Sati Ch. 07

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Sati, now this is different (7).

I awoke at five thirty from a really deep sleep. Everything from the night before was fresh in my mind, the memory of enjoying Sati’s ass for the first time and also the pleasure she took from it as well made me feel really good. This sexual awakening of this delightful lady was more than I had ever hoped for, but I wondered what would come next.

I slipped from our bed, leaving Sati sleeping quietly and went into the bathroom, peed, brushed teeth and had a quick shower. The smell of fresh coffee drew me to the little kitchen where the automatic percolator had kicked in and a pot was just finishing. My mug filled I walked out onto the balcony in my towel and sat and looked out over the still dark village/town I had come to enjoy so much. The coffee was good, contemplating my life, where I was right now, who I was with right now, were all good thoughts.

Sometime later I heard movement, Sati came out onto the balcony, towels around her body and head and a mug of coffee in her hand.

She bent and kissed me. “Last night was fantastic,” she whispered into my mouth “but I’m a little sore back there this morning.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” I said looking deep into her eyes “the last thing I would ever want is to hurt you or cause you any kind of pain.”

“Ohhh, trust me, I know that or I would never have been here in the first place and would have missed all of the great things you are showing me.” “Listen to me, last night was great, I want it to be part of our repertoire but not for a few days, Okay?”

“I’m happy with anything you are completely comfortable with sweetheart.” I whispered to her.

“Then you had better open up,” she said as she nudged my knees apart and knelt between them. “I have a new theory that I worked out last night that needs some experimentation to prove or disprove.” She took a sip of coffee and waited for my reply.

“Okayyyy, I’m not sure what that theory is or how I can contribute, but I’m willing to help.”

“Well I figured out last night that every time I stopped relaxing my ass tightened and began to hurt, then I would focus on relaxing and it then felt sooo good.” She gazed up at me and unfolded the towel around my waist revealing my limp penis sitting atop my white Speedo shaped untanned crotch. “So right now I want to test that theory, okay?”

With that she took a deep sip of her coffee, placed her mug on the table then bent and took my limp penis into her hot mouth.

“Oh Sati, what are you doing?” I gasped.

“Is it too hot, don’t you like this? She asked with genuine concern.

“Ohhh no, it’s great but just such a new feeling.”

She took another mouthful of coffee and then a mouthful of me again.

She lifted her head and said “I can’t believe I have done something you haven’t done before. You are always the one showing me the way.”

“Trust me sweetheart, that was totally new and unexpected but so good.”

Another mouthful of coffee and sucked me in, now my penis was starting to wake up, gradually growing in her mouth. Another mouthful of coffee but this time she sucked one of my balls into her hungry mouth and rolled it around, she brought her right hand up and started stroking my almost fully erect shaft while her left disappeared under her. She released my ball and licked all the way up my shaft then rolled her tongue around the ridge around the head. Her hand slid down and she began gently squeezing and kneading my balls as she kept licking up and down my shaft and all over the head. This continued for a few minutes with her stealing glances up at me to see if I was enjoying everything; which from my quiet groans, I obviously was.

I reached down with both hands to either side of her head and on her next lick to the top of my penis I held her head still and gently pushed against her lips. She looked up at me, smiled, then opened her mouth and took the head in. Her lips closed under the ridge and she started a little suck then blow kind of motion with her mouth.

“Oh damn that is good.” I said.

She gazed up at me and even with my head in her mouth I could see her smile. Her hand was still working my balls and that felt really good as well, she continued with these actions for a few minutes. Then her mouth took in a couple of inches and her tongue fluttered around the head and the shaft, the sensations were terrific.

She lifted her head and whispered “Now to put my theory to the test, don’t move, okay?”

I just nodded. With her fingers she held my penis straight out and pointing at her face, she licked her lips and then licked the head and slipped it into her waiting mouth. She was watching me as she very slowly slipped her mouth down the shaft until at about the halfway point I saw her cheeks puff up and she closed her eyes. I reached down to pull her up but her eyes flew open and she shook her head so I just sat back and watched. She was obviously working on something in her mind bostancı escort because in a couple of minutes she started lowering her mouth even further down my shaft. Slowly, slowly, her mouth moved down, no more gagging, gradually she took the whole length inside her I could feel her throat around the head and a couple of inches of the shaft her lips were at my pubic bone and pressed tight to it. She looked up at me and then slowly lifted her head until she was clear of me.

“Whew, I guessed that if I could relax I could get past the gag reflex point and get all of you into my mouth and throat,” she whispered with a hint of pride “now I want to do it until you cum in my throat, Okay?”

“You won’t get an argument from me” I said “just don’t hurt yourself, okay?”

She went lower and started sucking on my balls as her hand worked up and down my very wet shaft. Her other hand had met its goal as she began shuddering and moaning and getting really agitated on my balls and scrotum. After her orgasm subsided she began to lick up and down my cock. Then she took the head inside her mouth and slid all the way down in one very slow motion, there were no gag points just one complete absorption of my cock. I almost died, this was the most complete experience Sati and I had shared, for me that is. She rocked her head a little, just pumping me in and out of her throat, and then she pulled back and took some air but still ran her hand up and down the fully extended shaft.

“Okay, I’m getting into this, but I do need you to cum in my throat.” She said, “If you pull out before you are completely spent I will have to kill you, got it?”

I just nodded, I’m going to argue?

Her head dipped down and took half of me into her mouth and she started pumping and sucking in earnest. I reached for her towel covered head with both hands and held her steady while I started fucking her face with real commitment. Sati knocked my hands away and lowered her head slowly to take my length into her, now both hands were working on my balls, I began fucking into her throat, only a couple of inches in and out but the sensation was fantastic. This was not going to take too much longer, she felt my tension as my balls tightened and then my penis expanded and I started to shoot my load into her throat. She stayed on me for another couple of minutes, I was completely buried in her throat and she was gazing up at me as her throat continued to make swallowing actions.

My hands pulled her head very slowly from me; I could feel every inch of her throat and mouth as I drew myself from her, awesome. When I was completely out she slid up my body and kissed me long and hard.

“That was fantastic,” she whispered into my mouth, “I love it when a good theory works out.” She giggled.

“Hell! So do I.” I jokingly added almost too weak to speak.

We stayed on the balcony for quite a while, the sun came up but we continued to hug and gently caress in the afterglow of our sexual bliss. It was as if paradise had just landed where we were, neither of us wanting to break the moment.

Eventually I said, “Do you want coffee?” “Because I could sure use some more.”

Sati kissed me and said “Darling that would be great.”

I had to ease her body off me, a really tough job, as I moved under her the towel around her body loosened and fell off exposing her glorious upper body to me. I had to force myself to move away or I would have started all over again with nothing left to contribute.

Sometime later we packed our stuff, grabbed some fruit and some naan bread at a stall downstairs and headed to the beach. We ate and then played in the water like a couple of kids and had a really good time, when we were done I went for my serious swim for just over an hour. When I returned Sati was asleep with her book on microprocessor design covering her face, I just stood there gazing down at this delectable body clad in a tiny bikini. I lay down on the beach blanket and just enjoyed watching her breath comfortably as she slept, the sun and shade lulled me and I must have fallen asleep.

I felt a hand very softly stroking my face, “Uhmmm, that feels good” I said without opening my eyes.

Sati continued stroking for a while but then suddenly her hand plopped down on my crotch. “I’m hungry and horny,” she said as she squeezed me pretty firmly, “let’s pack our stuff, go get lunch and then see what the afternoon brings, what do you say?”

“I’ll start packing,” I laughed to her.

We walked up to the little beach bar, sat outside and chatted.

“We have a special today,” our Indian friend said, “they brought in these colossal shrimp this morning, they are almost like lobsters, and I am doing them butterflied with a mild curry sauce and then cheese grilled on top.”

“Wow, that sounds awesome,” I looked over at Sati who nodded enthusiastically “we’ll take two of those and whatever you have as special beach cocktails.”

He ümraniye escort bayan smiled and left. Sati said she needed the bathroom and also left. I watched her as she walked away, even with the beach robe on her figure was a delight. I just sat there and looked out over the calm blue ocean, little waves gently breaking on the white sands under the green canopy of the palm trees, a little piece of heaven. My little piece of heaven returned and ran her hand across my shoulders as she moved to her seat. Our drinks had arrived and I hadn’t even noticed I was so wrapped up in the view.

Sati smiled at me and said, “My period seems to be almost over which is a good thing cause I am so horny I was going to get you to do my ass again this afternoon but I am a little sore back there, maybe we could try out regular?”

“Your wish is my command princess” I replied with a smile “we’ll just take it easy as we go along.”

Lunch arrived and it was unbelievably good, one whole shrimp each, a hint of korma and topped with the grilled cheese, so tasty and satisfying. We both congratulated our Indian friend and he in turn refilled our glasses.

An hour or so later we left and jumped in a taxi to head back to the apartment. We had no sooner started moving than Sati leaned into me and gave me a deep searching kiss while her hand dropped to the crotch of my shorts and started squeezing and rubbing.

“I am always extra horny after my period,” she whispered “sometimes I have to finger myself two or three times that day, but now I have you and this big thing.”

We got into the apartment and Sati made a dash for the bathroom, a couple of minutes later she jumped out looking all excited.

“I’m clear, let’s get this show on the road,” she said “how about we shower together as it is so damn hot.”

“That suits me” I replied and started to strip.

Sati threw her beach robe down and her bikini rapidly joined it, she disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the shower come on. I took off my tee shirt, shorts and Speedo trunks and just dropped them on the bedroom floor and eagerly headed into the bathroom.

“Come on, come on, stop dallying and get in here.”

I stepped into the shower which was coolish, the water is never cold in Singapore, but it was refreshing compared to air temperature and humidity. Sati was already soaked and smiling at me. Whenever she smiles at me like this I almost melt, her teeth are perfectly shaped and so white against her beautiful skin tone and her eyes also smile at me. I pulled her to me and she pressed her body against me as we began kissing. She pushed her breasts firmly against my chest and her hands came up to the back of my head to hold me there while her tongue searched in my mouth, this all felt so good. As we continued to kiss I ran my hands up and down her back occasionally pulling her hips forward so that her stomach pressed against my slowly growing cock.

“Turn around sweetheart.” I requested and she did.

I put a little of the body wash on my hands and then put them on her breasts, she turned her head and we kissed over her shoulder as I started to massage her delightfully firm globes. She moaned into my mouth and pushed her hips back to feel my almost fully awakened penis against her backside. I continued the massaging for a few minutes; Sati was getting more and more excited and was thrusting her backside at me with more force. I dropped my right hand from her breast down onto her mound and began gently squeezing. Now she started moaning and I kept up the breast massage but fingered the lips of her labia. I bent and with my hand behind her right knee I lifted her leg until she put her foot on the side of the tub, now she was open to me. Instead of just massaging her breast I began gently pinching her nipple and with my other hand fingered open her labia. I t didn’t take long before she was shuddering against me, I pinched her nipple more firmly and ran a finger up and over her clitoris, her moaning got pretty loud and I felt her starting to convulse as her orgasm overtook her. Her hand reached down and covered mine to still it while her body shook down from her high.

After a few moments she said “Now I really need you inside me, please.”

Her foot was still up on the side of the tub so I pushed her shoulders and she got the idea and bent over and put her hands on the tub as well. I placed one hand on her hip and with the other started rubbing up and down her labia with the head of my cock.

After a few strokes like this she whispered “Stop teasing and get it in me.”

I placed the head against her vulva and with one slow continuous motion I slid all the way into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oooooooooh.” Was all I heard.

Slowly I started to pull out and when about halfway pushed all the way back in again. She felt so good wrapped around me like this and she had turned her head and was gazing up at me. I continued with this slow pumping kartal escort action for a couple of minutes then she started humping back at me a little faster, I extended the distance I was pulling out of her until only the head remained in. Thrusting now harder and faster I could tell that she was getting close to cumming again and grunts and groans were matching my entry and withdrawal. As I looked down to watch the action her sphincter was winking at me in time with my pistoning, I was very tempted to start fingering it but decided not to risk it. Then I felt Sati start to shudder and her pussy clutched my penis when I was fully inside her and I could feel contractions along my complete buried length.

“Arghhhhh, so good.” She said between gasps. “Don’t move.”

I would have been hard pressed to withdraw as her pussy was holding me so tight. The pulsing contractions slowly lessened in their intensity until she reached back and pushed me away.

“My legs nearly gave way that time,” she whispered “I need a short break before you get back inside me is that okay?”

“Sure, but how about a little head to keep me interested while you recuperate?” I said “but I do want to come inside you.”

“Uhhhmmm, sounds good to me.”

She slid down and sat on the bottom of the tub, leaning forward she kissed the head of my cock then started licking it.

“Oh I do love the tongue action you give me, “I whispered “don’t get me wrong I love being in your mouth but the flicks you give me feel great.”

She continued licking moving further down the shaft and then onto my scrotum my groans told her how good this felt. Then she sucked one ball into her mouth and with her tongue rolled it around as she reached up and grasped my shaft. She took one ball after the other into her mouth but carried on rubbing up and down my shaft. Then she changed the action, her hand slid down and grasped my balls and she licked up the shaft and slowly took the head into her mouth, again her tongue licked and lapped on the head and rim. I watched in awe as she began to take my penis into her mouth, slowly she inched down until I was completely buried in her mouth and I could see where her throat had expanded as the head went into it. The sensation was fantastic and I started a little rocking motion so that I could feel the head slipping in and out of her throat and watch her throat fill and release.

This didn’t last too long before she raised her head up and took me from her mouth. Her hand took up a new position with her fingers around my balls but pushing them up the shaft and squeezing them forward. Now she bent her head again and as she took me into her mouth she extended her tongue and began flicking the underside of my shaft, she kept this up while slowly lowering her head to take more of me into her. This was fantastic I had never felt this sensation before.

“Oh, baby, that is so good.” I told her.

She looked up at me as she moved further down the shaft; her tongue was still very active and was driving me crazy. Now almost the whole of me was in her mouth and her tongue started lapping at my balls, this was fantastic, she pulled up a little then dipped her head back down so that I felt the head enter her throat and her tongue kept licking my balls. Little dipping motions continued until I was close to losing it. I pulled her head up and I reluctantly gave up her sweet mouth.

“That was unbelievable,” I said as I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, “I’ve never had that done before and it and you were incredible.” “But now I need to get inside you again and it isn’t going to take long for me to go over the top.”

“It was pretty intense for me also,” Sati sighed “shall I assume the position.” She asked with a laugh.

“That would be great, babe.”

She turned around and put her foot up on the side of the tub then leaned forward so her head was almost on the tub side as well. Without preamble I rammed straight into her, she gasped but didn’t give any ground, I began thrusting hard and fast into her and she started grunting in rhythm with my thrusts. From her position she could obviously see me going in and out of her pussy and her breathing started to get heavy, almost as heavy as mine. I kept up this hard action and then reached under her, found her hard clit and began pinching and rolling it, soon her body gave warning signs of another orgasm. Her pussy tightened around me and I felt tension in my balls then we started convulsing together, I pushed into her as deeply as I could and just stayed there shooting spurt after spurt into her clutching pussy.

“Don’t pull out,” she said a couple of minutes later “I want to feel everything.”

She unbent and put her foot on the floor of the tub then turned her head and we kissed long and softly. I was still deep inside her and my penis was throbbing and I could feel similar sensations from her pussy walls. We stayed like that for quite a while thoroughly enjoying each other.

“Now I need a nap,” she smiled “you sure do take it out of a girl, and you can take it out now as it almost all gone.”

We went into the bedroom still wet but uncaring and flopped on the bed and within minutes we were both asleep in each other’s arms.

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