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Ever since I was old enough to know about sex I had a bit of a thing for big breasts, a nice handful and plenty to play with.

I was about 18 when I first started noticing my older sisters breasts, she was 30 at the time and lived with her husband and we saw her very occasionally.

When I was on holiday with parents my sister and her husband joined us for a few days and it was here that I first noticed just how big my sisters breasts were. One morning we all went down to the beach and my sister wore a bikini top with shorts, her breasts looked amazing, nice natural breasts (I found out later they were 34gg) I took a pair of sunglasses with me and spent most of the day trying to catch a glimpse at her breasts as well as hiding the bulge in my shorts, I don’t think anyone noticed but the image of my sisters breasts bursting out of her bikini top will stay with me forever.

Fast forward a few years I’m now 25 and my sister is 40 and though her breasts have sagged a little as she has got older they are still very large and I had the delight to see them finally up close….

One evening after work my partner was working away for tricky masseur porno a few days so I called my sister and her husband to see if they fancied coming over for a takeaway, my sister told me her husband was out with some friends but she would come over as we hadn’t seen each other for some time. When she arrived I greeted her and felt her breasts against my chest which made my cock stiff, I tried to hide this as best as I could and invited her in.

She was wearing a white blouse and black trousers her usual work attire, the blouse was straining to hold her breasts in.We made some small talk and order the takeaway and I opened a bottle of wine and poured some for us. We got chatting about various things, what we had been up to, work, the usual and as the drink flowed the more I couldn’t help trying to get a glimpse of her bra under her blouse, I’m sure she noticed this as she kept looking directly at me, this was hard work.

The takeaway arrived and we ate and talked some more and at some point the subject of sex came up. After being married for 15 years she told me sex was very rare for her türbanlı porno and her husband and she missed it, she had a very high sex drive, this made me a little uncomfortable but the drink was flowing so we didn’t stop. After being with my partner for a number of years we had also got in to the same motions and out sex life had become once a month so this didn’t help. After a little while my sister clocked me looking at her breasts again and this time told me its ok to look at her breasts, most blokes did,

I was a little fidgety being caught like that and tried to change the subject but at this point she then told me she knew I had a thing for big breasts and had found the pictures hidden under my bed all those years ago and she had seen the pics of her I’d taken copies of from the photo albums, I turned Bright but she told me she didn’t mind, she enjoyed knowing that she still make guys horny all the years on. As every thing was out in the open I decided there was no point lying anymore so I told her that I had a thing for her and her breasts and that I would love to see them, as we had both had a lot to drink she türk porno said that was fine but that was as far as it went, after all she was married.

She unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a lacy red bra struggling to contain her breasts, I could see the very top of her nipples just inside her bra. She unclipped her bra and her breasts fell free, I was in heaven, I’d dreamed of this for years and here they were. She then grabbed hold of my hand and pulled it towards her breast, the warmth of her skin felt great against my hand. We both sat ther like this for a minute or so, I didn’t want it to end. Suddenly I came back to reality, she was my sister after all we shouldn’t be doing this, I pulled my hand away and went to stand up, she stood up next to me with her breasts exposed and gently kissed my lips, I tried to pull away but this was all I’d dreamed of and before I knew it I was kissing her back.

I could feel my cock straining against my trousers as we kissed and I moved my hand back up to her breast, she then broke this kiss and whispered to me “this is wrong but I can’t stop this” I agreed with her and before we knew she had taken my hand and lead me up the stairs in to the bedroom, She then laid me on the bed and began fumbling at my belt to remove my trousers. As she removed my trousers my cock sprang free from boxers and she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it. My dream was about to become reality….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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