Tempting the Professor Ch. 03

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After his steamy encounter with his ex-student, the professor thought he would be remorseful as was his wont but, surprisingly and thankfully, he felt none. Some of his colleagues and students commented that there was a spring in his step. A week had gone by, dotted by sexy messages and photos from the student that kept him in the mood for lascivious indulgence with his student and her sexy friend. He noticed that his depression was fading into the background as was evident from the fact that once or twice he felt like staying with the student for the night or indulging in a quickie. He came out of his introversion and did mention his sexual urge to her, but throughout the week she said through email messages and chats that she was busy. Since she had a crush on him, he knew she was not avoiding him but was genuinely busy. On Friday evening, he went to her house and found her waiting cheerfully, dressed in a skirt and top.

“Have a drink while we wait for her. Prof. you look nervous,” she said and offered him a beer.

“Ya, are you sure everything will work out fine?” he asked, sipping the beer.

“Trust me, it will. You are too nervous. Relax, it is sex, no one is going to hang you.”

“Did you tell her about me,” he asked with trepidation.

“I told her I wanted her to meet my former professor. We have had an awesome threesome with a friend of hers. See, so there is no need to worry. You should know such encounters are common. You have been out of touch with reality for sometime,” she said sagely.

“I was in love with my wife and did not think about anything else. While I was lost in love, the world may have bypassed me.”

“You are still that romantic man, looking for the elusive paradise,” she quipped.

“No, you have awoken the crouching tiger and the hidden dragon in me,” he said with a smile, feeling the tension dissipate a bit.

Just then the door opened and the sexy friend came in and said “hi” to both of them. She shook the professor’s hand and sat in between them. Wearing blue shorts and an light yellow T-shirt, she looked stunning. The student placed her hand on her friend’s thighs and they kissed as he watched. The friend got up and went towards the bathroom as the student began unzipping his pants and taking out his already hardened member. He took off his shirt and pulled down his pants and sat stark nude. The student too got rid of her dress. Just then the friend returned, wearing nothing. Her perfect round boobs bounced as she came tantalizingly slowly towards them. He gulped as he saw the tight shaven pussy couched between her sexy thighs. She sat on the other side of the professor and joined the student in playing with his cock and balls. Having kissed his student earlier, he wanted to taste the friend’s mouth and grabbed her hair and kissed deeply, biting her lips, sucking her mouth and sliding his hand between her thighs which she spread, allowing him to feel her smooth treasure escort ataşehir trove. He cupped her young pussy and fingered her slit which got him all worked up and he began sweating, adding to this was the student’s hands kneading his erection. Things were happening so fast he couldn’t believe this was happening. The girls went down between his thighs and he felt hot tongues on his balls and all over his phallus. He groaned as they bit and chewed his heavy sacs while he played with their hair.

“You need to be shaved, prof. Lie on the floor and wait for me,” the student said and left.

He lay on the floor and the friend sat on his face, feeding him her wet and warm pussy. As he inhaled and relished the smell of her lust alley, his tongue got busy swirling around her mound, clitoris, pink folds and rear hole.

The student returned saying: “So the eager tiger is in a hurry to eat twat.”

She laughed and sat down between his legs and prepared to shave his pubic area. Spreading his thighs she applied cream and then used a razor and removed all his hair while the professor continued dwelling deep into the friend’s cunt which she kept rubbing on his mouth. She finished shaving in a minute and left for the bathroom. The friend, who was sitting on his face, bent forward and began sucking his erection, locking themselves in a lovely 69.

“Oh, you bitch, can’t you wait for me? That is the cock I shaved and I get the first taste of his freshly-shaved dick,” said the student who returned and both girls giggled.

The friend sat up straight, allowing the other girl to suck his cock. The student raised the professor’s legs in the air and sucked his balls and ran her tongue around his asshole. Never having had his asshole licked, he squirmed as the new sensation hit him like an electric shock. Ass-licking was taboo with his wife who dismissed it as dirty whenever his tongue even accidentally wandered around her rear hole.

The girls swapped positions and the friend had a taste of him, her tongue also not failing to explore his asshole. After minutes of moans and groans and swear words, the student asked him to sit on the couch. As if they had rehearsed it before, the friend sat on his erection, facing away, while the student went down and began licking the professor’s balls and cock, which was sliding in and out, and the girl’s labia and clitoris. He kneaded the friend’s boobs and nuzzled his face on her neck, biting and kissing her.

Suddenly seizing the initiative, the professor asked the friend to sit on the student’s lap and said,” I want to fuck you both at the same time.”

They sat as he wanted and raised their legs, and now it was pussy above pussy. The professor knelt before them and, in a long vertical swipe of his tongue, began licking the student’s ass, her cunt and then the friend’s asshole and pussy slit. He repeated it again and again, making the girls sigh and moan and kadıköy escort giggle. He stood up and let the student mouth his meat while the friend nibbled his balls. He girls had their legs up in the air, stretching their orifices as wide as possible, and this gave him access to their four holes. He slid it in the student’s pussy and then into the friend’s and repeated this five times in a gentle but firm movement, as if he had done this before many times over. He made them suck his cock smeared with their juice and then aimed his lubricated weapon at the asshole of the student and slid it in. It slipped in slowly and his entire length disappeared into her gaping hole. She gave out a throaty long moan and watched him withdraw it and introduce it into the friend’s open asshole. With groans, the friend accommodated him.

The student looked at the professor with new found respect and pride as he had taken control of the situation and transformed from a docile man to a hungry innovative lover.

The professor now dipped his slippery tool into the four slimy holes of the two girls one after the other with perfect aim, never missing his intended target even once.

“Prof. You can pour it in her hole, as it is the first time for you both,” the student said gasping.

The combined pleasure of entering them repeatedly brought him closer to an ecstatic explosion. He pounded the friend’s cunt faster and faster and let go, his first spurt of sizzling semen hitting the friend’s tight and twitching love passage, followed by more cum which began dribbling out of her filled slit.

After he slid out, the professor slumped and sighed. The student buried her face between the thighs of her friend and ate her recently spread and filled pussy. After licking her clean, they rested for a few minutes and had a beer.

“Did that man fuck all the four holes at the same time,” the professor asked with a sense of achievement in his voice.

“No, tiger. This is your lustful innovation,” the student smiled and took a double-edged dildo which was nearby.

Sitting on the couch next to the professor, she inserted it into her pussy and slid it in and out. She raised her legs and gestured to her friend who bent in front of her to take the other edge of the dildo into her cunt. Taking the cue from them, the professor helped the dildo into the friend’s vagina and held it firm as she moved back and forth. The dildo pleasured both the crevices as the professor ticked the friend’s clitoris. The professor got down on his knees and licked the friend’s labia and clitoris and the student’s rear bud which was opening up.

“Girls’, I will make you cum in my mouth,” he said and continued licking every piece of flesh he could see while they continued fucking the dildo. His tongue ran all over their erogenous areas and soon the girls exploded in orgasmic squeals and curses and an encouraged professor slurped the juices flowing maltepe escort bayan from both of them.

“Oooh! We mostly cum together tiger, that is our timing,” the student said.

The action of the girls and his contribution with his tongue got him ready and he stood up proudly to show it to the girls. He told the student he wanted her pussy and lay on the floor and asked her to sit on his erection and told the friend to sit on his face. He heaved and hoisted himself up and into the student’s soaking pussy and, holding the friend’s hips, he bit and chewed her cunt. His rough rod pumped the pliant pussy, making the girls moan and mutter. As the heat and momentum picked up, the professor cried out that he was coming and in spasmodic twitches he released his second load into his student and it spilled out all over his belly. She dismounted from his spent cock as did the friend from his face.

All three satisfied, sweaty and tired bodies lay in a pile on the floor kissing, giggling and laughing.

“What tiger? How was that?” the student asked.

“I have never been aroused like this before and being with two girls was mind-blowing. All my guilt and remorse fled, thanks to you two and I have rediscovered myself and unchained my erotic side.”

“That is a nice way to put it,” said the friend who was quiet for most of the time.

“Tell me how you felt?” he asked as he teased their boobs.

“You are a cute man and we thought you needed love and sympathy and sex since you had been without a woman for sometime,” this came from the friend.

“Ya, tiger, you can be with us whenever you want,” the student said.

“I mean, what about the other guy,” he wanted to know about the man they said they had sex with earlier.

“That was not fun. We didn’t jell well with him and he felt threatened by the two of us and thought we would dominate him. He avoided us when we called him again for a second session. So now it is only the three of us, tiger,” the student said.

“I don’t know about this thing we are doing but I love it and … You know I don’t know how long this will go on and at what point of time do we stop? These are questions I am thinking of,” he said.

The friend replied this time: “Look prof., we are not in a live-in relationship or marriage to worry about the future. Did you plan all this or think of all this. You just went headlong into this, eyes closed. So let us continue doing it. Let us meet when we want, have a nice time and let it end when it does. There won’t be any possessiveness or breakup. We are free to go our separate ways whenever we want to.”

“You can be with her alone if you want to. It need not be a threesome always. Like I can be with her alone if I feel like it,” the student put forth more options.

“Ya. we can have a lovey-dovey sex flight,” the friend winked at him.

It all sounded fine and correct to him. Too much of love, thoughts and attachment had destroyed his peace of mind and henceforth he would live life as it came, take life one day and a time. He should try to think like these young girls, he told himself.

Lying between the two nude sex-drenched girls, the rejuvenated professor found peace at last.

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