Shelly’s Secret Ch. 02

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This story contains graphic descriptions of sex between a father and his daughter. If this is not your thing, please read something more to your liking.

All persons in this story are of legal age, and the activities are consensual.

I would like to credit editor Grania2 for support and advice during the writing of this tale.


That summer watching Shelly and my dad, was one of the most defining years of my life. I came to know Shelly in an entirely different way. She and I became even closer by sharing her secret. We sort of became partners. Sharing her experiences with me seemed to be some kind of outlet for her. She didn’t have any real close girlfriends. I guess everybody needs someone that they can share even the most intimate parts of their life with. She probably also wanted someone as a witness, just in case things got out of hand with Dad.

I was always amazed at how different Shelly acted during her encounters with him. One minute she was a sweet young girl, my sister, and then with him, she was much bolder and paraded around often as his equal. There were even times when she took control of things.

These memories and events still to this day, fuel my fantasies. I constantly try to remember each detail as it happened, which is partly my reason for writing this all down.

After that first time, Shelly didn’t seem to mind letting me watch. The closet turned out not to be such a good spot to watch from though. One time, when they were really going at it, I got excited and tried to masturbate. My dad heard my noise, and started to get out of bed to investigate. Only Shelly’s quick thinking saved my ass. She was able to distract him by pretending an orgasm. She grabbed onto him, and went into some wild convulsions. I guess somewhere during this, he forgot about the noise, and stayed holding on to her.

After that close-call, Shelly insisted that I find a different way.

Our house had a ceiling type attic fan located in the hallway just outside Mom and Dad’s room. I discovered I had an even better view of the bedroom by peeking through one of the slats of the ceiling grill. Access to the attic was through a pull-ladder opening out in the garage. As long as the door to their room was left open, I had a great view of the entire bed area. Shelly always managed to leave the door open. This location worked out better anyway, because I could stretch out and not worry so much about any movement being spotted. I had slightly bent open one of the slats in the grill. With the attic being so dark, I was completely invisible.

I put down a piece of plywood to give me a comfortable spot on which to sit. Getting out of the house was much easier too, since I didn’t have to wait for Dad to leave the room.

Shelly had developed into a little bit of a show-off. She told me once that having me watching made her more comfortable. Maybe it turned her on some knowing she was putting on a show for me too. Shelly almost always secretly flashed me her trademark “thumbs up signal” right near the end. I never could get over just how naturally Shelly took to being naked, and allowing me to watch her do this stuff.

She had the demeanor of someone much older, and never seemed at all embarrassed about any of this. Dad never seemed like he really forced himself on her. She just kind of took the whole issue in stride, and was ok with it all. Later on, I could tell she began using it to her advantage. She eventually had Dad wrapped around her little finger. There were usually not too many times she didn’t get her way about things.

From the very beginning Shelly always seemed to have a strange sort of fascination with a guy’s cum. Since that first time, when I had watched them from the closet, she always seemed to revel in the load of cum.

In my adult years, I’ve been with many women who would allow an internal cumshot, but wouldn’t touch the stuff directly. If any got on their skin, they would towel it off immediately.

Shelly was different. She seemed to feel it was somehow her prize, her trophy or something. She played with it, smeared it into her skin, licked it up off things, and even took cum in her mouth right out of the cock. Most times she even swallowed it. Dad always seemed willing to oblige this.

Speaking of cum, I had never realized just how much of a load Dad was capable of. I always assumed as I grew up I’d cum that much too. I wasn’t even close. Dad’s volume of cum was the subject of many conversations later in life. Shelly always claimed that if he went “without” for more than four or five days, his load would completely fill her.

I remember this one time in particular, he had led Shelly into his bedroom. He had her face down on the bed, and was having a go at her from behind. Dad had placed a pillow under her hips. This pushed her butt upward. He had gotten astride her and spread her ass cheeks. Now with a perfect angle, he was able to slide his cock right into her waiting cunt.

He must have been especially randy that day, because he got cumlouder porno to slamming his hips against her like a wild man. He was so forceful, that Shelly had to grab a hold onto the bed sheets to keep from being pushed across the bed.

Dad had been going at her for several minutes, when Shelly suddenly starts wiggling, and trying to push him off. He must have been real close to a cum. She was trying to get him to pull out.

Finally he gave in, and climbed off. He squatted alongside her on his knees.

I found this all out later, she wanted me to see the amount of cum he was filling her with.

Anyway, he began fisting himself rapidly. He sort of hunched over her, and was using her butt as a target. Suddenly he groaned, stiffened up, and let fly a spurt of cum.

He convulsed least eight or nine more times. Each lunge sent a rope of jism across her ass. Shelly just lay there smiling as Dad twisted and flailed about. His fist was now just a blur. He continued hand-jacking until his balls were completely drained.

He leaned over her and started slapping his cock against one cheek of her ass. Droplets of cum were being slung all about.

The cumload had completely covered my sister’s butt. Some had even gotten up to her lower back. Shelly just laid there face down waiting patiently until he was all done.

When it was clear he had finally finished, Shelly reached back placing both hands on her backside. She began smearing the goo around. There was enough to coat every inch of her butt. Her ass cheeks were a rosy pink color by now, and the cum glazing seemed to highlight everything. At some point her fingers were so coated that cum seemed to ooze up between them. She even patted her butt a couple times squishing jizz


I had approached Shelly a few times about letting me have a turn with her too. But, she had some weird idea that this wouldn’t be good for me. She said she felt I might not go out and find my own girlfriend if I always had her available. Maybe she was right, but anyway she was ok with letting me watch her and Dad. I didn’t want to ruin a good thing by nagging her about it.

I had been watching them for maybe three months or so. They usually did it at least twice a week. At least a dozen times or more I guess I had witnessed. Shelly told me once that she had also given Dad a couple blowjobs in the truck on the way home from town, and that she had let him feel her up whenever he got the urge to.

We were talking about this stuff once, and she told me of some other things. I was of course all ears, and wanted any details she would give up.

I was really shocked when she told me she was also being shared with someone else.

My dad had a work buddy named Ray. They had been friends since high school. Dad and Ray would always go deer and turkey hunting together. Ray sometimes hung around on weekends. He was divorced, and his wife had the kids. Anyway, Shelly told me that on a few occasions Dad had shared her with Ray in “a threesie,” she called it.

I was really doubtful, and thought she was just making up this part to tease me.

“No-Way,” I said. “Even Dad wouldn’t be involved in something like that.”

Shelly swore that it was true. She said that a couple times when Mom was gone for the weekend, Ray, Dad and she had “gotten it on all together.”

Mom had been occasionally spending a Saturday night with Grandma. Grandma lived about 30 miles away, and since Grandpa was gone, Mom liked to help out Grandma with her house. She’d usually just stay overnight and be back Sunday afternoon.

Shelly claimed that this was when it usually occurred. As I remembered, she could be right. I was usually over at Rick’s house on those weekends because I just wanted to stay out of Dad’s hair. This would have left the house wide open for them.

Shelly said it all started out when Ray would hang around into the evening. Once he’d brought along some porno tapes, and he and Dad would sit and watch them. Dad and Ray had been drinking heavily, and Dad got to bragging about how sexy Shelly was turning out. Ray was just as drunk, and got to rambling on about not “getting any lately.”

One thing led to another, and Shelly said, the next thing she knew, she was sitting “in” with them and watching. Soon enough, Dad had pulled out his pecker and asked her to “jack” him while he watched the tapes. Ray got in on this also, and she’d often sit between them hand-jobbing their dicks. Not very long after that she was doing blow-jobs, and now they were into the full thing.

I wasn’t really sure if I believed any of this until nearly a month later. Mom was planning another weekend at Grandma’s. Grandma had just gotten over some kind of infection, and wasn’t able to care for herself yet. Mom was going to cook and clean for her a bit.

I figured the surest way to find the truth was to play along and be “gone” also. Dad ok’ed me staying overnight at Rick’s. This would give them a free house to do whatever.

That czech amateurs porno Saturday I kept busy most of the day cutting grass and trimming the yard. Mom had left just before lunch. Around 4 or so Ray showed up with some problem with his truck engine. I had packed a bag for looks, even though I’d planned spending the night in the attic. I made sure to tell Rick to cover for me if Dad would ask or call, which he never did anyway.

I pretended to leave around 5:30, and left with my backpack. I hadn’t gotten very far when Dad and Ray roared by in Dad’s truck and honked. This meant they were going to town for parts for Ray’s truck. It was likely that they would be stopping at the tavern for a few also. I waived as they drove by. Just as soon as they were out of sight, I doubled back to the house. Shelly was still in the kitchen doing evening dishes.

“They gone?” she asked.

“Yes, it looked like they were headed to the auto parts store,” I said.

“More likely the bar and video store,” Shelly laughed.

Shelly said that Dad had been pawing all over her just before he and Ray left. He’d come up behind her and groped her ass, saying he hoped she was ready for a little “partying” later.

This was when it really started to hit me that this might just be for real. I had just been going along with Shelly up until now thinking it was just a tease.

“Swear truth,” said Shelly, raising one arm up oath style. She just stood there, dishtowel in hand, grinning at me.

Shelly had been wearing an especially short, tight pair of faded cut-offs, which she knew, Ray and Dad had been “eyeballing” all evening.

Suddenly, I felt so weak. I wasn’t sure what to make of all this. My sister taking on two grown adult men, I asked her if she was OK with all this. She reached out trying to snap the towel at my butt.

“Better get a good seat for this one,” she laughed. “I’ll be one busy girl tonight.”

I hung around until around 8:00 before heading outside. The road to our house was long, and any car coming from town had to turn off the main road almost half a mile away. I sat outside on the porch talking with Shelly until I saw the lights from Dad’s truck on the main road.

I felt somewhat scared for some reason, and I don’t know why. I leaned over and gave Shelly a shy kiss on the cheek. She smelled so good and clean.

I bolted for the garage, and made my way into the attic above. I had just reached my spot, and was settling-in, when I heard the truck doors slam out front.

I could tell Dad had been drinking by the loudness of his voice. Ray was still with him, and I heard the screen door slam as the two entered the kitchen.

The view of the living room from the ceiling fan wasn’t complete, but I could see most of the couch. Shelly had said most of the time they stayed in the living room so earlier I added another board, just in case. I heard Shelly in the living room below. I couldn’t see the TV from my spot because it was against a side wall.

Dad was popping beers, and laughing loudly about something that happened at the bar. Shelly must have been over at the TV loading a tape into the VCR. Ray walked right under me going into the bathroom to piss.

Shelly sat down next to Dad on the couch, and was fiddling with the remote control. I could hear some cheesy music start playing, and about then Ray flushed the toilet.

After Ray walked by, I could see Shelly already sitting real close to Dad. Her hands were near his lap. Ray sat down on the other side of her, and patted her leg. It wasn’t long, and I could tell Dad was getting aroused. He told to Shelly to remove her top.

She leaned forward, and snaked her tight fitting shirt right over her head. Her pure white bra stuck out against her tan skin. Ray couldn’t wait and had put his hand on her right boob squeezing at it through the bra. She fumbled in the back for the catch. Her bra slackened, and she lifted it over her shoulders. Shelly’s tits poked straight out as she shook out her hair.

“No sag here,” joked Dad, as he cupped one breast and lifted it up and down.

Shelly wasted no time digging out their “hard-ons.” Like an expert, she ringed her fingers around each one, and started a slow steady stroking. Dad leaned back, and undid his shirt and belt. Ray was quiet now, not knowing what to watch, Shelly or the TV screen.

After about five minutes or so, Dad reached over around the back of Shelly’s head possessively pulling her head to his lap. She let go of her grip on Ray’s dick, and nestled her head against Dad’s belly. She started to suck his dick into her mouth. She paused to reposition herself sideways across the couch.

Shelly’s ass was now angled up on Ray’s lap, and her head rested on Dad’s belly. She grabbed for Dad’s dick again, and took it into her mouth, stretching its length a little as she settled into a steady sucking motion. She held just the tip of his pecker in her lips and began suckling. Her hand went down and cupped czech casting porno his ball sack, and she slowly began a gentle massage.

Ray’s hands were roaming all over Shelly’s hips and ass. Finally he lifted her butt onto his lap. His dick was still sticking out of his fly and he started rubbing it back and forth against the tightly stretched material of her shorts. After a couple minutes or so of this, he tried reaching in front, trying to undo her.

Her snaps were too tight or something. Frustrated, he scooted away, and got up to get around in front. He knelt on the floor in front of her and tugged at her zipper, releasing some of the stretch of the material. Shelly rolled more onto her back to let him have his way. She started to help him remove her shorts, but Ray seemed to want to do this for himself.

Finally loose, Ray peeled the shorts to her knees, and reached back up to remove her panties. Dad was watching all this, and seemed to enjoy Ray’s lust. Finally, Ray was able to slide both shorts and underwear from her skinny legs.

Without hesitation, asking, or anything Ray just buried his face right into Shelly’s crotch, and started lapping away her pussy. Shelly had gone back to suckling at Dad’s pecker, and she unashamedly splayed open her legs, giving Ray plenty of room to continue.

Ray must have started getting to her, because she stopped sucking on Dad, and rolled flat on her back. She had her eyes closed her head rested on Dad’s thigh. She was sorta biting down on her lower lip. Dad grabbed his own dick, and kept stroking as he watched Ray.

The TV was facing away from where I was positioned, so I could not really see anything on the screen, but the flickering screen caused a strobe-like effect on the entire room.

Ray had been working on Shelly for quite some time. She kept shifting her hips to give him a different angle. Shelly once told me she had her best orgasms with Ray. Dad was usually too horny to take the time. Shelly’s hands cradled Ray’s head and she was holding him steady. At one point she began urgently thrusting her hips at him.

I remember being struck by this. I had never really seen her aggressively stimulating herself like this. I guess I was just realizing that she was actually getting pleasure out of all this too.

Finally Dad must have watched enough, and he motioned to Shelly to get up. Shelly reluctantly got up and stood in front of the couch. Dad grabbed her around the hips turning her away from him. He spread his knees, and pulled her back trying to get her to sit down on his cock. Shelly was facing down the hallway looking in my direction. I could swear she was looking up to see if she could see me.

With Dad’s hands guiding her hips, he steered her back directly onto his waiting pecker. Shelly reached between her legs, spreading herself some to get it started in. Rolling her hips a little, she slowly sank down in his lap.

Ray had gotten up, and was now taking off his clothes. He came around in front of Shelly blocking my view. I couldn’t see exactly what Shelly was doing now, but Ray’s butt cheeks started flexing as he stood there. I was kind of shocked for some reason. I knew she was giving him a suck job.

I had seen her on Dad multiple times, but I was just sort of surprised to see her taking another guy’s cock so readily. Her hands came around and grabbed onto his hips.

She was now controlling his strokes. The only parts of Shelly I could see were her knees and feet spread out on either side of Ray. They went on like this for a long time.

After a while Dad motioned for her to get up. Ray finally backed away so I could see her again. Shelly was wiping at her mouth. Her lips were all wet, and her face flushed pink. Ray’s dick was jutting out and all shiny and red. It was stiffly swinging around as he stepped back away. Dad lifted her up off him, and stood up.

I couldn’t see the TV from where I was at, but I got the impression that they were trying to imitate whatever they were seeing on the screen. Ray stood behind Shelly as Dad got up and started undressing completely. When he was naked he told Ray to lift her.

Ray pulled Shelly backwards against his chest, and reaching down, lifted her from under her butt. Ray held her about a foot off the floor. Shelly was a thin girl, probably didn’t weigh much over 90 lbs. Ray’s grip on her caused her legs to spread, which is what Dad had probably intended.

Shelly and Ray were sideways to me in front of the couch. Dad grabbed his dick, and squatted as he approached Shelly. He hunted for just a couple seconds before finding her cunt. He guided his dick in then grabbed her by the thighs himself. He gave an upward thrust, burying his pecker up inside of her.

Shelly just leaned towards him and hugged his neck. Dad then held her as Ray backed up just enough to bring his dick up to nestle in the crack of her ass.

Dad and Ray kept looking over to the TV screen, and I was now certain they were acting out what they were watching.

I didn’t think Ray was really going to try to shove it in to her or anything, in fact Shelly told me later that Dad wasn’t real keen on letting Ray pork her just yet. Maybe he was worried about Ray getting her pregnant or something. Anyway, Ray seemed more than happy, just rubbing against her butt like this.

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