Summer Of Discovery

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I started thinking of a mind control plot and it evolved into this incest story. It is different. Yes, it has sex in it, but please don’t just skip to the sex parts, because you will miss the whole premise of the story and not fully understand it. Enjoy!

It was a warm summer day in rural Nebraska and not at all unpleasantly hot, as it sometimes can be. Mark and Melanie were excited about taking some time off from their chores to go to the county fair. There were thrill rides, games to play, animal and pie judging, and the fun midway shows. The cows were milked, the chickens fed, and it was time for some fun for a change. It was a family affair. Their parents had some livestock there and the twins had a couple of school projects for display. Everyone they knew would be there also.

“Hurry up kids, we’re running late,” yelled their mom, Betty. Betty had her special recipe cookies ready to go, ‘Old Fashioned Tea Cakes’. The recipe had been passed down through generations of her family and the cookies were the best tasting in the world.

“Ready in a minute, just have to finish curling my hair,” said Melanie.

“Coming,” yelled Mark.

In minutes, they were off to the fair in their big Ford Sunday-go-to-meetin’ Galaxy with their dad, Buck driving. No F-350 pickup truck today. This was a special event.

Mark and Melanie were fraternal twins. They had just graduated from high school and were looking forward to attending college in the fall. As twins often are, they were buddies, but still acted like most brothers and sisters, fighting and arguing often, and also were very protective of each other as well. It was nice to have a friend their same age who understood what the other was going through. Well, at least as much as any boy and girl could understand about the other sex. Both had dated several people throughout their high school years. Neither were virgins. Both had had some longish relationships, but neither was in one at the present time. Their whole life was ahead of them and they were in no hurry to rush it.

Buck pulled into a parking place near the exhibitor’s gate. It was mid morning already and Betty had to get her cookies over to the judging area before the fair opened to the public. Off she went, while Buck took off to check on his prize Holstein.

“You kids go on and have fun with your friends. Keep your cell phones on so we can reach you if we need to.” Said Betty. Hey, this IS the 21st century. They were rural, but not hillbillies. They were a successful family. The parents were making good money and the twins were getting good grades in school. Life was good.

Mark and Melanie went off to check on their school projects first. They found them OK. Mark’s science project about soil replenishment had won him a second prize ribbon. Melanie’s essay on the political history of the West had won her a blue ribbon. They were happy for each other. They wandered around together looking at all the other exhibits and stopped to pick up a hot dog and coke for lunch. They were rushing so much in the morning that they barely ate anything for breakfast. The fair was opened to the public by now and people had started streaming in. They would probably meet their friends later and go their separate ways. But for now, they were enjoying each other’s company. While they ate, they chatted mindlessly about teen age things – who’s going out with whom, who’s doing whom, should they get a job, some comments about college and what it would be like, etc.

They headed off toward the midway to try some of the rides before it got too crowded. After playing some carnival games and riding a couple of rides, they arrived at the Ferris wheel. Although the day had started off looking like a beautiful day, there were sudden dark clouds blowing in now. This often happens in the Midwest. Weather pops up out of nowhere. Since those solar flares had been disrupting satellite communications and even bringing the Northern Lights down into the continental states, the weather patterns had seemed a little stranger than usual this year.

Thinking nothing of it, they boarded the Ferris wheel. It was a big, tall one. They enjoyed being able to see for miles around and see the approaching clouds and surrounding countryside. There still were not many people at the fair, so the attendant let them take an extra long ride. While they were sitting at the top and people were being loaded into the bottom car, disaster struck!

Sudden flashes of sheet lightning filled the sky. It seemed to be everywhere at once, dancing all around the area. Melanie screamed and grabbed Mark’s arm. Mark, too scared to scream, grabbed Melanie’s leg. They couldn’t go anywhere. They were stuck in the hands of fate. Another sheet of lightning flashed about the sky. This time, it felt as though they were inside it. It struck the Ferris wheel with a loud cracking noise. Not like a sharp bolt, but more like the sound of crushing cellophane right by your ears. There was a glow all around the wheel and a distinct ozone smell in the air.

The twins were frozen there, not moving, not daring canlı bahis to breathe. Slowly, they realized that they were still alive! They looked into each other’s eyes, which were as big as hen’s eggs now. Did they just get hit by lightning? Were they still alive and OK? It seemed so. They both threw their arms around the other and hugged each other close. Well, they DID seem to be alive, and seemed to be OK physically. They could say nothing at this time. There were some sounds of screams and yelling coming up from below now, someone asking if everyone was OK. Mustering up his strength, Mark yelled out that, yes, they were OK. However, something felt different. He couldn’t put a finger on what it was though. Both were shaking and neither wanted to let go of the other.

The power to the wheel was knocked out briefly and it took a while for the workers to restore the motor function. One by one, the riders were let off, with Melanie and Mark being one of the last pairs to leave. By now, their parents and emergency personnel were on the scene to check out the riders. The twins were taken to the medical facility to get examined. Their grip on each other’s hands never wavered as they were checked out. The doctor proclaimed their vital signs normal and released them with a warning to take it easy for a while to be sure everything was all right. Their only problem was that they each had a big headache.

Their parents had some commitments there at the fair and wanted to stay as long as Mark and Melanie were OK, which they seemed to be. They offered to let the kids take the car if they wanted to go back home to rest. They could catch a ride home that night with the Simpsons. The twins both decided that would be the best thing for them. They could always come back to the fair another day. So off they went with Mark driving. The storm had passed over as quickly as it came and it was looking like a pleasant day again.

They were in no hurry and the throbbing headaches forced them to try to relax and take it slow. The doctor had given them some strong pain medicine and it began to kick in after 10 or 15 minutes on the road. Mark noticed that his sister was wearing shorts and a button-up blouse, with her smooth, tanned legs reflecting the sunshine. Her long blond hair had slight wavy curls in the front and cascaded over her shoulders and to the top of her firm breasts. She was in good shape, having been a volleyball captain and dance team member, among other activities. His sister was a sexy young woman. Why was he noticing this now? He had been aware that Melanie was pretty, but had never looked at or thought of her in this way. He also became aware that he was getting an erection that was starting to show through his pants leg. Hmm?

Melanie was starting to enjoy the scenery and the lovely countryside as the pain pills took effect and her headache began to subside. She felt warm and safe with the sun beating down on her and her brother driving carefully down the highway. He was wearing jeans and a polo shirt, showing his tanned, muscular arms and chiseled jaw as he concentrated on his driving. He had been in several sports in school and maintained his trim body by working on the farm and staying active. Girls liked his blond hair and green eyes and he had no trouble getting dates when he wanted them. She also noticed a bulge in his pants, followed shortly by a feeling of dampness and tingling between her legs. She pressed her legs together and wanted to touch herself to make the feeling go away, but couldn’t. ‘Why now’, she thought, ‘Why am I noticing these things about my brother now, after all these years?’

They made it home without incident and without letting the other know what they were thinking. Both still had their little dilemmas. Melanie pored them some iced tea and brought it into the living room, where Mark had removed his shoes and socks and laid down on the couch to relax.

“Thanks, Mel,” he said as she leaned over to give him the glass.

He noticed that she had unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and showed him her lovely cleavage as she bent over. She had a nice cleavage, which made him wonder what the rest of her chest looked like.

Melanie saw a definite bulge in his pants now as she handed him the tea. She wasn’t just imagining things in the car after all! She felt hot, inside, and not from the heat outside. She had felt this before, making love to her boyfriends, but why was she feeling it NOW?

She sat in a chair opposite Mark as they drank their tea and thought about the events of the day. She began to have a definite feeling that Mark was thinking about HER, wanting her. So, with caution, she asked him, “Mark, do you like me? I mean do you think I’m pretty or anything?”

“Oh, yes, you are very pretty. You could have any guy you wanted.”

Then HE felt it for the first time. She wanted HIM! He could sense it, even it she couldn’t.

“Do you like ME, Mel?”

“Of course I do. You’re a hot dude, and the best brother a girl could have.”

Did she just call her brother HOT? Yeah. After a pause bahis siteleri to gather her thoughts,

“What happened to us today? Did something change after the Ferris wheel thing? I mean, I’m feeling thoughts from you. That never happened before. Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be telling you this. I don’t know what is happening.”

“Oh no, sis, please tell me. I have been feeling thoughts from you too. Do you think something happened to us, you know, inside or something?”

“Well, I don’t know. Please don’t think I’m weird or anything, but I feel that you ‘want’ me, but that couldn’t be true, could it?”

“I’VE been feeling that YOU ‘want’ me too! Isn’t that crazy! Why would we be wanting each other?”

They both thought about what was transpiring between them for several minutes, not speaking, gathering their thoughts. Melanie spoke first,

“You know, I am not sure what I’m feeling, but I’ve been wet and tingly ever since we left the fair. And seeing that big bulge in your pants makes me want to see it. Is that wrong? I also sense that you want to see my breasts. Am I right?”

“I sense that you want to see it,” exclaimed Mark. “Really, I feel what you are thinking about me! Isn’t that strange? And, I suppose I DO want to see your breasts. I think you are the reason I have this boner in my pants now. So, you knew it before I did?”

“And I feel what YOU are thinking about ME!” Melanie exclaimed. “I KNOW you want me. It’s so clear now. Wow. I can read your mind!”

“Well, isn’t that interesting? What do we do about it? I feel that you want to make me happy? Am I right? Should we do anything or not? I know we shouldn’t but we both know that the other person wants us, so, can it be bad then?

“Oh, yes, bro, I DO want to make you happy, and I KNOW you want to make me happy, so yes, what DO we do? I know you must be in pain by now since you have had that tent pole in your pants for a long time now. What are you going to do about it?”

“Go jerk off as soon as I get a chance, I guess? And you?”

“Well, I was going to go rub my pussy as soon as I could. You know, since we both want to see each other, why don’t we just do it right here, together?”

“If you’ll show me yours, I’ll show you mine.” He said, turned on even more by her talk of rubbing her pussy.

“Play with it,” she moaned as she started unbuttoning her blouse. “I want to see you do it.”

He unzipped his jeans and pushed them down over his legs and tossed them aside. His cock pressed up against his boxers as he rubbed it, knowing somehow that she would like to be teased a little before seeing it all.

She undid the last button and pulled the blouse back to reveal her brown skin and a blue lace bra, which held her firm breasts like a glove. She tossed the top aside and ran her hands across her bra, touching the skin that protruded from the top of it, fingers rubbing across her nipples, and cupped each breast in her hands for him to see. He liked this, she KNEW, somehow. Then, reaching between the cups, she unhooked them and spread them apart while strutting her chest out to him.

Mark pushed the waistband of his boxers over his swollen member and it flopped free to gasps from Melanie. It was hard and sticking straight up, with a slight bend toward his chest. As he bent to remove his shorts, it almost speared his navel. Still lying on the couch, he held his cock in his hand and squeezed it. More moans from Melanie as she was seeing her brother’s big, hard cock for the first time and loving it. He ripped his shirt up and over his head.

She stood up and, looking at his cock, unzipped her shorts and pealed them over her thighs. Bending at the waist, she pushed them down to her feet and stepped out of them, letting her breasts hang free for him to see right in front of his face. Turning around, she hooked her little matching blue lace panties in her fingers and slowly pushed them over her hips, with her legs together, and pulled them down and over her feet. It was his turn to moan now as her blond bush and pink pussy lips came into view for him to see for the first time. How did she know he would like seeing it this way so much?

As she sat down in the chair with nothing on now, he could see her white boobs and lower belly offset by her fabulous tan. He stroked his raging hardon now, as she grasped both boobs in her hands, rubbing the nipples to an even harder and firmer state than they had been already. One of her hands went down her chest, across her belly, touching her soft blonde pubic hair, and right down across her mound. She felt the wetness that had been there since the fair. It soaked her fingers as she stuck them up her pussy. It felt so good. She spread her legs and pushed her butt to the edge of the chair, with her head resting on the back of it. His cock looked so good to her, with his hand stroking up and down it that way. Did he know how much it was turning her on? She spread her pussy lips with one hand and rubbed her clit with her wet fingers of the other hand. He could see clearly as her lips engorged and her clit enlarged. bahis şirketleri

It would not be long now for either of them. They were each so excited; not only from their own actions, but also from knowing that everything they were doing was just what the other wanted to see! He didn’t have to say it. She knew he was about to cum. She rubbed her clit furiously as he pumped his cock faster than he had ever done before. Their eyes were glued on the other’s genitals. He shot his sperm high up into the air, with it landing on his chest and stomach. Seeing his cum shoot out of his throbbing cock caused Mel to shriek and start her own orgasm. She crammed 2 fingers up her pussy and rubbed her clit like crazy. Her body shuddered, her hips convulsed and vibrated as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss overcame her.

Neither could move for a while. They were breathing hard and unable to even think. After a while, Melanie slid to the floor and drug herself up to the couch to lay down on top of her brother, his shrinking cock pressed into her lower belly, her firm breasts pressing into his chest. She hugged him tight and he hugged her back.

After several minutes, raising her head to look him in the eyes, she said, “I have never been so wet, nor cum so hard in my life! Thank you, Bro!”

“And I have never been so hard, nor shot so far in my life either. Besides reading each other’s minds, I believe we may have some sexual ability or needs that weren’t there before. You feel so good lying here on top of me that it is making me want more. And I think you do too, right?”

“Yes, I do. And so do you!”

“How do you know I want more, reading my mind again?” he laughed.

“Yes, that, and the fact that I can feel you growing against my belly,” she laughed.

“Let’s take a shower and clean this mess off us. Besides, I still have that ozone smell stuck in my nose from the lightning today.”

They grabbed up their clothes and hurried off to the bathroom, tossing the clothes into their rooms on the way. Once there, he started the shower and stepped in. Melanie joined him a minute later and hugged Mark close again, letting the warm water cascade down over both of them. They proceeded to soak each other’s back, front, and everywhere, washing off all the cum and sweat of the day. They even washed and conditioned each other’s hair. She placed her hand on his cock and felt his manhood for the first time, and she was sure to wash every bit of it. It felt even better than it looked to her before, when he was masturbating it. He washed her ass and cupped her pussy in his big hand, rubbing it with the soap. She started stroking his cock now while it grew in her hand, and weighed his balls in her other hand. He rubbed her clit and up and down her labia, then inserted one big finger into her vagina. She moaned and gripped his cock hard, never stopping her stroking.

They each knew now that they both wanted each other’s body and soul more completely. Their empathy for each other’s sexual feelings was heightened now. There was no denying that the “incident” earlier in the day had changed them. There was no wondering IF the other person was really thinking or feeling the same as they were. They KNEW exactly what the other was feeling, and they both knew they were going to make love with each other. NOW!

Rinsing off and shutting off the water, they dried each other off, taking care with the sensitive parts. She almost dragged him into her bedroom, turned and gave him a loving hug and a gentle kiss on the lips for the first time. He kissed her back just as lovingly, with their tongues testing each other’s soft mouths. Breaking the kiss, he said,

“I know what you want. Lie back on the bed.”

“Oh, this is SO cool, not even having to ask, and knowing that you want to please me like this. And you know I’ll do what you want next, don’t you?”

“Yes, my sweet Mel. Now lie back and spread your legs and put your knees up. That’s it.”

With that, he dove in and started eating her, licking her all over, sticking his tongue in her pussy hole and vibrating it on her clit. One of her hands was on her breast and the other held his head, directing and guiding his actions. She loved the feel of his hair in her hands too, and the power of his tongue. He had his hands under her butt, caressing her cheeks, pulling her into his mouth. Then he moved his hands up across her stomach and onto her fine young boobs, over her hand that was still pinching her own nipple. She let him take over and used both of her hands on his head now.

Sensing that she wanted to do something for him too, he crawled up onto the bed and turned around, facing her feet and commenced licking and eating her again. She tasted sweeter than nectar from a honeysuckle blossom. His knees were on either side of her head. His long cock was waving at her chin and his balls were hanging near her eyes. She had sucked guys before, but never like this. She grasped his cock in her hand and stroked it back and forth. Her tongue ran along the underside up to his balls. She licked and caressed his big hairy balls with her tongue and other hand. With each lick and stroke, he would press his tongue into her wet snatch. Melanie loved licking his cock and balls. None of her boyfriends had tasted this good or turned her on so much.

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