Picnic at the Beach

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Author’s Note: This is my entry in the Literotica Summer Fun contest and I want to thank my dear widowed aunt for helping me with some of the details of the time and place where the story is set. She wouldn’t say how much of the story was true, if any. I hope you enjoy it and vote accordingly.

All persons in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.


“You’ll see, Patty,” Tom told his fiancée. “This is a great spot for a picnic. It’s right on the lake and there’s nobody else around.

“Well, I don’t know,” Patricia replied. “Isn’t it awfully windy there?”

“Yeah, that’s why nobody goes there. But the wind is blowing out to the lake so it’s not at all cold. Besides, I found a great spot, almost completely surrounded by trees and bushes so even the land breeze won’t be a problem. And, if there does happen to be a few other people there, they won’t be able to see us.”

It was the first Saturday of June, 1957 and Tom Burns and Patricia Green, both 18 years old, had graduated from the local high school a few days earlier. They had been classmates there for four years and, before that, had attended eight years of elementary school together. After going steady for the last two of their years in high school, they planned on getting married three weeks from that day and living happily ever after. Like most young women at that time and in that place, Patty was a virgin and fully expected to remain one until her wedding night. Tom’s only sexual experience had been with one of the “bad girls” of the small city where they lived and he swore it would never happen again. Patty had forgiven him for that one indiscretion and expected him to keep his promise.

The wedding plans of the happy couple were moving right along, mostly under the direction of their mothers, and the engaged couple had decided to take a break that Saturday from their part of the planning. The weather was finally warm enough for the young lovers to go on a romantic picnic on the shores of Lake Michigan, just the two of them and that’s what they had decided to do. Before giving their blessings to the outing, both sets of parents had cautioned their offspring to be sure to save themselves for their approaching marriage and they had agreed. After all, up until then, Tom had no more than gotten to second base and that had been more by accident than design so they expected no problem in keeping their hands off each other until the night after they had been joined in marriage.

Patricia made potato salad and her mother fried chicken for them and provided a half an apple pie. Tom brought a thermos full of iced cherry cider, strictly non-alcoholic because neither of them was old enough to drink, and an old army blanket he used to take on campouts when he was in the Boy Scouts. Having had a license for almost two years, he drove his family’s car. He did not yet have his own transportation but expected to buy a car after starting to work the next month at the automobile factory where most of the men in town were employed. As far as Tom and Patricia were concerned, their future was bright and one of the brightest parts was the deep love they felt for each other.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon when they set out on their short drive to the lake. That time had been chosen because there would be plenty of daylight left and the water would be at its warmest. Lake Michigan was always too cold for swimming but they expected to do no more than splash around near the shore anyhow.

Patty wore a bikini bathing suit, which she regarded as quite daring and Tom had a conventional pair of navy blue swimming trunks. They both wore their swimming attire under their blue jeans and sweaters because they were still at the point where neither of them would suggest getting undressed in front of the other until they were in the hotel room together on their wedding night. They were impatient for that glorious event to occur and Patty especially wondered if they could hurry things along a bit, perhaps on that day at the beach, although she would never have made any such suggestion to Tom.

After driving two miles along the black-topped state highway that wound along the lake shore a few hundred yards from the water’s edge, Tom turned into a gravel road that ran out to the edge of the lake itself. He stopped beside a grove of trees and flowering shrubs that had just recently come into bloom. “Here’s the place,” he announced and opened the driver’s side door preparatory to unloading what they had brought on their picnic.

Tom carried the blanket and the cider and, after setting down the thermos jug where it would be safe, he started preparing a comfortable place on the sand for them. As Patty finished bringing the basket of food and their bath towels, he pulled up some clumps of grass and removed a few stones to create a smooth area for the loving couple to lie while they ate and talked about their upcoming nuptials. As they fed each other chicken and potato salad and chatted, they kissed a few times, but strictly with casino siteleri closed mouths because they were both well-brought up young people who were dedicated to saving themselves for marriage.

“This pie is really good,” Tom commented as he licked the last of the filling from his fingers.

“I know. Mom won second prize last year at the county fair and she gave me the family recipe,” Patty informed her young man, giving him something else to look forward to during their married life together.

“Do you want to take a dip?” he asked after they had eaten all they wanted.

“Is that safe? Shouldn’t we wait ’til a half hour after eating?”

“Well, we’re not gonna do any real swimming. The water’s still way too cold for that.”

“Oh, okay.” She started to unbutton her cardigan. “Turn around and don’t look, Tommy.”

Dutifully, he turned around and busied himself removing his outer clothing until Patty said he could look at her. It was worth the delay. He’d seen her in bathing suits before, of course, but not since the last summer and she was far more voluptuous than she had been then. The new suit was dark blue and set off her pale blue eyes, her clear complexion and her soft, light brown hair while her big, luscious white breasts bulged over the skimpy bikini top. Tom began to regret the solemn promise he had made to keep his hands off her because just then, he wanted nothing more than to hug her and kiss her face and run those hands all over her lovely white body.

Patty knew the effect she was having and she smiled as she put on her bathing cap, making her sweet face even prettier than it had already been. “How do you like my new suit?” she coyly asked her enraptured swain.

“It’s beautiful. And you’re beautiful in it.” He was too much of a gentleman to say what he was really feeling but she already knew what that was.

With both of them ready for the water, Patty jumped to her feet, waited for Tom to get up and headed for the lake. “Last one in is a rotten egg,” she called back over her shoulder.

He didn’t mind being called that because, until then, Tom had never realized how beautiful his fiancée was from the rear, with her curvaceous bottom that stretched the narrow band of fabric around her hips. She had bought the new suit with money earned from baby-sitting and Tom was the only other person who had ever seen it, let alone seen her wearing it. She had been especially sure to keep it away from the eyes of her mother and father.

Patty ran into the water until it was up to her waist, stopped, and immersed her body the rest of the way with a shallow surface dive. When she emerged, Tom was waiting and he used the palm of his hand to thrust a wave of water at her. She laughed and blinked her eyes when it hit her face and retaliated in kind. For the next ten minutes, they frolicked in the water, splashing each other and slowly walking outward on the sandy bottom until the cold water was up to Patty’s breasts. They stopped and stood a few feet apart and Patty took a deep breath before completely submerging her head and body.

When she broke the surface again, her hands were covering her bikini cups. “Do you want to see something?” she asked. “Something you’ve never seen before?” An impish grin spread across her face.

“Yeah. Sure.” Tom didn’t know what Patty meant but, so far that day, he had really liked everything he’d seen about her.

What he saw next was the best view up until then. The beautiful woman before him swung her arms out to the sides and, in one of her hands, she was holding her bikini top. She had unfastened it while underwater and wanted to show her fiancé something he would soon be sharing in their bed, if not somewhere else and a lot sooner.

For a few seconds he was unable to do anything but stare at the incredible sight, the first actual breasts he had ever seen. The only sexual encounter of his life had been in the back seat of a car and the girl, who was several years older than he, had let him slide his hands under her shirt but had kept on all her clothing but her panties. He had occasionally pawed over some old issues of “National Geographic” and once saw some grainy black and white photos in a naturist magazine but those times paled in comparison with what was before his eyes that day. Her breasts were big but perfectly formed and topped with adorable pink nipples and they were pointing straight at him.

Although still unable to speak, Tom regained enough control of his muscles to step toward the vision of beauty. Patricia stepped forward too and, when they met, the young lovers enfolded one another in the warmest embrace of the day, maybe the closest ever. They kissed, long and deep, and Tom felt something he had never felt before — a pair of succulent bare breasts being pressed against his equally bare chest.

Patricia felt something for the first time too. Her hands were pulling against Tom’s back, holding his lean body tightly against hers, and she felt a presence under his canlı casino trunks that seemed to move and begin to grow harder. Abruptly, she realized what it was but, instead of drawing away in shock, she held his body even more tightly against hers. She did, however break off the kiss and lean back against his arms.

“Do you like my breasts?” Patty asked. Tom still couldn’t speak but he was able to nod his head.

“I hope you want to do more than just look at them.”

To make sure he did, Patty reached behind her back to grip his wrists and tug them around in between their bodies so she could place his unresisting hands on the breasts he professed to admire. While moving his arms and hands, she made sure to keep her pubic area pressed against his and she could feel what she knew to be his cock as it grew bigger and harder.

“If you like them, why don’t you kiss them?”

Tom thought that was a great idea and he bent forward and kissed the upper slopes of the twin beauties.

“No, no; the nipples are better.”

Patricia pushed up on his hands to place the beautiful pink nubbins in range of his mouth. He kissed them both and it felt so good he kissed her nipples again and even licked them until he felt them becoming harder under his tongue. The sensation was incredible, like nothing he had ever felt before and he was aware his cock was growing hard. Rather illogically, he hoped Patty wouldn’t notice it.

That hope was futile because she was not only aware of his stiffening cock, she gauged it to be erect enough to continue with what she wanted and was sure Tom wanted too. “Let’s go back to shore,” she whispered. There was no other person for miles around but whispering seemed to be the way to communicate.

With her bikini top in one hand and her other arm around Tom’s waist, Patty and Tom walked slowly back to land. He held back slightly, trying to walk a step behind his innocent fiancée so she wouldn’t be able to see the shameful condition of his cock but it was to no avail. She not only observed the tenting in his trunks, she knew it was in the state of readiness she wanted. Patty had a little bit of concern that his erection might be too big for her but she knew the tall, handsome, dark-haired man beside her was far too gentle to ever inflict any pain or even any distress on her.

Once on land again, with their needs growing more urgent by the second, the excited couple pushed aside the remnants of their picnic lunch and lay on the blanket with their bodies and their mouths pressed together. They were in too much of a hurry to take the time to dry off but it was still warm and they were protected from the breezes. One of Tom’s hands was caressing the curves of her hip and buttock and thigh while he marveled at how smooth and soft Patty’s skin was. She took hold of his other wrist and placed that hand on her bare breast, which he gently squeezed.

Her right hand got busy too and she eased her fingers into the waistband of Tom’s swimming trunks, where she was surprised at her contact with his pubic hair. In anticipation of the approaching wedding night, Patty had been studying some of the physical differences between men and women but she was still taken somewhat aback by the thick, matted patch of hair, especially when compared to her own rather scanty bush. She was surprised but not dismayed and Patty slid her hand further into the trunks until her fingers were encircling Tom’s big, hard cock. Once again, she felt some trepidation at the size of what she had in her hand and which she expected to soon have inside her pussy, but not enough to induce her to stop what she was doing.

Unlike while they were standing in the water, Tom made no effort to keep his beloved from doing what she wanted, which had become what he wanted more than anything. When she sat up and inserted her other hand inside his trunks and started to pull them down, he turned onto his back and raised his ass to make the denuding easier. She tugged the wet garment down, being careful to avoid snagging his erection in the waistband, and around his ass.

When free of the constraints of the heavy fabric, his cock popped up to point at the sky and fascinate the woman who had just exposed it. The rest of Tom’s stripping was anti-climactic. While staring, enraptured, at the first male organ, either flaccid or erect, she had ever seen, Patty peeled the trunks the rest of the way down his legs and off around his feet and left them on the edge of the blanket.

“Now, you take off my bottoms,” she suggested before lying back down and rolling onto her back.

Tom got to his knees beside her, looked adoringly at Patty’s lovely breasts as they swayed from side to side and placed the tips of his fingers inside her snug bikini shorts. Before going any further, he stopped for more reassurance. “Are you really sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“More sure than I’ve ever been of anything in my life.” To emphasize her desire, she elevated her ass to assist him.

Satisfied, kaçak casino Tom carefully peeled off the bottom part of Patty’s bikini and gazed upon her nudity. There were several things he had learned about his bride-to-be that day by the lake and his appreciation of her beauty and his love for her had intensified, although he would not have thought such a thing possible. The latest thing that was new and delightful to him was her exposed pussy. He had never even seen a picture of one during his fevered perusals of the “National Geographic” and the naturist magazine had not included anything even close to that intimate.

And the pussy at the apex of Patricia’s thighs was the most beautiful sight he could recall ever seeing. Her sparse brown hair was wet and matted against her creamy skin and he could see how her lips appeared swollen and were starting to part. Besides still being moist from the lake water, he could see what looked like a thin sheen of oily liquid clinging to the insides of what he knew were her lips. When he leaned forward for a closer look, he was greeted by a cloud of the most heavenly aroma he had ever smelled. Besides the fragrance, the scent seemed to call out to him and tell him to continue what they were doing.

Most of what Patricia had recently learned about sex had already been put to use but there was one more thing she knew. “Do you have one of those rubber things?” she asked.

Patty wasn’t worried about catching a sexually transmitted disease from Tom and AIDS was unheard of at that time but she very much wanted to avoid becoming pregnant. There were some people in town who, when they saw a recently-married young woman showing signs of pregnancy, would check back on their calendars to see how many months it had been since her wedding and Patty wanted to avoid giving them anything that would add to their supply of cruel gossip. .

Tom did have a condom in his wallet although he had forgotten about it. At that time, most young men carried one, not in expectation of ever using it but as kind of an emblem of their manhood. He reached over to where he had left his Levis in the sand and took his wallet out of the pocket. After removing the foil wrapper covering the condom, he carefully rolled the latex ring onto his cock for he was also aware of the town’s vindictive gossips. He was ready and, holding his hard shaft with one hand, he leaned forward.

Patty was not as ready as he because she did not know what else needed to be done. “What do I do now?” she asked in a shaky voice.

“Use your fingers to spread your lips.” When Patty, puzzlement obvious on her face, started to reach up to her mouth, he grinned and chided her gently. “Not those lips, Silly. The ones down here.” As he spoke, he gestured to her pussy but did not touch her. He thought it would be somehow sacrilegious to put his hands on such a lovely place.

Patty saw nothing wrong with her doing it and she reached between her thighs and parted the proper lips. Once again, she was concerned because she was still afraid what her fiancé was about to stick inside her might be too big and also because of the way she felt where he would be putting it. Patricia was familiar with the concept of lubrication but didn’t realize how slimy she would be and hoped it wouldn’t bother Tom.

She needn’t have worried because, by that time, there was nothing that could have bothered him. He did pause a few seconds to give Patty another chance to change her mind but, when that didn’t happen, he leaned in more closely and steered the head of his rigid cock to between her fingers. Tom knew he would be breaking through Patty’s maidenhead so, after pausing a few seconds, he thrust forward. There was a small amount of resistance until he felt the end of his cock penetrate the thin membrane and saw a grimace of pain pass quickly across the beloved face under his.

“Did that hurt?” he asked.

“No. Well, just a little but It feels good now.” The penetration of her hymen had caused a short burst of pain, which was gone by the time she was asked about it. The unaccustomed stretching of her vagina was giving her a very small amount of dull pain but that was already fading and she could already feel it starting to evolve into pleasure.

“Let me know if it hurts too much and I’ll stop.” Tom was watching Patty’s face and, when he gave another gentle push forward, he saw the discomfort that had been there a few seconds earlier be replaced by a look of calm joy.

The look was real too, because whatever small pain she had felt had already been replaced by pure pleasure, from what she was doing and with whom and from the new and erotic sensation of having her pussy starting to be crammed full. The next time she felt the big cock surging into her, Patty spread her legs wider and wrapped them around his as she thrust her pussy back to meet her betrothed. Once again she moaned in bliss as most of his shaft burrowed its way into her.

“Did that hurt?” Tom asked her. “If it hurts, tell me and I’ll stop and take it out.” He really meant that. His hand was still guiding his cock and, no matter how incredible the pleasure he was feeling, he would have stopped rather than do anything to cause any pain to the sweet, lovely girl under him.

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