The Chauhans’ Special Day

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“Hurry up Brajesh!” Dad shouted.

I had just finished giving my class 12th board exams and my father and mother were waiting for me outside the exam centre in the car. The driver had been given a fortnight’s leave. Suitcases had been loaded onto the hastily assembled rack on top of the Bolero. I ran over and jumped into the empty backseat. Through the throng of schoolchildren, Dad carefully wheeled out of the exam centre.

“How was the paper beta?” he asked.

“Not as tough as I was expecting.” I said happily. I was confident of getting more than 95%.

“Take rest beta, I will wake you up when we reach.” my mother said.

I curled up on the seat as the AC was switched on. We were on our way to my Tauji’s place for our mini vacation. My 18th birthday, a few weeks back, had been a low key affair, given the impending exams. So this was a well deserved break.

After a few hours I tumbled awake and opened the car doors. We were in the driveway of Tauji’s house, a luxurious two storey building with a large garden and backyard which was bordered on all sides by ten feet high walls.

“So happy to see you, Smita Bhabhi.” It was my Taiji, Sulochana. She hugged my mother tightly.

“How were the exams beta?” she asked, “We were praying for you.”

“It went well taiji,” I said as she pulled me into a hug, “I will probably score above 90%”

She beamed. “We are all so proud of you beta.”

She directed the servants to untie our cases and carry the to the guest rooms. We went to our rooms and relaxed and freshened up. I was given a smaller room with a single bed while my parents were given the room next to my dadaji’s room.

The rest of the extended family arrived by evening. There was Tauji, Ujwal Chauhan, my father’s elder brother, who ran the family’s trading company from the headquarters in Pune. He was 40 years old , a robust man who was quite sharp. Next was dadaji, my father’s father, Lal Krishna Chauhan, a struct disciplinarian who was the unquestioned family patriarch. He was 59 years old but appeared atleast a decade younger. Dadiji was a sweet calm woman who, despite her conservative upbringing, was a degree holder and had helped managed the family business when it was in its infancy. At 56, Saraswathi canlı bahis dadiji was in excellent health and had a healthy zest for life. My cousin Anjali, who was 20 and studying MBBS had also joined us. The last to arrive was my Bua and my cousin. My cousin Debadutta was 19 years of age and had started engineering recently. His mother Sarmistha was 38 years of age and was a widow. Her husband had passed away more than a decade ago in a tragic car crash. She had been working in the family enterprise since then and was in charge of the furniture arm of the business.

After wishing each other, we had dinner. In the beginning, Dadaji who was at the head of the table stood up. He spoke in a gruff commanding voice which brooked no dissent.

“As you all are gathered here today, the Chauhan family is complete. Tomorrow is our special day and we will have our family rituals. It keeps us strong, healthy and united. The servants will be away. We will be alone. Everyone is expected to attend,” He looked at me, “Especially our youngest family member.”

Everyone clapped. I stared down at my plate.

Anjali was sitting next to me. “What ritual is he talking about?” I asked her.

She smiled. “Don’t worry kiddo. You will soon learn. Brajesh, remember how you always used to go to your Nanaji’s house this time of the year. This was because you were considered too young for this ritual. You will find out soon enough. Patience.”

Some stupid religious ritual, I thought. I could not have been more wrong.

I was woken up by a gently of shake of the shoulders. The light was on and I saw Sulochana Taiji sitting beside me.

“What time is it?” I asked wearily. I was hoping for a long night’s sleep after months of intensive study.

“It’s time for the ritual.” she replied. “Come on. Get up and wash your face and brush your teeth.”

The wall clock showed that it was just past seven. By the time I had finished my ablutions, taiji was waiting for me. She was wearing a lovely yellow sari.

“Are we going out somewhere?” I asked.

“I am not going anywhere. Come, everyone is waiting for you.”

She lead me downstairs to the living room area. It was still dark outside. The windows were open and a mild breeze was blowing through. bahis siteleri But the scene I saw was a weird one. The entire family was gathered there, evidently waiting for my arrival. The women folk were dressed in sarees. Anjali was in a salwar kameez. The men folk were wearing maroon bathrobes and standing barefeet in a row.

“Ah! Here he comes. Welcome beta!” Tauji said.

I walked uncertainly. My mother was beaming. Anjali wore an impish smile on her face. Sarmistha bua gave me her blessings with her palm on my head. Sulochana taiji lead me to the corner window and before I knew it, something cold and metallic was slipped over my wrist.

I looked in confusion. It was a handcuff.

“Beta you will soon understand.” My father said.

Taiji slipped on another handcuff to my left hand. She cupped my face. “Beta, just enjoy the fun.”

“Enough dilly dallying. Brajesh, I will tell you about our family. We are were open and liberal. We are close with each other. The family stays united. Don’t be scared. Just enjoy. The handcuffs are just a precaution so that you don’t ‘enjoy’ too early.” Everyone laughed when he said this.

Dadiji spoke next and it was in a serious tone. “We don’t want to force you into anything you don’t like. Stop us whenever you feel you don’t feel good. There is no compulsion. Its choice. But we expect you to not tell anyone outside the family. OK beta?”

I nodded weakly.

Then the men of the family dropped their bathrobes and I got the shock of my life. They were completely nude underneath! Dadaji, tauji, Debadutta bhaiyya and dad were stark naked. These men who were sober, level headed professionals were now standing in their birthday suits displaying themselves to the women in the family who did not shy away. My head spun as I saw my mother, a woman who for all intents and purposes was a very conservative, a woman who had never dressed inwestern clothes, who would get up early every morning to offer prayers, stare intently at the naked males of her family, with a happy smile on her face. It was incongruous and unthinkable!

Sulochana taiji smiled at me. She pulled my tee shirt out of the waistband of my half pants and with a scissor tore it off while I watched the men make poses for the bahis şirketleri women. Sulochana inserted a her fingers inside my waistband.

“Ready beta? Shall I take it off?”

For a moment I stared at her. Here was a woman who I considered my second mother. She had fed me, taken care of me when I was sick (she is a paediatrician), enquired about my marks, always had a gift for me when we visited. She had a smile on her face and had never looked more beautiful. She was taller than my mother and had a wheatish complexion with hair tied in a short tail. She looked so classy and elegant in her saree. And here she was asking permission to pull down my shorts.

“Yes taiji.” I nodded.

She pulled down my shorts and underwear in one swift motion and placed herself in front of me blocking out everyone else’s view. A thin, white towel had magically appeared in her hand. She looked into my eyes and said, “I shall cover you with this for now. Join us whenever you feel ready.”

“Wait,” I said, “I -I-“

The other men of the family in their nudity looked impressive. Although they had hair on their legs and chest and even bit on their backs, they had shaved off their pubes giving a clean impression. All of them had uncut penises which were all semi erect by now. Dadji’s penis had ahd a nice length and was backed up by girth. Nothing like pornstar penises, of course, but impressive nonetheless. His son’s had similar phalluses, tauji’s a bit longer than my father’s. But Debadutta bhaiyya had the biggest of them all : It was veiny with a long foreskin. My package looked distinctly unimpressive in comparison and I had not shaved it for the last few months. I had been circumcised at an young age.

“I have not shaved, taiji.” I said worriedly.

She smiled looking at my package, her mouth very close to my half erect penis.

“And I am not big like them. I am cut too.” I said

She reassured me. “Brajesh, don’t worry beta. There is nothing wrong in that. Your penis looks very beautiful. And because you are cut, you will have more stamina. And don’t worry about size. As long as you can get it up, you don’t have to worry.”

She tied the towel around my waist.

“Beta,” she said cupping me over my bulge, “I don’t know about others but as far as I am concerned, I will be more than happy with your penis.”

Smiling, she walked off to join the rest of the family. It was such an ego boost, hearing her say those words that I almost fainted.

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