Sister Sarah Ch. 06

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I have an amazing sex life. I would never have thought that it would stem from fucking my sister frequently, or that she would ever end up living with me as my lover. But true to my word, I took my sister in, and support her fully. It was just the next day that she packed up what she had, and moved in with me. I hired a moving company to help her, since I had to return to work following our weekend filled with sexual adventures. I have several bedrooms in my house, and I gave her one of her own to move her things into. Whatever she had that would create duplicate…furniture and things like that…were to be sold. We chose a room big enough to give her space, and most importantly to give the appearance that she actually did have her own room. If family or anyone else came by, it would be just as our story was to be, that she lived with me, and nothing more. In reality, Sarah lived in my bedroom. She slept with me every night, showered in the master bathroom, and did everything else there just as if we were partners. It was great having a sexy woman in my bed again, and it just felt right having that woman being my gorgeous sister.

The first night she stayed with me in new fashion, I came home from work and found her ready to be fucked by her brother. The movers had gone, and Sarah was dressed in one of my loose tanks that she’s become so fond of. That was all she had on. She was busying herself around the house, doing things to get settled. She was unpacking her things, and making my house her home. I came in and saw her body exposed under that tank top, and immediately became super aroused. She ran to me, jumped into my arms, and kissed me.

“I missed you today, J,” Sarah told me before kissing me again. Her always wet pussy ground into my abdomen as I supported her weight with my arms.

“I missed you, too, baby girl,” I replied. “Did you wear this all day?”

“No, silly. I put on shorts when I went to my house to help the movers.”

“You’re showing your sexy body to other people without me?” I asked, feigning disappointment.

“I’m sorry. Do you not want me to?”

“I’m messing with you, sweetheart! You’re incredibly gorgeous, and you know, if you got it, flaunt it, right?”

A look of relief came across her face, and she kissed me again. I let her down reluctantly, and watched as her shirt clung to me, and fully exposed her cunt to me. Before I could even put my hands on her, she excitedly wanted to show me everything she accomplished while I was working. She took me to her room, and showed me that her bed was already set up and made, clothes put away, and things in high order. I noted the glaring lack of clothing, but didn’t say anything. I figured she had put most of it in my closet, since there was ample room. That was our next stop. She showed me where she put her things, and it started to feel like home. As she opened drawers to our dresser, I again noted something. The glaring lack of undergarments.

“Sarah,” I inquired. “Where are your bras and panties? I don’t see any of them here.”

“Oh, they’re in my dresser in the other room. I don’t like wearing them, and I know you’d rather have me like this,” she replied, just before lifting the shirt up over her titties, and doing a quick spin.

“Well, you’re not wrong, love.” Truth was, I did enjoy having her scantily clad, or even completely naked when we were at home, or anywhere else, for that matter. I took her in my arms, and hugged her tight and kissed her neck. “You are not wrong at all, only…” I stepped back, and stripped her of her shirt, leaving her standing before me in all of her naked glory. “This is how I really prefer you.”

She smiled, and stepped to me, pressing her breasts into my chest. “Will you fuck me every day?”

“Just once?” I asked.

“Well, I mean if you’re up to more, I’ll gladly let you.”

“It’s a deal!”

Sarah giggled with delight before leading me to tour the rest of the house to show me all that she had done. I have to admit, having her girly touch around the house really made it feel like a home. It had felt so incomplete since my own divorce, and she was making it cozy again.

“So that’s the tour,” Sarah said. “Do you like it?”

“I do, Sarah. You make me so happy, and I know this is going to be perfect for us.”

A tear came to her eyes, and she kissed me sweetly, and thanked me for making this happen. “Now go get into something more comfortable. I have dinner started, and then we can relax. All this work has me worn out.”

She turned to tend to dinner, and I watched her briefly, working on things in the full nude, just as though it was natural. For us, it was becoming more natural to be naked at home and in front of each other. All hints of embarrassment or apprehension had long disappeared, and we were both happy to expose ourselves to each other. I loved watching my sister as she did things naked. Her perky tits just barely jiggling with her movements. Her ass and pussy exposed to me when she would bend over, not even paying attention to the fact that she was brazzers porno naked. I really enjoyed the sight of her tits as they hung so pretty from her chest as she bent at the waist. I wanted to walk up behind her and fuck her in that position, but I reluctantly went to our bedroom to change. My sister’s nudity had me constantly hard. Hell, she made me hard when she was dressed! I decided to join her in the same way. I stripped naked, and placed my clothes in our hamper, and went to join her in the kitchen.

I saw Sarah again bent over at the oven tending to what she had inside. The site of her made my hard cock belch precum onto the floor. I literally squirted my lube. It left a sticky stream connected, as I continued to flow my juice. I reached to capture it in my hand, and collected a handful. I squeezed it around my cock as I walked up to her. Sarah was standing now, stirring a sauce on the stovetop. I walked up to her, and put my slimy cock between her ass cheeks, stopping right against her puckered hole. The heat of her ass made my cock even harder, and I squirted more precum against it. She moaned as I reached around her, and ran my slippery precum covered hand up her tummy to her breast. My others hand pulled her tight to me as she continued stirring the sauce.

Feeling my sloppy wetness on her body, she asked, “Did you just jack off, honey? I would have taken care of you.”

“I know, sweetheart. It’s not cum, though. It’s just precum.”

“Damn! Excited to see me much?”

“Yessss…” I hissed, as I pressed harder into her ass, feeling her start to relax her hole for me.

“Dinner will be ready in just a few minutes,” she told me breathlessly, feeling me start to enter her ass.

I nibbled her bare shoulders, and thrust the length of my penis all the way up into her asshole. Her knees went weak, and I put my arms around her to support her.

“It’s ok. I’m just playing a little bit while you cook.”

I started to slowly make love to her butt, giving her long, full thrusts. I was almost fully leaving her ass, then pushing my full length back up into her. Her ass eagerly took my slick pole, as I continued to lubricate her with copious amounts of precum. Sarah pushed back, and allowed me to take her tiny hole as she continued to work. She struggled, as her body tried to give in to the pleasure she was trying to ignore. When she bent to take the filets from the oven, I buried myself even deeper into her butt.

“Oh my god,” Sarah exclaimed, as she removed the pan and set it on the stove. She remained bent over a bit to feel me deeper inside of her ass. I pulled out, leaving a thick strand of precum connecting my penis to her delicate bum.

“Finish up, sweetheart. I’ll go set the table.”

Flushed, she smiled at me. As I stepped away, that string of lubricating fluid released from my cock, and connected as a streak down her legs. She kept it there, feeling the warm stickiness between her knees. I winked at her as I walked away to gather dishes. “There will be more of that later,” I promised her.

“I certainly hope so,” she replied.

Sarah had made filet mignon in a red wine reduction, perfectly medium. She had grilled asparagus and garlic herb mashed potatoes on the side. I could definitely get used to having her around. I never knew she was such a good cook. I poured us both wine, and she served us. By now, I was leaking so much that my legs and balls were soaked. Watching my sexy sister serve dinner completely naked had me even hornier than I thought possible. Her breasts swayed gently with her every move, and as she leaned, I watched as they lifted away from her chest, making her nipples point out. It was such an erotic scene, and I wanted nothing more than to pull her to me, and suck on those luscious breasts. She blushed as she caught me watching, which made her even more sexy. She knew what she was doing, and started exaggerating her movements to my enjoyment. I could see that her bare pussy was leaking it’s nectar down her legs, as she was getting more turned on by turning me on even more. Finally, she sat next to me, leaned over to kiss me briefly, and joined me to dine.

“So how was your day?” Sarah asked.

I smiled, as it had been forever since someone actually asked me that, and meant it sincerely. She really wanted to know.

“Well, it was actually good, but when I got home and saw you, it was perfect,” I replied.

She smiled at me, having felt in her heart what I had just said.

“And I have news. I have a project in South Carolina near the beach, and I have to leave tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be working from home in the morning, then leaving for the airport about noon.”

A worried look came across her face, as she obviously thought I was going to leave her alone in our newly established home together.

“There’s more,” I continued. “I bought you a ticket, so you’re going with me.”

Sarah abandoned her dinner, and jumped up. I knew she wanted a hug, so I scooted back just in time for her to land in my lap.

“I castingcouch-x porno get to go with you?”

“Of course! Remember a while back when I promised to take you with me?”

“I remember, but I didn’t think it would happen this soon.”

“Baby, you know I travel a lot, and I want nothing more than to take you with me everywhere I go. I want us to be together forever, in everything we do.”

Emotion overtook her, and she cried tears of love and joy at my words. She kissed me. Her perky breasts pressed into my chest as she did. I reached behind her at the small of her back, and pulled her closer to me. My cock, still at full attention, mashed between our bodies as we made out. Our juices combined, and made me even wetter than before.

I hesitantly broke our kiss. “Let’s finish eating, and I’ll tell you about it.”

Sarah returned to her seat, now obviously excited about the trip. She listened intently as I gave her the details.

“We’ll be in a condo near the beach. Not on it, but close enough we can walk there during my off time, so plan on spending some time there. I will have to work most days, but will have evenings and weekends off, and a few days off during the week as well.”

“Days? Week? How long are we going to be gone?” Sarah asked.

“This trip, at least 2 weeks, maybe longer, depending on how the job goes.”

“Are you going to make love to me in another state?”

“Of course, sweet Sarah! I promised that to you.”

“Are you going to make love to me on the beach?”

“Let’s play that one by ear. It depends on…” I trailed off. “No. If my sister wants me to make love to her on the beach, I’ll make love to her on the beach.”

She straightened up, filled with glee as I agreed to make love to her out in the open.

“In fact, there is a balcony on our condo. Do you want me to fuck you out there, too?”

“YESSSSS,” Sarah hissed.

“Ass or pussy,” I inquired, trying to get her more excited.

“YESSSS!!,” she hissed again, clearly excited at the thought. “And I want to suck your cock out there, and I want you to fuck my tits out there, and I want you to cum all over me, and whoever sees gets to see.”

“You horny little minx,” I teased. “You’re really into this, aren’t you?”

“J, I want the world to know how much you love me, and I don’t care who sees you making love to me.”

“But you want to let them see me cum all over you?”

“Yes I do. I don’t even care if they find out you’re my brother. I love you, and I love it when you give me your cum all over my body, so if someone is watching that, then fine.”

“Well ok then!”

“What should I pack?” Sarah asked.

“Whatever you think you’ll want, baby. We’ll go out quite a bit, probably, so something you can wear to dinner. Any other time, you can just wear what you have on now,” I teased, jesting at her nudity.

She smiled excitedly at the thought of being naked in a strange place. “What about at the beach?”

Knowing she was excited about being naked in public again, I told her, “Not much. If I’m to fuck you on the beach, I want your beautiful body covered as little as possible, and as accessible to me as much as possible.”

She smiled, and said, “I have just the thing.”

“Ok, then let’s clean up here, and go get packed so we don’t have to mess with it in the morning.”

We stood, and started to gather dishes up. When we got to the kitchen, she placed what she had in the sink, then turned to take my load. As she turned, she looked down to see that I was still dripping precum from my rigid, veiny cock. A look of lust came over her face, and she pulled me to her, and embraced me. We kissed like long lost lovers, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouth. I put one arm behind her back, and with my free hand, I toyed with her breasts. I cupped one in my hand, and gently tugged at her nipple. A moan escaped her as she reached between us to grasp my slippery pole. I switched to her other tit, and treated it the same, building the passion and desire in her gorgeous body. She massaged my slick penis, up and down slowly, rubbing the tip into her abdomen, and just above her pussy.

“Fuck me, J.”

Who was I to be asked twice? Still in a kiss, I lifted her to the counter, and stepped into her. She sat up tall, and looked down as both of us watched as I slowly entered her. A ragged breath escaped her, and I looked at her face as she watched her brothers penis enter her vagina. She never stopped watching until I had disappeared completely inside of her, my balls resting against her ass. She looked up and caught my eye.

“God I love seeing you enter me.”

I smiled at her, and gently urged her to lean back on her hands. When she did, I leaned to suck on her tits. Her nipples were super hard, as her whole body was turned on. I fucked her slowly, and sucked her breasts. I stood to watch her body, and her body language as I made love to her on the counter. Her eyes were closed most of the time, but she would occasionally clips4sale porno look into my eyes, and nod encouragement as I pistoned into her sopping pussy. I held her legs up to give her more comfort, and pushed them apart to get to her innermost depths. Her pussy contracted around me as she was rocked by orgasm, forcing even more of her sweet girl juice out of her. We were both so wet that we dripped our combined fluids onto the floor below us.

“J, I want you to cum on me tonight. Will you cum on me tonight? Please cum on me. Cum all over me.”

Hearing my sister beg for my cum was bringing me to the edge. I fucked her a bit faster now, unable and unwilling to leave her hanging. She came again as I sped my motions.

“Baby, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum on me!” She begged again. I pulled out, and she hopped off the counter, and immediately went to her knees.

“It’s going to be a lot, love,” I warned

She grabbed my cock, and started stroking me. I watched as she gave me an amazing handjob to finish me off, and noticed her breasts jiggling with every move. Her free hand went to her pussy, where she scooped up some of her delicious juices. She smeared it on my cock, using both hands to stroke me now. She briefly took me into her mouth to taste our combined fluids.

“Here it comes,” I grunted, and then erupted. Thick streaks of cum left my penis, and my sister aimed me in different places on her body to get as much coverage as she could. I came on her face and in her hair. I blasted cum on her breasts, coating them so semen dripped from her nipples. I came on her pussy. When my forceful blasts started to diminish, Sarah took me into her mouth, and sucked the rest from me. She continued to suck, and never released me until I started to shrink in her mouth. She looked so fucking hot, literally covered in my cum, with my dick in her mouth. It was almost enough to keep me hard, but I was still exhausted from the day.

I helped Sarah to her feet as she licked the last droplets of cum from her fingers. It seemed to be a pleasant dessert for her. I put my arm around her waist, and guided her to our bedroom so we could start packing for our trip. I pulled out two suitcases, but Sarah stopped me.

“Unless you’re taking a lot, I don’t think we’ll need two. I’m taking the minimum, and my toiletries,” she told me. She stood there smiling, still covered in my cum.

I asked, “what do you mean by minimum?”

“I mean, I know we’ll be going out, so I’m just rolling some sun dresses for that, and maybe a couple of pairs of shoes.”

“No bras? No panties?”

She laughed at that. “No, silly! Most of the time, I intend to be naked, and when I can’t do that, I want to be dressed as little as possible.”

My sister had clearly taken to her new lifestyle in my home. In the short time she has been here, I haven’t seen her dressed even once. Granted, it has only been a very short time, but she is thoroughly enjoying her ability to be naked when she wants to be.

“Ok, my love,” I started. “As my princess wishes. Please just be careful to not get us arrested,” I joked.

I watched her gorgeous, naked, cum coated body head to the closet to select her dresses. Meanwhile, I started gathering my own clothes, but found it difficult to keep my eyes off of my sister. She didn’t have a care in the world, prancing around as she was. She rolled a few dresses tightly, and used less than half of the available suitcase space. I was going to be able to easily put my things in, along with our toiletry bag. We checked and double checked to make sure we had all we needed, and I zipped up. I put the suitcase by the bedroom door, just in case we thought of anything last minute. As it was getting late, I suggested that we shower, and get ready for bed.

“I’m so excited to go tomorrow, I doubt if I’ll sleep,” Sarah said.

“Well you can always sleep on the plane,” I told her.

“Doubtful…” she trailed off, as we went to the shower. I watched her again as she reached in to turn on the water, and let it warm up. I truly adore watching her naked form bending in different ways, and showing me different viewers of her amazing body. My heart warmed with love, as I again came to the realization that I was in love with my sister, the most beautiful woman in the world. As I was standing in awe, and lost in my thoughts, Sarah had entered the shower.

“Hey, daydreamer. Care to join me?” Sarah asked, as she ran her hands over her breasts under the water. I snapped out of my trance, and stepped in to join her, immediately taking her in my arms, and pulling her close. Her arms came up around my neck, and we kissed under the cascading warm water. I ran my hands down her back, and to her perfect ass. I spread her cheeks, and pulled her tighter to me, my rising cock pressing against her pussy. I felt the heat from her most precious region radiating onto my pole, and it made me full hard almost instantly. Sarah’s hard nipples ground into my chest, and she twisted her upper body back and forth, rubbing her tits against me, effectively scrubbing away the cum I had sprayed on her earlier. My cock nestled comfortably between her pussy lips, and I felt her start to hump against me. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, and we found ourselves lost in erotic bliss as we loved each other.

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