Taking a Break from the Garden

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Aj Applegate

Ugh! She couldn’t take it anymore. She was hot, tired and her back was yelling at her “Straighten up!”

Unbending from the row of plants she was tending she cocked back her hat and wiped her sweaty forehead with one hand while the other pressed into the small of her back. As she stretched back the nipples of her small breasts pressed tightly against the fabric of her damp t-shirt.

Coming out of the stretch, she looked about and saw Louis working a few rows over. With his shirt off the sun shone fully on his broad shoulders and back, shimmering slightly on the sheen of sweat that covered him.

“Man,” she thought to herself, “that is one gorgeous man.” A slight tingle passed through her nerves when she looked at his defined physique.

“Louis?” she called to him.

“Yes?” he said loudly, not looking up from his work.

“I need a drink. I’ll be right back.”

“Oui. Bring me one too please” he said back. (translated from French)

She reached the end of the row and turned, walking inside the house, out of the sun and heat. As she stood at the kitchen tap sipping a cool glass of water, her eyes followed Louis’s every move outside. His muscles rippled under his skin with every thrust of the shovel in his hands. When he dropped to his heels to examine something closer to the ground his jeans stretched taut and she was reminded of the fine ass underneath.

The view of his denim encased ass sent her mind drifting to thoughts of his skin close to her own. Cool glass in one hand, she closed her eyes and pictured his strong form towering over her as she lay before him, naked and wanting. Picturing him reaching down and opening his jeans to free his manhood, Bridget slowly slid her own hand down to her crotch, between her jeans and cotton unders. In her vision, he pulled himself free of his briefs, she sighed and her fingers brushed her mound. The sensitivity of her sex surprised her and with a small intake of breath her eyes opened and she glanced about and then outside.

With a faint impish smile for herself she said softly, “Just…real quick.” And with that she set down her drink and raced back to the bedroom, thinking of Louis, his face, his arms, his as and his lovely, huge, cock. “…love that man’s cock,” she thought to herself, entering the bedroom. Quickly she peeled off her jeans and now wet panties, leaving them in a heap beside the bed. She tossed herself, naked from the waist down, upon the bed feet together, knees spread wide. The thoughts of Louis’s manliness, his cock and the naughty hooky she was playing worked in concert to heighten her excitement.

Closing her eyes once again, Louis in mind, she eased her right hand down over the swell of her breasts, along her flat stomach and finally to the top of her mound. Slowly two of her fingers slid down over her bare patch and gently touched her outer lips. Again she gasped from the unexpected sensitivity and as she delicately traced her engorged flesh, her mind fell into fantasy….

She was in the shed out back looking for something. Spotting it on the shelf over the workbench she stretched to reach it. As she did, she felt Louis’s strong arm sliding around her from behind and palming her left breast. He moved closer to her as his fingers found her nipple. My love… he whispered in her ear as he tugged on her nipple, gently. He moved his body against hers, and in the bedroom her fingers slipped inside her wetness delicately pushing.

In her daydream, he began to kiss and nibble at her neck, his one hand never leaving her breast and the other slowly sliding up her side. She stopped stretching for whatever she’d been looking for and eased her hand back to feel the considerable bulge in the front of his jeans. The bulge rapidly hardened under her hand.

Back in the cool darkness of the bedroom Bridget slipped her fingers inside her now sopping wetness. A huge jolt of pleasure shot straight from her loins, up her spine and blossomed into her brain. She began to slowly pump her fingers in and out of her wetness with a soft “slish, slish.” While her fingers couldn’t hope to match up to Louis’s erect manhood, the visions in her head helped her along…

In the shed, Louis’s free hand had slid to the snap on her jeans and undid it, sliding her zipper down as well. I need you, my love. I must have you! he said as her peeled down both pants and panties. Do you need me too? he asked his finger sliding up and over her womanhood. She knew he had felt her wetness and the quivering of her legs gave away fully her desire. Yes, my love! I WANT… she replied. His arm released her breast and her pushed her shoulders forward, bending her over the workbench exposing her wetness to him. Looking backwards between her supporting arms she could see him loosening his trousers. She faintly heard his voice call her name. Finally, his clothes shed, she pictured his massive erect penis moving towards her ready escort kartal to fill her urgent need.

The bedroom echoed with the sounds of Bridget’s fast breathing and the soft wet sounds of her fingers working rapidly at herself. The mental imagery was doing it’s job and her sex gleamed with her juices. Now, fingers moving inside her she began to rub her clit with her thumb while her other hand gently massaged her breast. Her ministrations were rewarded with the building of pressure deep inside her.

With the image of his cock poised to fill her in this hot dusty shed, she felt like a “bad” farm girl sneaking out back to let her “boyfriend” have his way with her. Imagining him sliding the crown along her moist lips made Bridget groan in the bedroom. The fantasy of him sliding his entire bulk into her was almost more than she could take. She felt the deep clenching of her coming climax begin to roll outward. Her fingers picked up speed as she rubbed and flicked and focused on his thick bulk sliding wetly in and out of her. As the fantasy-Louis picked up speed, so did Bridget, imagining the fullness of him inside her, thrusting, plunging and withdrawing, faster and faster. Her climax was near now, she felt its intensity building, climbing the mountain inside her. She heard Louis grunt and thought he too was close to cumming…. Suddenly her eyes flashed open and there WAS Louis! Standing in the doorway watching her! She looked at him wild-eyed and, glancing down, saw the effect her “show” had on him. The front of his pants nearly bust from the pressure behind. The thought of him watching her pleasure herself drove her over the edge and the wave of her climax broke over her. Throwing her head back she moaned loudly and pressed into herself with her fingers, fully, riding the wave of ecstasy as it coursed through her….

Shuddering, she relaxed out of her arch and came back to the bedroom, sliding down the warm gentle slopes of her receding orgasm. Glancing up she saw Louis remained in the door way. My love…. he said. Quickly, sensing that he might turn to leave at any moment, she scrambled out of bed and approached him. Slipping her hands into the waistband of his jeans she stood on tiptoe stretched up and mashed her lips into his.

Holding the kiss her hands went to work at the belt and clasps holding his jeans up and barring the release of what she wanted most. A moment later her efforts were rewarded and her hands felt his hardness, restrained only by the thin fabric of his boxers. Finally breaking the kiss and with his jeans in hand she slowly lowered her body along him till she knelt. As she settled into her new position in front of him, she noticed a small wet spot forming in the front of his grey boxers. Again an impish smile crossed her lips and she began to peel the unders down his legs.

With a final tug his pink granite rod sprung forth semi-erect and pointing at her chin. Bridget quickly cupped his balls in her left hand while her right was filled with his thick shaft. With a few strokes of her fingertips it jumped and began to firm up. She heard him exhale with a small groan and she glanced up to see his eyes closed head tilted back.

Still cradling his sack, she wrapped her right hand around his shaft and began to slide up and down it. It instantly became rock hard in her grip and she was pleased to see a shimmering drop of pre-cum appear at the tip. “I want THAT.” she thought to herself. After a few more strokes she leaned forward to collect her prize. The soft velvet of the crown of him contacted her slightly parted lips ever so gently and instantly the tip of her tongue darted between them to taste the salty droplet, Louis groaned again.

As his salty taste spread over her tongue, she pushed her mouth forward and let her lips part languidly over the head of his dick. Reaching the bottom of his crown she let her lips “pop” over the edge as her tongue slid under the tip of him and caressed the sensitive fold there. Hearing him sigh and his breaths become shorter and shallower she knew that she had him fully in her control. She planned to slowly proceed with this oral torture, to savor the fullness of his cock in her mouth but as she felt his hands come to rest on the back of her head, though not pushing she knew he had other ideas. The ideas of her control over him and his over her as well as the pleasurable state he was in because of her stoked the flame of excitement in her loins. Bridget quickly switched hands her left, thumb and forefinger, becoming an “O” around the base of his shaft and stroking what she did not yet have in her mouth and her right sliding down and over her own hip to the moistness between her legs.

As her fingers found their place, her mouth went to work on him. Instead of torture she greedily gobbled up his dick her tongue, giving him a lashing almost like no other. She rapidly glided up and down his pole, tasting maltepe escort not only the salt of his juices, but also the tang of the sweat from his exertions. As her mouth moved on him, her fingers were busy too; the “O” of her left hand followed along him and her right had two fingers thrusting deep inside her damp sex. Louis’s moans became deeper and more guttural as she pleasured him and his fingers entwined in her auburn hair. His balls began to tighten and draw up tight to his torso. At this, she slowed her motions and, with the head of his cock still in her mouth, glanced up to his questioning face. Holding his gaze, knowing what she planned, the fingers inside her twitched quicker and rubbed harder, building her excitement.

She noticed that he was starting to relax, his sack now not drawing so tightly to him. This was her moment. Her mouth plunged down upon him, taking as much of him inside her as she could and she started to suck. Her mouth rode his rigid pole as fast as she could make it. The slickness of her earlier work paid off. She sucked as hard as she could, milking his cock. Instantly his balls rose and he let forth with not a sigh or moan but with a roar! The sound, the taste, the feel of him sent a shudder down her body and concentrated like fire in her pussy and her own climax continued to build. The knuckles of her fingers flashed in and out of her swollen cunt. Her thumb pressed down on her clit adding to the flames. The slickness of her own body helped stimulate her further too.

Louis cock began to swell and throb in her mouth and she knew time was short. As he began to grunt, his pleasure shortening his breath and his brain to only the most basic of levels she dived onto him one last time and slowly sucked her way off him. With a “pop” his cock emerged from her mouth and, in a flash, Bridget brought both hands to bear on his pole, her own juices mixing with the other lubricants. His hands and arms rose above his head as he watched her below. She only stroked him a few times when, giving another tremendous roar, Louis lost his battle and his climax overtook him.

She held on to his shuddering form as the first ribbons of cum jetted from his cock. The first cleared her shoulder and she pointed him downward, depositing the rest of his creamy load first down her neck, then the front of her t-shirt. She looked up as his orgasm subsided and she stroked the last dribbles of his juice from his already melting firmness. The smile on his face was broad and the look in his eyes was almost glazed from his recent pleasure.

Louis dropped his hands to the shoulders of her now soaked shirt and slowly pulled her to her feet. As she rose to standing he continued pulling and peeled her remaining garments off of her. Once done, Bridget draped her arms over his broad shoulders pulled forward to kiss him pressing her body to his.

“I hope you enjoyed that, my love.”

“My god, how could I not?” he said.

Smiling she gave another long lingering kiss as she felt him cup her ass with both hands. A frown creased his face.

“You know, I was waiting for a drink…” His hands kneaded the soft flesh of her ass.

“oh sorry, honey. I got a little___WHOA!” She suddenly found herself tossed in the air and onto the bed!

“And I now I intend to quench my thirst!” he cried.

With a squeal, she landed in a “FLUFF!” of bedsheets and pillows. Immediately Louis grabbed her hips and pulled until her ass almost hung over the edge. He then dropped to his knees beside the bed and draped her smooth legs over his broad shoulders. She felt him slide his hands and forearms up the outside of her thighs stopping at her hips. Soon he began to shower her inner legs with kisses. First one side then the other always moving forward/upwards with each kiss.

She grabbed his hair and urged him forward just as he had done to her only moments ago but to no avail. As he moved closer to her pussy, aching with need, his lips met with the warm juices that had flowed from her and he paused. Hearing him give an “Mmmm” she felt his tongue begin to work and savor every slick inch of her thighs. As he finished his appetizer and moved from one side to the other his hot breath caressed her mound and then with a moan she felt him JUST graze her outer lips with his own. She could feel herself beginning to flow again, anticipating what was next.

He paused as he reached her glistening mound. Wanting more and wanting it now, she whimpered softly and again tried to draw his head forward. Then his tongue slowly licked one side and then the other just on the edge of her slit. This slow torture was too much for her and she again pulled his head forward. She gave a little gasp as he complied and his tongue darted between her lips!

She groaned as he went to work on her throbbing pussy. His tongue was large, but could be artful and precise when needed. No part of her sex pendik escort bayan was left unattended inside or out. Bridget released his head as he definitely knew what he was doing and gave into the whirling sensations of pleasure in her head. Louis slowly worked his tongue around the inner and outer lips, only grazing her sequestered clit now and then. He reached up and JUST touching her skin, almost hovering over her, he gently slid both hands down from her cleavage over her torso, stomach and then up her legs, stopping at the knees and floating back the way they’d gone. The goose-flesh rose on her pale skin and she shivered with delight at his touch.

After several courses of this touching and with his head still between her thighs, she almost began to pant with her need to be filled. Soon he rested his hands once again on her hips and he paused and lifted his mouth from his “drink”. She felt his thumbs slide in towards her bare mound and spread her open, exposing her throbbing button to the gentle breaths that he blew there. She was quivering with anticipation; she felt every point of contact with him. His broad shoulders under her knees, strong back behind her heels and a few hairs tickled the inside of her thighs; his strong arms wrapped around her and his large hands on her warm loins. But she ached for more and THERE! She had it as his mouth came forward and he caressed her clit with his tongue. She dug her hands into his hair anew as he swirled and caressed her sensitive button, sending shocks of ecstasy through her every moment.

Deep inside she felt the throb of her orgasm pick up tempo and the pressure begin to build. Every touch, every lick and suck brought her closer to climax. She wanted him more than ever, to feel him inside, to ride his throbbing cock and fully spread herself to him. As she thought this, Louis entered her dripping sex with two fingers, and his tongue picked up tempo. With this, she finally broke and pushed his head away.

Louis stopped and looked at her questioningly.

“Get up, Get up!” she hissed.

“I need…I need you in me NOW!” she panted.

Louis grinned and stood, grabbing the back of her knees as he did. He raised himself up like a figure of Greek mythology rising from the sea, and Bridget looked down and saw that his cock was pink, hard and ready.

Stepping forward, he pressed the base of his cock against her shaved mound then slowly withdrew coating the underside of his thick pole with her wetness. The feel of his rock-hard cock rubbing down her clit elicited a throaty moan from her and a short sigh from him. As he came forward again, she expected him to enter and her legs parted imperceptibly more. But he was not done torturing her as she felt his huge head tap her clit with a wet regular tattoo.

tap tap tap….

She moaned, each tap was like electric jolts throughout her.

tap tap tap….

“Oh Christ, Louis! Pleeeeease….” She thrashed but did not move from his ministrations.

“What is wrong, my love? You want more?” he asked. tap, tap, tap….

Her eyes blazed into his and in a soft whisper, “Please….”

He smiled and ceased his torture of her clitoris. She threw her legs around his waist, trying to draw him in as he parted her lips with the crown of his cock. Rubbing the velvety head up and down her wet lips, slicking not only himself but causing her own wetness to grow even more. Finally, she could take it no longer, grunted, pulled and slid herself onto his throbbing shaft.

As the tip of his cock entered her, she saw flashes of light against her eyelids and she gasped. Panting with feeling, her legs stopped pulling yet Louis kept coming, sinking into her slowly, and letting her adjust to his bulk. Soon she was full of him, full of his gloriously large dick. She did not expect more, and yet as Louis grunted and gave her two more inches she nearly blacked out. NOW she was truly full of him and could feel the throb of his heartbeat and the tickle of his bush against her.

He began to withdraw and she felt the emptiness open inside her. Reaching the edge of her opening, Louis thrust forward again with a gentle speed, the ridge of his head grazing her g-spot. Filled and unfilled, she pushed against him in perfect rhythm. The thrusting grinding body of her lover in front of her filled her with heat, and the steady drumbeat of release returned from the whisper it was.

Soon, Louis was pounding into her, sweating as he rocked the bed with her on it. His sack tapped her ass in steady rhythm. Soon their heavy breathing was drowned out by the slap of skin against skin. A wild growl began to grow in Louis’ throat and he gripped her hips even tighter. The intensity of his work, the sight of his hard body rocking against hers and the love she held for this man brought her to a raging head of pleasure. As he brought one thumb in to rub her swollen clit, she gave a breathless “Oh god, Louis!” and the gates deep inside her opened; her orgasm flooded around his massive cock. The sudden rush of wetness must have been too much for him as he threw back his head once more, and his cock swelled and pumped his seed deep into her pulsing orgasm.

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