Sister and Bhabhi at a Time Ch. 04

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Giridhari tells his version of the story ….


My cousin Basant and my dear wife Manjula have told the story of our marital discord and its resolution. However, there are some gaps in the story which I can fill up and complete the picture. I hope you will enjoy it.

Let me begin at the beginning.

I was the only child of my parents. Both of them died in a freak accident when I was ten years old. My uncle, the younger brother of my father took me under his wings. We had lots of land for farming which my uncle managed for me till I was 18, His wife, my aunt did not allow me to feel the absence of my real mother.

After puberty I grew fast, physically as well as mentally. I did not care about unasked for advice, opinions and such. I wanted to try out myself before accepting anything new. Hence I was considered headstrong and stubborn. The only person who could understand me was my cousin Basant. He was two years younger than me but as we grew we became more than close friends.

Six months before my 18h birthday I requested my uncle to hand over my land and business affairs to me. I took over and started life of my own. However I continued living with my uncle’s family for a couple of years and then moved to a separate home. The new home required a housewife and hence I married Manjula, my present wife.

There was a period of six months between our betrothal and actual marriage. Once during that time I was invited to spend a week with the family of my future in laws. The occasion was a marriage of one of the several cousins of Manjula.

My father in law had a huge four-storied building to live in. On the second day of my visit while I was resting after lunch on the fourth floor a lady came in to see me. She was Indumati, a well preserved woman of 35, wife of Manjula’s elder brother, her Bhabhi. Manjula was her nanad and I her younger Nanadoi.

The relationship between Bhabhi and Nanadoi is peculiar. Most of the time there is joking, leg pulling and verbal exchange, all within the limits of decency. At times there is verbal flirting using words with double meanings and sexual innuendos. In some cases there is clandestine sex, which, usually the other members of the family are aware of but turn a blind eye to them. Society also looks upon them with an indulgent eye.

After usual greetings she asked me, “Do you know me?”

I did not, and said so.

She smiled a sweet smile and said, “I am the wife of your elder brother-in-law, Amaratlal. Indu Bhabhi. Mata Ji has told me to look after your comfort. So, here I am. Let me know if you need anything. Please don’t feel restricted.”

I said, “Good, Thanks.” Deep silence followed.

Meanwhile, I noticed that she had a nice pair of breasts. Even though they were fully covered with the pallu of her sari they had provocative juggle. May be she was not wearing a bra. I was starting on the track of libidinous thoughts when, with a sweet smile on her lips and glitter in her eyes, she spoke in a hushed voice, “Nanadoi Ji, meri chhoti nanad se milava dun to kya do ge? (Husband of my sister-in-law, what would you give me if I arrange your meeting with my sister-in-law?)”

I surprised her by saying, “Nothing. You won’t get anything from me.”

She was an old veteran. She asked, “Why? You don’t want to see your fiancé, my Nanad? And do some chuma chati? May be she may allow you to feel her … you know what. What do you say?”

My lund had started wriggling at the mere thought of putting my hands on Manjula. But I lied when I said, “No, I say no.”

She was smart enough to notice movements inside my pajamas. She taunted me, “Why do you not want to see her? Your aujar (instrument) is not working properly? I can remedy that too if it is so.”

She was challenging my potency. With mock anger I held out my lund covered by pajama and asked, “You want me to pull this out and show that it works fine?”

She was flabbergasted. She had not expected this kind of blatant response from me. She blabbered something like, “Oh, no, no. Pardon me. I was just joking. I did not know that you will take this seriously. I am sorry and beg your pardon. Now, it is time for me to go; call me if you need anything.”

She got up to leave, but I was quick to reach the door first. I closed the door barred it and said, “Listen to what I have to say before you go. I am going to make a show of getting angry demanding my immediate return home. When they will ask me the reason I will tell them that you came in here and molested me by grabbing my lund. How about that?”

“You dare not do so.”

“Want to try? Then, my family will hear about this; my uncle, who is very orthodox, will definitely break the engagement creating a great scandal. And guess who will be in the center?”

I was not going to do anything of the kind. But speaking with a long face, which I had hard time maintaining, I was able to put a scare in her. She was confused somewhat when she said, “Enough, enough. Please stop it. Let me go.”

“Not so easily, Bhabhi.” I tecavüz porno started smiling. Seeing me smile she relaxed.

“You are naughty. And mean too. For a moment I was scared that you were serious. What do you want, now?”

“How about a quick fuck?”

She was so shocked that she could not speak for some time. Then with a glint in the eye and sly smile on her lips she whispered, “Are you serious, this time?”

“Yes, I am” I said and started opening the fly of the pajamas.

She hurriedly said, “Not now, not now. We will do it later on. It is getting late, let me go, please.”

“Promise, you will bring Manjula to me.”

“You promise that you will not touch her between her thighs.”

“What if she puts a dent in my innocence?”

“You and innocence? You have no innocence left to dent. Look at you, what are you doing in presence of a married lady, so shamelessly?”

Indeed, My hand was busy playing with my erect lund, which by then had secreted enough love juice to make a big patch of wetness on the crotch of my pajamas.

I said, “You are as merciless as I am shameless. You are doing nothing to give relief to this (holding out my cock) poor starving guy.”

She blushed red in her face and said. “Please do not talk like that. I get ticklish all over.”

“O.K., I think I will have to tell Manjula to do something, When can you bring her to me at the earliest?”

“We do like this. Today after lunch you will complain of headache. I will suggest you take rest. We will give you a bed on the fourth floor and I will bring my Nanad there. Remember, you will not go to the last step, please.”

“What would I do if I get too excited?”

“We shall worry about that later on.”

I was too excited there and then. After Indu Bhabhi left I relieved myself into my handkerchief. But the relief did not last longer than fifteen minutes, my lund hardened to full degree again. I could do nothing but wait.

We played our game of headaches successfully. Indu Bhabhi personally saw that I was comfortable in that cubicle upstairs.

The fourth floor of the building consisted only of two small rooms and terraces front and back. The bigger room was where the stairs opened, the smaller one was cozy with a small bed and other brick backs. No toilet of any kind. There were plenty of windows allowing in light and air. That is where I was led to and that is where I had first taste of my sweet fiancé.

Manjula had no difficulty climbing up the stairs but her feet felt heavy while entering the cubicle; in fact, Indu Bhabhi had to drag her in by the wrist. She even made a feeble attempt to run back but Bhabhi held her fast. Manjula was feeling very shy.

“I will be down stairs seeing that nobody comes up here. So don’t worry, enjoy yourselves,” Bhabhi said and went away.

Bhabhi left keeping the door open so that we might hear anybody coming up. Manjula stood near the door as if ready to bolt any minute.

At eighteen Manjula had not completely come out of her childhood. Her limbs were yet to fill up, her face yet to shed baby fat, her boobs yet to grow to appreciable size. The only sign of maturity was evident in her buttocks, which were rounded and wide with enticing juggle while walking.

She was looking so innocent and vulnerable, what with her flushed face and down cast eyes that I could not hold myself. In two strides I pounced upon her, caught her face in my hands and kissed her cheeks one after other. She was scared by my “attack” but calmed down when I gently led her to the bed and sat down with her in my lap.

French kiss was not known to me then and hence I continued pecking her cheeks that were flushed deep rosy due to shyness. I wanted to feel for her breasts but she had them covered by her crossed arms across the chest.

In between I asked, “Do you like me?”

She nodded her head in affirmative. I said, “Prove it by kissing me.”

She blushed to a higher shade of pink. I turned my face presenting my cheek to her. When she neared however, I turned to look at her and her lips landed on my mouth. She immediately jerked back and wiped her mouth.

The contact however brief had sent a wave of thrill surging through my body and ultimately settling in my lund. I said, “Whew, that was sweet, wasn’t it?”

She also must have felt something of the kind because as a reply she presented her mouth for repeat performance. The second kiss lasted much longer, lips cushioning against lips. During the kiss I could pry her arms away from her chest.

When we came up for air I asked, “You know what husband and wife do in their bed, don’t you?”

“Indu Bhabhi has told me certain things.”

“Like what?”

“I feel shy of telling you. May be later on?”

I put my hand under one of her breasts to lift it up and asked, “What about these beauties of yours? Did she say anything about them?”

“She told me to allow you to touch them through clothes.”

I closed my hand over the heavy firm breast and gave it a gentle teen porno squeeze and asked. “Like this? You like it?”

“I feel funny in my stomach.”

“It is supposed to do so. Want to see what it does it to me? Give me your hand.”

I did not wait for her reply but pt her hand on my cock, which by then had become rock hard. I said, “Feel it and see how hard it is. You know what it is called and what it does?”

Gingerly she held my cock but did not speak. The cock gave a mighty jerk and alarmed she dropped it saying, “Haay haay, it jumps.”

I said, “It gives me great pleasure when you hold it and it jerks. Wait.”

I untied my pajamas, pulled down the knickers and brought my cock out. She stared at it in fascination mixed with some fear. She innocently asked, “This whole goes inside … in the…?”

“Yes, the whole of it goes into the hole between your thighs, into your chut.”

“Bhabhi says that it will hurt but only during the first time.”

“She is right. Then after it will give a lot of pleasure to both of us.”

She inspected the cock, turning it this way and that and with a smile said, “It has an innocent look.”

“Why don’t you kiss it?” I put my hand on her head to lower it to my cock when I heard the voice of Manjula’s mom coming from down stairs.

Hurriedly I righted my clothes and lied down in the bed. Manjula threw a folded bed sheet over my mid section to conceal the tent created by my up right cock. She had just sat at the head end of the bed when her mom rushed in breathless from climbing the stairs and closely followed by worried looking Indu Bhabhi.

Finding us in decent condition she breathed easy and said, “Oh, here you are, Manju. I have been searching for you; be quick, we are getting late to go to the temple.”

Indu Bhabhi said, “Lal have some headache and Manjula was giving him some massage. She has been here for less than five minutes.”

There was a visible look of relief on face of the mother. Five minute is too short a period for initiating a virgin; I could not have possibly done it. She asked me, “How are you feeling now?”

I groaned and said, “A little better; the massage does help. I feel sleepy.”

I turned to my side pretending going to sleep even as Mom was saying, “In that case, would you like Indu to give you massage?”

I mumbled something akin to yes, as if in deep sleep. Through half open eyes I saw Mom and Manjula departing. Then I closed my eyes.

I could feel Indu sitting on the bed near my head. As soon as she touched my head I grabbed her wrists and yanked downwards. She was not prepared for this ‘attack’ she tumbled and fell on me. Hurriedly she sat up saying, “Shaitaan” But by that time I had already captured one of her breasts. I opened the eyes and was pleasantly surprised to see her face descending on to mine till or lips met.

The kiss on Indu’s lips was entirely different from that on Manjula’s lips, though equally sweet. For one thing Indu’s lips were more fleshy and firm. Also, she knew how to use them. At first she rubbed her closed lips on mine. Then she nibbled and licked my lips running her tongue along their whole length. I did not know French kiss at the time and hence when I did not open my mouth she broke the kiss and whispered, “Lal, open your mouth.”

I did and felt her tongue enter my mouth. It felt so disgusting that I pushed her away. She had expected this response from me. Patiently she said, “Put your tongue in my mouth as you would insert your lund in my chut,”

Hearing the dirty words from a woman in itself was enough to make my lund start dancing. In addition Indu had already grasped it in her fist and was giving it gentle squeeze. In a matter of seconds the lund became rock hard and wet with its own love juice.

Following her instructions I gingerly entered her mouth. It was so sweet and erotic that my cock had a series of jerks in rapid succession bringing me to the brink of an orgasm. She recognized the signs. Breaking the kiss she sat up, rapidly untied my pajamas and took out my cock. She fumbled in her clothes and brought out a condom. She pulled up the foreskin, put the condom on the tip and rolled it up on the shaft. She once again grabbed the lund in her fist and leaned on me to resume the French kiss.

This time she did not wait; she pushed her tongue in my mouth as deep as she could and at the same time stroked my lund rapidly. Before I could say Ahh, I had a mind shattering orgasm. She continued pumping and squeezing the cock till the last tremors of the orgasm subsided.

She sat up again and removed the condom saying, “This way it is less messy. Look at the quantity you have unloaded. Imagine it spilling all over,”

I said, “That kiss tripped me over. But now you will have to wait before my cock gets ready.”

But I was wrong. That fateful day was the day of many ‘firsts’ for me. My first French kiss, first holding of naked boobs, first encasing into a condom, first taste of chut and first experience of magical fingers on my travesti porno cock. She had a way with the cock head and the foreskin which tickled my lund to a full erection in a matter of minutes.

She said, “Lal. You really have an enviable cock. Manjula is lucky to have you as her husband but you will have to be careful during the first time,”

I did not say anything, just continued mauling her boobs like my enemies.

Lifting up her petticoat and saari she straddled my thighs. She grabbed my cock, held it up right, lifted her hips and brought her chut to the tip of my lund. Little manipulation and the head of the lund engaged itself in the mouth of her chut. Leaving the lund she leaned forwards on her extended arms and gradually lowered her haunches. My lund slithered into her warm, smooth and incredibly narrow chut, all the way upto the hilt. She stopped when she could not go any further. A series of involuntary jerks occurred in my lund making it thicker and harder. There was out pouring of lots of love juice, both by my lund as well as by her bhos.

She started fucking with steady up and down movements of her hips.

Within five or six strokes she showed signs of exhaustion. Her strokes became weak, irregular and shallow. I had to take over the show. I pulled her on my chest, wrapped my arms around her and turned, bringing her beneath me. Before she could settle her hips I started fucking her as if my life depended upon it. Within minutes she had an orgasm. She bit on a bunched part of her saari to muffle her screams. I also let go my restrain and released five to six powerful jets of semen in the depth of her chut.

I wanted to lie in the bed wallowing in the aftermath of orgasm with Indu Bhabhi in my arms but that could not be done. Hurriedly she adjusted her clothes, lovingly wiped my cock with the corner of her petticoat and left after kissing my pecker and me. I went to sleep.

I must have slept for a couple of hours, for it was evening when I opened my eyes. I heard Manjula asking me, “How is the headache?”

I sat up and tried to grab her but then saw a couple of young kids. I restrained myself and said, “Bhabhi’s massage has worked wonders. You better learn it before our marriage.”

Innocent as ever she said, “Bhabhi was telling me that I was doing massage on the wrong head, she said you will explain it.”

I would have done it there and then with great pleasure but for those kids. I said, “Remind me on our wedding night, I will explain then.”

And explain her I did. Right after the first fuck on our wedding night.

Our life together started on happy footing. In early days sex was foremost on our minds; it looked like my cock was in a perpetual state of erection. I was surprised at the capacity of my own lund. Thirty to forty minutes was maximum before it would become erect following an orgasm.

My day would start early in the morning. We would fuck before leaving the bed. After morning chores we would eat breakfast and I would depart for my fields. By mid day I would return home for lunch, which was inevitably followed by a leisurely fuck and sweet siesta. I would attend to other affairs in the evening and after late dinner go to bed fucking once again before falling asleep.

One day while I was walking to my fields one Suleiman came up in his bel- gaadi (bullock cart). He offered me a ride as he was going in the same direction. We started talking and the talks turned to subject of fucking.

He boasted, “I have a friend in Surat who claims to fuck a new girl every night. Last time we met he was telling me about an incredible blowjob he had from a girl whose pussy was equally tasting good. He said that the girl refused fucking but he was pleased to eat her pussy. He said he would not forget that pussy because there was a black mole on the left lip.”

I felt a sharp pang in my heart because I remembered having seen a mole on left lip of Manjula’s bhos. My Manjula? So innocent and simple, giving blowjob? Had she been cheating me all along by making a show of a loving wife? That explained why she did not want to give me a head. The slut wanted to cherish the memory of that other lund in her mouth. Well, why not? What would the idiot of the husband know about?

Suddenly my reverie was broken. Suleiman was saying, “…..Madanlal. His name is Madanlal. He is very influential man with a reach up to Chief Minister of the State. He knows me very well. If you need any help just let me know.”

By that time we had reached my destination. I thanked him profusely for the ride and he left.

The germ of suspicion put in by Suleiman started eating away my heart. Images of Manjula engulfing a big cock and splattering of semen on her face, in her mouth kept on dancing before my eyes. At first I was shocked, then became angry and lastly felt despondent. I lost appetite both, for food as well as for chut.

That started a period of estrangement. I did not know when and how it would end. A thought of murdering also fleeted through my mind. I was miserable and I made her miserable.

Then on a dark night I returned home tired physically and mentally and knocked on the door. My heart took a double take when the door opened and I saw Bahar standing in front of me clad in a thin night dress. Manjula was few feet away.

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