Take Care of My Wife, Li’l Brother

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Got the idea for this from ‘signorecalcio’. Many thanks for giving me the weird thoughts that went into writing this one! Now for the usual crap … um, information. This story is fictitious. It is totally a creation of my crazy mind. Therefore, any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, or fucktards is strictly coincidental. All characters involved in sexual activity are age 18 or older. Don’t try this at home or at least use protection. In my fantasy world there are no STDs and pregnancy ONLY happens when disired.

As noted by the category this story involves incest, in this case by marriage, as well as anal, oral and group sex. Hope you like it. Don’t forget to vote!

P.S. Thanks again signorecalcio!


Take Care of My Wife, Little Brother

Hi, my name is Tom Byron (no, I’m not that aging porn star with the same name but I do wonder why my folks named me after him) and I’m an 18 year old just out of high school. I live at home with my parents, but I spend tons of time over at my brother’s house, swimming in their pool and ogling his hot wife, Rebecca.

I first saw her when my brother John brought her home to ‘meet the parents’. I was nearly fourteen and it was lust at first sight. The famous ten-point scale just doesn’t go high enough to rate her! If I took the best qualities of every HOT actress and singer to ever live and put them together into my dream girl she would pale beside Rebecca. I wacked off while thinking of her millions of times only to do the cleanup while wondering how the hell my brother hooked her. It boggled my mind … okay, it STILL does!

John is now 29 and is the safety manager at a huge chemical plant. Becca, as she prefers to be called, is a happy homemaker which surprises the shit out of me as she is quite smart, has her BA in International Business Management, and should have become a highly paid successful business woman. Oh well, she likes cooking and cleaning too. Hey the house is always immaculate and she is near chef quality in the kitchen, so who am I to complain?

When I was fifteen my grandpa on my dad’s side passed away and I was shocked when the will said I was to get an envelope and everything that it would open for me. Inside was a key along with a note that said simply, “Enjoy her Tommy boy, and love her just as I did. Never let her go and she will never let you down.” The key opened a storage unit in town and inside was a 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible, the body in mint condition! I nearly shit and my dad was beyond pissssssssssed! He wanted it but he couldn’t drive anywhere without scraping up against something.

With the help of my two best buds, Chet and Brad, I rebuilt the engine and transmission (we are all taking tons of auto mechanics courses so it was no problem). When we were finished it purred like a kitten and would … I hoped … fly like the wind. I couldn’t drive it until I got my license at 16. Finally I was old enough and passed the tests and with license in hand … um, wallet … I finally took her for a run. Saaaweeeeeeet! Brad and Chet were happy campers as they got to ride in it a lot as we used it to go every where. Hey, they’re my buddies and they helped put in the condition it is in so I couldn’t NOT let them ride in it. Not drive it though.

Mostly we used it to drive over to John and Becca’s house to use their pool. Well that was secondary; we really used it to go check out Becca, each of us hoping to catch a glimpse of bare tit or ass. Heaven was when we saw ‘nipple’. I think she was fully aware of what we were after and depending on how things were going between her and John, she might just offer up a treat or two.

Too many times to count she has bent over and given me perfect views down her gaping open shirt. I’m not complaining. Brad and Chet have left my brother’s house on countless occasions with raging boners and balls screaming for release. I was certain that Becca knew what made them limp out the door. It was a good thing they both lived within four blocks of John and Becca’s house.

John … well I’m not so sure about him. I mean he has been giving me shit for ever! Sometimes I felt he actually didn’t like me the way he was always picking on me and poking fun at me. Three of his top four’ nick-names for me were “Little Brother’, ‘Dickless’ and ‘Dateless’. But wow he seemed blind to the way Becca acted around me and my pals. Several times he would get called in to work because of a problem and, using his favorite nick name for me, he would say something to me like, “Okay man, take care of my wife for me. Oh wait! You’re a ‘boy’, not a man! Hahahahahahaha” and he would walk out the door laughing his ass off at his joke.

I guess it was his macho man coming out to lay claim to his woman. Even though it pissed me off every time, I didn’t let him bug me because I knew that Becca would give me ‘extra’ views of her hidden charms along with many accidental bumps and brushes of our body’s intimate parts. It was those occasions when I was glad for the private bostancı escort bathroom that their guest room has. I’m amazed that I didn’t change the color of the shower from all the jizm I shot off in there.

It was not unusual for me to stay the night when John got called in to work like that. Becca said she felt better when I was there and John seemed cool with it. Becca and I got along great and I found that as I got older I HOPED my brother would get called in to work just so I could spend more time alone with his wife. Nothing ever happened between us but I sure got some fantastic jerk-off views from her. She was hot and she knew it and seemed to like teasing me with glimpses of her tits and ass.

As I got older Becca added tight hugs to her tit flashes. Many times she would give me a glimpse or two of her perky tits, maybe even a beaver shot and then hug my body tight against her. The incredible feel of her perfect tits drilling into my chest made certain that my dick grew into a raging hard on that poked into her leg or stomach. There was no way she didn’t know how turned on she could make me. She would usually give me a quick kiss on my cheek as her hug ended, then quickly drop her eyes to my crotch as we parted. I was always too shy to try to push things as instead I would soon be painting the shower wall with my cream as I had a furious wank session.

Late last winter Brad, Chet and I had a group birthday party as we all turned 18 within a five day period. We figured it would be better to have one really good party instead of three, in such a short span. Naturally John and Becca were there. As he got ready to leave my brother said, “Well I hope it was a happy one, birthday-boy!” Then he gave me a hard swat on my ass and walked off laughing loudly while calling to his wife, “Let’s go woman!”

Becca moved up to me as John stepped out the door to their car. “I think he had too much to drink tonight,” she said as she put her arms around me and hugged me to her chest. I felt her hips pivot and crush her crotch against my cock, making it rise to half mast. “Happy birthday Tom. Now that you are a man, don’t be a stranger at our house! G’night.” Then she gave me a super quick kiss on my lips – a first – and then smiled and followed her husband out the door.

I stood there in shock watching her bouncy walk as she left the party, my cock thickening in my jeans. Luckily nobody saw our goodbye and my resulting boner. I must have looked like a statue as I stood there in wonder at the way she had ground her body against me before her lips touched mine.


So it’s been five months since my … our … birthday bash. School is over … GRADUATED! And yet my buds and I are still virgins. Seems none of the girls in school were interested in the grease monkeys from the auto mechanics curriculum. Shit! We are all going to go to the Tech school and get certified so we can work on cars … no college for us. Guess that means no girls either….shit!

As usual the three of us had been bumming around most of today – Saturday – and finally ended up at my brother’s enjoying the pool AND the view of my hot sister-in-law. She was wearing a new bikini that is a bright pink that contrasts powerfully with her awesome tan. It also shows off even more of her incredible body than any of her old ones did. Shit, every time I look at her I can’t believe my brother hasn’t knocked her up yet!

We had all finished eating hamburgers from the grill for supper and we were lounging by the pool catching the late day sun. John and Becca had been drinking most of the afternoon as they smooched and cuddled nearly constantly. John was really getting hammered. Twice I noticed her bikini bottoms had a dark spot in the crotch that hadn’t been caused by the pool water. This was the sort of night where John told us to scram so, I imagined, he could bone his wife in private. Hell, every time he got up her eyes locked hungrily onto his bulge.

The sun was nearly gone when the ground shook and waves ripped the pool as a huge boom hit our ears. “Shit! Now what happened?” John groaned as we all looked towards his company’s plant where a huge smoke cloud was rising rapidly. Less than ten seconds later his phone rang and he talked rapidly before hanging up. “I’m sorry honey, building four just blew up and they’re sending a police car for me. Fuck … this will take forever to get under control, then I will have tons of paper work to complete along with interviews with everyone that was there. FUCK! I’m REALLY sorry babe but I have got to go!”

“But honey, I’m…” Becca groaned unhappily as John ran inside to change clothes. Moments later he walked outside while the policeman stood looking out the patio door. He kissed his wife and said, “I’m really sorry Hon, I’ll see you sometime tomorrow. It will probably be really late as I have a real mess on my hands. Love you babe,” he said and gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

Becca moaned again as he stood up and took three steps towards the house. ümraniye escort bayan He looked at me and, as usual, said, “Take good care of my wife man! Oh wait … you’re still a boy!” Then he gave a half hearted laugh. “Oh well, you’ve got your girlfriends with you so maybe three of you are enough to do a man’s job!” By then he was nearly at the patio door and he really let out a loud laugh.

I stared after him and soon heard the siren wail as the squad car took off taking him to the work site. “Ass hole!” I grumbled. Then louder I said, “Fuck you John, you dumb shit!”

From behind me I heard Becca’s soft voice saying, “Damn it, I wish I could fuck him…”

“What was that?” I asked as I turned to her.

“Um, nothing, I’m just pissed that he had to leave!” As she finished speaking her eyes dropped to my crotch and held there for about five seconds before she suddenly looked off to the east. After about a minute she stepped up behind me and pushed me into the pool as she said, “Let’s swim!”

She was laughing at me as I surfaced sputtering as I cleared my eyes. “Bitch!” I yelled as I dunked her forcefully.

Her powerful legs forced her to the surface where she laughed at me, messing with my hair as she giggled and said, “Oh my, Tommy boy fights back!”

She had never acted like this and I was still pissed at what John had said so I snapped at her, “What the hell, Becca … fuck you!”

She treaded water and looked at me for several moments, then said, “I need your help inside.”

Instantly she swam to the side and pulled herself easily from the pool giving me a perfect view of her incredible ass in her skimpy bikini bottom. Even though I was still mad at her I followed after her thinking that at least it prolonged the incredible view. She kept on walking into the house and then down into the basement where their rec-room is. She stopped in the middle of the room and turned to smile as I was close behind her.

I slowed and she said, “Don’t stop, keep coming.” I took three more steps and stopped about a foot from her. “Closer.” I took half a step and stopped about four inches from her.

“Okay, what do you need my help with?”

“Would you?”

“Would I what?”

“What were the last words you said to me?”

I thought about it and then blushed as much calmer now I said, “Shit, I’m sorry Becca. I didn’t mean to say that to you.”

“And what did you say?”

I looked down at my feet … okay, so her tits were in the way … and softly said, “Um, I said ‘fuck you’, but I’m really sorry for…”

“Shhh,” Becca interrupted me. “Would YOU?” My eyes lifted back up to hers and I stared into hers for several seconds. Her fingers lifted up and flicked across my chest lightly as she just as softly asked, “Would you … Tom … fuck me … please?”

I couldn’t believe my ears! I am a frustrated guy who seldom got dates. Definitely a virgin kid fresh out of high school and my super hot sister in law wants me to fuck her!!! Hell, I’ve only sucked on three girls tits and one brave gal gave me a blow job – her first and probably not very good – and none of them ever went out with me again. My eyes looked into hers and I tried to speak but my suddenly super dry mouth couldn’t get any sound out. I slowly shook my head up and down as my tongue felt as if I had coated it with Alum.

Noticing my predicament Becca smiled sweetly at me and took my hand in hers as she softly asked, “Tom, have you ever been with a girl before?”

I shook my head side to side as my tongue felt as if it was five feet wide.

“It’s okay,” she said as her fingers tightened around my hand. “I’ll show you what to do.” Her lips moved to mine and we kissed gently, our lips barely touching. She tasted so sweet with just a hint of chlorine. I didn’t care, the most beautiful woman ever was kissing me!

“Oh fuuuuck,” I groaned into her lips as her hand moved to my swim suit and stroked my cock to a quick hard on (it had already started rising from her request). Her lips parted and I felt her tongue against my lips before I opened up and we began probing each other’s mouth with our tongues.

My cock throbbed in her hand and Becca leaned back to look into my eyes. “You’re really excited, aren’t you?” I again could only nod as I tried to hold off my impending release. “Don’t worry.”

I nearly shit when she slid down to her knees while deftly dropping my trunks to my ankles. The only previous female to see my hard cock had blown me with trepidation but Becca just smiled happily and eagerly yet slowly inhaled my cock all the way to the entrance to her throat. She had both of her hands wrapped around the part of my cock that wouldn’t fit inside her mouth as she lustily looked up at me. God her mouth felt so much better than my previous experience at this.

My knees nearly buckled as my tip pressed against the back of her mouth but somehow I held myself up. I watched Becca drop her eyes to my shaft as she pulled nearly all the way off of me before pressing kartal escort her face firmly back onto me until I again felt my cock crush against the back of her mouth. Her tongue was slithering against the underside of my shaft and her suction felt incredible. So incredible that I gasped as my balls exploded blasting her mouth full with a huge glob of cum that splashed instantly against her throat’s entrance.

“Mmmmmmm,” she groaned as her hands started jerking my cock while her face moved back about three inches and her throat swallowed my sperm. The guys at school said girls didn’t do that so I watched in shock and joy while her cheeks bulged from my second rope then hollowed out as she swallowed again.

I was shaking like a leaf even as my hips began trying to fuck her face yet Becca held firm to her position. In fact she moved her left hand behind my ass and held me to her face, not letting me have a chance to pull out of her mouth. I was making sounds that I had never made before as she worked hard to drain my balls of my cream, never letting a drop slip from her mouth.

My balls ran dry and I stared into her eyes as she looked up at me while she made certain there was nothing left for her in my cock. Finally she pulled back from my tip and she grinned at me while saying, “That was quite a load you gave me, thanks!” I couldn’t believe she just thanked me for pumping what felt like gallons of cum into her throat. “You taste really good, so I WILL do that again, just not right now.”

She kissed my tip before rising up to her feet and easily guiding me over to the couch. She stopped right in front of it before turning to me. “Would you like to remove my bikini?” Hell yes, I wanted to see her body completely so I immediately started trying to undo the ties. “Slow down,” she said as I seemed to be making them tighter instead of undoing them.

She let me finish and I gasped when her top finally dropped and I saw her unfettered tits for the first time. This was so much better than the sly peaks and nipple slips I had previously seen. I had watched Phoebe Cates’ scene from ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ hundreds of times and this was SOOO much better! Her tits are like Phoebe’s but slightly fuller. “Oh god, Becca, you’re beautiful!” I moaned as my fingers lightly touched her breasts.

“You can squeeze them. I really like that. Oh god yes, that feels so good. Harder, squeeze them harder ……… yes just like that!”

“Wow,” I groaned as my hands kneaded her tits, feeling their heft. I marveled that they felt so soft and firm at the same time. Her nipples had swelled into points aimed right at me and my fingers latched onto them both.

“Oh god yes, pinch my nipples! Oooo that’s so good!”

I leaned in slowly, not certain it would be okay, until my lips engulfed her right nipple. Our moans mingled as I sucked onto her tit and swirled my tongue around the spongy hardness. My hands remembered their task and they dropped to her hips where they worked much better at untying her bikini bottom. In no time it dropped from her hips and both of us were naked as the day we were born.

Hating to leave her tits, I stood back upright and gazed at her naked loveliness, shocked at just how incredible her body was. “Oh my god …” I gasped making her smile at me. “You are so … so incredible! I … I … WOW!”

Becca smiled at me then said, “Thank you, I’m glad you like the view. You are pretty incredible yourself!” Her hand stroked my shaft its full length as she asked, “When did you get this beauty?” Huh, I never thought of my cock as ‘a beauty’, more like an overgrown nuisance. “I’ve never had one this big before!”

She sat on the couch seat with her ass hanging over the edge and her legs spread wide showing me her clean shaven pussy. “Get down here Tom. I’m so horny I know you won’t have a problem putting that monster into me.”

Quickly I dropped to my knees and moved into position, my rock hard cock leading the way. She took my cock in her hand and placed me at her entrance after dragging my tip up and down her gash thus coating me with the juices that were seeping from her. With a slight tug her pussy lips spread and the first half of my tip slid right into her making us both gasp.

Becca looked into my eyes as she said, “Never forget, Tom, that I was your first, and you were my biggest and first ever virgin cock.” I nodded to her and she smiled as her hand pulled my shaft again. “OH!” she gasped as my crown disappeared along with about two more inches of my meat.

“Oh my lord,” I groaned as her moist warmth welcomed me into her. I had reached heaven and it was awesome! My god I loved the feeling of her pussy around my cock! Her hands moved to my hips where they again gently pulled me into her a bit more making me groan again.

“Oooooh shit you’re big,” she gasped as her eyes flicked from my face to our joined sex and back. After a pause where each of us used rapid breaths she pushed my hips back until the ridge of my crown just barely emerged from her lips, spreading them as it pushed her open. She reversed her pressure and pulled my hips back into her until over half of my cock had disappeared. She chewed softly on her lower lip as she pushed me back like before and then pulled me into her again to about the same depth.

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