Sexting Pt. 09

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It has been about three weeks since the Majors agreed to get married. They went to a jewelry store and designed a ring and included stones from Betty’s ring.

Jennifer started the last semester of school and had to balance her duties at the reserve center with her classes. She had to drop the defense clinic as her duties at the reserve center took too much time. She was usually finished with classes by 15:00 and she would work at the reserve center until 19:00. Dependent calls had tapered off so she was able study most evenings. Then it was back to the dorm room until god knows when writing.

Jennifer was in her residence hall after a long day in class and at the reserve center. She remembered seeing Major last Saturday, but she did not remember what day it was today. Her cell rang and she picked it up. “Hey sexy how are you tonight?” said the Major.

“I am tired, and it is just the second week. How are you, darling?” replied Jennifer.

“I wanted to let you know that the Jewelry store called and the ring will be ready Saturday, will you be available Saturday Afternoon?” said the Major.

Well I hope to be jumping on your bones Friday night when I get away from the reserved center? So I should be available,” said Jennifer.

“Hey I love you,” said the Major.

“I love you too, but I need to get some sleep,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer terminated the call and undressed and went to bed.

The next day at noon Jennifer was in the sub shop attached to the Law school student lounge. She looked up and standing in front of her was professor Wilton Clark; ” Ms. Connolly can I sit down?”


Jennifer pulled her purse to the table and fished inside for her phone. She checked the time. She placed it back in the purse and she found her pocket audio recorder and hit the record button.

“I will come right to the point. I think that our mutual friend has been in the wilderness long enough. If you were to go to the dean and put in a good word, he would be recalled,” said Professor Clark.

“Professor Clark I did not file a grievance against your friend, and I doubt that anything I say will change the Dean’s mind.

“You know that is a shame, I hear that you are having some issues keeping up, I am sure that I could help with that,” said Clark.

“So I say nice things about your colleague you will help me get through the semester?”

“Yes, also you are a very beautiful woman I could help you,” Jennifer cut him off.

“Professor Clark, you are not the first faculty that has propositioned me, and I don’t play those games. I belong to an organization that has a PhD in sexual harassment, you’re a light weight,” said Jennifer, as she picked up her food, books and purse and walked away.

She went to her private carrel and played back the recording. It was distinct enough that it would work if she needed it. She opened the locker and pulled her uniform out. She put her computer and books in her pack and grabbed the uniform and walked back to the residence area. She got in her car and headed toward the Reserve center.

Jennifer sat down at her desk and her office phone rang, “Ok Major Connolly I know I am in the dog house but I saw you quick march to your car. What is going on?”

“Major one you are not in the dog house, two I had a shitty day at school. Another faculty member propositioned me but this time I have a recording, but I am still pissed,” said Jennifer.

“If you want you escort kartal can drop by the quarters when you get off?” said the Major.

“Thanks, have some scotch and I will,” she replied.

There was a knock on her door. Lt. Morris stuck her head in and then walked.

“Got to Go, love you,” she hung up the phone.

“Major, it is becoming an epidemic, we have another member coming home due to discipline. Capt. Walker want’s him to report everyday while the unit is activated,” reported Morris.

“What was the problem?”

“He was D Jennifer gathered her books, computer and her civilian clothes and put them in her pack and walked out to the parking lot. The car seemed to know the way to the Major’s quarters. She parked next to the Major’s car gathered her equipment and knocked on the door.

The Major opened the door and they embraced and kissed. “You have a key, Jennifer.” He took the bag from her and put it on the floor and directed her to couch. He handed her a glass of brown liquid and she took a sip. “This is good”

The Major kissed her again. Jennifer leaned over and kissed the Major. “You feel good, dear,” said the Major.

“Do you want me to tell you about my day?” asked Jennifer.

“When you are ready. I know that you are steamed I just want to calm you down,” he replied.

Jennifer started to tear up, “I just want to get through school, I don’t want all this other crap,” said Jennifer.

“Major Connolly remember,” the Major’s mouth was covered by Jennifer’s.

“I know I need to stay calm and think through my problems,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer finished the scotch and the Major got up to refill her glass. Jennifer waved him off; “I have to do some reading darling, I don’t need to get drunk tonight.”

“Good girl,” said the Major as he sat back down.

“Got a question Major do you do daily PT with the ROTC unit?”

“Every morning at 06:30, all cadets must attend at least four sessions a week. Why do you ask?”

“Would you mind if I sent a problem to your PT sessions during the week. I have a Soldier that is returning home because of discipline issues. I think that daily PT would do him a world of good and change his attitude,”

“Send him we will take care of him. Do you want to go back to your residence or stay here?” said the Major.

“I am too tired to even walk across the quad so I will retire to the spare room and maybe I will come in and work you over,” said Jennifer as she stood and grabbed her bag and walked to the second bedroom that they turned into an office.

“I’ll look forward to it,” said the Major.

She closed the door. The Major shut down the lights in the living room and went to his bedroom and undressed and went to bed.

Jennifer sat at the desk and looked over the case. She wrote a quick outline of the high points of the plaintiff’s case. She would use that to write the brief. She drafted an email to Prof Mathis, the woman that took over the clinic last summer. She asked Prof. Mathis for an appointment. She hit the send button and closed the computer. She carefully took off her uniform and laid it out on the bed. She was in panties as she walked into the Major’s bedroom and snuggled next to him. She blew in his ear. “I felt you come in” said the Major as the turned to face her.

“I always love having you near me, Major Connolly.”

Jennifer put her arms around him and they kissed. She could feel the erection growing maltepe escort between his legs but she wanted to wait. Jennifer kissed him and they hugged. “You know that we will eventually make love darling,” said the Major.

“Yes I know but I want to play a little longer, suck my tits,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer lay on her back and the Major brought one of her tits to his mouth and used his tongue to massage the nipple. Jennifer’s hand found the Major’s cock and she began to massage his shaft and balls. Jennifer began to feel moisture between her legs. She kissed the Major and mounted him. The major moved to put her on her back and he pulled her panties to her knees and freed his cock. He leaned down and kissed her. He guided his cock into her pussy penetrating fully.

“Major you forgot to eat my pussy,” said Jennifer.

“So I did, but being in your pussy is much better, darling,” said the Major.

“Will you fuck me well sir?” asked Jennifer.

“Have I ever disappointed you?” asked the Major.

“Well,” the Major covered Jennifer’s mouth.

“Not that I remember,” said Jennifer when they broke the kiss.

Jennifer’s vagina began to contract around his cock as he moved in and out. Jennifer climaxed but the Major continued to drill her pussy. The Major lunged and held her tight and exploded. “I felt that,” said Jennifer.

She turned over and fell asleep. The Major molded his body to hers and also fell asleep.

It was seven the next morning and Jennifer stretched out. The Major was missing; he was with the unit doing PT. She was late and jumped up and hit the shower. The hot water felt wonderful and it seemed to wash the cares off of her shoulders.

The Major walked in as she was getting out,” You stink and need a shave,” said Jennifer.

“Yea and I love you too,” responded the Major, as she walked out of the bathroom.

Jennifer got the set of exercise clothes that she left in the Major’s quarters and gathered her stuff and walked into the bathroom and kissed him. She walked over to her residence and got ready for her day. She put on a pair of Jeans and a Polo shirt with the Law School’s logo on the left breast.

She sat down at her desk and opened her computer. She looked over her email inbox and was happy to see a message from Prof. Mathis. “Ms. Connolly I am off campus until next Monday but I can see you then.”

Jennifer replied asking for a 10:00 appointment. She closed her computer and stowed in in her pack. She laid out her uniform on the bed so she could grab it before heading to the Reserve Center. After hitting the dinning hall for breakfast she headed to the Law building and was sitting in her first class by 10:00. Her next class was at 13:00 and the last was an hour and a half later. She left the Law building at a little before 16:00. She hit her dorm room and quickly donned her uniform and headed to her car. The Major came out of his quarters and the two lovers embraced. She arrived at the Center and was at her desk just before 17:00.

The Reserve center was quiet and she was able to read some of her assignments. One of the lieutenants offered to pick up take-out so she had dinner. On this day there were no discipline issues in Germany. There were a few dependent issues that were handled by other staff members. The soldier that was drunk and disorderly was due back tomorrow and would be picked up by one of the Sergeants and brought back to the center.

Jennifer pendik escort bayan left at 20:00 and decided that she needed another scotch with the Major. She called him and put in her order. He had the door open when she arrived. They snuggled on the couch. After one scotch she got up and walked into the office and closed the door and worked on her brief. The Major popped in and left another glass of scotch. They kissed and the Major started to get handzes, which Jennifer put, a stop to. The major retreated and Jennifer got back to her assignment.

It was 23:00 when Jennifer looked up from her work and again carefully left her uniform on the bed and walked in to the bedroom dressed only in panties. The Major was reading and looked up when she entered.

“I knew I was missing something,” said the Major.

Jennifer bent down and kissed him and slipped next to him in bed.

“Major, I want to be catered to please kiss me?” asked Jennifer.

The Major kissed his lover and threw the covers off and moved down to her pussy he pulled her panties off exposing her blonde pussy hair. His tongue started to explore her vagina.

“Yes that feels very good,” said Jennifer.

The Major continued to lick the outer labia and inserting his tongue in and out of her love tunnel. He then moved up and kissed her again. On the way down he kissed both of her tits and moved back to her pussy. Jennifer flooded the Major with her love juice.

“Let me see that lovely cock Mr. Johnson,” said Jennifer.

The Major rolled over exposing his cock and Jennifer moved to bring it to her mouth. She used her hands on the shaft exposing the large crown. She brought her mouth and kissed the crown. One hand was on his cock the other massaged his balls sack. She suddenly took his entire length in her mouth, her tongue bathing it. The Major visibly moved, caught his breath when she sucked on his member.

Jennifer quickly guided his cock in her pussy and slowly allowed the shaft in her cunt. When it was fully lodged in pussy she kissed him.

“Now darling I need a real fuck like only you can do,” said Jennifer with a little laugh.

The Major was able to put Jennifer on her back giving him the leverage to fuck her as hard or as easy as she wanted. He loved the feeling of being inside of her. He delayed starting while he kissed her. Suddenly he started to move in and out bringing his cock almost out before plunging back in her pussy.

“I don’t even need to tell you what to do you just know, darling,” said Jennifer.

The Major cut her off with a kiss. “Less talk more love,” said the Major.

Major Johnson concentrated his actions on stimulating Jennifer to climax. Seeing Jennifer hit the highest level of stimulation rewarded him. Her vagina contracted around his cock and he exploded. They both started laughing and kissing. They relaxed and kissed. The Major killed the one light on in the room and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was Monday and Jennifer headed toward Prof. Mathis’s office for her meeting. She explained the encounter with Prof. Clark. She also told her that she had a recording of the meeting.

“Should I file a grievance because of perceived retaliation?” asked Jennifer.

“I would not, the Dean was brought in to change the atmosphere of the school Clark and the other members of his group are being encourages to either change or retire. If things don’t change then file but be prepared for the blow back you will not be alone but you will feel like it.”

“I have too much stuff going on for that, so I will see if there is any further issues, and then I will decide. I just needed to tell someone. I hope that you didn’t mind,” said Jennifer.

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