Sister’s Deal

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Big brother was leaving soon. He had his little girlfriend. Petite little thing, small everywhere. Nothing like his sister, who was built curvy and tall. They would get married and be gone. Then all his younger sister would have was her fantasies.

But ever since she’d come home from college big brother had started flirting with her when she teased him. She wore her short shorts and he slapped her ass, down low where his fingers could curve between her legs. She squealed and looked at him. She could have sworn he meant to do it just that way.

She went without a bra the next day in a too small t-shirt. She caught big brother staring. Saw him hard too. She went to her room and practically fingered herself raw at the thought of him cumming on her bare tits. She wanted him, and thought maybe his girlfriend wasn’t giving him what he needed. But why would he want her when he obviously liked smaller built women? Still, she had to offer. The next week was her nineteenth birthday and she got her chance when they were home alone.

“You know, big brother, if there’s ever anything you need,” she leaned forward on the couch, meeting his eyes, “anything you want me to do for you, you just have to tell me.”

“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow. “I just have to tell you what i want you to do for me?”


“What if i want to feel your tits?” He stared at his sister, waiting for her reaction. She caught her breath, hope singing through her, instead her voice came out calmly.

“Why would you want to?”

“Because I’ve only ever dated Amelia. I’ve never felt big tits like yours. And because you said anything i wanted.” She took a breath and challenged back.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”


“I’ve never seen or touched a man’s cock before. If you get to feel me up then i get to touch you too. Call it a birthday present. Deal?”

“Fuck it. Deal.”

Sister grinned. She could see the bulge In his pants from across the room. Finally she was going to get what she wanted. She stood up and took big brothers hand, pulling him up and leading him to her room because it was cleaner. She shut the door behind them.

When she turned around he was standing between her and the bed, just looking at her. She bit her bottom lip between her teeth and grabbed the hem of the overly large sweater she’d borrowed from their mother. She pulled it slowly over her head, revealing curves that did not exist on tiny Amelia. In fact, she was often accused of being chunky and was more than a little self conscious about it. Big brothers expression didn’t seem to be judging her weight as something bad though. He was definitely looking at her, But not with disgust. It made it easier when she cupped her large breasts in her hands, lifting and squeezing them. His eyes followed her movements and he shifted awkwardly.

“Come on sis,” he groaned. “Teasing ain’t fair.”

“Sure it is,” she grinned. “We never made a deal about teasing.”

She rubbed her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra, getting them to strain at the satin. Big brother all but growled. He surged forward and grabbed her by the arms, pulling her hands away and replacing them with his own. The hooks of her bra were undone in record time and her heavy breasts fell free into his waiting palms. He squeezed and massaged them, pinching and tugging at the nipples until his younger sister was moaning. He just smiled and pinched harder.

“You like that sis?”

“Yes!” She pushed her czech gangbang porno chest further into his touch. “More! Please!”

“Ah uh,” he grinned. “That wasn’t the deal. Now it’s your turn.” Big brother took her hand and rubbed it over the hard on trapped in his jeans.

“You wanted it, sis. Now come get it.”

She really didn’t need much urging. She’d been dying to touch him for ages. She grabbed the waistband of his jeans and yanked him close, looking him in the eye as she popped the button and unzipped him. She kept that eye contact when she sank to her knees, pulling the jeans and his underwear with her.

His cock bobbed hard and big in front of her face and her eyes widened. She didn’t have experience with dicks except from porn but she knew big brother was not small. She reached up and brushed her fingers along his length, watching him pulse in reaction to the light touch. Then she took him firmly in hand and stroked him a few times, drawing out a moan. She looked up into his face, eyes wide and innocent and hand wrapped around his cock.

“Show me what you like, big brother.”

Brother didn’t have to be asked twice. He wrapped his hands around hers and showed her exactly how he liked to be stroked, with the little twist at the top. He showed her how to fondle his sack with her other hand and soon he was moaning in earnest as she pumped his length in her fist. As his head fell back in pleasure she leaned forward and her tongue flashed out. She kitten licked at the precum leaking from the end of his cock. She closed her eyes as she savored the salty taste.

“Shit!” He hissed, his head snapping forward to look down at her. “What did you just do?” She stared up at him as she did it again, making an obvious yummy noise so he’d know she liked it.

“I want to suck on it,” she said, continuing to slowly stroke him.

“That wasn’t, ah, part of the deal,” he stammered, distracted by the pleasure.

“I don’t care about the deal,” she said bluntly. “Let me suck your cock and you can do whatever you want to me.” She looked up at him and her eyes were full of arousal and challenge. “Anything you want. Come on brother. You know you want to.”

Hell yes he did. He’d been wanting to since she’d graduated. Her hormones had done her up right and she was damn near perfect. All sexy soft curves and full breasts. He wanted to ruin her. And she was giving him the chance right now. No way was he turning that down. He grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back. She made a noise that was part surprised gasp and part moan.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered.

Her pretty lips opened and he took his cock in hand. He smeared his precum across her face and over her lips before stuffing his fat erection into her waiting mouth. She started to suck his cock, tentatively at first, but soon found a rhythm.

“Use your tongue,” brother suggested.

She took it to heart and that made it better but it wasn’t enough. Soon he took over. His hand in her hair held her still as his hips pumped into her, driving his cock in and out of the wet heat of her throat. Her eyes were tearing and occasionally she’d choke around him as he went too far back but he didn’t care.

“Fuck yes. So good for me sis. Love fucking your mouth. God I’m going to cum down your throat. You like that? You want to swallow big brothers cum?” Sister hummed a yes around the dick in her mouth.

“Good. Get ready sis. Oh fuck yeah. Ah.”

Brother czech harem porno list his rhythm and slammed his hips deep. Sister gagged before brother backed off enough to let her gasp some air. His cock was spending in her throat but before he could lose it all he pulled out and jerked it on her face as well. She seemed shocked but brother just stood there.

“You said anything. I want to watch you eat my cum.”

Sister blinked for a minute, then reached up tentative fingers. She swiped up one of the stripes across her cheek and stuck her fingers in her mouth, licking and sucking them clean. She did it with all the cum on her face as brother watched, his dick slowly getting hard again.

Sister was watching and wondering what else brother had in store for her. She knew this game wasn’t over, and she was so wet she was soaked through her panties she just knew. She waited for whatever was next. Brother reached up and idly stroked himself.

“Take off your clothes. All of them.”

Sister stood and quickly toed off her socks. Her hands went to her waist as she popped the button on her jeans, undoing the zipper, and bent down to pull both them and her panties to the floor, kicking them off her ankles.

As she stood back up her hands made a gesture over her middle, hiding her sex from her brothers eager eyes. He was quick to step forward. He grabbed her wrists and yanked them away from her body, baring all of her.

“Don’t you dare cover yourself,” he said.

Then he truly looked down and his eyebrows went up, surprised at what he saw. His cock jumped in response to the lust that shot through him.

“You’re shaved,” he breathed. “Why?”

“I wanted to try it,” sister said, squirming a little under such intense scrutiny. “It’s supposed to be sexy. It felt so good i kept doing it.”

It had felt good. Having no hair there made sister very sensitive. Even her panties brushing against her was erotic, and touching herself was amazing. She’d think about brother sometimes and just shift a little in her chair at work. She’d get so wet she’d come home desperate for an orgasm. And brother liked it, if his looks were anything to go by.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered. “And open your legs for me. Let me see that shaved pussy of yours.”

Sister did as she was told while brother stripped out of the rest of his clothes. She laid on her back with her knees slightly bent and open about halfway. She knew brother would be able to see her but she was still shy. No one had seen her naked since she was a child. Certainly no man had seen her, especially not one looking at her the way brother looked now. He looked like a lion about to eat her. She was half right.

Brother climbed into the bed and pushed her legs open wide. He let his gaze take in the delicate pink of her and the deeper red of her inner sex. He reached down and brushed his fingers across the velvet softness of her outer lips,smiling as his sister gasped for him. Then he dipped a finger into her and groaned.

“You’re so fucking wet already.” He brought his finger to his mouth and tasted her sweetness.

“Practically begging me to fuck you, sis.” She whimpered in response, her legs closing around him.

“You like that? You wanna take your big brothers cock in that little pussy of yours?”

“Yes, please,” she whined, her clit throbbing at the thought of him inside her.

“I don’t think you can take me Sis. Let’s see.”

Brother leaned over her so czech sharking porno he could watch her face as his hand snaked down between them again. Oh he wanted to fuck her. Intended to. But he wasn’t small and he had a pretty good idea she was. He stroked his fingers through her soaking pussy lips until they were well coated, watching her moan and bite at her bottom lip as he rubbed circles around her sensitive clit.

His hand slid lower and he carefully pushed one of his fingers inside. It was tight, just as he had expected, but Sister liked it, throwing her head back and thrusting against his hand, pushing him deeper. Not too much deeper though before he felt resistance, a block to his path. His sexy younger sister was still a virgin. He felt a spurt of precum soak the blanket beneath him as he realized he was going to pop his sister’s cherry in a few minutes, and she’d already begged him to do it.

“Yeah, too tight baby,” he all but growled in her ear. “Gonna have to open you up a little before you can take me.”

He was still working his finger inside her and sister just nodded,her hips moving in mindless rhythm against him. He smiled as he moved down and very deliberately wrapped his tongue around her clit. She all but came off the bed at the sensation, clawing at the blankets beneath her and crying out. He used his free hand to hold her hips down as he licked and sucked at his sister’s clit.

She was struggling so hard against him that she barely noticed when he forced a second finger inside her. He used her first orgasm to shove his third finger in and she cried out in both pleasure and pain as he forced her to stretch open much wider than she’d ever been. The orgasm doubled her wetness, if that was possible, and brother couldn’t take it anymore.

“This is going to hurt at first,” he warned. “But then it’ll be so good.”

He settled his hips between her thighs and positioned his cock at her entrance. As he started to push in she started to whine. He fell forward and slapped a hand over her mouth tight. He decided the band aid principle was best in this case so he slammed his hips forward, thrusting his dick in her until his balls were smashed against her ass. Sister screamed behind his hand, tears running down her face.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “God you’re so fucking tight. Little virgin pussy. So good.”

He pulled almost all the way out, then drove in again to the hilt. He kept fucking her, slow but deep strokes, until the tears stopped and her hips started moving. Then he took his hand off her mouth and replaced it with his, kissing her hard for the first time.

“You feel so good around my cock sis. I’m going to fuck you so good you never want another dick in your life.”

“Yes!” She moaned, her hips pumping up into his, taking him as deep as he could as his rhythm sped up. “Wanna feel you cum in me big brother. Fill me up!”

That was more encouragement than he needed. Brother lifted his sister’s legs over his shoulder and started pounding into her hard and fast. He reached down and started rubbing her clit and he could feel her tensing around him. Her tightness kept getting tighter and when she finally broke, clenching around him, he let go and pumped load after load into her newly opened little pussy.

But he wasn’t done there. He pulled out and went down on her, pulling a mouthful of his own warm cum out of her trembling sex, before crawling up and feeding it to her. She seemed to understand because she took it without explanation, sucking it from his tongue and licking it from the inside of his mouth.

As they collapsed on the bed together afterwards sister giggled.

“I’ve wanted you to do that to me for so long. If I’d known it was as easy as showing you my tits I’d have done it years ago.”

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