled her down onto his steel hard cock.

On at least two other occasions, Danny had fucked his mother when she was eating out another woman. Although he wanted desperately to do Mrs. Sullivan, that fantasy would have to wait. The warm juicy sheath of his mother’s vagina, was the only point of contact between the two of them. He settled back onto a balanced stance with feet flat on the ground and wide apart. They knew each other’s pace and soon got into a rhythm.

The bowling alley operator stroked his small hard cock through the cotton pocket of his pants. He had to quickly zoom out to capture all the unbelievable action that was happening in his parking lot. He could not see the driver, but he did not need to. All the action he needed for stimulation was on the passenger side. He watched as the youngest of the boys, took the woman with aqua latex dress, from behind. He watched as the redhead in the aqua dress furiously ate out the squirming older woman lying on the seat.

It was too much for Jr. He let go his mother’s breast with one hand and undid his jeans. His stiff cock was trapped in the tight denim and he had to worry it loose in stages. The steering wheel was impeding his one handed actions and he sought to free his aching member. He opened the driver’s door and stuck his left leg out to help with his effort. He opened the zipper as much as he could and continued to slip his pants down exposing his smooth taut skin. With a great effort he somehow got from underneath the steering wheel to point he was kneeling on the seat near his mother’s face.

He looked into her eyes and sought to make a real connection that would transmit his love for her and his need. Annie had released his arms and now held onto her son’s thighs as his cock was poised above her. She tilted her head back as he braced himself on the dash and the seat back to lean forward. Her tongue sought the red spongy mushroom head that lay on her lips. With one hand, Annie reached up and pulled the end of the long phallus down so she could capture it with her mouth. Her lips trapped the end like a mouse trap and held him firm.

Kathy, looked up from Annie’s swollen cunt lips to see Jr. having his large magnificent cock sucked by his mother. He had a great cock, she had it once and wanted it again so she calculated what would have to happen. She used the internal muscles of her vagina to urge her son to completion. She bounced her ass up and down and increased the pace of being impaled. She voraciously applied her mouth to Annie’s vulva and took all of her clit into her mouth and sucked on it like she would like to do with Jr.

The message had been sent and the response was immediate. Danny grabbed his mother’s hips to begin his final push. He thrust fast and deep, his balls slapped against her thighs as he sought to demonstrate his prowess.

Annie, pushed her pelvis up driving it into Kathy’s face. Annie strained against the windshield and rear window to splay herself as open as possible as she surged to a crescendo. She rolled her head back and forth, letting go of Jr.’s cock. She abandoned kartal escort bayan herself to the overwhelming urge that coursed through her body. Her nails raked into her son’s thighs as she sought the ultimate release.

Danny, pulled his mother’s ass back to his crotch as he held to tight. His hard boyish shaft was pulsating with semen being released into the condom. He felt the flood of ecstasy shoot through his body to his brain as he kept pumping out his load.

Annie contorted her face and her neck as the sensations rippled through her body from the epicenter of her vagina. She squirted the watery jets of her release all over Kathy’s chin. The spray was like that of a sprinkler, it covered her lover’s chest and saturated her aqua top. Kathy held firm and allowed her to labia to stop quivering and begin close before she began her climb.

Kathy stood higher on the running boards and put a foot on the floor to the cab. She slid along Annie’s body on a bee line for Jr.’s cock. She stopped on the way to lick the swollen red nipples before giving Annie a kiss on the lips.

Annie tasted her own cum on Kathy’s lips as she saw her lover take Jr.’s cock into her mouth. Annie was looking straight up past her son’s beautiful full balls to see the long rampant shaft being encircled by Annie’s mouth. She watched breathlessly as Katy’s tongue, tantalized the sensitive underside of his gorgeous manhood. Annie tipped her head back and her tongue sought the smooth sacs that were resting on her nose. She found she could move her head and Jr. widened his knees so she could gain access.

Danny saw his mother lying on top of his dream. He saw his mother’s red bush pressing against the naked mons of Mrs. Sullivan. He saw their breasts and nipples rubbing against each other as they sought to bring off Jr. He saw Jr. being doubled team. He took the condom off his still hard cock and moved forward. He leaned in and was able to smell the arousal of the two woman and saw the glistening sweat and love juice on their thighs. He buried his face and worked his mother’s sex with his mouth. He gently stroked Mrs. Sullivan, because he knew she would be very sensitive but his mother had not yet come, he was rough. Was it disappointment, was it envy, he didn’t know he just attacked her recently abased cunt.

Kathy slurped and bobbed up and down on the boy’s wonderful stick. She took him deep into the mouth before releasing him to lick the glans. She knew he was close, young untrained boys always are. She lay her tongue along the underside as she bobbed her stretched lips bringing him deeper into her mouth. She felt Danny’s trained tongue on her red abused nether lips and knew she was close.

Annie felt it first. She had one of her son’s sacks her mouth when she felt it swell. Kathy felt it next as the swollen phallus began to pulse. He came in her open mouth. She didn’t try to catch it or swallow it. She couldn’t, she was coming simultaneously. Her orgasm welled up and came just as Jr.’s cum arrived and then spilled down his shaft to run down his scrotum and around his balls onto his mother’s face. Annie felt her son’s liquid cum and sucked up the creamy gift with her mouth.

Kathy cleaned up Jr.’s cock by sliding her mouth up and down the outside. Jr., spent and beginning to soften pulled back as Kathy gave Annie a deep kiss and shared her mouthful of cum with Jr.’s mother. Back and fourth the snowball went, before Kathy licked Annie’s face to clean her up.

Danny had felt his mother’s orgasm just as he stroked himself to another one. Without a condom, he aimed his seed at Mrs. Sullivan’s feet and ankles but with the wantonness of the situation, most spilled on the ground at about the same time the bowling alley operator came in his pants.

“OMG” that was the most amazing experience I have ever had, Annie purred with a soft voice. “I’m baked. Nothing more for me.”

“Anyone want to go inside to clean up?” Kathy asked as she looked at disheveled hair and make of the woman she was lying on top of.

“No, I just want to go home.” Annie uttered in a state of sexual exhaustion.

Jr. on the driver’s side was fitting his fat cock back into his jeans. Danny on the passenger side was still hard and looking at Mrs. Sullivan’s red dripping pussy in anticipation.

“Everybody jump in and I’ll drop you two at your car.” Jr. offered

Sliding out of the cab, Kathy’s top was still wet and transparent from Annie’s squirting. Annie lay contented on the seat and drew her legs up in a fetal position “I’m not moving”.

“Thanks for the offer Jr., but we’ll walk, won’t we Danny.” Kathy responded, before adding. “Let’s go back through the bowling alley, so we don’t have to walk down the dark side alley.”

Not sure how to handle an awkward situation, “I don’t know what to say other than, thanks it was unreal, fantastic and see you tomorrow at nine a.m.” was all that Jr. could think of as he gave Mrs. Andrews a hug and Danny a nod.

Danny closed the door on the sated Annie, while Jr. got back in the cab. As they drove off, Jr. saw in the rear view mirror, Danny holding the bowling alley door open for his mother.

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