Secrets Ch. 05

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Jessica woke up around 11 and heard the TV down stairs on, so she threw on PJ pants and a shirt and headed down to see Stevie before he left for work at 12 pm.

“Hey Stevie you all ready for your double shift.”

“Morning sis and yea I’m as ready as I will be hope you will be okay by yourself today.”

“Oh I’m sure I’ll manage thinking about the pool and maybe paint something Jess told him.”

“Well you can paint that’s for sure u could probably sell your painting for great money If you wanted to you not that you would ever need to.”

“They’re not that good and even if they were I wouldn’t know who or how to sell them but thanks anyway bro.”

Steven then pulled out of their garage and left for work and instantly Jessica jumped up and Down like a fat kid in a candy store with a million dollars to spend.

She ran up to her room stripped naked in front of a mirror she set up across from the foot of her bed, so she could see what she was doing and what it would look like.

So Jessica grabbed her smallest olgun porno dildo she got the day before and started rubbing her upper clit with it slowly and softly.

“Oh my god this feels amazing”

Jess said as she discovered real pleasure she moved the dildo to her other pussies clit and wow it feels just as good now for the real test she lifted her dildo up across her pussy lips slowly and decided to slowly insert the dildo into one of her pussy and instantly moaned owwwww yeah that hurts but feels great at the same time, so she tried inserting it into her other pussy and got the same result she heard herself moan this time and all of a sudden she was looking in the mirror and saw blood thankfully her mom told her years ago that was normal her first time having sex as well as the research she did the night before.

She then decided to take a shower and wash up then she got out threw some clothes on and got ready to paint but first she texted her brother asked if they could talk when he got home and if she playboy porno was sleeping to wake her up cause it was important to her he texted back and told Jess that was no problem.

So with that out of the way she started to paint hours later she was proud of herself but sad at the same time.

Jessica painted a beautiful portrait of a plane heading towards the sun as it was setting and lit up the sky, she couldn’t of painted a better picture to show life even something that seemed at the time would be the end of her life but beautiful things could still be ahead.

Jessica then decided to watch a movie in their living room and at 11 pm she fell asleep.

One hour later Steven got home from his double shift and seen Jessica sleeping on the couch he didn’t want to wake her, but she asked him to, so he had no choice he walked over to her grabbed her shoulder gently and shook her a bit and said

“Jessica I’m home u wanted me to wake you up when I got home.”

“Mm hey bro I tried to stay up guess pornhub porno that didn’t work out to well eh.”

“You didn’t have to but what’s up”

“I want to ask you something personal if you don’t mind.”

“Yea of course Jess”

“Well I wanted to know if you ever took a woman’s virginity and how you were when you lost yours.”

(Coughs)” wow Jessica you weren’t kidding when you said personal”

*I know you don’t have to answer that I’m just curious.”

“No I don’t mind you said it was important so me personally have never taken anyone’s virginity and as for how I was and acted I don’t know what I was doing I just knew what I had to do if that makes sense a couple years after that my friend that set me up with my ex was shocked to find out I was a virgin before that.”

“Well I hadn’t expected that but thank you I hope that when and if I’m ready I’ll be able to do it like you did.”

“No problem sis I got tomorrow off pike I always do so if you want we can figure something to do together or do our own thing but I’m gonna go to bed did you need anything else?”

‘No that’s all Stevie, and we will see I might have to run to the mall but other than that and cleaning my room I’m completely free.*

“Alright night Jess love you.”

“Love you to bro.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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