Second Blossom Ch. 05

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By the time Friday rolled around, the only thought on Jake’s mind was Chelsea and having her back in his arms. Though Vanessa and a few friends, joined him for breakfast, his mind was elsewhere. Heading off to class and staring at the clock throughout the entire lecture, he didn’t stick around a second longer than necessary before grabbing his weekend bag and speeding away without ever looking back.

Friday afternoon traffic made the trip longer than expected. By the time he pulled into the garage, it was already close to six. He let himself into the house and saw lit candles glowing on the dining room table. Two dinner settings were laid out, and a handful of white and yellow flowers had been cut from the backyard and stuck into a vase to complete the mood.

Chelsea came in from the kitchen carrying a dish of salmon and asparagus. Jake stared in awe at the vision before him. She was wearing her favorite black, cocktail dress. Clinging to her body and straining to hang just below her perky bottom, it was accompanied by a pearl necklace with matching earrings. Noticing she wasn’t alone, Chelsea set down the dish and greeted her son with a smile.

“I was hoping you’d get here soon,” she said giving Jake a hug and draping her arms over his shoulders.

“Is this all for me” He asked.

His mother nodded. “You’ve been eating cafeteria food all week. The least a mom can do is see that her son gets a decent meal one day out of seven.”

“You look incredible.”

“In this old thing?” She asked taking a step back and offering a playful pose. Chelsea pulled him close letting his hands run the length of her back side. She gave him a seductive kiss on the cheek and lifted her lips to his ear. “It’s all for you,” she whispered. “You know that.”

Deciding to quickly wash up before dinner, Jake rinsed his hands and took a look at himself in the mirror. The man staring back put a bad taste in his mouth. Chelsea had put so much effort into getting herself ready for his arrival, and Jake looked like he had just come home from college to do his laundry. He quickly went to his old bedroom and found his dress shirts still hanging in the closet. Swapping outfits for one that complimented the beauty in the other room, he sat down across from his mother without a word and watched her eyes grow wide with surprise.

The affect was exactly what he’s been aiming for. Jake proved he wasn’t a college mess being cared for by an over-nurturing mother – he was a man having dinner with a beautiful woman. Chelsea was seeing him in a new light, and he wanted her to know that he could be her equal despite being her son.

“Jake…” she said still astonished at the transformation and unable to think of anything else to say.

“It’s all for you,” he told her. ‘You know that.”

Hearing him repeat her words caused Chelsea to stare at him with fascination. When had he become so wonderful? How was it possible to care for her son and admire him all at the same time? These questions made Chelsea feel vulnerable, but they also made her smile and appreciate him all the more.

Dinner female agent porno was delicious, and Jake thoroughly enjoyed a meal for the first time that week. It wasn’t hard raising the bar over the college cafeteria’s fine dining. But between the cooking and the company, Jake was on a higher plane of happiness.

It was a wonderful feeling enjoying each other’s company. They laughed and shared the latest news all the while rubbing a thigh, sharing kisses, or letting a leg rest against the other’s. Chelsea talked about her day at work with added commentary on how infuriating it was working for a man who had no idea how to run the company.

“Sooner or later,” she told him. “I’ll finally reach my limit and just leave.”

Jake filled her in on his film studies and how his editing project had been praised. “Professor Joyce was so impressed, he sent the short film to a review panel to see if it’s good enough for an independent film award.”

“That’s incredible news!” Chelsea exclaimed as her eyes lit up with excitement. “I’m so proud of you, honey! This is a huge step if you’re planning a career in movies.”

“It’s just a submission,” he said keeping his hopes from rising too high. “Being chosen as the winner is as likely as winning the lottery.”

“I think your chances are a bit better,” Chelsea told him knowing her son always hid his excitement if he thought it might get out of hand. “And besides, just knowing your movie made it to an award panel is a huge accomplishment. You have real talent, Jake. Why didn’t you message and let me know what was happening sooner?”

“I wanted to tell you the news in person. That and yesterday’s conversation wasn’t something I wanted to interrupt.”

Chelsea reminisced with delight at the thought of the photos she had sent in a new piece of lingerie. Jake had requested she show it to him from all sides, and she had happily obliged. Knowing the effect it was having beneath his constricting pants, she had pulled her panties to the side and made a short video of her finger plunging in and out of her wet pussy.

“I’m glad you’re telling me now,” she told him suddenly feeling more than a little wet from the memory. “Speaking of those photos, did you like my outfit?”

Jake could feel his cock stirring just thinking about the images. He pictured the woman sitting next to him back in that irresistible black number, and his cock strained harder against his pants. “It made me want you even more if that’s possible.”

She gave him a coy smile and finished her wine. “What do you think I have on under this dress?”

Jake didn’t respond but eyed her hungrily. His mother noticed the growing bulge in his pants and felt her mouth beginning to water. It was such a pleasure knowing she was responsible for her son’s arousal. Deciding dinner was over, she took him by the hand and led him up to the master bedroom.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jake watched as his mother began moving her hips and swaying to a melody entirely in her head. Dancing while humming the tune, she worked her gizli cekim porno way out of the dress and danced for him in her black lingerie.

Watching his own private show was a new level of intimacy that Jake had never before experienced. The dance was something his mother was willing to do just for him, and he appreciated her all the more for it. They were in their own bubble. Nothing else seemed to exist but the dancer and her audience. A moment where nothing else matters, they had entered their own world.

Gliding her way up to him, Chelsea kissed her son on the mouth while her hands expertly unfastened his shirt buttons. “I don’t think you’ll be needing this anymore tonight,” she said tossing his shirt onto the floor.

She kissed him again and undid the front of his pants before grabbing the ankles and pulling them off in sync with her swaying. Chelsea dropped to her knees and rubbed her cheek against the bulge in her son’s boxers. Pulling down the waist with one hand, she took hold of his willing member with the other.

“No coming,” she said with a face that was deadly serious.

“No coming,” Jake repeated and closed his eyes as his mother took him deep into her mouth.

He listened to the sound of her choking as his shaft hit the back of her throat. She came up for air only to take him deep inside once more. Her tongue swirled around the head and sucked his precum from the tip.

Chelsea kept her eyes locked on Jake’s. It was such a turn on seducing him with her stare. Between his cock in her mouth and the look in her eyes while she sucked away on it hungrily, Jake didn’t have long before he would be filling her mouth with a fresh load. He pulled her head up just in time to let the building orgasm subside.

“You did good,” she said with obvious satisfaction that he had been able to control himself.

Jake helped his mother up and laid her on the bed. “My turn,” he told her and pulled her panties to the side exposing her womanhood.

Freshly shaved and wet with anticipation, it swayed gently with the rock of her hips taunting the man to approach. Jake took one lick and watched his mother close her eyes in euphoria. He slid off her panties and took a moment to appreciate the sight. Chelsea opened her eyes and looked back at him. She continued rocking her hips daring her son to make another attempt.

“Is this what you want, baby?” She asked taunting him further with her voice. “Do you want mommy’s wet pussy on your mouth?” Jake plunged his tongue deep inside and felt Chelsea’s body give a shudder. “That’s it, baby. Love my pussy and never stop.”

The taste was exquisite. Jake had been missing it all week and was finally getting his fix. He lapped away closing his eyes and savoring every second. His hands massaged her breasts and roamed their way down to her thighs. Her body began to tremble. With her breathing growing shallow, Chelsea pulled his mouth away and took several deep breaths to steady herself.

“I won’t be coming in your mouth tonight, honey,” she told him. “Tonight, we’ll be coming glory hole secrets porno together. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“More than anything,” Jake confessed.

Chelsea felt a wave of relief. She knew it was of course something he couldn’t resist, but hearing him say so made it that much more real. She laid her son on his back and straddled his waist. Then, grabbing his shaft and rubbing the tip against her opening, the seconds stretched on for what felt like a lifetime before she gave her son a look that said there was no going back. And just like that, her body fell burying his cock deep inside.

The couple moaned in unison. It was everything they had hoped it would be, and they were experiencing it together. Chelsea’s hips began to rise and fall, and her son thrust upwards meeting her in the middle.

“You feel amazing,” Jake told her while rocking her hips back and forth along his pelvis.

“Mommy likes the way you feel too. Keep this up and you’ll be making me come.”

“That’s what I want,” he said lifting her ass to fully expose his glistening member before slamming it down and watching the shaft disappear completely. Chelsea moaned loudly and nearly collapse from the pleasure. “I want this to be as special for you as it is to me. I want you to come as hard as you can.”

“Trust me,’ she said putting a hand on his chest and riding her son with a second wind. “This is everything I could hope for and more. Do you like my tight pussy on your swollen cock? Look how wet you’ve made me.”

She reached for his shaft and glided a finger along its length. Covered in their juices, she put it into her mouth relishing the taste of their combined pleasure.

The heat was beginning to build, and Chelsea wouldn’t last much longer. Jake was right on her heels and could feel his own orgasm fast approaching. He reached across his mother’s smooth ass. Rubbing her delicate backside, he pushed a finger inside and sent her over the edge.

“I’m coming!” She screamed. Oh my God, I’m coming all over your cock!” Jake let out a moan as an orgasm washed over him at the same time. “That’s it,” she said arching her back and forcing herself to grind through the pleasure. “Cum for mommy. Fill me up, Jake!”

Chelsea smiled with delight as she felt her son emptying his balls deep inside of her. It was warm, and she could feel his cock pulsing with each release. Struggling for breath, she collapsed on his chest feeling fully satisfied. They laid there for a time – neither one moving, neither one speaking. Words weren’t necessary. Every feeling was communicated through touch, and Jake’s hard cock stayed inside of her until it eventually relaxed.

Under Jake’s body was a mess of wet sheets. His mother had squirted while riding his cock and then let his cum drip of its own accord. She could feel her son’s cum trickling out and running down her thighs. Normally, she would’ve gone to the bathroom to clean up, but something about tonight kept her next to the man she loved. She wanted this cum to stay exactly where it was. She wanted to feel it and know that a part of him was still inside of her.

Exhausted and lost in their own happiness, Chelsea let out a sigh as her son wrapped his arms around her. He kissed the side of his mother’s head reminding her that she was the most important thing in the world. Together, they closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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