Raw Chemistry

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This story is based on things a female friend has told me about a real life situation she has, perhaps surprisingly, come to enjoy. It may sound like typical male wishful thinking, but her enjoyment of giving oral and oral-anal sex in a purely sexual relationship is exactly as she described it.


The ring of the phone brought her out of her mid-morning fantasy, and when she answered it, the voice on the other end made her heart skip.

“So…you want to meet for lunch?”

She had to clear her throat and work at sounding composed.

“Yeah, sure. I guess so.”

She felt a lot more eager than she sounded, but since he never betrayed a hint of deeper feeling for her, she did her best to make him think he’d have to do better to keep her.

The whole relationship was crazy.

They’d met one night in a bar. She’d gone there alone hoping to meet a guy and she noticed him watching her for the better part of an hour while she shot pool. When she went to get another last gin and tonic, he offered to buy it and they struck up a conversation. He was 35 — almost 10 years younger — and in a cold marriage that had been completely sexless for years. That much he made clear up front. She was divorced and looking for a steady commitment. Even though his being married set off alarm bells, she liked his blue eyes, well-muscled arms and sarcastic sense of humor. He turned her on.

They drank a lot more and ended up in bed at her place at 4 a.m. — nothing unusual for her — but the unusual part was how comfortable and hot the sex turned out to be. Quite often she’d found herself wishing she weren’t lying there naked while some strange guy she was liking less by the minute frantically thrust his erection into her. This was different. He clearly appreciated having her in bed and he aroused her so much that she found herself trying her best to satisfy him. That she did by sucking his cock until he came in her mouth.

They began seeing each other, usually on Friday nights because those were best for him to get away from his family. They always met at her place or a local bar for drinks and talk and sex. She liked the way he carried himself — so cocky and self-assured — but she began to feel some frustration at the way he refused to really open up or tell her how he felt about her. Despite this, she was amazed to find that she loved his body unlike any other she had ever known. There was something about it that turned her on intensely. It looked really sexy — the product of his regular visits to the gym — and it had this strange power over her, especially his cock.

It was without a doubt the most erotically beautiful penis she had ever seen — seven circumcised inches with a big, well-defined pink-purple head of the kind that is usually described as a helmet. The thick shaft, which nearly filled her palm, wasn’t bent slightly or lined with thick, bulging veins like every other penis she had experienced. His was smooth like ivory and just as hard when he was fully aroused. His pubic hair was soft and closely cropped and his large balls made his package a vision of male power.

Giving oral sex was her biggest carnal thrill, but she found sucking and pleasuring his penis to be almost addictive. It always smelled and tasted intoxicatingly good — pure man musk — and the salty-sweet cream payoff was delicious. She also enjoyed the power she held over him when his penis was in her mouth, especially the look on his face as she brought him to the height of ecstasy and then made him lose control. He said he loved receiving oral sex more than anything, so he obviously enjoyed her sweet attentions and having a woman worship his penis.

Before long, she was giving him blowjobs whenever they were together — sometimes two or three in a night — and they both savored every second.

“It must be chemical,” her best friend said one night as they tried to figure out exactly why she was enjoying sex with this man so much. “They say we just have natural matches on a purely physical level and, hon, he’s yours…”

“I guess so,” she said. “He really turns me on.”

“Guys can be like that, too,” her friend explained. “I had one who was crazy about my body. He used to say my taste got him off more than any woman he’d ever been with. He even said my asshole tasted good….”

The relationship remained mostly raw sex for months. Even though she knew he’d never leave his family, she found herself wanting more emotion and commitment, yet he refused to betray any real feeling other than appreciation for all the pleasure she was showering upon him. They had fun together, drinking and talking and laughing and fucking. The sex was especially good because he knew how to use his cock and mouth to satisfy her, but the challenge of opening him up consumed her. Even when she felt her frustration and dissatisfaction growing, the intense erotic satisfaction she got from his body and his pleasure kept her involved. And somewhere in the back of her mind lurked the kızılay escort thought that the way to his heart was through his penis.

His body enthralled her, rewarded her and made her feel wonderfully slutty. Sometimes as she sucked him, she came when he did, without his even touching her. The feel and taste of his warm, sticky cum usually sent her over the edge. She also liked how he always talked about her awesome blowjobs and how much he loved watching her suck and lick his big, hot throbbing meat while she gazed up at him, She fulfilled his wishes to take photos and video of her sucking him off and even though she was self-conscious at first, she eventually started doing it nude while playing to his camera with a porn starlet’s moves that she later was surprised to find she enjoyed seeing. She had to admit she looked very sexy with her mouth on his cock. Her own pleasure was obvious.

“You do like going down on him, don’t you?” her best friend said when she was shown a couple of the photos, one of which was the head of his erection against her lips, his cream dripping off her chin onto her bare breasts. The expression on her face was blissful ecstasy. “He does have a nice dick…”

“It’s so weird. You’d think I’d be tired of giving him blowjobs by now, but I’m not. That thing is delicious…”

Just the thought of him coming in her mouth was enough to make her horny and eager for another night’s drinking and sucking. The first blowjob always produced the most semen. and that was the one she enjoyed most although his orgasms were always clearly more powerful the second and third times around even though it meant working on his penis for the better part of an hour, a chore she did not mind even when it made her jaw ache.

He certainly had no reason to quit this dream arrangement: a generous lover who gave him all the no-strings sex he could ever want and never hassled him about it. But she eventually had a reason to quit. As her desire for a deeper relationship grew, she began posting on dating websites and eventually met a guy she liked. He adored her and lavished her with gifts and praise and affection. He wasn’t quite as good- looking or dynamic, but he was so caring and so much like the kind of man she always thought she’d want. Their sex was loving but strangely vanilla, and as a long-term future seemed possible, she committed to him while hoping that her vague feeling of boredom would not get the better of her. In the meantime, she kept seeing her “side candy” a couple of times a week even as her serious relationship grew into an assumption of exclusivity

She felt guilty at times about having this dirty but enervating little secret on the side, but those feelings were always swept away by the pure lust that is spawned and regenerated by great erotic sex. Maybe it was just the lure of forbidden fruit — the irresistible attraction of a man she could not have for her own — but she found she was hooked on the thrill of sex for the sake of sex. Their nights of drinking and fucking and sucking were great fun and she enjoyed the abandon as well as her own intense orgasms. Even when their relationship began to feel empty, she was invariably turned on by the sight, feel, scent and taste of his sexy penis. Being his blowjob queen fed something raw and sexual deep within her. And that’s why she agreed to meet him yet again for lunch even though she was planning to leave work early that day for a weekend with her other man.

Lunch, of course, was never lunch. It was an hour at a local motel where she often serviced him during the day. Sometimes they would fuck, but there were times she found herself heading for sex that night with her other man only to realize that her pussy was caked with her juices and her candy man’s cum. So, she usually just brought him off with her mouth, an act that was as deeply satisfying as a vaginal or anal fuck, and she liked returning to work with the faint taste of his cock and semen on her tongue and the musk of his crotch on her face and hands.

Feeling horny, her heart pounded on the way to the motel. His car was in the lot when she arrived. The desk clerk gave her the room number where he was waiting, shirt open and beer in hand.

“Want one?” he asked as she kissed him.

“No…I’ve got work to do when I get back,” she said, running her palm over his chest and down his hairless stomach.

“Thanks for coming,” he said, leaning back so that he was partly sitting on the low dresser, which had a mirror next to it.

“I haven’t come yet,” she smiled.

“Will you?” he asked.

“Mmmmmm,” she replied, her hands beginning to unbuckle his jeans. “I always do…”

She always enjoyed unwrapping him. The first time she ever saw his penis, she was momentarily surprised, and almost shocked, by how erotic it was. Now the anticipation of seeing and feeling it always heightened her excitement.

As she slowly pulleddown his zipper, he said, “Take off your skirt and panties.”

“I don’t know etlik escort if we should fuck, my period is coming on,” she said, lying.

“I just want to look at your pussy and ass while you suck me,” he said, before taking a long swig of beer.

Stepping back, she undid her black skirt and let it fall. She was a slightly heavyset woman with a slight belly, big hips and a plump but firm ass, and was not often comfortable showing her body in broad daylight to her lovers, but he was different. He made her feel sexy and desirable, almost like she was acting in a porn flick and she totally embraced the sluttiness of it all. She’d even shaved her pussy for him when he asked — the first time in her life she’d ever done that for anyone — and liked the way her plump mons looked and felt, especially when he was down on it. He clearly enjoyed licking her cunt and even her asshole, and that turned her on immensely.

Her panties came down next, slowly — the better to watch his eyes, which were full of an appreciation that made her wet. She liked the way the cool air of the room felt on her thighs, mons and bare ass. She was only wearing stockings and her pink blouse now and he was obviously enjoying the sight.

Kissing his chest lightly, she finished pulling down his zipper and spread the top of his jeans. He shifted just so and she slid the pants down to mid-thigh, and then his underwear. Her heart skipped as his nearly erect manhood came free. He had shaved off his pubic hair and his dick looked even bigger than usual.

“Ooooh, I like that,” she said, running her fingertips over his freshly hairless crotch. Taking his thick penis in her hand, she stroked it softly, lovingly, and moaned. Dropping to her knees, she kissed the big spongy pink head and looked up at him, then gently lifted the still-stiffening shaft so she could run her tongue slowly up and down the smooth underside.

“Hmmm oh yeah baby that’s good,” he said, cupping some her brown curls in with one hand. “You make my cock feel so good….I wanted it to look good for you…”

She nuzzled his balls and kissed the base of his shaft, savoring the musk of his crotch. The scent was stronger than usual and it made her very wet as she showered soft kisses on the loosely hanging sac of his balls. Again, her tongue traced a slow rise up the underside of his shaft. Glancing up into his eyes, she slowly licked and sucked, feeling his penis swell and harden even more in her mouth.

“Ohhhh yeah baby. You make my dick feel so good….that’s it…..suck it…suck it…yeah…”

She kept her eyes on his face as she worked her magic, just the way he liked it. He was totally blissed out and watching her avidly as she slowly and firmly stroked his erection, swirling her tongue around the head, licking the underside and feeling him tense, then taking him in and sucking deeply. He was insanely hard and she was fully wet, her pussy juices coating her round pink asshole, which he could see in the mirror on the closet door since she was now squatting with her legs and asscheeks apart.

“Mmm baby suck it…suck it…got a big load of hot cream for you….”

“Mmmmmm,” she purred, stopping to stroke him some more while she looked up at him reverently. “I love your come….give it to me…come in my mouth….”

His penis was bulging and a big clear drop of precum appeared the head. Sticking out the tip of her tongue, she deftly licked it up and thrilled to its saltiness. Another stroke and firm squeeze produced another drop, its aftertaste hinting at the thick white juice to come.

“Suck my cock baby…make me come…I wanna come in your mouth…I want you to taste my come….”

“I want to taste your come,” she said breathlessly. “I love your come…please come in my mouth…..”

She could sense him nearing orgasm and she was felt lightheaded with lust. His cock tasted even better than usual and she sucked intently, deeply, caressing the sensitive underside of the head with the velvet of her tongue. She wanted to go on longer and as she kissed her way down the shaft again, the musk of his crotch filled her with the urge to lick and taste his anus.

She had never licked a man there before, but his balls and ass smelled so good and she was so turned on that she wanted to experience the dirty, horny thrill. Her curiosity and desire instantly overrode any fear and she began planting little licks and kisses on the bottom of his asscheeks while she held his balls and shiny stiff cock out of her way.

“Oh yeah….” he sighed, and so she forced her tongue into the cleft of his ass. He moaned loudly and she followed in turn, seeking his asshole as he shifted to give her access. He tasted both salty and bitter and she could feel the firm pucker and softly wrinkled skin of his anus as she probed.

“Lick my asshole, baby…taste me…” he moaned, leaning back and widening his legs to expose his dark pink circle. Grabbing her head, he pulled her into him and she was demetevler escort almost swept away by her excitement. Licking strongly and smoothly, she was electrified by the taste and sought to work her tongue inside him. She’d never been so seized by lust before. This felt so rawly sexual, sticking her tongue into this man’s asshole. It was clearly driving him wild and that made her even more aroused. And his ass smelled and tasted so good…

With each lick, his asshole relaxed until she was able to insert her tongue about a quarter of the way. The skin inside was firm and smooth, the taste like yeast and she eagerly sought it. For a second or two she wondered if she were crazy, but the idea of knowing him so intimately, and the musky scent of his anus moistened by her saliva, brought her to the verge of coming. She would have if he had touched her. Moaning and sighing, she continued licking and working her tongue in deeper until he frantically pulled her away.

“Gonna come…gonna come…”

He grabbed his erection, which now had a small glob of white on the slit and directed it into her mouth. It was so hard, so warm, so smooth, so delicious in such an utterly male way. She sucked while moving her head slowly back and forth, concentrating on the sensation of the hard, smooth penis against her tongue. Her heart pounded as she anticipated his release, her lips wrapped around the big bulging head of his dick. At last, she could feel a pulse in her mouth, and then another. The first spurt of salty warm cream hit the back of her throat. Swallowing, she eased off a bit and opened her mouth so he could watch his cum flowing onto her tongue.

She was so excited by the look on his face, his moans, the sensation of his spasms in her mouth, the growing taste and warmth of his fluid. Within seconds she was coming, too. Her hand rapidly urged out his cream — so thick and white and warm — one spurt after another as he gasped and moaned and shuddered. This was the moment she lived for. He was totally in her power, totally helpless as she drew out and drank his essence while her own ecstasy washed over her. His gooey, watery cum was everywhere…on her tongue…her chin….dripping down the front of her blouse as her thighs quivered with her own release.

She spent the next minute or so breathlessly kissing his spent penis and balls and licking up his semen while his hands played in her hair.

“Oh, baby that was awesome… the best you’ve ever given…”

“You liked that, huh?” she said, looking up as she held his cock.

“Loved it…loved it…”

“Well maybe if you’re good, there’ll be more where that came from,” she said, kissing his penis then rising to find her skirt and panties. “Oh, wow…look at the time. I have to get back to the office…”

“Will I see you tonight?”

“Tonight? I don’t think so. I have to work late and my place is a mess.” Another lie.

“That’s too bad,” he said, watching her pull her panties up. “An encore would be nice…”

“I’m sure it would,” she said, kissing his nose. He just smiled back. And so she left, but on the way back to the office, the taste in her mouth renewed her excitement. The rest of the afternoon was mainly restlessness until quitting time when she rushed home to freshen up for her dinner with her other man.

The evening passed pleasantly enough although her mind wandered back to the afternoon at the motel. Her man was affectionate and they dined at their favorite restaurant. Drinks flowed but not nearly as many as she ordinarily had with her candy lover, and they eventually ended up back at her place. During another drink and some soft music, they began kissing and before long they were naked on the sofa. It was all quite cozy and warm, but as she stroked his cock, she found herself comparing it to her candy. This one was pretty nice, but shorter and hairier and something indefinable was lacking. Maybe it was in the way he seemed to tense up whenever she went down on him. Her candy lived to have her pleasure his cock with her mouth, and that knowledge thrilled her.

As they fucked almost politely in the missionary position, she though of that afternoon’s blowjob and rimjob and came hard and suddenly. As they drifted off to sleep in bed a little while later, she felt guilty again,

The rest of their weekend together was nice — they went shopping, had lunch and dinner at some good restaurants, and made love again before he left early that Sunday evening. But as soon as he was gone, she dialed her side candy’s cell phone just on the off chance that he’d answer. He did.

“Can you come over for a drink?” she asked, feeling a naughty excitement. There was just something about hot, erotic sex. The more she had of it, the more she wanted. It was an itch that her other man, as sweet as he was, just could not scratch.

“You’re in luck,” he said. “I just finished at the gym. I’ll grab a quick shower and be right there….”

“You can shower here,” she said, her excitement growing.

“Sure. Be right there.”

She quickly showered to freshen her cunt and asshole and was still nude when he arrived 20 minutes later with a six-pack in his hand. His eyes lit up as soon as she opened the door and smiled at him.

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