Scenario 01: Getting the Edge Off

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I sit on the couch contemplating. Contemplating the thought of your body. Contemplating my willpower. I said this weekend wasn’t going to be sexual. I just wanted to get to know you … but now? You were taking a shower, in my apartment, in my bathroom. And I couldn’t take my mind off you!

It was all I could do earlier in the evening to keep my composure during the massage you gave me. I had seen the bulge in your shorts … I had felt it brush against me. I had tried so hard to ignore it. But now I was alone on the couch and you were in my shower, and I had this lingering thought of you under the hot steamy water, your hand stroking your hard ….

Wow, I had to stop. If I was going to stick to my word. I couldn’t sit here and fantasize about you like this!! I felt the wetness forming between my legs. Maybe if I just took the edge off a bit … while you were in the shower … you’d never know, right?

I slide off my shorts and slide my hands into my panties. Just to take the edge off …. My fingers immediately find my clit and begin to rub slow circles. MMM … that feels good. Without thinking about it your name slips from my lips in a whispered moan. My eyes close as my finger moves faster, my other hand finding and pinching my hardened nipple.

“Mmmmm casino siteleri … Baby,” I whisper again, imagining you in the shower. I imagined your wet soapy body and moan your name. Not feeling satisfied by my finger alone I look at the clock. You’ve been in the bathroom for only 5 minutes or so I could get a quick round in with my toys without you ever knowing. I pull out the box from its secret place. I quickly grab the massager toy and plunge it into me … this is no time for foreplay. I grab the vibrator and set it to work against my clit I just need to take the edge off … I imagined your hand moving up and down that huge, rock hard manhood I felt against me earlier. Lost in my lustful thoughts, lost in my self pleasure I never heard a sound.

Damn me for forgetting to give you a face towel. You had come from the bathroom to ask where they were and what did you find? Me … wantonly spread out on the couch, my shorts and panties around my ankles fucking myself with the massager … moaning your name! Oh great … now I’m caught. I sit there frozen …

“Well don’t stop now,” you say with a smile. I don’t know which feeling is stronger, the embarrassment or the lust. I want to cover up and hide. I want you to come and ravage me. I’m conflicted. canlı casino

I try to speak but words won’t come and then you silently place your finger my lips to quiet me. “Its ok baby … do what you need” I’m still frozen between need and shame until you give me encouragement … by dropping your towel. Your huge dick stands at attention before me. Intimidating, awe inspiring; the full 10.5 inches you told me, if not more … but you don’t approach me. You wrap your hand around it and begin to stroke slowly.

“Go ahead Pumpkin, its ok,” you smile. I know what you want, and your desire makes it ok. I take the wooden massager handle in hand and push it back into my pussy slowly. I match your rhythm as you stroke your dick.

“Good girl!” you say … staring at the handle pumping in and out of me. You increase your speed and I follow suit until we reach a furious rhythm. Your free hand begins to pinch and rub your nipples, urging me to follow. I do and I feel a flood of warmth just looking into your eyes and seeing how turned on you are.

You step closer to me, until you’re standing over me … between my legs just watching me, you pleasing yourself and me doing the same yet somehow together. It feels so good. You are jerking fast and furious kaçak casino and I am slamming the handle into my pussy with just as much vigor. I hear your breath quicken and you call out my name. Just as suddenly your seed is splayed across my stomach and chest as you growl my name.

I feel desperate. I am right on the edge and I can’t get over. I’ve never been able to get over! Feeling your hot cum land on me is driving me into a frenzy… I can’t stop!

“Help me,” I whisper. You look at me quizzically. I realize that I’ve never told you that I haven’t been able to make myself cum. I don’t have time to explain it now. “HELP ME!” I demand in desperation. “Please baby, I need you … touch me please!”

You understand the need in my voice and hesitate no more. Before I can react you have knelt down between my legs. You snatch the toy away and without a moment’s pause I feel your fingers pump into my wet waiting pussy as you suck my clit into your mouth. It doesn’t take more than a few moments for the explosion to cum as my juices flood your face. You don’t stop … you keep sucking my clit and your tongue flicks and circles it. Your fingers pump in and out. The waves continue to wash over me and I continue to growl and scream your name until the room begins to spin.

You come up from between my legs and kiss my lips tenderly. You sit nest to me on the couch and take my trembling body into your arms. I rest on your chest whispering, “Thank you” as the sound of your heartbeat lulls me to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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