Seducing Teacher

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“I think you should go Shannon.”

I blushed, pulled my arms away from his neck, the tingle of my lips against his still there.

I was so stupid to think he was interested in me that way. He was my teacher. Or at least he was last year. Right now it was the summer break, and I had bumped into him two weeks ago while rollerblading at the park. I didn’t even recognize him in his tight spandex, helmet and rollerblades. We nearly collided and then laughed as we recognized each other. We spent awhile skating together and then I asked if he could give me some summer help in algebra. And after two weeks, three times a week, I couldn’t help myself when I was about to leave, and I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him.

“I think you should go before…”

I was turning away, shamefully when I noticed the unfinished sentence. I stopped. Turned around. I put one hand along the side of his handsome face, the other on the front of his t-shirt. I whispered “I don’t want to go.”

We stared at each other, eyes flicking back and forth. My hand slid slowly down his chest, across his belly, over the belt buckle and lay against the front of his jeans. I pressed gently.

“Oh God Shannon, don’t touch …”

Another escort bostancı unfinished sentence, I pressed harder, fingers curling. I met resistance.

“Shannon, please…”

“Say, please stay.” I whispered.


“Say, please stay.”

His response this time was to pick me up in his arms, his lips responding to my kisses, and he carried me down the hallway to his bedroom. It wasn’t very neat compared to the rest of his small apartment but it wasn’t dirty. He lay down on his bed, slid on top of me, one of his legs sliding between mine. We pawed and grappled at our clothes like teenagers. Well, one of us was.

He gasped when I was able to slide a hand down the loosened waistband of his jeans, grasping the hard cock in there. “Oh poor baby, you must be really uncomfortable?” I moved out from under him, and together we had him undressed in no time. He sat on the edge of the bed as I stepped back, pulled my own t-shirt off and then unhooked the bra, shrugging it off my shoulders. I undid my shorts and hooking my thumbs into my panties waistband, lowered both at the same time.

He pulled me to him, his tongue flicking over delicate pink nipples, his fingers brushing my back and ümraniye escort ass. I ran my fingers through his hair. He shuffled back on the bed, leading me, laying me down and then he was on top of me again, this time his cock freely lay against my belly. We kissed; hot and wet. He lowered himself down along my belly, kissing and nibbling till he was between my legs. And it was there that he performed his magic, the likes no boy had ever achieved.

I came quietly, my hips thrusting up off the sheet, meeting his tongue and fingers. He crawled back up, lay beside me, wiping his chin with the back of his hand. I licked his face, ran my fingers along his chest, through the small curls there, down across his belly, making him jump, and then wrapping a hand around his shaft, squeezing and teasing.

“Shannon, honey, will you…” he asked, “you know, will you…?”

I smiled and pushed his shoulders flat on the bed. It was my turn to nibble and scratch my way down his body till I had his cock happily in my mouth. I varied my speed and touch. I licked him and sucked him till I tasted his precum on my tongue.

He pulled me up, rolled us over. He slid off the bed for a second, opened a dresser door, tore a square kartal escort bayan package open with his teeth and unrolled a condom onto his hard cock. I was a little disappointed but he’s the teacher. He came back to me, kneeling beside me, licking my right nipple as he opened my cunt lips with his fingers. He crawled between my legs then, guiding his cock into my tight hole while holding himself up with the other. I gasped as he entered me, spreading me apart.

“Are you alright?” he asked, stopping his motion.

I nodded yes and encouraged him by reaching for his ass cheeks and pulling him into me. He made love to me then, sometimes laying against me our fingers intertwined, other times raised above me, grinding himself into me until he said

“Oh God, Shannon, I’m going to cum. I’m cumming.”

“Come on baby, cum to me, fuck me, fuck me please.” I cried.

I moved under him, rocking his cock into my hole. He held his breath as he came, I could feel his cock pumping despite the condom which helped send me over the edge. I pulled myself up to him, biting his shoulder as my orgasm hit me.

What a great summer! Funny, he insisted that we continue to learn algebra and that we were not to get close until the lesson was done each day. I don’t think he had a more motivated student! I promised never to reveal our secret and we knew that things may end once school started. But when we saw each other that first day when classes started, we knew we were not finished yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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