Punishing The Unruly Son Ch. 07

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Aria Lee

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is about the lewd, provocative and embarrassing punishment a young man gets from his mother and sister because of his bad behavior, and, how the punishment affects all of them. It is not BDSM. All the characters are over 18 years of age and members of the same family. Please select another story from the vast Literotica library if this doesn’t interest you.


It had truly been a different day at our house. After two years of ‘living hell’ and disobedience from my little brother, Bobby, my mother finally had enough and gave him the choice of being punished, or being forced to move out. Faced with these alternatives, Bobby chose to accept my mother’s form of punishment which effectively deprived him of all his privacy, all his rights, all his privileges and all his possessions for seven days.

On the surface, that really doesn’t sound that bad, but, Mom took it to a level I never expected. He lost all his clothes, and in their place, we gave him bras and panties to wear. The doors to his bedroom and the bathroom were removed, and he was told we’d be assisting him and monitoring him with his bathroom duties.

But, it didn’t stop there.

He was told that mother and I would decide when he would be allowed to wear his bras and panties, and any other time, he’d be naked. We’d have the right to touch his body anywhere we liked, in any fashion, with or without a reason. He’d be bathed daily by one of us and he’d suffer from constant embarrassment and humiliation.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Mom told him he’d be spanked every evening before bedtime, and there would be some test of obedience every day.

Of course, Bobby was mortified that me, his big sister, would be an equal partner with Mom in delivering his punishment, but Mom held firm on that point. So, between the time Bobby’s punishment got under way this afternoon, and right now, I’d seen him naked with and without an erection, seen him dressed in a bra and panties, given him a bath and shaved his underarms and legs, put my finger up his butt, and touched his penis so much I couldn’t even attempt to count how many times I’d touched him.

Mom was smart enough to know that a young man his age was going to have erections and need to masturbate, so she’d allowed for that in his daily routine. She told him either she or I would masturbate him once each morning to sooth his raging hormones, and if he behaved himself throughout each day, he’d get a reward at bedtime that night.

For today, his first day being punished, Bobby had been good all day. It certainly wasn’t easy for him to accept the things we were doing to him, and we pushed him right up to his limit over and over. He broke down into tears and cried three times during the day, but, he’d taken his punishment, so far, like a trooper. He was a perfect angel for me in the bathtub, and he didn’t give me one ounce of trouble when I shaved his underarms and his legs.

By this time, we’d already had dinner and it was getting late. Officially, according to Mom’s schedule, we only had two more things we needed to do tonight before my little brother was put to bed. First, he had to have his spanking, and then, if he still deserved it, he’d get his reward for being good, and then we’d put him down for the night.

During the day, my little brother proved to me he was truly sorry for his two years of horrible behavior toward Mom and me. Not only could I read the sincerity in his face, but I could hear it in his voice and see it in his tears. He apologized several times without being asked to, and he never once tried to argue about his punishment.

All that was good, but, there was an added benefit — at least for me, and I think for mother, too. And that was, my little brother was such a beautiful young man when he was naked. His hard, teenage chest rippled when he moved and that magnificent, thick cock seemed to come alive at our slightest touch.

I was more than excited about being part of his punishment, I was aroused and turned-on. Every time I held his cock in my hands, I felt a flood of wet excitement seep into my panties, my heart went pitter-patter and I got butterflies in my stomach. Watching Mom closely, there were times I knew she was excited, too. I could see it in her eyes and we each alluded to it from time to time but neither one of us came right out and said anything to the other.

Anyway, after Bobby’s bath, I spoke with Mom alone and asked her if we could give him something better than just a simple handjob for his end-of-day, good behavior reward. I pled my case successfully, I think, because she said she’d think about what more we could do. Of course, he’d have to cooperate with us and take his spanking without any problems, but, if he did that — I think Mom was willing to give him a better reward than the handjob we initially agreed on.

Mom had brought Bobby and me into the living, and just like we did hours ago when his punishment started, Mom and I sat on the couch and Bobby stood naked in front of us.

“Sweetheart,” pendik escort Mom began, “you’ve been good today, so far. Your sister even came to your defense and asked me if we could skip the spanking tonight because she thought your behavior had been way better than either of us expected.”

“Bobby,” Mom continued speaking, reaching out to grasp his hand, “I do agree your behavior today has been better than I could have ever hoped for, but, I’m sorry…… I just can’t cancel your spanking. What I can do, though, is change the good behavior reward we were going to give tonight, and give you something better.”

Mom explained to my little brother he’d have to obey us during his spanking and take it without argument. But, if his good behavior continued, she promised him his reward would be a good one.

Bobby didn’t seem to be stressed about the spanking at all, and I think I knew why. In all the times Mom ever spanked us, they never hurt and she always ran back to us right away and told us she was sorry for doing it. I imagine he thought this was going to be a walk in the park, but, I knew differently.

As Bobby stood completely naked in front of us, Mom reached out to grasp his thick, flaccid cock in her hand, looked up at him and began to speak.

“Bobby,” Mom said, “each night before your spanking I’ll ask you if you have anything you want to confess to your sister or me. This is optional for you, and I don’t have any intention of making you volunteer any wrong doings you’d rather keep secret.”

“But,” Mom added, “if you make a complete confession of something you’ve done wrong to me or your sister, we’ll forgive what you did and grant you immunity from being punished for it in the future. And as an additional incentive, whenever you make a confession, I’ll reduce the severity of the spanking you’re about to get.”

“In return, though,” Mom said in a very serious tone, “you’ll be subjected to something humiliating in front of your sister and me. Don’t worry about what that might be, just accept the fact that it will be humiliating.”

“But,” she added quickly, “it will definitely reduce the severity of your spanking and you’ll be forgiven for what ever it was you did.”

Mom went on to say that his spanking wouldn’t necessarily hurt him, whether he made a confession, or not. However, she followed that statement up quickly by warning him that the spanking was going to sting like hell.

“I’m not exaggerating, Sweetheart.” Mom said, calmly. “You have my solemn oath the spanking you’re about to receive will sting like nothing you’ve ever felt before. I promise I won’t let you suffer long…. I have a special spray that contains lidocaine and aloe. It will take all the sting away pretty quickly once I put it on you.”

Unfortunately, Mom told him she wanted him to experience the sting for a few minutes before she put the spray on, saying “For the next seven nights, the bite of that sting will serve as a reminder to you of how thoughtless you were to us, and hopefully, you’ll never forget what it feels like.”

The stern warning Mom gave about the spanking seemed to give my little brother a reason to be concerned, and glancing quickly over at me, I nodded my head slightly, hoping he’d be smart enough to take the confession route so he could get off with a lighter spanking. I truly had no idea what she was planning in the form of the spanking, but, one thing I’d learned today was that Mom had thought all this through remarkably well, and I was tempted to believe he had a whopping spanking coming his way.

“I… uh… do have something I’d like to confess.” Bobby said, having to clear his throat before he could speak.

“Alright,” Mom answered, “you just hold on to it for the time being, and I’ll ask you what it is when the time comes. And when you tell us what it is, you have to give us the truth, the full story and all the appropriate details. That’s the way this works.”

“I have to go upstairs for a moment.” Mom said, as she stood up from the couch. “Sandra, stay with your brother and I’ll be right back.”

Bobby and I both watched Mom as she calmly walked up the stairs and disappeared into her bedroom and shut the door. I turned to Bobby and told him he’d done the right thing by telling her he’d make a confession and suggested he tell her about the panties he’d stolen. He nodded his head and agreed with me saying he planned to do that, and asked me if I knew what she had planned for the spanking and the humiliating thing he’d have to do.

“Honestly,” I answered, “I have no idea about the spanking, but, she did tell me a little about what you’d have to do in return for the forgiveness, and it doesn’t sound that bad.”

I told him I did my best trying to get her to forget the spanking, but, she was wouldn’t even consider it. She was, though, open to making his reward better and I told him he’d have something to look forward to if he could get through the spanking.

“No problem.” He said, shrugging his shoulders. “I can take it.”

As maltepe escort we sat there, I told him how proud I was of him and how well he behaved today. I encouraged him to try to be good every day, even when it seemed like we were asking too much of him, or when he felt like giving up. I knew our outing tomorrow was going to be terribly humiliating for him, just like it would be for any boy his age, and I wanted him to know he had to stick with the program and complete the full seven days of his punishment. I was about to stand up and give him a hug when I heard the door to Mom’s room open and turned to see her coming down the stairs. She was carrying a small bag and a towel, and her hair had been pulled back into a ponytail.

When she rejoined us, she asked me to stand up and when I did, she folded the towel in half and laid it out on the couch. Gently reaching over and taking my little brother by the elbow, she brought him in front of the couch and told him get down on his knees with his elbows on the towel. As he got down, she told him to move his legs back and spread them. Mom took a few seconds to guide him into the position she wanted him, and then she spoke.

“This is the exact position I want you in every night for your spanking.” Mom said to Bobby. “I don’t want you too close to the couch…. just close enough to rest your arms and head on the towel, and I want your back straight and your legs at least this far apart.”

“Sandra,” she said, looking at me, “it’s not fair for me to ask you to spank your brother, so I’ll be doing all the spanking. But, you’ll be assisting with this, so I want you kneeling next to him on the right side of his body.”

Mom reached out and guided me to where she wanted me, and gently pushed me down on my knees next to Bobby.

“From that position,” Mom explained, “you’ll be able to reach under him to get to his penis and help me with something else when the time comes.”

I reached under Bobby’s body and felt for my little brother’s cock. When I found it, it was hanging down, soft as it could be, easily within my reach without having to move. Mom didn’t say a word or show any concern as I held his fat cock in my hand, but, I let go of it in an effort to keep Bobby as calm as I could before his spanking started.

Mom got down on her knees on Bobby’s left side, and set her left hand on his lower back. She was right handed, and I realized she’d positioned me where I was so she could smack his bottom with her right hand, and from where she was, I could see she had thought it though very well.

“Sweetheart,” Mom said to Bobby as she tenderly patted his back, “you might find it’s easier for you if you close your eyes while you’re being spanked. And,” Mom added, “I put the towel on the couch in case you start to cry. Neither your sister nor I will think any less of you if that happens, Sweetheart. There’s no reason to be ashamed. “

She told him she would be starting soon, and nicely asked him to remain still. She thanked him again for his good behavior today and encouraged him to be brave and take his spanking. After a short pause, Mom asked Bobby to lay his head down on the towel with his face in my direction and she looked over at me and made a grasping motion with her hand while she pointed down underneath him. I understood what she meant, and as I reached under him to grasp his penis, she started lightly slapping my brother’s butt cheeks, alternating one side and then the other at a rate of about one slap every two seconds.

For the life of me, I couldn’t understand how her light slaps on his buttocks constituted a spanking, and I was sure Bobby was thinking the same thing. I even felt him start to get hard as I toyed with his cock, so, I know full well this wasn’t causing him any pain.

Mom kept it up — the light slapping of each butt cheek – as she periodically glanced over toward the grandfather clock standing up against the wall. I finally realized she was watching the clock, keeping track of how many minutes she’d been slapping my little brother’s bottom.

Soon, I was glancing at the clock, too. One minute passed. Two minutes passed. Then three minutes passed. By now, both of Bobby’s butt cheeks were pink and the chubbiness I felt in his cock was gone — he was totally soft. I watched Bobby’s face as she spanked him, and for the first three minutes, he didn’t seem to show much reaction. But when it got to be four minutes, I could see his eyes start to wince as the soft slaps landed on his butt.

Mom continued to lightly slap his butt cheeks, no harder than when she started, for a full five minutes and then she stopped. His bottom was beyond pink now — it was almost red and it looked like he’d been out in the sun and gotten a sunburn. When Mom stopped, he let out a breath and I heard him breathe a few times very deeply. I hadn’t even realized his breathing pattern had changed, but now that I was watching him try to breathe normally, I realized this seemingly soft slapping was definitely taking a toll on my little brother’s bottom.

“We’ll kartal escort take a short rest here…… sixty seconds so you can catch your breath, Sweetheart.” Mom said, reaching up to feel his forehead. “I know you’re beginning to feel a little uncomfortable.”

Mom sat back on her heels and looked at me. Her face was completely void of expression and as we looked at each other, she periodically looked up at the grandfather clock. When the sixty seconds were almost over, she lifted herself off her heels and placed a hand gently on his back and told him the rest time was about over. Ten seconds later, she began again.

There was no change in the force or timing of her slap. It was very methodical, first one cheek and then the other at the same rate. As the first minute passed, Bobby’s face was showing signs that he was hurting. His eyes were regularly wincing with almost every slap and I could see his rib cage expanding and contracting as he breathed. At the two minute mark, I could feel his body trembling, so I let go of his cock, moved my hand up to his stomach and I could feel him shaking. His eyes were tightly closed and he was starting to take very deep breaths to keep air in his lungs.

Quickly, I did some math in my head. It had been three minutes now, plus the first five….. and at one slap every two seconds, that was thirty per minute….. times eight minutes. I jerked my head and looked at my mother when I realized she’d given him 240 slaps and she was still going.

Mom wasn’t looking at me; she was too busy keeping her rhythm and watching the clock. My brother’s butt cheeks were very red by now – not pink….. not dark pink…. they were red, like serious, sunburn red. And as the clock came up on four minutes, Mom stopped and quickly reached up to feel Bobby’s forehead again.

“You’re getting heated up.” Mom said compassionately, leaning over him and brushing his hair out of his face. “We’ll take another break here so you can catch your breath and cool down.”

About fifteen seconds into the break, though, she added, “You can make your confession now if you like, Sweetheart. It’ll give you a little longer to cool off if you do.”

She reminded him his confession had to be the whole truth, and answer any questions we had. Plus, in order to get the forgiveness and immunity, he’d have a humiliating task to complete.

Mom waited a short time to see if he was going to begin his confession, and when he didn’t, she said she’d have to start the spanking again.

“Okay. Okay.” Bobby said right away, in between breaths. “I’m not sure how to start, though.”

“Just start by telling us what you did.” Mom answered, calmly.

“This is really hard to say,” Bobby began, “because I know you’re going to think I’m some kind of sick pervert. But, I’ve been taking your panties.”

“Who’s panties, Sweetheart?” Mom asked, kindly. “You need to be specific.”

“Both of yours…..” Bobby admitted, “yours and Sandra’s.”

“Alright,” Mom answered, prompting him to continue his confession, “Now tell us why you’ve been doing that.”

“I’ve been using them….. when I…. you know, masturbate.” Bobby finally said, clearly embarrassed to say it in front of us.

“Go on.” Mom said, encouraging him to continue. “Tell us how long you’ve been doing it and exactly what you do with them.”

Bobby’s breathing had started to calm down, and it was easier for him to talk now. And as he took a deep breath and let it out, he told us a story that literally made me squirm, and squeeze my legs together.

My little brother told us he’d only been taking our panties for a few months, but once he’d taken that very first pair of panties and inhaled the rich vaginal scent that lingered in the cotton crotch panel, he was hooked. He even used the word ‘addicted’.

Bobby explained how he’d developed a system where he’d check our hampers twice a day, and paid close attention to when we took our baths and showers because he knew that increased his chance of finding freshly worn panties.

Continuing with his confession, he admitted he was always afraid of being caught, but the fear of being discovered wasn’t any where as great as the thrill of holding our panties in his hand while he stroked his cock. Still though, not wanting to be caught, he was always careful to keep our panties only long enough to have his cum, and then he’d put them right back.

There were a few exceptions to that — he’d kept some panties Mom threw away, and he kept some of my panties, which he called ‘primo’, and admitted they were so good, he just couldn’t bring himself to give them up.

He told us he’d found pairs of Mom’s panties that were ‘primo’, too, and as long as it was at least a day or two from her normal wash day, he’d usually keep them over night and then put them back in the hamper the next morning so she’d never know they were gone.

Mom asked him to explain what ‘primo’ meant, and he told us it was his word for panties that were worth taking a risk for — panties that had a special appeal to him. In his own words, he said those were panties that were obviously still wet with our vaginal juices, or panties that had a nice, strong smell. And, when he was incredibly lucky, panties that we’d just taken off just minutes before.

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