Sexy Family Robinson

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I swam onto the beach of the island, which I had spotted while I was stranded out in the ocean. I was exhausted as I thought back to how I got ashore. When sharks started to gather around me, I remembered watching a movie. It showed that, if you go underwater and punch a shark on the nose they do swim away. So I dished out plenty right hooks before eventually getting to the island. When I first punched a shark, it swam off for a least half an hour but now each time a shark approached it was getting harder to drive them away for long and they came back almost immediately. My number was nearly up.

One day earlier; Me, my name is Robby, Robby Robinson and my family had been on a private plane travelling from Tahiti to New Zealand. Then bad weather hit us. The plane did ok for quite some time and we all thought we were going to make it through the storm. But the weather got worse and first one engine then less than 10 minutes later the other engine failed and soon we were going down towards the Pacific Ocean. Panic began.

As we slowly lost height the family Robinson split up and hunted for items of use. I found an inflatable safety raft. But it only held 4 people. So my Dad, Burt decided that Mum and my three sisters should get in that. Me, my brother John and Dad would have to hold on to a safety rope which ran all the way round the inflated top side of the raft.

Within seconds we got back in our seats and belted up, then the plane hit the water. At first we bounced on and off the surface but then the nose of the plane submerged and caused the plane flipped over several times. The tail of the plane broke away, the the nose cone was smashed apart as the plane flipped repeatedly. Luckily we stopped the right way up and the wings although reduced in size held the plane on the surface for a few minutes. The pilot did not survive the forced landing. I got the inflatable safety boat out and threw it into the water. It inflated automatically. We got the girls in the family on board the raft quickly, before the plane filled up with salt water and started to sink. Quickly it went under the ocean surface and sank out of sight.

The nasty storm that downed our plane soon upped the aunty where we had crashed. Dad and John, my brother and I held onto the rope tied around the raft while the girls cuddled up inside. A thin plastic cover kept waves out of the inflatable raft and the girls dry.

After an hour, even larger waves joined the wind and rain of the storm. The waves started to plough across us. Or lifting us up to about 30 feet high and then dropping us down as the back of the wave passed by. The big drop at the back of the very high waves started to cause havoc amongst us three holding on. We were left in mid air as the wave passed us, with only the rope on the raft to hold onto.

First bit of bad news was when John lost his hand grip on the raft rope during a big drop moment and then the next wave Dad did did the same too. They were now adrift in the massive sparse and wide open Pacific Ocean. Dad caught up with John and he shouted they would stick together and be ok but the current in the water carried them away from the raft.

As the storm calmed down I thought I had survived but then one last freak wave, bigger than any in the storm, hit the life raft out of the blue. As the raft sat on the peak of the wave I was left dangling in the air. My arms were tired so I could not hold on any longer to the raft’s rope. I fell about 30 feet into the water. I struggled to get orientated to find the surface once the wave had passed by. I was spun up and down and round and round I was so disorientated. Which way was up! Eventually with snot hanging out of both my nostrils while retching after having inhaled salt water I found the surface.

The current had pulled me away from the girls just like it had done to Father and John. I could not see Dad and John, so now I was adrift on my own. I could see the raft over 100 meters away. I tried swimming after the raft but it was floating away faster than I could swim after it. I did follow it for as far as I could but eventually it went out of sight over the horizon.

My spirit wore down and down as surviving this event became less and less likely in my mind. Luckily after several hours just staying afloat, a safety life ring past me which I grabbed and it kept me just out of the water. I popped my head, arms and shoulders through the ring and then I could rest above the water surface and could breath if I blacked out. With hindsight it was the ring that made all the difference between me surviving or not. Plus it also followed the direction of the girl’s raft in the water current.

Back to the present, I crawled up the beach past the high tide line and then was so exhausted that I fell collapsed and fell asleep. I dreamed about my lovely family Robinson and how we had all been successful in online businesses and we were all wealthy. Which is why we could afford to take several months off work to do a trip around the Pacific Ocean on mofos porno a private plane.

Beth, my oldest sister had just separated from her cheating husband, June, my middle sister’s university boyfriend had decided he liked his lifelong male buddy more than just a friend. He came out the closet as gay and moved in with Malcolm leaving June alone. Tracey, my youngest sister, had finished 6th form at school. She was 18 years old. She had been on numerous dates but did not have a proper boyfriend. So apart from Mom all the girls were single but no virgins. Tracey was the most beautiful of them all.

June had the biggest chest 38DD, beautiful skin, red hair but was very argumentative. She had firm thighs and strong cellulite free buttocks, a thin waist and amazing build, she was very fit indeed. Dreaming of her always made my knob hard as rock. Despite in my head that all the women in the family are a NO NO and considered inappropriate for love love making with, I did fancy them all, and Tracey the most.

I woke up several hours later still on the beach, thirsty, hungry and bitten all over by insects. I decided to head in land and look for something to eat or drink. Soon the fact that I had lost my clothes began to have effects. While I was in the ocean my trousers became very heavy once water soaked right through them and I had to take them off, my socks and underpants were pulled off by strong crashing waves and I lost my shoes immediately by being in the water. Wind, storms, freak waves and being in the sea for 24 hours had stripped me bare.

As I walked on land, my feet hurt and cut as I stood on rocks, thorns and sharp branches. Plants with spikes stuck in my arms and legs as I pushed through the vegetation. It took me ages to travel just 100 yards. I had been pleased to be on land but now I was not sure. Then out of the blue I stumbled into an open space. It was a path.

I thought a path could be both good and bad. Good, in that I could walk much easier, bad in that what had made the path, might be a meat eating animal or pirates, savages or nasty natives.

I followed the path which eventually led to a stream. I flopped into the fresh water and drank as much as I could. I rinsed salt off my body and refreshed I looked around the island. I can see higher ground leading to a peak over to the left side. So I start to walk that way. I am thinking from the higher ground I can see where I am and what options I might have.

After several hours it went dark quickly, night set in. I had cleared the tree line and am on a open grass flat area. I collect wood and put together basic frame and palm leaves to create a shelter and an structure that gets me off the ground so I don’t get bitten while asleep. It’s warm, which I am glad about but through the night I wake up, as mosquitoes now bite me instead of ground insects. It seems a long night. All I can see is the dark blue sky against the black tree line. Finally at dawn the light helps me relax and I fall into a deep sleep.

I am woken up by a prodding under my chin. I jump as I suddenly wake up. A native has a spear with a sharp point at my neck. He speaks to me. But what he says is just sounds.

“Why Takei Aboot Heswallio?” Is what I hear.

He pulls me up and kicks the shelter I made so it collapses. He then points in a direction away from where I walked from yesterday and downwards towards the other side of the island. His spear is aimed at my back. He pokes me left or right to indicate which direction he wants me to go.

Gradually I see a hut come into view just off the coast. On the beach I see a deflated yellow life raft that looks like the one my family were in after the plane crashed. As we walk into camp I see another native walking around. The taller native who captured me calls to his fellow native.

“Aruba del sid.” or something similar he says. I look to my right and under the trees are my Mum and Sisters tied down in a line each with their limbs tied to posts in the ground. One post for each limb. Four posts per person. I am led into the hut and blindfolded. Then a blow on the back of my head knocks me unconscious.

I come around not knowing how long I was out for. My bottom is sore and I am tied face down over a table. I hear noises outside so I slowly lift my head to look out of the window. I see the two guys, one sitting on my Mum and the other on my sister Beth. They have pulled my Mum and Beth’s clothes off and throw them into the camp fire, so both women’s tits are out in the open. The natives have their cocks between their tits and up into each woman’s mouth. The women are pinned to the ground so are powerless to act. I see the brown naked bottoms of the islanders ploughing up and down. The natives thighs hold my families tits together creating a tightness for them to rub their penises on. The natives grin at each other and make high pitch wallowing noises as they shag my family members tit’s and mouths.

I spot a large brown hairy coconut on the floor by the table naughty america porno where I woke up. That must be what they hit me on the head with. I pull all my limbs repeatedly angry that I have sperm up my arsehole. My right hand breaks the aged twine I am tied up with. I then undo all twine holding my limbs, then I pick it up the big coconut and sneak out of the hut. I keep out of sight and get behind both men. I see the man on the right about to cum down my Mom’s throat so I pick the next to her on Beth on the left to hit first. I hold the nut with both hands and bring it down on his head hard. He looks up at me before falling off my sister Beth. The guy next to me turns his head but is orgasming and spasming as his body fires his sperm out of his cock. I quickly jump across before his orgasm wears off and have to swing several times to make contact with his head to knock him unconscious as he tries to avoid me.

The first native man hit on the head has his skull is pushed in so he does not wake up at all. Later on, he is buried well away from where we are based.

The other native is unconscious and he has a flint stone type of knife with a wooden handle which I take from his waist band and cut through the ropes holding my sisters on the ground. The women jump up angry and intense. They rush over to the natives and start kicking their torso’s, heads and limbs while shouting at them. I don’t react as the punishment goes on. By the time I cut through the rope tying down my Mom, the second man is also in a bad way he looks dead.

Beth comes over to me and says;

“Thank you for saving us, Robby those men were terrible. They fooled us into thinking they would look after us. But then they tied us all up then raped and tortured us.”

“You Bastards!” She shouts at the men.

“That is why June, Tracy and me gave them such a beating.”

I look at the naked bodies of my sisters on them I can see cuts, burns and fresh blood soaked tattoo ink all over their bodies. Plus their tits, which I have never seen before are all out in the open. June my middle sister has a tattoo of a dragon on her big right breast, which swings round madly as she kicks hell out of the torturer. But I look away as I am not supposed to be looking at my sister’s private parts.

Then all my family members close around me and hug me. They start crying and then say.

“Thank You for rescuing us Robby. We are so grateful.”

Beth my eldest sister is directly in front, hugging me, we are both nude, making skin contact together. Her lovely large naked baps press against my chest. Immediately I feel my knob expanding and enlarging between her legs and rising up. She seems oblivious as she is so upset about everything that has happened. We all hug, hold and squeeze each other for nearly ten minutes in a family circle. There is crying, laughing and despair emotions circulating amongst us as we consider the current situation we are in. Meanwhile my knob is pushing at Beth’s love slot between her legs. She discretely nudges my knob away to the side causing it to pop upwards towards the sky before it settles poking into her belly button. She says in my ear quietly.

“No the naughty native has been in there and he nearly burst my love slot with the size of his tool which he forced into me.” She paused. “When I recover I will thank you by giving you anything you want. You have earned it!” She kissed my cheek and then moved away while maintaining loving eye contact.

My mind was so confused. Did my sister want to have sex with me? Surely not. I looked up and she was looking down at my still erect tool.

Mom breaks away from the hugging group and she says.

“C’mon everyone we’ve got to get organised. Beth and June I want you to look for food. Tracy collect wood for a fire. I will organise beds so we are off the ground so we don’t get bitten by insects in our sleep. Robbie can you find some way of making clothes from something, It is awkward us all being naked.” She says while looking at my hard cock.

We all split up as we start our delegated tasks. I cant stop thinking about Beth’s tits pressing against me as I hunt for objects than can cover up parts. Thinking of Beth’s tits, I might as well give up searching. She is my eldest sister and has always been a grown up to me. She has always been a bit distant. And I had never seen her fantastic tits before. So when she comes back into camp carrying a dead snake, plants and roots for food I have to look at her big baps constantly.

As she bends over to put the food down she has collected, I get a perfect view of her naked bum cheeks and flange. I shudder and groan at the first ever view of her love slot at the top of her legs with flaps protruding. Then I look away as I am aware of Beth looking over her shoulder at me and grinning.

I report back to Mom that apart from large palm leaves I have not found anything to create clothes with. Mom’s breasts are bigger than Beth’s but downward pointing. I’m public agent porno looking at them until Mom says;

“That’s enough son. You saved us today so don’t spoil things by being rude.”

I reply.

“Sorry Mom but I’ve never seen my sister’s tits or you in the nude before. I can’t seem to help looking! You all look amazing!”

Mom replies “Okay, that’s what men’s instincts are. I will speak to the girls to give you a bit of time to look at us but then you need to settle down and stop. Your basic prehistoric instinct is to observe and have sex with women. But we are your family so you might observe us for a bit but sex is not on the agenda. That is against the rules of life.”

That evening we all remain nude around the camp fire. Cut up sections of snake are the first meat we have eaten for days. Its is very rubbery like squid and tastes like chicken. Its cooked over the fire. None of my sisters seem concerned about me watching their naked bodies. Mom must have spoke to them.

The mud hut the natives built and used has been converted by us and now had 4 beds made of bamboo stems tied together into beds for the night.

Over time we manage to find amounts of food and water luckily so we can survive on the island. There is not lots of food so we all slim down a bit. Making the girls and me look fitter. But there is enough to survive.

For several weeks after we landed on the island, Beth spends lots of time with me and becomes my best sister in the family. She remembers me helping and rescuing her from the native so she wants to reward me for saving her by being nice. She also keeps looking at my tool hanging down beside my leg. We are all still nude apart from Mom. A plastic bag washed up on the beach. She was able to cut it open and double its width and fastened it around her waist. It covered up her patch of pubic hair but her large boobs were still on show. They had downward facing nipples but they were still large and looked very fertile.

I could spend long periods of time sat relaxing against a tree watching 4 pairs of tits wobbling about as the women in my family did chores around out camp. My youngest sister Tracy had nipples pointing upwards and away from each other. She had small but pert and firm breasts. From side on they looked like a Badger’s nose. An inward curve down to the nipple then an outward curve going under her breast to join her body. She had the smallest tits amongst my sisters but hers were firm and taught so did not wobble around like Mom and Beth’s did when doing tasks.

One evening I was in my own space not far from the camp. I had created a little area for peace and quiet. Plus to escape from bossy women all telling me what jobs they needed doing. As the evening drew to a close and the sun disappeared, Beth came and sat beside me. Nothing was said but she did put her arm around me and lowered her head onto my shoulder.

“I really am missing my husband and baby girl.” she said. “I know I separated from the rotter but this place is driving me mad, why haven’t we been found yet!” She said as tears formed in her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

“This is getting too much, I’ve got to get out of here.” Beth is very upset and emotional. I feel pity for her.

I put my arms around her, cuddled her and whisper. “Its all ok, we will be alright. We will be found soon I guarantee it. We have just to make the best of the situation we are in.”

“I agree.” She whispers.

She looks up at me and slowly moves her mouth towards mine. I try to move away but her hands hold my head in place while she kisses me. Her tongue slides in my mouth and her hands slide down the sides of my body. Her large breasts press against me as she grasps my cock with both hands. She begins pumping it fast.

“Beth I don’t think this is a good idea!” I say. “Shut up!” Beth says as my foreskin is pulled up and down my shaft and over the rim of my helmet. “I miss my family and lovemaking. I need some loving, well even just sex and you are the only option here. So keep quiet and I will arrive here once a week to be satisfied. Got it?” I nod my head meanwhile thinking this can’t be true.

I don’t speak as she pushes me sideways off the tree so I lie down flat on my back. My rod points directly upwards to the sky. I am so confused as a gorgeous leg steps over me. Then both knees bend and I see an Beth’s amazing women’s slot drop down slowly towards my tool. Beth’s big tits come into view. Her nipples pointing both at me as the head of my cock slides into her.

“Oh I need this so bad!” Beth moans as she sits down on me. Fully enclosed inside her she starts to raise her bum and swing back and forth. Once she has set a rhythm, she leans forward and her nipples drop towards my mouth. I suck one for a few minutes then the other. My cock feels fantastic being worked quickly back and forth. I feel amazing, it is so naughty having it off with my sister. Beth who at home was so aloof and on a pedestal is now working my knob with her fanny. My cock has never been so hard. This time instead of switching tits, I decide to suck on both together and push her breasts together to get both nipples in my mouth at the same time. I squash her big baps together and I nibble them with my teeth with light bites and well as sucking them hard.

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