Spying on Aunt Helen Ch. 02

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After that night at the hotel when aunt Helen and I played with ourselves in front of each other, we took the plane to London, where we spent a week with my parents. Their constant presence during our stay made it certain nothing sexual would happen between us.

Still, what had happened between me and my aunt had sparked a new, more intimate relationship. Sharing our most vulnerable and intimate moments had made us more comfortable around each other, more willing to share… and to expose ourselves. We both trusted that what was going on would forever remain between us.

The second night at my parents, when we were all ready to sleep in our respective bedrooms, my phone buzzed. It was a message from aunt Helen, with a picture attached.

She had taken a picture of herself lying in her bed, holding the phone close to her face to offer me a perspective from her point of view. The lights were off, but the city lights from outside offered a clear enough picture. She was naked, her legs slightly spread, her left hand resting on her thigh, close to her intimacy. The text that came with the picture said :

“not really feeling sleepy… any idea what I could do to relax? ;)”

I immediately felt my arousal grow, but hesitated for a moment before I replied. Since our night at the hotel, we hadn’t yet talked about what had happened, and at this point, I wasn’t sure if it was going anywhere. But this message made it clear this wasn’t a one time “accident.” I decided to go all in on the reply :

“Hm… I hear a good orgasm can help :)”

Her next message didn’t take long :

“very good idea… I might just do that… good night nathan”

My aunt was in the room right next to mine. Knowing exactly what she was doing right at that moment and trying to picture her made me rock hard. She wasn’t the only one that would need some release before going to sleep…

During the rest of our stay in London, unbeknownst to my parents, we continued exchanging some playful, teasing texts, sometimes with intimate pictures, but acted like nothing was going on when we were actually together.

It was finally during the return trip that we talked about our situation and decided to set some clear rules. Aunt Helen had told me :

“I love what we have going on between us, but we have to set some boundaries.”

“Of course,” I’d said, nodding.

“Watching each other is one thing, but we will never have any sexual contact… That would be going too far.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

And I sincerely was. I had never been so aroused as when we showed off in front of each other, but she was still my aunt, and I didn’t feel comfortable at all with the idea of actually having sex with her. I was glad we were on the same page.

We continued exchanging very explicit messages in the following days. I wanted to actually see her, but since she was the older one and the one who had initiated the whole thing, I decided to wait for her to make the first move. About a week after our return to the US, she invited me home. It was a saturday morning. We lived pretty close to each other, making it possible for me to go to her place at a moment’s notice.

We shared a nice breakfast, after which she went for a quick shower. I sat in the living room and browsed social media on my phone for a couple of minutes, until I realized the noise coming from the shower was pretty loud. I looked upstairs, where the bathroom was, and saw the door wide open…

The invitation was pretty clear. I put the phone in my pocket and eagerly climbed the stairs. Aunt Helen had a large bathroom, and her shower didn’t need a curtain. As I stood on the bathroom’s threshold, I saw my aunt standing under the stream, the reflections on her dripping body highlighting her delicious feminine curves..

There was a small chair facing the shower. Biting my lower lip as I stared at my aunt’s gorgeous body, I walked in and sat on the chair she had placed there just for me. She briefly looked at me, and then proceeded to wash herself. She shampooed her hair and sensually massaged her head, turning around to give me a view of her body from all angles. She was breathtaking.

Once she was done, she began soaping up her body. At a loss for words, I watched her massage herself, spending extra time on her chest. Her nipples grew fully erect as she groped her breasts in front of me. Eventually, she moved down towards her legs. She looked into my eyes as she began delicately washing her intimacy, and even let out a small moan that reverberated in the large bathroom.

After she finished showering, she asked for her towel. It was right next to my chair, I grabbed it and handed it to her. I sat again and proceeded to watch my aunt dry her body and her hair. She hung her towel. Standing naked in front of me, she said with a smile :

“I had never showered in front of an audience.” We both chuckled. “I like the way you look at me. It makes me feel sexy… and maybe a little aroused.”

I smiled. I knew where canlı bahis this was going.

“I feel like… playing with myself right now,” she said, teasingly.

She walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. She had also placed a chair there, facing her bed. It looked like she had really thought this through. I followed her and sat. I could barely contain my excitement. All I had been dreaming about these past few days was watching my sexy aunt touch herself again. My erection was pressing hard against my underwear and jeans.

She climbed on her bed and lied down on her back, facing me, then slowly spread her legs, offering me a perfect view of her beautiful sex. I could see she was already wet down there.

“You’re a naughty young man… Your aunt tells you she is going to play with herself, and you follow her into her bedroom?”

I chuckled. She asked :

“So… I take it you want to watch me masturbate?”


With one hand on her breast and the other between her legs, she began groping and caressing herself, not repressing any moans. I watched her draw small circles around her erect clitoris. She then let go of her breast, and proceeded to finger herself while she continued rubbing her vulva.

Her breathing was quickly becoming deeper. I saw her chest moving up and down as she masturbated. The sight was as mesmerizing as ever. After a few minutes, she said :

“Nathan, would you be kind enough to give me my little toy? It’s in one of the drawers behind you.”

“Which drawer?” I asked. I was curious to find out what kind of toy she had.

She smiled :

“I’m sure you can find it. You don’t seem too concerned with my intimacy,” she said teasingly as she kept touching herself.

She wanted me to rummage through her drawers… I turned to face her drawers and opened the top one. It was filled with sexy lingerie, mostly red and pink, some blue and some white. I gave her a quick glance. Aunt Helen was smiling, and continued masturbating as she watched me search her intimate items. She was obviously enjoying this, so I indulged, taking the time to check out her lingerie items. But there was no toy in there.

Two more drawers to go. I closed the first one and opened the one under it. There were various personal items, but one in particular caught my attention. A rather large album titled “Shooting sessions”. Another quick glance at my aunt confirmed she wanted me to open it. I took it out of the drawer and turned to face her. As she continued playing with herself, I opened the album. It was full of professional quality pictures of my aunt.

In some of them, she was wearing sexy lingerie, but in most of them she was nude. Beyond the sexiness, those picture were beautifully done, with careful use of lighting and artful composition and framing. Page after page, the pictures became more and more explicit, some of them displaying my aunt with her hand between her legs. Some of them offered a very clear view of her spread lips, held apart with her fingers as she laid in various sensual positions. Some pictures had been taken outdoors, in large gardens, fields, or forests. It was obvious she had been doing those shooting sessions on a regular basis, and probably for a while. I had no idea…

“What do you think of them?” she asked, her hands still rubbing and fingering her moist sex.

“Those are all beautiful… You really look amazing, aunt Helen.”

“Th-thank you,” she said. She had just surprised herself a quick but powerful surge of pleasure.

I closed the album and put it back in the drawer. I finally opened the bottom drawer. Damn! It was full of toys. Large and small vibrators, dildos of various shapes, ben-wa balls… Before I could ask, she said :

“The one with the suction cup, please.”

I quickly found the one she wanted. It was a simple but pretty big dildo with a very realistic penis shape, and a suction cup at the base. Leaning over the bed, I extended my arm and gave my aunt her toy. She pulled a chair towards the bed, and placed it right next to it, facing me. Holding the shaft of her rubber penis, she firmly attached the suction cup to the center of the chair. It bobbed left and right when she let go of it. Standing on all four on her bed, she moved towards the edge until her head was right above the toy.

From where I was, I had a beautiful view of my aunt on all four from her left side. Her back was sensually arched, highlighting the delicious curves of her slightly protruding buttocks, while her gorgeous breasts were hanging freely. I could also appreciate her perfectly flat belly.

But before I had the time to take in her perfect beauty, she lowered her face to the base of the dildo. After giving me a quick glance, she extended her tongue and began licking the balls. She sensually flattened her tongue and cupped the large balls with it. As she moved her head around her toy, I could see her breasts sensually jiggle back and forth.

She stiffened her tongue and started repeatedly licking bahis siteleri the shaft, from base to tip. Soon, the entire surface of the toy was covered in her saliva. Her breathing was becoming even deeper, and I could hear my aunt’s moans as she continued avidly licking her dildo. It tipped to the sides as she applied pressure to it with her tongue.

Eventually, she adjusted her position slightly so that I could see her face better, and placed her head above the toy. She opened her mouth in an “O” shape, and proceeded to slowly engulf the large penis as she looked into my eyes with burning desire. With one hand, she caressed the balls while she moved her head up and down.

For several seconds that felt like and eternity, she maintained eye contact with me as she repeatedly engulfed the erect shaft in her mouth. She took it all in, suppressing her gag reflex as the toy reach her throat. I couldn’t believe I was witnessing my aunt giving a passionate deepthroat to a toy, while she looked into my eyes. I was starting to imagine she was doing this to me.

She eventually pulled back. The dildo was glistening with her saliva. She asked :

“Do you have your phone?”

“Uh… yeah.”

“You can record me if you want, so you can enjoy this again later.”

Her voice was different. I could feel the incredibly powerful lust that had taken over her. My god… She wanted my to film her now… She liked the idea that I would masturbate to her… I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket and began recording.

Aunt Helen left her bed and sat on the chair, on her knees, her back towards me. Holding the backrest, she lifted her moist crotch, and placed the entrance of her vagina against the tip of the dildo. Her head turned to the side so she could look at me, she carefully lowered her abdomen.

Holding my phone and capturing every detail of this moment, I watched the large rubber penis stretch my aunt’s vagina and slowly disappear inside of her. Letting out a long, soft moan, she continued moving down until her buttocks were resting against the toy’s large balls.

She bent slightly forward, then as she slowly pulled her crotch up, she arched her back, increasing her sensations while offering me a jaw dropping view of both her anus, and her vagina. I saw her inner lips stretch and glide along the surface of the shaft until only the tip remained inside her. The toy was now covered in her thick juices.

Without realizing it, I lightly bit my thumb.

Moaning all the way, aunt Helen then reversed her movement, going downward while bending forward until the toy once again disappeared completely. She repeated this cycle, very slowly at first, but progressively increasing her speed. Once she got comfortable with the movements, she turned her head to the left, giving me a view of her profile while allowing her to look at me as she repeatedly impaled herself on her toy.

“This… feels so good, Nathan… Are you filming all of this?”

“Y-yes, aunt Helen… You’re so beautiful…”

Indeed, I was capturing every second of this divine display. I was hypnotized by the perfect fluidity of her movements, and looked at her holes every time she moved up and arched her back, orienting her crotch towards me.

She had stabilized her speed for a while, but began increasing it again. Firmly holding the backrest of her chair and using both the strength of her thighs and arms, she was now fucking her toy at a brisk pace. I watched her buttocks jiggle up and down. Her moans were becoming deeper and more intense.

“Nathan… I’m getting close… I’m going to come… watch me come…”

She had reached her peak speed, and maintained her frantic rhythm as her pleasure built up inside. I could tell the very moment she reached her climax. Her entire body tensed up, she bent forward while pushing down hard on the dildo and her breathing stopped for a moment as she began a long grunt. I could practically see the waves of pleasure run through her body as she resumed her up and down motion and screamed in release. Her toes curled, and I could see her anus contract as shock after shock of orgasmic rapture spread from her core to her extremities. This was the most intense sexual display I had ever seen. And I was capturing it all on my camera…

“I’m coming, Nathan… This is so good… Oh god…”

She continued riding her toy but progressively slowed down as her orgasm faded. Her screams turned into moans, which turned into long sighs as she began catching her breath and let her upper body rest on the backrest. Relaxing her muscles, she impaled herself one last time. I could still see her holes contract sporadically, sending the last ripples of pleasure throughout her body.

Her sighs finally turned into deep breath as she regained her composure. She extended her legs and pulled her crotch up once her feet reached the floor. Standing up with her legs on both sides of the chair, she turned around to face me and my camera.

What a beautiful sight. He hair was a mess, bahis şirketleri her face red, her entire body covered in sweat. I could see drops of sweat run down her breasts, circumventing her hard nipples. Her mouth was open as she desperately tried to catch her breath.

Seeing the way I looked at her, and probably further stimulated by the camera pointed at her, she said :

“I’m not done…”

Still standing up, she adjusted herself to position her crotch right above the dildo. Her hands placed on her thighs, she looked at me as she bent her legs, lowering herself towards the dildo.

I watched my aunt slowly impale herself on her toy once again, this time standing up and facing me. It was a surreal sight. My own cock felt like it was just about ready to pierce through my clothes, but I didn’t want to take it out. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of being fully dressed while my aunt was naked and pleasured herself in front of me.

Once she had fully engulfed the toy in her womanhood, she said :

“I’m going to make myself come again… This time looking into your eyes.”

Her legs were still trembling from her recent climax, so she helped herself move upwards by pushing on her thighs with her hands. Looking at me, she moved up and down several times, slowly at first.

Soon, her renewed arousal gave her enough strength that she no longer needed her arms to push herself up. She began massaging her breasts with both hands and progressively increased her pace.

I quickly glanced at the camera. I was no Steven Spielberg, but I’d be damned if this wasn’t going to be the movie of the decade.

She removed one hand from her breasts and brought it down between her legs, where she began to rub her erect clitoris. As aunt Helen’s movements grew faster, her freed breast began jiggling up and down. So did her hair, growing more messy by the minute and partially covering her face and shoulders. Not wanting to hide anything from me and my camera, she quickly twisted her head to one side, throwing her hair back behind her ears in a distinctively feminine fashion, while she continued to masturbate for me.

Despite her best efforts, she eventually broke eye contact as she leaned her head forward and closed her eyes, savoring the intense pleasure her toy was bringing her. As she ostensibly grew closer to her climax, she placed both hands behind her back and began vigorously groping her buttocks. She further increased her pace, and her breasts were now jiggling wildly.

She swiftly pushed her hair behind her ears again, and resumed eye contact with me. I could see fire in her eyes as she let out in a moan :

“I’m going to have a second orgasm…”

Once again, I thought about how surreal this sight was. My beautiful aunt was standing in front of me, naked, moaning loudly and groping her buttocks, while her tits bounced freely as she fucked herself with her dildo.

This time, I was going to see her face as she came. She struggled to maintain eye contact as she reached her second climax. Her teeth clenched, she began grunting. I saw her abdomen contract and her body tense up as her pleasure exploded and rocked her entire being. We looked into each other’s eyes as the blissful waves began to run through her limbs.

She had stiffened her body, and continued to move up and down on her dildo, but her movements were now very short. She used the large tip to stimulate her G-spot while she continued vigorously groping her ass. She opened her mouth, her grunt turned into a scream of release.

“I’m coming for you again, Nathan… watch your auntie come… this feels so good…”

The world had disappeared around me. My entire universe was now my divine aunt Helen riding the waves of her orgasm in front of me, offering me her most intimate moment with total abandon.

I took in every detail of her body, from her uncontrollable movements as her muscles had become the slaves of her pleasure, to the passion in her eyes as she looked into mine, from the sweat covering her body as she brought herself to exhaustion, listening only to her lust, to the juices leaking from her sex all over her chair. I had never felt so connected to anyone.

Aunt Helen’s climax eventually faded, and she sat on her chair, her dildo proudly tilting left and right, covered in the thick juices of her pleasure. She finally broke eye contact and let her head lean backwards as she closed her eyes.

“That was amazing, Nathan…”

I stopped the recording as I replied :

“It was unbelievable, aunt Helen. Thank you…”

Raising her head, she looked at me and asked, with a playful smile :

“I’m exhausted… Would you be kind enough to wash my toy for me now?”

I was caught off guard.

“S-sure… Of course.”

I stood up and approached my aunt. I had to kneel in front of her to detach the suction cup from the chair. I had never seen her from this angle, from so close. As I pulled up the dildo, I couldn’t help but take in the close-up view of her womanhood. Her sex was still dripping with her fluids, and still contracting. I could… smell her femininity. My naked aunt was sitting in front of me in all her feminine glory, her chest moving up and down with each deep breath.

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