Sexy Sisters Ch. 04

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After a few more minutes of giving, it was time for Caitlyn to receive. She kneeled down on all fours on the floor and Jessica lied down under her. Caitlyn rested her butt down on Jessica’s face a little but, not so that Jessica couldn’t breathe. Jessica picked up a glass dildo and plunged it into Caitlyn’s ass. It went in much easier than the other dildo fit into her own tight little hole. Jessica anal fucked her gorgeous older sister’s butt and she licked and ate out her pussy.

“Ooh…yeah…that feels so good, hun! Just there, just there, just there! Oh…fuck!” Caitlyn screamed as she exploded in Jessica’s mouth.

Caitlyn had always been one who could easily cum: it was just something about her. She always came when she was masturbated and it was pretty obvious that anyone who could cum whilst masturbating could definitely cum during sex. Milky white cum dripped out of Caitlyn’s wet pussy and into Jessica’s open mouth.

“Mmm…I love your cum, sis…mmm…it’s delicious…” Jessica moaned, licking the final drips of Caitlyn’s marvellously musky cum

Jessica got up from under Caitlyn and kneeled down on her knees. Caitlyn raised her body so she was on all fours again. Jessica put the dildo she had fucked Caitlyn in the ass with in her pussy now and kneeled down to lick her ass instead. Caitlyn moaned as she felt Jessica’s smooth and soft tongue rim around her little butt hole. Jessica fucked Caitlyn with her slim middle finger and licked her finger.

“Mmm….ooh yeah…ohh…fuck…fuck me babe…fuck me Jess…” Caitlyn moaned while she squeezed and licked her boobs.

Jessica slapped and squeezed her sister’s bum cheeks. She furiously licked Caitlyn’s ass and spat in it.

“Mmm…” Caitlyn moaned immediately

Caitlyn got up and Jessica did too. Jessica took the cum-covered dildo out of Caitlyn’s pussy and licked and sucked on it like a big juicy cock; however, she knew better: now that she had tasted her sensational reality kings porno sister she would never suck a cock! Caitlyn grabbed her sister towards her and kissed her. Caitlyn responded by kissing back and sucking on Caitlyn’s tongue as their tongues battled in each other’ mouths as they moaned and touched.

When it was night and both Jessica and Caitlyn were as tired and sleepy as they had ever been, they went off to bed. Caitlyn took her sister’s hand and led her to her own room. The lesbian sisters flopped onto Caitlyn’s bed and huddled together under the warm duvet. They wrapped their legs together and intertwined their bodies. Jessica leaned in closer to Caitlyn and kissed her. They both parted their lips carefully and very soon, their kiss became deeper and more passionate. Their tongues flicked and twirled and curled around each others’ tongues. Jessica climbed on Caitlyn and kissed her even more passionately while squeezing her butt cheeks. After a few minutes of passionate making out, the two sisters fell asleep wrapped around each other.

The next morning, Caitlyn woke up first. She looked around and noticed that Jessica was lying on her chest, snoring very gently. She looked so cute! Caitlyn thought back to yesterday and couldn’t help but let a huge grin play on her lips. She’d actually fucked Jessica: her own blood sister! But, it felt great; incest sure was sweet! Caitlyn looked down as Jessica stirred awake. She moaned quietly as she stretched.

“Caity?” Jessica asked

“Right here baby.” Caitlyn said

Jessica got up and looked Caitlyn adoringly in her eye.

“Yesterday was amazing!” Jessica said quietly, her voice as sweet as syrup and soft as cotton

“Yeah, yesterday was great; I’d never had that much fun in my life.” Caitlyn smiled

They got up out of bed and walked into the bathroom. They brushed their teeth, washed their faces, combed their hair and sexmex porno walked into Caitlyn’s closet.

“This whole week, let’s wear lingerie: it turns me on more to see you sexy round ass in thongs and the tops of your boobs in your cleavage-showing bras!” Jessica laughed

“Yeah, totally!” Caitlyn agreed

Caitlyn raked through all the things on hangers until she found something that she had to wear. It was red and black and the strings on the thongs had many layers of ruffled and so did the cup of the bra. The sexy thing about it was, the cup of the bra didn’t completely cover your tits: the ruffles just covered your nipples. On the bit that covered your pussy on the panties were black hearts. It was a very sexy ‘Heart Peek-A-Boo: Shirley of Hollywood” lingerie set. Jessica picked out a playful black, white and red panty set. The pattern was white with tiny polka-dots on it and larger black dogs on it. It was really cute and Caitlyn had almost forgotten that she had that. She thought of giving it to Jessica. On the hem of the bra had black lace ruffles and so did the strap of the panty. The outline of the panty and bra was done with a thin red piece of silk (and at each end of this, on the panty, was a small bow). Also, the strap of the bra was a thin piece of red material.

“Mind if I wear this, Cait?” Jessica asked

“‘Course not, Jess! You can wear whatever you like!” Caitlyn beamed

Courtney and Jessica were already naked so, they immediately pt on their very sexy lingerie and when they were done, they opened the small door to Caitlyn’s shoe closet. Caitlyn picked out a 5″ peep toe platform heel with a red and black leopard pattern. Jessica picked out a black strappy patent heel with small white polka-dots in the inner sole and heel strap. The heel strap had a big bow on it. They put their shoes on and walked downstairs.

They walked into the living room and Jessica remembered something.

“Let’s sindrive porno watch a movie! Let’s watch a lesbian porn movie, Cait.” She said

“Yeah, good idea.” Caitlyn said

She got up and walked up the stairs. She went into her closet and opened the second drawer and looked through all her movies. She picked up a movie titled ‘Her Beloved Sister’. It was a lesbian incest movie about two sisters who had as much sex as they could grab. Just like her and Jessica. She took it out, closed the drawer and walked downstairs again. Jessica was still sitting on the sofa, flicking through a lesbian porn magazine.

“I got one that really relates to us!” Caitlyn grinned

Jessica got up and looked at it.

“Yeah, it really does, doesn’t it?” Jessica giggled

They popped on the movie and sat down to watch. It started it off with one girl in her bedroom, reading a lesbian porn magazine. Suddenly another girl who looked a lot like her (they were probably the sisters) came into the room. The girl (who was called Kali) immediately closed the magazine and hid it under hr pillow. Well, to cut a long story short, after the other sister (Sam) had left the room and said she was going to get her hair done, Kali started masturbating but suddenly, Sam came back to “borrow” [Kali’s] sunglasses, caught her masturbating, helped out and they fucked every opportunity they could get.

The movie left Jessica and Caitlyn’s panties wet and their pussies throbbing. When the credits were done, they stirred to life and looked at each other.

“That was hot!” Jessica exclaimed

“Totally; I loved it!” Caitlyn agreed

She looked at Jessica from her flat, toned stomach up to the tops of her big tits. She was mesmerized by how shapely they looked.

‘She looks so sweet! I wish she was candy; she’d taste so sweet. I wish I could lick whipped cream off her sweet little body.’ Caitlyn thought to herself, fantasizing heavily

“That is such a great idea!” She shouted aloud

“What? What’s such a great idea?” Jessica asked, looking confused

“It’s a surprise! I’ll be back in flash: stay here a minute!” Caitlyn said, excitedly

She shot out of the sofa and ran to the kitchen.

What was next?

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