Personal Ad Pt. 03

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Answering an ad in craigslist was one of the best choices I had ever made. Meeting this sexy, vivacious woman was a huge blessing in my life. My only complaint being the long stretches between seeing each other. Although talking on the phone and texting everyday, many times a day, I still had only been face to face with her twice. It was almost three months after our last rendezvous that I received a call from Natalie saying she was lonely, horny, and couldn’t wait to get together again. She didn’t know when she’d be able to get down my way though. I made an impromptu decision to drive up to her.

My husband was completely ok with it, the thought of his wife with this other woman gave him an instant hard on every time he thought about it. A drive had never seemed so long as I was in such a hurry to make it. Natalie opened her door wearing a sexy nightie. That was all it took, I was in the door and we were in each other’s arms instantly. Our mouths searched each others, our tongues sliding in and out. Our hands gripped each other tightly as she led me back towards her bedroom. We ran into several walls and a door before falling onto the bed but never skipped a beat. We made out with each other while our arms and legs became tangled together and we rolled around on her king sized bed. I couldn’t get enough of how she felt pressed up against me. Our breasts brushed each other, our pussies were humping the other woman’s leg, and our hands were under clothing exploring the soft skin.

I disengaged myself from our make out session and stood in front of her. My nerves waivered a little as I started to pull my clothes off as seductively as I could manage. The lusty look she was giving me helped to calm my nerves. It didn’t matter if I thought I was sexy or not, I could tell she found me that way. As the last piece of clothing fell to the floor, I started to give her a lap dance. Her hands found their way over every inch of bare skin as I continued to move. When her hand found its way into my aching pussy, my lap dance stopped and I fell onto the bed as she continued rubbing.

Natalie slipped between my spread legs and let her mouth take over for her hand. I had no complaints, in fact I was having trouble coming up with a coherent thought at that moment. Her tongue worked its magic as she brought me to orgasm quickly. The casino oyna next one took more time to build up to it but she didn’t mind putting in the effort, her hands sliding up and down my legs and stomach as she sucked and licked my most sensitive areas. As I came, she used her hand to fuck me while she told me how incredibly sexy I was. At that moment I felt it.

When my body was able to recover a little, it was my turn to pleasure her. I sat up and took her in my arms, holding her tightly as we kissed deeply. I slowly pulled her nightie off, enjoying each bit of skin that was exposed to me. Then I started to play with her nipples with my tongue, as my hand strayed farther south. As I slid my hand in and out of her hot pussy, it wasn’t enough for her and she started to move her hips along with me to help. Her hands were tangled in my hair, gripping tight as she moaned loudly. I dropped to my knees, wanting to give her what she was begging for.

My tongue worked its way into her folds and I let it move all around as her hips were now bucking against my face. She was growing closer and I could feel her desperation growing as well. I stopped licking and started sucking on her clit. I ate her pussy like it was my last meal and was rewarded with her cumming hard. I kept going, wanting to let her have another one as well. She was sensitive and gasped as I kept sucking just as hard. Soon though the sensitivity gave way as the need built back up. By the time she came, I was sure the neighbors could tell what was happening with all the yelling. She cried out and came as her body shook.

She went to her closet and grabbed her strap on out, putting it on in record time. She sat on a chair and motioned me over. Straddling her with our arms tightly around each other, I started to ride that big thick fake cock of hers. I rode and bucked my hips and ground myself as tightly onto her as humanly possible. My legs were shaking and I felt like I was going to lose my strength before I could cum. Natalie started to move her hips wildly into me then, her hands on my backside helping to keep me going. I practically bounced straight up and down on her fake member as I climaxed. I collapsed against her and we sat there holding each other and letting our breathing come back down to normal.

We climbed off the chair and I pulled the strap on down canlı casino her legs and immediately put it on myself. Pulling her over to the bed, I pushed her down so her ass was facing me. Spreading her legs apart, I positioned the cock at her pussy and let it slide in. It was lubed with my juices and along with her extreme wetness, there was no problem sliding in and out. That’s what I did, over and over again. I thrusted into her roughly, enjoying each sound I got out of her. I watched her ass jiggle each time I went in quickly. I made myself push deeper as she got closer, picking up speed while I watched her hands grip the sheets tightly. Then she was cumming and I felt a wave of satisfaction as well.

We showered together until the water went cold. We didn’t screw, just washed each other and kissed passionately. I was thinking I should get going, school was nearing an end and then work a little bit after that. But Natalie insisted I stay. I met her kids as they got home, she introduced me as her close friend. I couldn’t help but smile thinking how close we were. It was the weekend now so my husband didn’t have to work and could be at home with our kids, so he agreed I should stay the night.

I was highly nervous as I heard her husband’s car arrive home. I waited impatiently on the couch as I listened to his footsteps and then Natalie and his talking in the entryway. He came into the livingroom all smiles and shook my hand saying it was really nice to meet me. I didn’t know why I had been so nervous, he wouldn’t automatically jump to the conclusion that I was doing his wife. After that, Natalie and I went in to make dinner while the kids played outside and her husband watched tv. We took every opportunity to rub into each other or kiss the other ones neck as we worked.

By the time dinner was ready, we were both in a high state of arousal. We sat next to each other and worked hard not to touch each other or give each other a ‘come get me’ look. The kids were put to bed around 8 and Natalie encouraged her husband to go out with the guys to play some pool. He agreed without too much prompting, wanting to go drink beers with the guys rather than sit around listening to girl talk all night. There was no girl talk, in fact hardly any talking at all as he drove off and we plopped ourselves onto the couch. We started slowly, letting kaçak casino our kisses stay light and just exploring each other with our hands. It didn’t stay light too long, as the heat built between us, we needed more.

We made it into the master and with the door locked, we stripped each other down. Standing in the middle of the room naked, we let our bodies come together. Our legs parted and we pushed ourselves up against each others leg as we started to move our pussies against each other. We stayed in this position for a long time, fucking each others pussies against our leg and lost in our own world as our tongues danced together. We were both worked up and needed release. So moving to the bed we sat together and let our pussies become one as we scissored with all we were worth. We were sweating and panting as we came, one right after the other. We continued to sit together, leaning on each other as we shared this moment. When our heart rates came back down, our bodies started to work together again. Our juices were flowing and I had to bite my lip to keep quieter with her kids in hearing distance. We let ourselves cum several times each as our lower bodies worked as one. Our arms and legs ached by the end with all the effort of our movements, but only satisfied smiles were on our faces.

We couldn’t sleep together since her husband would be coming home but we cuddled naked for a bit to feel closer to each other. The next morning, very early before her kids or husband woke up, Natalie came to the couch searching for me. She wordlessly climbed onto the couch straddling my face with her pussy. She had a nightshirt on with no panties and I got a clear view of her womanhood. Lowering herself onto my face, we quietly enjoyed our morning tryst. She came as she bit her lip hard. Our hands were intertwined as she finished her ride. She lay down on the couch next to me, our bodies reacting to each other being so close. She lay there looking into my eyes as her hand pleasured me between my legs. I made my eyes stay open, looking into hers as I came. She brought her hand up and licked my juices off, then kissed me gently, our lips brushing together.

I left after breakfast, saying goodbye to her family. I returned her smile before I got in my car and started towards home. It was always hard to leave her but I was excited to get back into my husband’s arms again. Even with the naughty excitement of these visits, I missed being with my best friend. I knew though that I didn’t want to stop seeing Natalie anytime soon though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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