Soulmate Siblings

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Hi,everybody! Thanks for the feedback on my first story, Alex and Emma. I am glad that it went over well. I hope you will enjoy my second story. I want my readers to know that the problems that the first story had will be fixed here. I promise to cut back on exclamation points and commas. I do tend to like using a lot of them, but I will cut back on them here. I hope you like Soulmate Siblings.


“As I look back on the the last twenty-four hours, I can only remark on the life-altering events with one simple word: WOW! I can’t believe it happened. Before today, Jasmine was just who she had always been: my fraternal twin. But that was before I did the unthinkable. I…”

“Oh, will you just cut to the chase already,Jack? He fucked my brains out!”


“Well, I understand you have to set the story up, but, damn it, you were taking too long.”

“Look, that day meant a lot to me.”

“It meant a lot to me, too, Jack. But you can get to the point without all the ‘ life-changing, oh-I-fucked-my-sister-and-now-my-life-is-complete- bullshit. ‘ ”

(chuckles) “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Thank you.”

“So, before we begin, a little backstory is in order.”

“Oh, boy. Here we go again.”

“So,anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, I was setting up the story. My sister and I are fraternal twins. My name is Jack Thomas Collins. My father named me after his favorite actor, Jack Nicholson. He said when I was a baby, I had a little twinkle in my eye, like I had a little bit of dark side. As I got older, that proved to be true, as I had quite the reputation of being kinda of a playboy. “

“”Kind of.’ Jack, you got pussy left and right.”

“Yeah, and I also got yours, so shush.

Anyway, I had quite the reputation of getting pussy left and right, mostly of my position and build. I was the most popular guy in my school, and captain of the football team. Girls tend to flock to you when you have those labels. I had a 4.0 GPA, and was voted most likely to succeed,along with Jasmine. And my body, well…”

“Oh, come on, Jack, stop being so modest.”

“Okay, Jasmine. I had a great build. Girls have compared me to Channing Tatum in terms of my build. I have the body that most girls love to get close to. My chest is very well defined, with a toned six-pack and great abs. My arms are ripped and strong. Jasmine says I am like an animal. My legs are strong, too. Great when I fucking a really tight pussy. And my best feature, according to pretty much every girl, is my eight and 1/2 inch cock. Girls like it when I pound their tight cunts with my large,throbbing member. I have a brown hairdo that is usually shaved, mostly because it is a hassle dealing with long hair. Jasmine says I look hot with long hair, so I might grow it back out again.”

“Okay, Mister. You done giving yourself a pat on the back?”

“Admit it, Jasmine. Your pussy is a little wet.”

(smiling) “Pleading the fifth. Now, can I have my turn,please?”

“Sure. Here you go.”

“Thanks. Hi, everybody. My name, as my-less-than-modest-brother mentioned, is Jasmine.Jasmine Sabrina Collins. My mother named after the Disney Princess because of my big, brown eyes.”

“Yeah, that isn’t the only thing that is big and appealing about you.”

“Do you want some later?”

“I’ll shut up.”

“Anyway, I was basically the female eqivalent of my brother. I was the most popular girl in my school. I was captain of the cheerleader squad, homecoming queen, prom queen, voted girl who would you want to be your bestie,and yet, still maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Guys say I have a killer body. I have a 34c breast cup, a 24 inch waist, and a 34-inch hips. My legs travel for miles, and I have been told I look great in high heels. I have long, flowing black hair, like the Disney character, that is shoulder length, and I have ruby red lips, even without lipstick. I have also been told I have an ass that won’t quit by several guys and a few girls, actually. But many guys guys feel my best feature is my eyes. They are very deep and soulful.I have got a lot of things because of my eyes, apparently.

We graduated just this last summer. It was a very, very emotional graduation. Some of my best friends I may never see again. Even my brother got a little emotional. “

“I did not!”

“Oh, come on. I saw you.”

“They were manly tears.”

“Right. ‘ Manly tears. ‘ Anyway, for our last summer, our parents had a “business trip” they had to do, and they left Jack and I with the house for a week.”

“Oh, come on. That’s not fair. Our parents work very hard for the company.”

“Jack, they are ad executives. Admit it, they wanted some vacation time because they are suffering from a mid-life crisis because their kids are going off to college and mom wanted to go somewhere beautiful so dad could fuck her brains out.”

“Do you have to talk so vulgar about our parents?”

“And you fucked your twin sister how many hours ago?”

(sighs) izmir escort bayan “Continue.”

“Thank you, Jack. Which leads us to the beginning of our story. Two days ago. May 27,2012. 9:30 AM. I had just woken up to the sun shining bright in my eyes, the light of the sun filling up my room with its glow. I sat up in my bed, the sun’s light shining on my tits.”

“When did you exactly start sleeping in the nude?”

“Pervert. LOL. Anyway, I proceeded to get out of my bed and get dressed. I picked a modest outfit:a white sleeveless tank top, a midnight blue bra, my silk red thong, and some tight blue jeans.”

“Your ass does look good in those.”

“Hey, instead of making a few comments here and there, how about you actually doing soemthing useful, like recording this beside me? You do become important in the next few minutes.”

“Okay. Hi, everybody. I’m back.”

“Hoo-ray, you were missed. Now, back to the story. So, anyway, I began looking for my brother in the house. He wasn’t in his room,or the kitchen, or even in the living room. So, I figured there was only one other place he could be: the pool. So, I went outside to find him. As I began the walk from the the side of the house to the pool, as I got closer to the pool, I began to see more and more of my brother. Finally, he was directly in my sight, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

There was my 19-year old twin brother, completely naked, covered in tanning oil, stroking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I stood transfixed, knowing I should walk away, but I couldn’t. Fuck, he was just so big! As I watched jerk his cock faster and faster, I began to feel strangely awkward towards my brother. My friends had said my brother was hot, and even a few of them,the ones he fucked, anyway, said he had a nice cock and body. But damn, they weren’t kidding. Jack is many things, but a liar, he ain’t. Everything he said about himself earlier is true, so no need to repeat his features again here. Let’s just say that seeing Jack like this was quite the eye-opener,and it was hot! I did come back to reality, eventually.I don’t know how many minutes it was, and quite frankly, I don’t care. But I did have to put a end to this, so I got his attention.


“It was at this point, my eyes opened wide and I stood up to face my sister. The look on her face was one of confusion and embarassment. I saw a little bit of arousal as well, but I didn’t think much of it at the time.”

‘Uh, hey, Jasmine. How much of that did you see?’

“He was clearly embarrased, but I had to be honest with him.”

‘I saw enough.’

“I still couldn’t take my eyes off him, even though, at the time, I really wanted to.”

‘So, uh, do you need to finish?’

“He decided to reply honestly, even if the situation was far from ordinary.”

‘Yeah, I was close to cumming.’

“I nodded my head and proceeded to give him some privacy.”

‘Hey, Jasmine? I am really sorry.’

“I told him it was okay and walked back into the house. Once I was back in, I went to my room and just rested my head against the door frame for a while. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. His body, that cock: it all burned in my mind so vividly, I couldn’t get to leave my thoughts. The urge to finger myself to his body was almost to much to bear.”

“Alright, it’s is my time to share.”

“Okay, here you go, Jack.”

“Thanks, sis. Meanwhile, I was in the midst of finishing up one of the biggest cums of my life. I was thinking about Britney, the best fuck in high school and Jasmine’s best friend.I dream of her lips sliding up my pole, her breasts rubbing against my leg when suddenly, the image flickered and into view came Jasmine, her big, juicy jugs rubbing against my face as she worked my cock with her cunt.I became so startled by the vision, but was so close to cumming that I unleashed my load with the thought of my sister riding my thick prick. I shot twelve squirts of semen onto the patio, the largest load I had ever shot off in my life. At the time, I didn’t know if it was just the fact I was so horny or I really did want Jasmine, but I knew I had to see her.”


“As I lied against the door, my brain was swirling of thoughts of my suddenly-or not so suddenly-hot brother. I knew that vision would never leave my head, and I just about to remedy the situation with Mr. Vibrator when I heard a knock at the door. I knew it was him, but I at least thought he would put his clothes back on.”

‘Jasmine, listen, please.’

“As long as he stood there naked as the day he was born, he had my attention.”

‘Okay, go ahead.’

“He thought long and hard about what he was gonna say, but still, I could tell, he was nervous.

“Yeah, and I thought once she heard my proposal, she would freak.”

“But he went ahead with his proposal.”

‘Okay, look, me being naked around kinda freaks you out, right?’

‘Let’s go with that.”

‘And it will probably be a while before you can look at me escort izmir as your brother again?’


“I told myself: Jack, you have one chance. It was now or never.”

‘So,I had a idea. Since I don’t need to be modest around you anymore, maybe you do’t need to be modest around me.’

‘What are you getting at, Jack?’

‘Why don’t you get naked with me?’


‘Hear me out. If we are both naked, we won’t have to worry about being uncomfortble around each other. And since I am not attracted to you, and vice versa with you, we won’t have to worry about any sexual hunger from the other.’

“I thought about his proposal for a long time. He did have a point. Besides, I did want to spend more time with him like this. Plus, I wanted to see if I could get a reaction out of him. Every guy in school said I was hot; now is the time to put that to the test of just how hot I am. Can I really arouse my own brother? But I wouldn’t have sex with him. He was still my brother. Right?”

‘Okay. I will.’

“Her response floored me. And she left me no time to recover as she began to shed her clothes. She started with her tank top, then she slowly pushed down her jeans, down those long, supple legs. Her thong was next, revealing her soft, plump and shaven pussy lips to my gaze. Then, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra from her massive tits. Now, I have seen many women naked,but my sister was a goddess. Her descrption of herself earlier did her justice, but to me, I just wanted to fuck her right then and there.”

“I swear, Jack’s cock got five inches bigger when I got naked. And to be honest, it made me wetter than I already was, and my nipples became very erect. I had to gather myself. I wanted to see where this would go, and would I actually go that far.”

‘Now, remember,’ I told him, ‘if this gets too weird, we will put our clothes back on and that will be the end of it, agreed?’

‘Agreed,’ Jack said.

“We were unsure of what we would do next, so I suggested we go eat breakfast. She nodded her head and off we went to the kitchen, unsure of where these events would take us, and unaware of what surprises waited at the other end of the road we were now on.”


“We both agreed on peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches. I really don’t know why. Jasmine is actually a fair cook, but I don’t think she would have been able to focus. It was pretty clear where her mind was that day.”

“At least I can cook, jackass.”

“Hey, I cook.”

“Making toast and heating up Hot Pockets is not cooking!”

“Shut up. Anyway,we were making our sandwiches. I love watching her: the way her breasts shook as she spread the ingredients on the bread, the way she crossed her legs, the way she licked her lips as she she spread the jelly on her bread: it was quite a turn-on. Anyway, we had finished making our sandwiches and had started eating. To go with our sandwiches, we had a tangerine for each of us and a glass of milk.”

“We had been sitting there for a while in silence, although our minds were screaming “FUCK HER/HIM!!!!!”, when I decided to ask him a personal question.”

‘Hey, Jack?’


‘Just how many girls did you sleep with in high school?’

“I admit, I was suprised. But I figured we kinda were crossing lines here. Why not just tell her?”

‘Truly? Only eight.’

Jasmine was clearly shcoked.

‘Just eight?’

‘Yeah. Why?’

‘Well, you did have that big rep as the biggest pussy magnet in school.’

“I had to admit, I chuckled at that. But I guess she was right. Although I did fuck many of those girls mutiple times, I really didn’t connect with any of them, really. I told her that,too”.

‘What about Britney?’

‘She was the only one I felt something for, but still, it wasn’t meant to be.’

‘What was the sex like between you two?’

‘Oh,very hot and heavy. I used to pound her so hard, she would sweat like she did in the gym. Remember how she used to sweat in gym?’

Jasmine smiled. ‘Yeah, I remember.’

‘Yeah. And her pussy….I used to love eating her out. She tasted like the sweetest honey. I used to lick that clit so erratically, she would cum so hard,she would almost pass out when she was finished.’


“Jasmine was clearly impressed and slightly aroused. She will never admit, but I know the look in a woman’s eyes: she wanted me”.

‘Did you think she loved you?’

‘For a while. But she realized, as I did, it was just good, mindless sex. It was hard, but we moved on.’

“Jasmine seemed satisfied by that answer, but I had to know about her.”

‘What about you?’

‘What about me?’

‘Come on,Jasmine. You aren’t still a virgin, are you?’

“Truth be told, I actually had just had sex a month after I turned 18, right after junior year.Most people assumed I didn’t fuck in high school, that I was still a virgin.”

‘I did fuck three guys in high school.’

‘What?!?!? izmir escort Who?’

“That got his attention.”

‘Calm down. A few guys from football.’

‘Who were they?’

‘I don’t remember the other two names, but the third guy was Chris.’

‘You fucked Chris? My best friend? When?’


“All this time, I had thought she was my squeaky-clean sister.”

“Little brother, I am anything but squeaky clean.”

“I am only younger by three minutes.”

“Get back to the story.”

“Right. Jasmine began to get more intimate about that night.”

‘Chris was the best I’ve had. His dick was so big, it barely fit my mouth.’

‘You sucked his cock?’

“Jasmine smiled a sexy smile and licked her lips.”

‘Yes, and his cum tasted good.’

“The urge to grab my cock became harder just then. I almost reached it and caught myself. I wasn’t quick enough. Jasmine noticed my hand movements.”

‘You know, don’t you?’

‘Know what, little brother?’

‘What I am doing?’

“Jasmine smiled a sexy smile at me.”

‘No, what are you doing?’

“I pushed my chair further out and began stroking my cock for her. Jasmine pretended to be shocked, but it was just for show.”

“The teasing had gone on long enough. I wanted that cock in my hands as he sucked on my tits and played with my pussy. I grabbed some of the jelly and ran it all over my tits. Smiling sexily at him,I began to do a ‘come here’ gesture with my middle finger, hoping he get the hint. He did. Such a smart boy. He walked over to me and began licking the jelly off my tits as I grabbed his cock with my right hand, my left grabbing the jelly. Using my fingers, I smeared the jelly all over my clit and pussy, hoping he would eat me out.”

“I saw what she did, my cock got even harder, but I wanted to finish licking those suckable tits. They were the nicest tits I’ve ever seen, and I treated them as such.”

‘Oh, fuck, Jack. That feels good. Lick that tit. But please, get my pussy.’

“I then left her luscious tits and proceeded to go towards her pussy.”


“I paused, like a schoolboy waiting instruction.”

‘Get on the floor. On your back.’

“I did as I was told. What she did next shocked the heck out of me.”

“I reached for the jelly and put some in my hand. I lied my body on top of his and covered his dick in the grape jelly. I then began to engulf the huge dick in his mouth. It felt good to finally have his dick in my mouth. It felt nice and hard,and so dirty. It tasted so good, the jelly mixing well with natural warmth. Honestly, I would have been satisfied if I just would have done that. But then I felt the familiarity of his tongue, and it was at work on my pussy. He is such a good boy.”

“Her pussy tasted delicious. Not only because of the grape jelly, which is my favorite, but of her natural taste. She tasted of a mix between honey and caramel, two sugary liquids that my tongue couldn’t get enough of. I attacked her clit without mercy, and it felt good to hear her shrieks of pleasure when she didn’t have my dick in mouth. And quite honestly I was surprised she had only sucked the one dick; she was a natural.”

“I licked as much of the dick as I could: the top layer, the underside, the sides, even his cum slit. I simply had to please him for his sake and my own. I just couldn’t get enough of his cock.”

“I had licked her pussy as much as I could in getting clean from all the jelly. She tasted so good, I could have licked her forever”.

“‘Damn, we are all clean’, I said to her.”

“Jasmine lifted her head and turned around to face me. In her sexiest voice yet, she just replied, ‘Then why do I still feel so dirty?'”

“I licked the rest of his dick clean, then I turned my body around to face him. I didn’t care if it was wrong, or whatever, after eating my cunt like he did, he deserved to fuck my cunt. I grabbed his cock and aimed at the base of my opening. I slowly pushed it in. It was a little difficult at first. I have never had a dick so big in my pussy before, so I had to stretch myself to accomodate him. I need not have worried. Once I stretched far enough, he fit perfectly. The size, length, and width of his dick filled me up perfectly.”

“Jasmine had shocked me when she made her move to fuck me. She shocked me more when I felt that tight, warm, and wet pussy. Her pussy was the perfect mix. She had actually managed to get my entire length inside of her. She was that deep,that perfect.”

‘So, is fucking your brother weird enough for ya?’

‘Jack, you’re cute, but shut up and fuck me!’

‘Your wish is my command, your highness.’

“I should have kicked his ass for that little comment, but,at the time, it did appply to the situation. He did worship the ground where I stood. I was fucking his amazing dick like no one had before. So I let it slide.

I simply had to have more of him, so I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts. His hands were magic. Most guys, especially the three I had been with, grouped my breasts hard, and it fucking hurt. But Jack gentily caressed my breasts. He did squeeze my tits, but gently, using his thumb and index finger. It sends more waves of pleasure that I had even conceived.”

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