Southern Hospitality Ch. 03

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“Okay, I’ve got the dog’s food, now I need some stupid tampons and some more castile soap” I muttered to myself. It was a morning of small errands before work so I could free up my weekend for more fun things. As I walked out of Target with keys in hand, I heard someone calling my name. I turned around and saw it was his wife, waving like a mad woman. I stopped and waited for her approach.

“How are you girlie?” she exclaimed while hugging me.

“Well, just getting some things checked off my list before work. What are you doing out?”

“I had to do a bunch of running around for the kids so I decided to make a day of it and take off before the long weekend. Are you guys still coming to the ranch?

“Oh yeah, that’s kind of why I’m getting all of this dumb stuff out the way too- so we can just relax and enjoy y’alls company!”

“Awesome, well I don’t want to hold you up too long so I’m gonna get going.”

We hugged goodbye and as I walked away, she yelled out, “Hey! Your best bud says you still owe him a beer so don’t forget it!”

I half turned around and waved back while still heading towards my car. “Great,” I thought, “another stop.”

It had been a little over a month since we got together and a week since I saw him last. There was a bet on the table- of which I lost- so now I owed him this super hard to find beer. Luckily, I was able to make a few quick calls and found it at the small family run liquor store the next town over. I placed a 6-pack on hold for pick-up the following day since I had to get to the office. Since we had begun our engagements, it was always a little weird hanging out together. We both managed to keep our composure, although at times it was hard. Last weekend we all went to the lake together which of course meant a bikini. Don’t get me wrong, his wife kept herself pretty together and all, but I had the advantage of never having children so everything was just a bit tighter with way less effort. Plus I was younger than she, so I could still get away no makeup and still looked great. Anyhoo, there was a friendly wager placed on the local team’s game, of which I said they’d lose. They lost most of their games so without knowing much, I bet they would lose. Little did I know, their “star” was out” and the back-up was actually doing well. Needless to state the obvious, I had to pay up. I didn’t mind, of course, because we were still friends and all. But since then, I had been a little on edge since something out of the ordinary did occur.

While dancing the night away- just a wee bit drunk- I started twerking to some ratchet song. Everyone was enjoying it partly because of their own buzz and other partly because, well, I’m good at it. So as I was putting my back into it, I got on all fours and backed my thang up when he came up behind me, grabbed my hips, and started to grind on me. Everyone was laughing but I was actually scared that someone would see something else. So I sprang to my feet and started to shimmy away so as not to arouse too much suspicion when he laid a nice, firm smack on my ass. I immediately tensed up, quickly scanned both wives’ faces, whom weren’t even looking at us anymore, and made a swift exit to the bathroom. I was mortified, unsure, scared, and suddenly sober. I stayed for a moment, pacing back and forth, pondering the consequences. When I finally came out of the restroom, there he was, leaning against the opposite wall, still drunk. He smiled at me, pointing at my face drunkenly, laughed, then went into the restroom. I was stunned. When I got back, I sat between the wives, brazenly, but also to see if anything was up. I pretended to still be drunk and began to giggle as I markedly joined in on whatever they were talking about. Soon after, we all packed up and left. The next few days, I was on pins and needles to see if it would come up again, but it never did. For an event that probably lasted only 30 seconds strangely took up residence in my mind for hours and days. I guessed we dodged that bullet- thanks tequila! It was weird because he usually doesn’t drink much when we hang out. He likes his beer, but generally likes to keep his head on straight. Whatever it was, it definitely got out of control just a bit. I hoped it wouldn’t happen again because luck does run out you know.

The Ranch is a real Texas ranch, which people rent out for some hours or days to hang out, go camping, hiking, bonfire, horseback ride, and a bunch of other country stuff while relaxing in the hills. The location was known for beautiful sunsets and wondrous star gazing. I looked forward to spending time with my wife in such a beautiful setting with cool folks, but I was anxious too. Since it was going to be a weekend without kids, it was supposed to be extra adult themed. It was Memorial Day weekend and everyone was ready to play. There were four other couples joining us, so I’d hope to take refuge in their conversations and musings to keep me distracted.

We drove up Friday afternoon web tasarım with our main buds and two of the other couples. The others arrived later that night for dinner. After a 90 minute drive, we finally arrived- and it was just as breathtaking as we were told it would be. The hills rolled gently one after another, with dry and wet creek beds nestled between them and wide open spaces all around. It was so idyllic! I couldn’t wait to see our room. As it turned out, there was a super huge main house with 8 bedrooms to choose from and a smaller pool house out back complete with a bar, big screen TV, deep couch seating all around, and two bathrooms with saunas. There were no televisions in the main house on purpose, but there was an amazing back porch that overlooked the valley, fields, and one of the larger wet creek beds.

Since we were first there, we got our pick of rooms and chose the one closest to the back porch to avoid having ‘neighbors’ on both sides. Also, I wanted to wake up to that view! As we got settled in and unpacked a bit, I snuggled up a bit with wifey and stared into the vista together. Suddenly we heard a loud clanking noise that sounded like those metal triangles that people ring to signify dinner. And it was. And of course his wife would be the one to find it.

“I just wanted to let y’all know that dinner will be in two hours, the rest of the crew should be here in the next hour, and all the fridges and pantries are stocked so feel free to indulge a bit before dinner. Or go fuck each other and come to dinner with a smile!” she said.

And this was why I loved her. She was so wacky and cool. Sometimes she could be a bit much, but only sometimes. It being a hot Texas day, we opted to head to the pool area for some quick salvation. We grabbed some lemonade from the fridge and sat on the edge of the pool with our feet in the water. Soon we were joined by another couple and began to chit chat about work and some other mundane things to get to know each other. After a half hour or so, I began to feel nauseous so I retired to the pool house with the television and guess who was there on the main couch.

“Where’s wacko?”

“Getting ready for dinner” he replied, without looking up.

I laid with my head on the armrest and feet in his lap. He finally broke his gaze and looked over at me.

“Are you ok?” he asked concerned.

“Yeah, I just couldn’t take the heat anymore.”

“Hmph, well before things get too hectic I just wanted to talk to you about last weekend.”

I tensed up, but waited for him to continue.

“You know I don’t normally drink like that. But when you took off your dress, I was like dayummmmm! I started to get a boner, like immediately. I had to hide it. So I decided to inflict whiskey dick upon myself. I drank so much I actually had a hangover for the first time in like, a decade. So if I upset you in any way, I’m sorry.” At that moment I wanted to take him into my arms, wrap my legs around him, and kiss him with forgiveness. But I couldn’t. He looked at me. “I did something, right?!”

I guess he couldn’t really recall what happened and it obviously wasn’t enough for the wife to either. “Well it was just as much my fault too. I started twerking when you got up behind me and slapped me on the ass. I don’t think anyone else thought much of it, but it sure did sober me the hell up!”

He looked at the TV as if he were wishing he could just jump into the screen. “I think this is where we mess up. We get so concerned about acting normal around each other that we overact. We need to stop it.

I continued to listen intently as he spoke, still gazing at the TV.

“We spend enough time together as friends that no one would suspect us being anything more than just friendly and comfortable with one another. I mean, we spend like at least two weekends together per month! We should be comfortable enough to slap an ass or touch a face or even play fight.” He looked over at me. “That is our norm and all this tense stuff has got to stop. We’ve just gotta be, ya know? Like we used to be…”, his voice trailed off as the door opened and my wife appeared.

“I’m going to get washed up before dinner, wanna join me?” she slyly smiled.

“Sure thing- get the shower going and I’ll meet you.”

As she walked away, she asked “are you feeling a bit better?”

“Oh yeah…much.”

“Alright”, she said as she headed to the room.

I gathered myself and leaned into him “so what are you going to do if you get another boner around me?

“You mean when?! Well, I’m gonna try not to by staying in the right head space. And if I get one anyway, I’ll just excuse myself and take care of it- like I used to do” he winked.

My eyes narrowed with this new information. “So you were interested before you caught me peeping?!” I asked, shocked.

“Darling, there’s not many a straight man that won’t be turned on by you, let me say. And if they say so, they’re straight web tasarım ankara lying or blind!”

I chuckled as I got up and headed for our room, “well thanks for the compliment buttface” as I patted him twice on the cheek playfully.

I joined wifey in the shower for a quick clean up and rub down. We kissed passionately as our hands began to roam each other’s soapy bodies. As she rinsed the soap from my body, she pulled the shower head off and directed the stream at my clit as she caressed my ass, kissing me. I moaned under her touch as she let the head fall from her hand and water sprayed our legs. Kissing my neck and down to my nipples, she turned me around to face the wall as her mouth continued searching for the perfect spot to land. Her hand had already found a wonderful spot on my perfectly coiffed mound, rubbing my clit just the way I like it. I could feel the coolness of the tiles against my face as she rubbed faster and my legs began to tremble. I couldn’t help but to think of him as she drove two fingers inside me while forcing my legs further apart. Her large heavy breasts felt good as her nipples grazed my back, arching further from her stimulation. I began kneading my own breasts as I struggled to guard my thoughts and stay in the moment. Now with three fingers inside me, I writhed in ecstasy as my body quaked from the inside out. Her pace quickened as my thoughts raced between her and him and all the things we had done. I cried out “fuck me” as she dug deeper into my space and I came furiously with some release and maybe even more tension created. I sought solace in the cold, hard tile as she kissed me all over, pleased with her handiwork. She turned me around and kissed me deeply, lovingly. Turning off the water, we returned to the bedroom to get dressed.

Not being a selfish lover, she refused me at first. But I took control and pushed her backwards onto the bed as she laughed at my fake gruffness. Kissing her soft skin made me remember why we were together. Her smell took me to so many familiar and wonderful places as my mind continued to fuck me more than he ever had. I pawed her large melons as I took each teat into my mouth, rolling my tongue and flicking the little nubs on the areolae as they softened under my moist pressure. Slightly biting the teat I rubbed her hips as she moaned and arched so wonderfully for me. I could feel her moisture on my thigh and knew it was time for me to make my way downwards. I licked and sucked on her belly button as I liked to hear her giggle each time I did this. I continued to rub her thighs as I made my way to her warm center. I gave one big lick to her lips and clit which made her shiver with anticipation. I then began flicking my tongue over her bits while purposefully avoiding her clit. She moaned and bucked her hips towards my mouth, aching for me to lick it. I decided to not torture her too badly, and relented. She let out a big sigh as she rubbed my head and urged me onwards. Alternating between licking, sucking, and slight tongue poking, she came in my mouth, giving me the sweet glaze I wanted. We kissed again, warmly, and held each other for a bit before getting dressed for dinner.

About 45 minutes or so had passed when the dinner triangle was rung. As we approached the huge table filled decorated rustic style complete with leaf placeholders and twine around the silverware, we began to mingle and introduce ourselves to one another. All of the couples had been at other gatherings at one point or another together, but not all of these couples at the same time. So now we were really going to get to know each other better. His wife was casually decked out wearing a black maxi dress and turquoise baubles with gold jeweled flat sandals. Her boobs looked great, I had to admit, but she had on a full face of makeup. All of the ladies had on some type of dressy casual iteration, but mostly maxi dresses and capri pants. I had on my fave cargo pants and a slinky pink sequined tank with flip-flops and no-bra. It was too hot for makeup so I just had my brows, mascara, and some lip gloss on- almost nothing. Most of the guys just wore shorts, tees, and flip-flops- as if they’d dress up! There were some interesting couples including a fireman and his husband, a colleague of his and his lawyer wife, another colleague of his and his homemaker wife, and a self-made millionaire and his real-estate agent wife. None were too left or right but all knew how to carry-on polite conversation as well as intellectual debate on issues like politics, religion, race relations, and all. But we managed to keep most things light and fluffy, retelling stories by way of a 20 Questions box that was placed at the door with orders for everyone to write at least two anonymously. After the plentiful feast that included shrimp cocktail, charcuterie, pasta salad, and braised chicken with asparagus, we retired to the pool area to get a fire going. It was like a min-summer camp for adults. The guys tended to the fire to get it going while the ladies got the s’mores and drinks ready. We had a nice spread of beer, red and white wine, and a few spirits for those who wanted to get straight to the point. I noticed champagne in the fridge but I’m guessing it was for a later time.

As we gathered around the fire, we told jokes, did some impressions, and even played a ridiculous game of charades with partners versus partners. We were having more fun than we’d had with a group of adults in a long time. The stars were big and bright, the alcohol was flowing, and spirits were extremely lifted- so much so that a few decided to go skinny-dipping! Me and the wife took that note and decided it was time for us to get some shut eye. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not prudes- well, I’m not- but I had only known most of these folks for a few hours. I know they had hifalutin jobs and way more to lose than me, but I just wasn’t into it. If I were going to go skinny-dipping with others, it’d be one couple only and I think we all know who they’d be. I noticed them retiring as well and knew it was only right.

The next day was chock full of activities for those that wanted to join with no hard feelings on those who didn’t- after all, it was supposed to be a staycation! I joined the morning yoga session while wifey and a couple of guys sat around talking about football and watching last night’s highlights. One couple- the real estate agent and the millionaire- had a hangover, so they stayed in bed until lunch. Those who ate had a light breakfast of croissants and fruit with juice and coffee. Those who didn’t held out for our fancy lunch out. We had a reservation at one of the only local restaurants which specialized in hyper local seafood and veggies thanks to the nearby river and farms. This place had an impressive wine list too, which I was all too ready to indulge in with such great company. We had two chauffeured SUV’s make the trip so we could relax and just have fun. I had snapper with low country style greens and the wife had grilled shrimp and mahi mahi with a baked potato. Most had either fish or some type of crustacean with one lone wolf eating a steak. Since I knew steak was on the menu for tonight, we decided to keep our palates clean until then. Once back at the ranch, a few of us decided to take a short walk- both for the calories from the wine and to see some of our surroundings. Pretty much everyone joined in except for the firefighter and hubby. I presumed they wanted some completely alone time since I had overheard them talking about the need for quality time earlier that morning. So off we went!

We did an almost three mile loop around the property, being sure to stay on the path since none of us had been there before nor had any survival skills. I was just hoping there were no mountain lions! We made it back to the ranch within 90 minutes to a very quiet house. At first we thought maybe the couple had gone out until we heard giggling. “Good for them” I thought. Some folks went to their rooms while others headed to the pool and lounge area. Since there was a pool table, I decided to challenge him to a friendly game while his wife was cooling off. My wifey elected to have a beer and watch the game while we played.

“Ok, so is this shirts versus skins?” I smirked.

“Sure. I’m shirts!” he said.

“Ha! In your dreams, buddy.”

“Well I have been sleeping better recently”, he mused with a wink.

The wife chimed in, “you guys know I’m still here, right?” she said laughing.

As the game got going it was plain to see I was going to beat his ass. Sometimes I really suck and then other times I’m like a shark! Once he got wind of this I started to notice balls disappearing from the table by unusual means. So I called him out.

“Are you cheating? Cuz you know what happens to cheaters, right?”

“Something about hell, fire and brimstone, blah blah blah.”

“Ok buddy, if I make the next shot this game is over and you owe me. If I miss the shot, I will consider you the winner and I will owe you. How about that?

He faked a quizzical look and said “ok, what do I get if I win?”

“If you win I will be your personal butler for three hours. That means if you want a beer, need to change the channel, want someone else to sleep with your wife- I’m here.”

Wifey chimes in again, “Hey-still here guys!” shaking her head and laughing.

“Ok, and if you win?”

“If I win I’m going to whisper into your ear things for you to do throughout the night and you have to do them. This is going to be like the worst truth-or-dare game ever! Muahahaaha! And you can’t give a heads up to anyone about it.”

The wife again, “well I know about it!?”

“Waving my hand in dismissal and chuckling, “I know you won’t tell anyone cuz I’ll beat your ass!”

“I keep telling you I’m not afraid of you! But yeah, I won’t tell- as you already know.”

So as luck and skill would have it, I easily sunk the first shot but missed the second. I looked at him smiling with an evil grin. “Now what?”

“How about we split our duties. You do whatever I tell you for 90 minutes and then we switch!”

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