That 69s Show Ch. 09

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!”

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Episode 9

In Which Eric and Jackie Confront Para(ab)normal Tits

The young couple snuggled in bed, resting after a typically gymnastic session of fucking and sucking. Jackie couldn’t yet believe how long Eric could last while pushing and pounding his oversized dick all the way up her pussy, reaching spots no one had ever before reached! And how much he could spew, time and again. It took several ejaculations before there was any lessening of his outpouring of jism. Her tits, face and hair all had been covered before she had showered and then given him one last blow job/tit fuck which she had managed to swallow entirely!

It had been several months since she and Eric had been confronted by Donna in this very bedroom. After Jackie had destroyed one of her 38 Double E cup bras Donna had vanished, not seen since in Point Place. No one had heard from her in all that time.

Eric and Jackie were now an acknowledged twosome in Pointe Place. They were together constantly, spending time together at The Hub or at the movies or at Look Out Pointe. Almost every night they would end up in Eric’s bedroom or at Jackie’s place for an hours long sex session. Jackie’s outlandishly top heavy figure would always inspire Eric. And she would find herself dripping wet when she saw or felt his immense dick harden in response to her teasing manner of dress.

Jackie always dressed to emphasize her figure now, particularly her massively oversized breasts! Usually she wore tight fitting uplifting bras that forced her titanic breasts into bulging, quivering mounds that pushed up and out of her cleavage. Tight, low cut, or both, her blouses, sweaters, T-tops and other clothes showcased her cleavage and the dramatic emphasis of her bosom’s thrusting nature. And her tight mini skirts and short-shorts, along with the heels that she always wore flattered her legs and pert butt!

Eric loved the way she dressed to emphasize how top heavy her figure was. Her pride in her amazing figure was intoxicating, he thought. Just over five feet tall and with an insanely top heavy 32 Triple L bra encased set of firm, quivering titties and curvy legs below a tight taut muscular stomach and butt, Jackie got the attention of all the men where ever she went. She knew that her body and the way that she showcased it gave men instant boners wherever she went! She dressed like the sex crazed fuck doll that she had become. Her massive bosom shaking and quivering when she walked, her cleavage always on display for all the men in Pointe Place to admire and lust after! But she only had eyes for Eric. And while she knew he still looked at every busty tramp that he saw, she was still his first choice for a night of fucking!

And as a result she was getting more sex in a week than she had had in all the time prior to hooking up with Eric! And she enjoyed, no, she craved, all the fucking and sucking she was getting from Pointe Place’s biggest stud.

“I heard from my Mom today,” she told Eric. “She’s going to be back in town for a couple of weeks!” As she spoke she felt Eric’s penis jump a little in her hand.

“Oh, I see that you like the idea of my Mom being around, huh?” she teased him.

“Of course, Jackie! Your Mom is a really hot MILF! I’d do her again in a New York minute!”

“Well, I didn’t get to see you with her a second time, Eric. Would you like to FUCK my Mom while I watch you two? That would be so hot!”

Jackie became jealous when Eric ogled other well endowed women but she loved to watch her man fuck hell out of many of those other women. She had gotten him to do Pam Macy in this bed while she watched from the closet. Pam’s Double D boobs had looked so SMALL to Jackie although Eric had seemed to have a good time. Another time Pam Macy’s MOM had visited as well with her 40-E’s and her oral fixation. Neither Pam nor her Mom had been able to handle Eric’s monster cock the way that Jackie did. Eric had said as much as he had thrust his way into her pussy after the visitors had left!

Eric’s dick was hardening in her grasp as she spoke.

“You know,” she remarked as she slid on top of Eric, “Mom’s tits aren’t as big as mine are! Even though she is taller!” She pushed herself onto his hardening dick. “Ugh, huh, she, um, she, OH GOD you’re BIG! She can’t take you all the way, HUH, HUH, all the way down! UGH, God, help me! DOWN! To the bottom, HUGhh, like I CAN! YES!” She shouted in ecstasy as she took him all the way to the root of his 14 1/2 inch cock!

A massive, rolling wave of ecstasy crashed thru her body as she shook and trembled in orgasm while riding the biggest, hardest, thickest dick she could imagine! It was the start of another wonderful day of fucking, sucking and having her tits played with, oiled and fucked

Two weeks later Eric was standing in front of Jackie’s Mom in his bedroom.

Jackie was in the closet, as planned, watching while Pam undressed pendik escort Eric slowly. Pam was dressed in a skin tight pair of jeans and a low cut knit top that outlined her massive breasts in detail. Eric’s hands were busy caressing Pam’s tight butt and protuberant bust. Pam made sure to rub her massive breasts against Eric as she undressed him. She caressed his butt and slid his shirt over his head while mashing her tits against his chest.

Finally naked, standing with legs straddling her, Eric looked down as Pam lightly ran her hands up and down his erect penis. It stretched so far out in front of him! She smiled at him while her hands kept up their work to encourage him to expand to his maximum!

“I love how big your dick is, Eric,” she moaned, running her tongue over her lips. “You’re SO BIG! I’ve never met anyone like you! I can’t wait to feel it jammed up my hot wet cunt again!”

“Well, neither can I, Pam! You’re such a HOT teasing fox! I love watching you stroke and lick my dick! Come on, stop teasing me and put my dick into your mouth!” he replied

“Can’t wait, huh, stud? Well, okay then!”

For the next quarter hour Pam Burkhardon knelt in front of Pointe Place’s resident stud and did her level best to swallow all of his more than fourteen inch long, massively thick cock! Even with her best efforts there were still inches and inches that she stroked with her hands while her mouth serviced almost ten inches of rock hard dick.

“Oh, Pam, that feels so good!” Eric moaned, not for the first time. “Take as much as you can! I’m gonna cum! I’m about to shoot!” he warned her.

Giggling Pam pulled off his granite like root and gazed up at him.

“I want you to shoot all over my face! Cum on me Eric, cum on me!”

With a groan of lust Eric released his first wad of jism which splashed onto her forehead and ricocheted into her hair, the next half dozen shots ended up on her face, in her mouth and on her sweater encased tits as she wanked him furiously.

“You taste just as good as I remember,” Pam giggled as she scooped up all of his jism that she could reach.

Flicking her hair out of her face she slowly ran her tongue around and around Eric’s dick head. Almost at once he was back at full strength, his dick quivering and pulsing as she lipped the tip of his penis.

“Now, get on the bed, honey, I’ve got a little surprise for you!”

Slowly, teasingly, Pam squirmed out of her skin tight pants and dropped her panties to the floor revealing her shaved pussy. Languidly she smoothed her hand over the damp pussy lips and with a nasty smile at Eric, licked off the juice from her palm.

“It’s been too long since I’ve had a REAL man in bed. I’m going to enjoy every moment of this!” she announced. “And as an incentive for you, check this out!”

Gripping the bottom of her sweater she slowly pulled it up and over the large bra containing her massive breasts.

“What do you think, honey? Like ’em?” She cupped her boobs and plumped them for his enjoyment. She shook her shoulder and her chest shimmied and shook at him while he smiled up at her.

“Pam! You got bigger! Your tits look REALLY huge now! Wow!” He was staring at her while she played with her tits.

“Double H, now, Eric. I went back to Mexico and looked up the old shaman. Turned out he had passed just a few days before I got there. But I found the last of the creme he had in a small jar that had rolled behind his bed and so I got a little bigger! I like ’em a lot. Too bad there’s no more creme to be had! The town folk were kind of upset though. Seems some ‘Scarlet Witch’ shacked up with him and kinda, well, maybe, just wore him out? No one wanted to talk about it, they get pretty superstitious down there. If you talk about something bad you can draw that bad back to you. Or so they think.

“But who cares, I’ve got a really huge rack now. Even bigger than before! These Double H cup titties really look good on me, don’t they? And these nipples are super sensitive.

So we should get busy! I want to tit fuck you and then have you pound my poor little pussy until I can’t walk! Now come here, stud! Let me wrap you up in my big, big, titties!”

Putting words into action Pam scooted forward and pulled Eric’s massively erect dick into her newly enlarged, deeper than ever, Double H cleavage. True, she wasn’t as well endowed as her overly busty daughter, but she was stacked the way Eric liked his women and she would do anything to please him. For the next hour and a half the pair tried their best to wear each other out. Fucking, sucking, tittie fucking, blow jobs, sixty-nine, hand jobs, they did it all while Jackie watched, enthralled, from the closet. Jackie reached five orgasms while Eric drove her Mom to even more! All three times that he came she made him ejaculate on her face and boobs!

Finally Eric and Pam rested, entwined on the bed. She was totally exhausted, Eric was just too much! Too hard, too long, too thick, he had given Pam all that she could maltepe escort handle and then more!

With the slow, worn out movements of the over-fucked, Pam struggled to get her clothes on and pull herself together so that she could slip out of the house. Giving Eric a lingering good bye kiss she left him sprawled on the bed. ‘I gave as good as I got,’ Pam thought to herself. ‘Eric’s had enough sex to last him a couple of days!”

As she quietly closed the front door downstairs, her daughter was upstairs licking the combined juices off of Eric’s rapidly inflating cock. And when Jackie was done she and Eric fucked each other for another hour, with Jackie showing Eric how much larger she was than her Mom while tit fucking him and his ever hard prick.

“Hey, Dumbass! You got a visitor! Hope you’re dressed!” His Dad’s voice rang up the stairway. Surprisingly, Eric and Jackie were not fucking or sucking. They had just returned from the Hub and were discussing what to do that night when they were interrupted. True, Jackie had just removed her sweater to excite Eric and in preparation of getting Eric to fuck her, but they had not started.

“Who is it?” he shouted.

“You’ll find out!” was the reply followed by a softer but still audible, “Dumbass!”

At that moment a figure filled the bedroom door way. Clad in a long trench coat and over sized hat the stranger entered the room with a curious twisting motion at the doorway.

“Hello, Eric. Jackie.”

Eric and Jackie stared at the figure and then at each other.

“Donna?” they blurted in unison.

“What are YOU doing here?” asked Jackie as she watched Donna take off her hat and throw it onto a nearby chair.

Her long hair was a magnificent waterfall of curls that framed her face while reaching to the small of her back. Much more a fiery red than the last time Donna had been seen in Pointe Place it set off her emerald green eyes and porcelain complexion.

“I’m here to take back what is mine, Jackie! My reputation, my boyfriend and my place as the bustiest woman in Pointe Place!” She declaimed.

“What… how… you can’t…” spluttered Jackie. As she spoke Donna threw open her enveloping coat and almost echoing what she had said the last time she had come in thru Eric’s window she demanded

“Are you ready for THESE?”

“Holy FUCK,” exclaimed Eric while Jackie moaned, “Oh no! NO!”

Proudly standing before them, Donna posed, allowing Jackie and Eric to take in the transformation that she had undergone. While they gaped at her Donna ran her hands over her hips encased in a skin tight mini skirt that showcased her magnificent showgirl legs. Those legs were supported by tall, five inch heels that lifted her to just over six feet in height.

Donna ran her hands up and around the breasts which dominated her entire body. Those titanic, pink clad mounds were the reason for Jackie and Eric’s outbursts.

A tent-like pink angora sweater held together by a long line of buttons was stretched to the point of shredding by breasts so large, so massive and so amazing that neither Jackie nor Eric could quite bring themselves to believe what they were seeing. Donna’s rib cage was completely concealed behind gigantic bowls of flesh that quivered to her slightest breath and movement. Under the sweater a bra was lifting, pushing her boobs up to her collar bone, only inches from her chin. Breast flesh met in a bulging, rounded cleavage that swept toward them for almost a foot before diving forward under the gigantic sweater.

Donna smirked at the stunned expressions on Jackie and Eric’s faces. Her hands continued to slide over the impossibly enormous mounds that overwhelmed her upper body. From her waist line to just short of her shoulders her breasts occupied every inch! Protruding beyond the sweep of her shoulders and projecting far, far in front of her, Donna’s bosom dwarfed Jackie’s huge 32 Triple L tits! Eric was practically drooling while Jackie struggled to accept what she was seeing.

“The last time I was here, Jackie, you mocked my breasts as being too small to attract Eric. Well, that’s not a problem now, is it Eric?” She glanced at the goggle eyed young man who could not bring himself to reply. His dick had snapped to attention upon seeing Donna’s over stressed sweater and he was busy adjusting himself to get more comfortable.

“Jackie, I bet you never even noticed that I broke into your bedroom that night and swapped out your breast creme for plain old moisturizer and some food coloring! I used it ever day for over a month while I was out in California at my cousin’s place. And when I ran out I headed south. Did you know the name of the village that the old shaman lived in was scratched into the bottom of the pot? Well, I found the village and the man! And I rode that old man while he gave me all the creme I wanted! In return I gave him what he wanted! I gave him sex with a woman whose boobs dwarfed all the others! I wore him out, you know! But he died happy, kartal escort fucking a woman with the largest, most magnificent, firmest, HUGEST boobs in the world! Me! Donna Pinchmyhottie! Look at me Jackie and weep! You have no chance! There is no way you can compete with THESE now!” she crowed as she let her coat slide to the floor.

Smirking at the stunned young woman sitting on the bed she drew her shoulders back and took a deep breath. Her breasts responded by surging forward almost four inches. The movement was barely noticeable, her incredible vastness was already so large that an added four inches was nothing!

“I used the creme every day until it ran out. I stayed in that little village for weeks after the old shaman passed away. I waited while the creme did it’s magic and my breasts grew larger. Every day I got bigger and bigger! You know that one of the effects of the creme is that your boobs get more sensitive and your sex drive grows bigger along with your titties, too! I took on all the men – none of them could resist what I had to offer them! Some of the women got upset but there was nothing they could do to challenge “The Scarlet Witch”, I was just too much woman for them. Or their men! I ruled that little town!

I just kept growing and growing, larger and larger! Until I got to be this size. Then I knew it was time to come back here. Come back to Point Place and set things right! It’s time for me to take back what should be mine! What I should never have let you STEAL from me! My Eric. My horse dicked, big boob loving Eric!

“Your puny, inadequate little 32 Triple L boobs are no match for what I’ve got to offer to Eric. Just look!” Sneering at the small woman with the massive tits sitting on the bed next to Eric, Donna began to unbutton her sweater.

She started from the top and when she got to the point that she could no longer easily reach the buttons furthest out from her rib cage she began unbuttoning from the bottom. Finally all but about six buttons were undone.

“Watch this, Eric! You’re going to really like this!” Grasping the bottom of the sweater she held it tightly together below her insanely large boobs while she PULLED her shoulders back and inhaled! Buttons flew every where! Bouncing off the wall, the ceiling and even Eric and Jackie. Neither one flinched. They were too busy staring at the revealed bra-encased breasts that Donna bore proudly before them!

“Dear GOD!” murmured Eric.

“Oh, no! Oh, no!” muttered a stunned Jackie. She had known that Donna was now able to offer Eric larger boobs than she could. She had not realized just HOW much larger Donna’s breasts had become!

“Well, what do you think?” asked the preening young red head. “Have you ever seen ANYTHING like these before? I KNOW you haven’t! These have to be the largest boobs ever! I’m a much bigger woman than Jackie! I’m taller and stronger! My rib cage is larger. My old bra was only a 38-EE but now I carry tits that DWARF what Jackie could possibly possess! And you haven’t seen anything yet!”

In reaction to the sight before her Jackie crossed her arms over her own 32 Triple L boobs as if to shield them from the sight of Donna’s implausible amplitude. Donna was SO BIG!

While she had been talking Donna had been turning from side to side, allowing Eric and Jackie to see her in profile, demonstrating how incredibly far in front of her her breasts reached. She had been running her hands over the fabric of her bra, her hands just able to reach the front of the bra cups!

Now, raising her hands and cupping them behind her head with her elbows widespread, she turned her back on the dumbstruck duo. From the back the view was just as stunning! The cups of her gargantuan bra could be seen from behind, of course. They powered outward on either side of her rib cage. More fabric than any of Jackie’s huge bras was visible on either side of her well muscled back. Her gigantic tits stretched further outward than her elbows! More surprisingly, the body band was joined at the center of Donna’s back by only three hooks! And the shoulder straps were delicate ribbons of fabric! Breasts as large as she carried should have required many more hooks and much larger straps than that to contend with the massive load that they had to control!

Slowly Donna pivoted, giving Eric and Jackie a chance to see her in profile. With her hands still behind her head, her boobs jutted so far out they cast a shadow over her hips and thighs

Giggling, Donna shimmied, while leaning forward, causing her breasts to wobble. Both onlookers could hear the straining sounds of the bra’s fabric as her vastness wobbled, shook, shimmied and bounced in confinement.

As she stood up she once again confronted Jackie and Eric. Her breasts seemed to reach out to them, cutting the distance between her and her onlookers in half. Donna’s breasts were larger than either of them had ever imagined could exist.

“You know,” remarked Donna as she reached behind herself, “I think that there may be something magical about that creme. I mean, Jackie, do you have any stretch marks? I know I don’t and there is no way dirigibles as big as these shouldn’t sag and droop. But it’s like my breasts hold up by bra, not the other was around! Look!”

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