Quick Change

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“Don’t scream. Shhh. It’s only me.”

He covers your mouth with his right hand while his left slowly eases the door to the change room shut. You can feel his breath, hot against your ear. Your body tensed when he first surprised you – your back was to the door and you didn’t have all your clothes on yet. You blush a little and eye your pants, sitting only a few feet away.

He allows you to turn around to face him and slowly removes his hand from your mouth. “Honey, what are you doing?! Guys aren’t allowed in here!” you hiss at him. His eyes lock onto yours, steady and trustworthy.

“Nobody knows I’m in here. Stay quiet,” he urges. His strong hands wrap around you and cradle the small of your back. One slides up to cup the back of your neck as he kisses you. His tongue is immediately in your mouth, pressing against yours.

You break the kiss. “We can’t – baby, not here,” you gasp a little.

“Yes, here,” he insists. His hand snakes up the front of your shirt to your breasts, and his logic suddenly makes much more sense than yours.

You bury your face in his neck as he works his hands over your breasts, cupping them, pinching the nipples to make ankara escort them harden. You moan a little and can’t stop yourself from raking your teeth over his skin. He presses his hips against you in return, and his excitement is obvious. You moan again.

“Shhhh, baby. Gotta stay quiet,” he urges, and brings one hand down to cup you through your underwear.

Your hips buck involuntarily against his hand and you place a kiss against his jawbone. His hand rubs over you several times, and then he hooks his thumbs in the waistband of your underwear and slides them down, letting them drop to the floor. His hand returns to your pussy, and he slides a finger inside teasingly.

“Mmm, you’re already wet for me. Perfect,” he whispers in your ear, and his words almost make your knees give out. “We’ve gotta be quick.”

Your fingers are already fumbling with his belt and he takes pity on you, undoing it in one quick motion. His jeans are off quicker than you can register, and your breathing quickens when you realize he didn’t bother to put on boxers. He backs you up against the wall, his hands cupping your ass and lifting you upwards.

He’s inside you elvankent escort almost immediately, pulling you down on his cock. You can’t stop yourself from crying out a little, and you both freeze momentarily, waiting to see if anyone outside notices. You hear no footsteps coming towards you, so he covers your mouth with a kiss and begins to thrust.

He’s not taking his time, and for once, you don’t mind. Your hips rock back and forth as your tongues tangle together. He’s starting to sweat and you rake your fingers down his back. He grunts a little at the sting of your nails, the subtle pain spurring his thrusts onwards.

His lips leave yours and he turns his attention to your neck, nipping and sucking. Your head lolls back against the wall and you fight to keep your breathing quiet. His eyes flicker to your face and he grins a little against your skin.

“God, you’re loving this, aren’t you? Me fucking you where anyone could interrupt? You’re so hot when you’re this turned on,” he breathes against your ear. You have to bite your lip to keep from groaning in response. You wonder idly if anyone out in the store can hear you, but otele gelen escort he thrusts into you again and you discover you don’t really care.

Your leg hitches around his hip, and his thrusts deepen. You’re not thinking coherently anymore – your eyes are closed and your hand drifts down to your clit, rubbing it roughly. You start a little when one of his rough hands comes down to join yours.

“I’ve got this, babe,” he whispers, replacing your hand with his. Your hips pick up speed as his fingers circle your clit, and his do as well, matching you thrust for thrust. You can feel him everywhere, and oh god –

“Nngh, fuck,” you hiss when his fingers flick your clit.

“Mmm, you feel so fucking good,” he moans against your ear, and you can feel your orgasm building. Your hips speed up automatically, milking his cock.

“I’m…oh my god…” you whimper softly, your hands gripping his shoulders. He smirks a little and rubs you faster.

“Come for me,” he commands, and your body complies almost immediately. He covers your moan with a sloppy kiss as you come around his cock and over his fingers. Two more thrusts and he’s coming as well, sticky and messy. He shudders a little and leans against you, panting. Your hands run up his sweaty back and you press a little kiss to his shoulder.

“Fuck, baby,” you whisper against his skin, and you can feel his smile against your neck.

“Told you it’d be hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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