Pleasure Times Three

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Shawn was the first to arrive at the resort. She wore a short, tight red skirt that revealed her slender, caramel legs and her perfectly shaped ass. Her ample breasts nearly poured out of her low cut, sleeveless white blouse. Her red pumps were nearly eight inches tall. She checked herself in and sat down in the lobby. She began to reminisce on the conversation she had had with her two best friends the weekend before. “I can’t wait to see you guys. I can’t believe it has been two years since we have seen each other,”she had remembered telling Lisa and Renae on the phone. The girls had each landed jobs in different states right after college graduation, and hadn’t seen each other since. They were really looking forward to their week together.

“Damn, I am twenty minutes early,” thought Shawn, “I can barely wait to see my girls.” Just then, a beautiful, chocolate complexioned young woman walked through the door of the lobby. “Shit, that’s Lisa,” thought Shawn, “When did she get so fine?” Lisa was wearing tight fitting black leather black pants and a spaghetti strapped black tank with black heels. Shawn jumped from her seat to greet her friend, but to her surprise, another young woman walked through to door. “Great,” she thought, “Renae has perfect timing.”

“She looks so hot in those white stretch jeans and that blue spandex top.” The casino siteleri girls greeted each other in the center of the lobby, hugged and headed to find their room. They had decided to share a room, they thought it would be cheaper and more fun to bunk together.

When they entered their room, they were delighted to find a large Jacuzzi and huge king sized bed waiting for them. They decided the first thing they would do would be trying out the beautiful Jacuzzi. “I’ve got an idea,” said Shawn. “Do you girls remember how we used to skinny dip in college? We could do that now for old times sake. How ’bout it?” Lisa and Renae agreed that it might be fun so they stripped off their clothes and hopped in the Jacuzzi.

“Can I tell the two of you something,” asked Renae. She couldn’t wait for an answer, so she made her comment before the girls could reply. “You both have the sexiest tits I have ever seen,” continued Renae. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of putting them in my mouth and teasing your nipples with my tongue.”

“I’ve always wanted to fuck both of you. I hope I haven’t offended you.” Lisa and Shawn were in shock. They had been feeling the same way about Renae and about each other. “Babygirl,” said Shawn, “the last thing I am is offended.”

“I have been wanting you and Lisa and I have been fantasizing canlı casino about it.”

“Me too,” admitted Lisa. “So what’s next? We gonna fuck or what,” asked Renae.

Lisa sat on Renae’s lap facing her. She gently caressed both of Renae’s breasts and then took the swelling peeks into her mouth. Renae asked Shawn if she would come closer so that she could fondle her tits while Lisa was sucking on hers. “How about we take turns finger fucking each other,” said Shawn. “That’s a good idea,” agreed Lisa and Renae. The girls arranged themselves in a side-by-side position in the Jacuzzi so that they would have access to each others moistened, pulsating pussies. They started with one finger, then two, then three. “Oh this shit feels so good,” thought each of the girls as they fingered each other to an overwhelming orgasm. As their bodies begin to recover, they looked at each other and smiled. “That was fucking fantastic,” Lisa declared in a breathy voice. “I’m ready for more.”

The girls decided to head towards the bed so that they could have a little more fun. Renae lay on her back on the bed. Lisa and Shawn positioned themselves on top of Renae so that each girl would have a cunt to eat. Lisa was straddling Renae’s face and Shawn had her face buried in Renae’s pussy. Shawn’s ass was in Lisa’s face, giving Lisa full access to kaçak casino Shawn’s pussy from behind. “Damn, I never knew a pussy could be so sweet,” said Lisa, as Shawn’s juices began to run down her chin. “Oh, I think I’m gonna cum,” Shawn moaned, lifting her head from Renae’s cunt. “Oh please make me cum. Fuck me with your sweet tongue.” As soon as the words left Shawn’s mouth, all three girls experienced the most powerful climax they had ever had.

“Well,” said Shawn, ‘I want to taste Lisa’s pussy now.” The girls changed positions and this time Lisa and Shawn got in 69 position. Renae lay beside the girls on the bed and started to play with her own pussy. “Oh yeah,” moaned Renae. “Eat that pussy good girls and after you cum, I’m gonna lick the sweet juices from both of your pussies. Then I want one of you to finger fuck me in my pussy and the other one to finger fuck me in the ass.” Lisa and Shawn were thrilled about the idea, but neither of the girls lifted their heads from the wet cunts they were licking. Shawn sucked Lisa’s clit gently, then harder. Then she licked her pussy lips like a kitten lapping it’s milk form a bowl. Lisa was doing the same to Shawn, and Renae, well she was getting to know herself a little better.

The girls continued this was for a while, until all of them had had massive orgasms. Then Lisa and Shawn granted Renae her request to be finger fucked her in her pussy and ass.

Afterwards, the three were exhausted. They settled down and masturbated each other to sleep, each girl thinking of the “fun” they would have for the next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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