Peter Shows the Way

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My names Claire and I’ve just turned nineteen years of age. I live with my mother in a small village in Derbyshire, England. My mum has encouraged me to write to Literotica and this is something that happened just over six months ago.

It was a Friday night and my mum Jackie had invited her boyfriend Peter over for a meal. My mum had been going out with him for about six weeks. I had never met him as he’d not been to our house before. Mum had been to his place a few times and had stopped over on a couple of occasions. My father had died when I was fifteen and mum had only recently started going out on her own and with friends, previously spending all her time at home with me. She is thirty eight years old and Peter is forty two.

Peter arrived about seven-thirty and we spent a little time in the lounge having nibbles and a glass of wine. He struck me as a quite attractive man with a good sense of humour and he made us both laugh. We went through to the dinning room to eat about eight o’clock and enjoyed a wonderful three course meal; my mum is an excellent cook. We also consumed a little more wine. We returned to the lounge for coffee and continued our chatting.

“I thought you’d have been out with your boyfriend tonight, it being Friday,” Peter commented in my direction. I had no time to reply as my mother chirped up.

“She hasn’t got a boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe that,” said Peter. “A good looking young girl like you, I’d have thought the boys would be cueing up to take you out.”

“I’ve tried to encourage her but she doesn’t seem interested,” mum continued. “It’s only a small village and there are not many boys of her age about.”

“What about at school?”

“That’s no good she’d rather stay in and concentrate on her school work. I think she didn’t like the idea of leaving me on my own after her dad died and has never established a circle of friends. It does worry me a little because next year she’s off to university and socialising is an important part of college life. She also has the opinion that she is not very attractive.”

“Well if I was years younger I wouldn’t let her pass without showing interest. I hope you won’t be offended but I think you are very good looking. You’ve got a very pretty face and a terrific figure.”

“Thank you Peter thats very kind of you and backs up what I have been telling her. Claire has the idea that her nose and mouth are too big and her boobs too small and she’s not happy with her bum.”

“Mum you don’t have to go embarrassing me in front of Peter,” I giggled nervously. In hindsight I think the alcohol was beginning to have a loosening effect on all of us.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed your face is lovely and it’s well proportioned with beautiful bone structure. You also need to realise that it’s by no means all men who are interested in big boobs and in my opinion yours are a perfect size. As for your bum it’s a perfect shape.”

“Claire I’d say Peter fancies you,” mum said teasingly.

“Don’t be silly I replied.”

“Hang on a minute,” mum said as she got up and went over to the sideboard. She rummaged in the drawer and eventually returned to sit next to Peter on the settee. “Look at these,” she said opening a red and yellow photograph envelope. “They were taken in Greece during the summer.”

“The weather looks good, the lights fantastic such blue skies and both your tans!”

“Yes it was a good holiday.”

“There, you see I was right Claire’s boobs are perfect.” I realised that Peter was looking at topless pictures of mum and me. I felt quite self conscious but also a little thrilled by his comments. The pictures had been taken at our private pool. “Claire your bum looks a real peach in that thong.”

“She was only like that at our villa. When I persuaded her to join me at the beach she insisted on wearing an all in one bathing suit.”

“You spoil sport. No treat for the boys then?”

“No!” I replied.

“Your lucky Peter, you’ve seen her with less clothes than any man has since her dad used to bath her as a toddler.”

“I feel lucky and the photos show off your other assets Claire, those lovely long legs. One can only imagine where they finish.”

I knew the wine was now influencing mum because she was talking like I’d never heard her in ‘public’ before.

“You really are having an effect on Peter you’ve now got him guessing what’s between your legs.”

“Mum!” I exclaimed embarrassed again.

“Claire mums right I am imagining and with the photos I’ve just seen and having already seen what your mums got it’s not hard to picture.”

“We shouldn’t tease her. She’s not had any experience. She’s not even really kissed a boy.”

“I don’t think it’s a boy she needs, she’d be better off having an older man to tutor her.”

“Am I understanding what you’re suggesting?” mum queried.

“Possibly Jackie. I thought that as I’m staying over with you tonight it might be an opportunity to have Claire join us. You casino siteleri know that I could satisfy her and what could be better than having your mum to show you the ropes.”

I could tell that this had come as a surprise to mum and it was a real shock to me.

“Claire are you hearing and understanding what Peter is saying?”

“I think so, but I’m not sure,” I replied tentatively.

“Peters going to stop over tonight, take me to bed and play with me. He’s suggesting that you could come to bed with us and we could both teach you how to play and be played with. Playing sexually is something you’ll probably want to do at university.”

“That’s making it very simple Jackie. I think we should be more adult about it with Claire,” Peter suggested. “The truth is I’m stopping in order that I can fuck your mum, like I have done when she’s visited me. If you joined us we would show you what to do and I’d fuck you as well as your mum.”

“Well you can’t get more adult than that. What do you think Claire?”

I was still feeling rather surprised “I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m ready for it.”

“Well I can tell you that I’ve no doubt you’re ready for it,” Peter assured me.

“But what about you mum after all Peter’s your man.”

“It’s come as a real bolt out of the blue for me Claire. I’d love you to have a good experience for your first time. I know Peter would satisfy you and ensure you enjoy yourself. I’ll be happy to help you and show you what to do and watching Peter taking you would be a pleasure.”

“I do want to have you Claire and I can assure you that I will take things slow and I’ll be gentle, so what do you say?”

It took a while for me to respond all sorts of thoughts were rushing through my head. “O.K I’ve decided. Peter I’d like you to have me. Mum I want you to help him take me.”

“Claire that’s fantastic!” Mum exclaimed “You won’t regret it.”

“Wow! I’m in for a real treat mum and daughter together.”

“Claire come and join us there’s room next to Peter.”

I got up from my chair and joined mum and Peter on the settee.

“In order for you to enjoy yourself Claire you need to relax. Don’t worry everything will be fine we’ll be slow and gentle. We’ll do a little kissing and playing. I’ll get both of you undressed and naked down here and then I’ll take you upstairs so that both of you can be fucked. If you need to know what’s happening or what were going to do then please ask I’m sure your mum and I can help you and I can always show you by doing it with mum first. If you want to stop or slow down then please say I won’t do anything with you that you don’t want. Remember I’m going to get you to enjoy yourself.”

“I agree with Peter you’ll be alright, he has always ensured that I’ve enjoyed myself.”

“I know you haven’t been with a boy before but do you play with yourself and have you made yourself cum?” I was quite embarrassed by this and mum could tell.

“There’s no need to be shy. I play with myself until I cum and Peter has seen me do it.”

“I do sometimes when I’m in bed at night,” I eventually told them.

“That’s good,” said Peter “I hope to make you and your mum cum several times tonight.”

“It’s much better than making yourself cum. We’ll return the favour to Peter before the nights out.”

Peter put his hand behind my head and stroked my hair and neck; it made goose bumps all over me. He pulled me closer towards him and lowering his head I felt his lips on mine as he kissed me.

“Relax Claire, let my tongue into your mouth,” Peter whispered in my ear. I did as instructed and soon felt his tongue darting about in my mouth, it felt good. I responded twisting my tongue around his and pushing it into his mouth. It seemed like we were kissing for ages. “You’ve got a lovely soft mouth I’m sure we’ll find more for it to do later,” he said moving his head away from mine and turning to do the same to mum. Whilst he was kissing her he began squeezing her breasts and stroking her thighs through her black trousers. His hand moved to her waist band popping her button open before slowly lowering her zip. “Let’s slip these off,” he said and mum raised herself up as Peter, kneeling in front of her pulled them down. They were soon off and mum was sat there with nothing but a pair of black hold ups and panties on her lower half. She looked rather funny. Peter stood up and taking my hand he stood me up. Standing behind me he brought his hands up and gently squeezed and fondled my breasts through the blue material of my dress. It sent a little shiver through my body. “They feel as good as I thought they would,” he commented. His hands moved behind me and I soon felt a little tug as he lowered the zip on the back of my dress. His hands reached up to the neck line and eased the dress off my shoulders and he assisted in slipping it down to the ground. “Claire step out of it for me.” I followed the instructions and stood there in lemon bra, thong and black high heel canlı casino shoes. “No leave the shoes on,” Peter insisted as I moved to kick them off. “They make you look wanton.” He stood mum up and stripped her of her waistcoat and blouse before undoing her bra and removing it. Standing in front of her he used his fingers and thumbs to twist her nipples releasing a low moan and sigh from her lips. “As usual nice and long and already hard you’re excited I can tell.” It was my turn next and in an instinctive action I brought my arms and hands up in front to hide my breasts as my bra was removed. “Don’t be shy Claire let me have a good look at your beautiful little tits. I slowly lowered my arms. “That’s it. They’re gorgeous and so firm,” Peter commented as he caressed them in his hands. “Claire’s nipples are two hard little buttons I think she’s as excited as you Jackie.”

“She’ll be wet as well if she’s like me.”

“So you’re wet already are you?”

“Uhmm just a little.”

“I think I should find out for myself. Come here, lower your panties and bend over for me.” Mum slipped her panties off and standing with her back towards Peter she bent forward. “Now part your legs a little, that’s it. Your pussy lips are certainly glistening,” he said as he pulled mum open with his fingers. “Along your slit and around your hole is certainly looking quite moist.” He then assisted mum to stand up straight. “Now to see what you’ve got for me Claire. Here let me slip your thong off.” My thong slid down my legs and Peter was kneeling in front of me. “What a lovely blonde bush. It looks so soft and downy. I don’t get to see many fully bushed pussies these days and your mum is completely smooth in contrast. Have you ever shaved or trimmed?”

“No. Is there a problem?”

“No problem at all I enjoy the full spectrum of pubic hair, it makes it more interesting. You should discuss it later with your mum and decide if you feel you need or want to change. I’d be more than happy to trim or shave you if you decided that’s what you wanted.”

“I’ll talk with you later about it,” mum said.

“Claire can you turn round now and do what your mum did and bend over with your legs apart.” I wasn’t sure if I could do it I’d never done anything like this before and for a man to see me. I took a deep breath and succumbed. “Oh yes very nice, lovely and pink. I’m just going to open you up a little wider is that O.K?” I grunted my approval. I felt Peter’s fingers and hands gently pulling me apart. “So good, pretty lips and slit with a little hole that is inviting someone to fuck it. Just like your mum you’re nice and moist. I’m just going to get a look at your bum hole.” I felt my buttocks being eased apart. “Oh Jackie Claire’s got a light pink puckered little rose.”

“You’ll be able to tickle her there later I’m sure. Shall we all go upstairs now or is there something else you’ve got planned for down here?”

“We don’t need to stay here I think we’ll be more comfortable upstairs.” Mum took my hand and led me to the stairs, Peter followed behind us. Mum and I went into her room and she got me to roll back the duvet and lay it on the floor at the foot of the bed. I followed mum and we both lay down, side by side, half sitting with our heads on the pillow. Peter hadn’t joined us yet.

“Where’s Peter?” I enquired.

“Don’t worry he’s just getting himself ready,” mum replied. “I didn’t plan any of this you know, it’s quite a surprise for me as it obviously is for you. You are O.K with all this aren’t you?”

“It’s fine it had to happen some time so why not now. Do you love Peter?”

“Not in the way I loved your father and the way you were conceived. I enjoy Peter’s company, he gives me pleasure and I enjoy being fucked by him. I’ve no doubt he’ll make you feel the same. When Peter joins us you’ll see his cock and balls for the first time. You’re a very lucky girl in having Peter as your first because his equipment is larger than the average, especially in length.”

“Will I be alright with it?”

“Yes baby you’ll be fine. It just means Peter can give you longer and deeper strokes, which is good for your enjoyment.” Peter came into the room. He had removed all his clothes and was totally naked. I expected him to be fatter than he was; he looked in good shape for his age. As he walked my eyes were drawn to the sizeable sausage and round sacks of flesh hanging and moving between his legs. I’d seen his cock and balls for the first time. I later understood that he shaves his pubic hair in this region.

“What a pretty picture you make mum and daughter waiting to be pleasured. There is one thing I need to check Jackie, everything’s fine for bareback with Claire I hope.”

“No problem Peter I’ve ensured she’s been fully protected since she became legal.”

“That’s good. I thought we’d take it nice and easy and relax you both with a massage. Lie on your tummy’s for me,” he instructed and we both complied. “That’s it, I’m going to use some oil,” kaçak casino he said reaching into a little bag he was carrying with him and taking out a tube. “I’d like to start on you Claire.” He joined us on the bed kneeling between us. I suddenly felt a chilling sensation on my back as Peter sprayed a cold stream of oil across my shoulders and down my spine. I then felt his strong hands kneading and massaging my shoulders and back working his way down to my waist. It felt wonderful but seemed over all too soon. “Your turn now Jackie,” he said as he began the same process with mum. From mums waist he moved down to her feet and with a little more oil applied he worked his massaging hands up both legs and over mum’s buttocks. It was my turn next, I felt the cold spray again and then Peters hands at my ankles easing my legs apart. He worked up each leg in turn eventually kneading and massaging my buttocks. I then heard a short spray which prompted a little sigh of pleasure from mum. I then heard and felt another as oil was sprayed along my bum crack. I felt Peters finger circling at the base of my spine before being stroked along the groove between my buttocks. I turned my head to face mum and could see that he was using his other hand to do the same to her. He repeated his actions with his finger getting deeper into the crack but stopping short of my love hole. “It’s time for me to taste some pussy. Claire it’s yours first I think. Lie on your back.” Peter moved himself to stand at the foot of the bed and catching my ankles he dragged me towards him until my bottom was at the edge of the bed. He parted my legs and eased them back towards the bed. “Your pussy looks lovely and moist already. So young and fresh I bet it tastes great,” Peter said as he lowered his head. I felt his tongue licking along me from bum hole to clit. It was electric I had never felt such a sensation before. He continued licking the same way a number of times. “Your pussy tastes good, just like your mums. Now for some concentrated licking of your bum.” I could feel Peter circling his tongue around my bum hole and trying to push it inside.

“Do you like Peter tickling your bum?”

“Mmmm it feels nice.”

“Lets see if we can get a little something inside, your mum likes it like that.”

“It looks like Peter’s going to give you a little anal play. Relax he’s not going to anal fuck you but you will be penetrated.”

“Just relax Claire,” Peter said as I felt my hole being circled by his thumb. He applied some lube to my hole and I could feel him pushing his thumb at my entrance. “There we are it’s slipped in easily. Jackie your daughters arse is wonderfully tight.”

“How does that feel baby? Peter’s got his thumb all in.”

“It’s a little strange. I thought it would hurt but it’s quite pleasant.” Peter started rotating his thumb inside me as he proceeded to work it in and out of my hole.

“That’s enough for your first time,” Peter commented as I felt his thumb slip out of me.

“That was a nice introduction to anal play, I’m sure Peter will be able to open you up some more at another time.”

“It would be a pleasure to, you’re so tight. I want a little more pussy now.” Peter returned his tongue to action. He was working it around and into my love hole as well as spending time licking, sucking and nibbling on my clit.

“Someone sounds as though they’re enjoying that; you’re really making her moan.” I hadn’t realised how noisy my breathing and moaning had become. I was in complete ecstasy. Every nerve end was jangling. Peter continued tonguing my hole and started rubbing fingers over my clit. Every muscle in my body was straining as I bucked my hips up trying to get more of him.

“Oh fuck Peter your making me come! Aghhhhhhhhh,” I screamed as my whole body began twitching and an extraordinary sensation ripped through my stomach.

“Wow Claire! Peter’s certainly kept his promise about making you come. That was a big one and your first induced by a partner.” Peter continued licking my hole until my body stopped shaking and my breathing had time to subside.

“Claire that was fantastic. You’re so wet; you produced so much cum and what a superb taste you have. Jackie your daughter is a pussy lickers dream. We’ll have to see later if she takes cum as good as she gives it,” Peter said as he joined us again on the bed. “I want to feel that lovely soft mouth and tongue of yours on my cock Claire. Are you going to suck me?”

“I’ll try.”

“I know it’s your first time but your mum can help you. I’d like your pussy Jackie whilst she’s sucking.” Peter was lying on his back and mum moved and straddled his head facing his cock.

“Claire move up here so that you can begin to feel and taste Peter’s cock.” I followed mums instructions. “That’s it kneel at the side. Make yourself comfortable and ensure that you’ll be able to reach his cock with your mouth. Take hold of his cock in one hand, that’s right wrap your fingers around it. Use your other hand to fondle his balls. Be careful, just feel their weight and let them roll around. Don’t squeeze them too tight, it can be painful for a man.”

“That’s good Claire; you’ve got a gentle but firm touch. Are you sure you haven’t played with cock before.”

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